Wednesday, 3 July 2013
Interview in French/German
Helmut Schmidt: As regards Italy or Greece, there's no problem. One day the Italians and the Greeks will go home or they'll integrate into society in the course of time. That's what we've seen for decades. The problem isn't due to Italian, Greek or Spanish immigration. The problem is due to immigration from foreign cultures, for example cultures marked by Islam.

Interviewer: You said before that immigration from outside the European Union was problematical. What do you mean exactly?

Helmut Schmidt: I referred to the foreign cultures. There are no major differences between Italian civilisation and French or German civilisation. Turkish culture is very different, Algerian culture is very distinct too, Egyptian culture, the cultures of the eastern part of the Mediterranean are much more distant. For example Syrian culture, Egyptian culture. Free circulation within Europe isn't dangerous. What's dangerous is the mixing with foreign cultures, with the traditions of foreign cultures and civilisations.

...There are many common points in European cultural traditions. There are fewer commonalities with cultures marked by Islam or Confucianism, for example.
Source: RTS


Anonymous said...

Another dhimwit is trying to defend Islam by smearing lies to other people.
Do people with Confucianism background cause any problem in Europe, US or Australia like the muslims? No, they blend nicely with the indigenous people and they contribute to the economy like in the US. Eventhough there are Chinatowns, you can freely go there without being afraid of getting attack like in the muslim ghettos.
And so do the people with Budhism, Hindu and other non Islam cultural background, they don't cause problems like the muslims.
It is the people with Islam culture that cause the problems in Europe or any other place on earth. They don't get along with everybody.

King Lear said...

Europe for Europeans only. It is our ancestral homeland not yours.

Anonymous said...

and yet we let them in

Anonymous said...

..There are many common points in European cultural traditions. There are fewer commonalities with cultures marked by Islam or Confucianism, for example.

Quite right. Though the Chinese are no problem, their culture keeps them apart from the locals. Thus we see China towns. Though the Chinese are not a problem, they do not integrate, as Spanish or Greek do quite naturally with the local Germans, in this case.


Anonymous said...

As mentioned, the problem is with the people of the country not with the religion itself.The problem, yes, with the people of Algerian,Egyptian and so on. They do not try to suit themselves in Europe. They bring their COUNTRY's culture not RELIGION's culture.Their behaviour does not portray Islam as whole...

Anonymous said...

Islam the religion of tolerance and peace , where does it say so in the sharia law ?
no quote from the koran , give me quotes from the sharia law .
Since Sharia law overrides the Koran , so either abandon the Sharia Law , thus it becomes a religion .

Or Islam is a political Ideology with no tolerance for anybody but muslims (not that they tolerate eachother ) well heck see the middle east , they can't even tolerate eachother if we west were not the boogey man .

So much for trying to shift blaim away from Islam.

Anonymous said...

Western politicians and journalists continue ignoring basic Islamic doctrine and refer to it as a distorted interpretation of Islam.
‘Weltpolitgigant’ Helmut Schmidt demonstrated his scrappy knowledge about Islam each time he comments on the toppic. He misses the fundamental relationship between Islamic doctrine and the actions of Muslims.

Muhammad’s instructions to the armies he sent out to conquer, shows that Muhammad intended the world to be subjected to Islam. Mohamed stated: "I have been ordered to fight against people until they say that "there is no god but Allah", that "Muhammad is the messenger of Allah", they pray, and pay religious taxes. If they do that, their lives and property are safe".

Muhammad was on a mission from Allah and he carried it out. Muhammad intended violent jihad to continue until the world was subjected to Islam’s rule. From the years before Muhammad died to the sending out of armies by the Caliphs after his death, time again, the leaders of the Muslim armies would tell their opponents, “Accept Islam and you will be safe.” They were usually given about three days to think it over before they were attacked by the Muslims.

Helmut Schmidt said he learned from Sadat about the communalities between Islam and Christianity and Judaism. Sadat omitted the teachings of Muhammad in the Quran, 9:29, 30. These verses command the Muslims to make war on Christians and Jews and kill them if they do not convert to Islam or pay an extortion tax – jizyah. How can Helmut Schmidt miss something that basic?

Next time you hear about ISIS or other Jihadists committing atrocities you’d understand why they are doing that. Those Muslims are obeying Muhammad, obeying Allah. Moderate Muslims ignore basic Islamic doctrine when they disapprove these actions.

Pope Benedict criticized Islam halfheartedly by citing Byzantine emperor Paleogus: “Show me just what Prophet Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

Anonymous said...

Wake up Europ !!!!!
Wake up western word !!!!

Anonymous said...

stop being politically correct.

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