Monday, 15 July 2013

Incidentally, the new Marianne design on French stamps was based on this woman, a Ukrainian who has just been granted asylum in France. (For those who don't know, Marianne is a symbol of France.) The artist responsible, a well-known pro-gay-marriage activist, said he tried to do a design based on the black minister in the French government, Christiane Taubira, but it looked ridiculous, so he based it on the Femen leader instead.

She seems pleased about it.

Does she even speak French?

Source: Le Monde


Anonymous said...

Looks like she's deleted that tweet.

Tant pis!

Anonymous said...

"femen" or "feminists" have absolutely nothing to do with genuine matters concerning females, whether children or adults. Quite the contrary; 'feminism' is part of Left tactics whereby the female sex is reduced to a sex machine/sex slave (all in the guise of the 'right' to one's own body which involves polluting it, whoring it. abusing it, killing life within it and reducing the body to an entity without any innate moral integrity). The other benefits to the Left of this feminism is that it helps to destroy the normal family unit, create an unnatural and destructive hostility towards men and negate the male's historic, laudable and protective instinct towards females; it also removes morality as a consideration and support of individual conduct and societal well-being. Also, feminism seeks to eradicate or deny natural maternal feelings (the 'self' being all-important) and thus, children are not properly cared for, or raised indifferently or even callously and cruelly. Thus, although feminists speak of 'sexual freedom', their support for abortion, unrestricted sex, sexual perversion, attacks on marriage and men --- all this helps to explain why 'feminists' are completely missing in the battle against Islamisation of the West. Feminists' hatred of the male is equally matched by their cynical, callous abuse of the female. As to this 'femen' leader's comments on Islam and Ramadan, they are as juvenile and useless in this existential issue as are her comments on the Marianne stamp.

Anonymous said...

I take issue with the ignorant comments above. As a feminist, I celebrate the fact that women finally got the boot of the Church off our necks, and awareness of this new and very precious freedom alerted me to the dangers of Islamic totalitarianism almost 40 years ago.

I do consider myself to be a woman of the Left, I judge that whether to bear a child or not is ultimately a decision only the pregnant woman is entitled to make, and I am opposed to racism. I may even be a bit of a witch. So feel free to abuse me on all those counts, Anonymous, but don't assume that feminists can't recognise an oppressive patriarchal system when we see one. We've been there, done that & still have our 1960s T-shirts. It's a pity that thanks to your absurd & destructive attitude, you & I can't be allies.

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