Thursday, 11 July 2013

This is typical of what happens in Muslim-colonised areas. Police have to make their interventions in big groups equipped with anti-riot gear. Here Spanish police are arresting a notorious Muslim criminal after a tip-off that he was on the beach. The scene is closed to the border between Spanish Ceuta and Morocco. The criminal tries to make his escape to Morocco but is caught. As they take him away, his fellow Muslims start to shout and throw stones at the police, who respond with anti-riot weapons.

Source: Alerta Digital


Walter Sieruk said...

As to the violence by the Muslims in Spain as well as the riots,rapes in France and other heinous actions of terror by those who follow Islam. The point being the article yesterday about the construction of the first mosque in Iceland. Do the leaders and people of Iceland really want to have their country end up with the many troubles of these two above just named countries because Muslim immigration.

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