Saturday, 20 July 2013
In late June, parents had protested for days before the gates of the ‘Blokkendoos’ kindergarten, that eventually closed its doors one week before the beginning of the summer holiday. According to the Antwerp Mayor, Bart de Wever, this was a "case of mass hysteria caused by extremists"

A. Kamal, a member of the hard core of ‘Sharia4Belgium’, is spreading
hate messages on the internet against the teachers of the ‘Blokkendoos’. Meanwhile, there is no indication that there was child abuse at the Antwerp kindergarten.

"This seems a case of mass hysteria caused by inflammatory extremist Muslims." The Antwerp Mayor, Bart De Wever (N-VA), said last weekend that after a month-long investigation, there is still no indication that child abuse has taken place in the Kindergarten ‘Blokkendoos’. The parents of children, who went to school in Kiel, had protested before the school gates, in late June, after a mother claimed that her child was sexually abused by a 23-year-old teacher. The complaint from one parent led to a whole series of other complaints from parents who believed that their children had also behaved strangely. Tempers eventually became so heated that it was even decided to close the Blokkendoos down one week before the summer holidays

Censored 31

From the beginning, police and courts had doubts that the sexual abuse, which the parents had complained about, had indeed taken place. The inquest is still not officially closed. But after a month of research nothing points out in the direction of child abuse.

However, the effects of the smear campaign for the concerned kindergarten teacher and the management are very serious. They have been and are, apparently, still under threat to this day. On the internet, they are openly accused of the most terrible crimes.

One of the most active Muslim extremists on the internet in the fight against what he calls 'the pedophile teachers of The Blokkendoos', is a certain 'censored 31'. As ‘De Standaard’ reveals, behind the screen lies A. Kamal, who is one of the core members of the Brussels ‘Sharia4Belgium’. In 2005 he worked for two weeks as a messenger at the cabinet of the then Flemish Minister for Economy Fientje Moerman (Open VLD). He was sacked.

Kamal A. has long been very active on the Internet. His websites were taken offline several times, but A. started over again under a different name. Apart from lyrics about pedophilia posted on the blog, he maintains today mainly Muslim extremist pictures and movies. A. Kamal accuses the teachers and management of the ‘Blokkendoos’ of the most filthy crime.

The obsession of Kamal A. with alleged pedophilia scandals is not new. Long before he became a member of ‘Sharia4Belgium’, he was also active in the fight against alleged pedophile networks, including in the aftermath of the Dutroux case. A. has, in fact, already long been an ardent defender of Marcel Vervloesem, the self-proclaimed pedophile fighter from Morkhoven. Vervloesem was ultimately convicted of pedophilia. According to A., the Blokkendoos pedophile network is behind the abuse.

The Antwerp prosecutor stressed that the investigation is still ongoing, but he does confirm that no evidence of sexual abuse has been found. There are also plans to find out who the people behind the hatred websites are, like Kamal A..
The Mayor Bart De Wever believes that this cannot continue. "This should really stop. As mayor and chief of police, I recommend that the parties file a complaint. For me, those responsible have not been punished strictly enough."
Sources: EJ Bron De Standaard


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I thought these guys were disbanded?

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