Tuesday, 30 July 2013
When men fight, it's often about women. That's how it was in the evening in Neukölln's summer baths. But it wasn't about love. It was about an emergency assistance effort.

At 7.50 pm, a woman suddenly started to feel unwell. That medics came to help her in the baths in Columbiadamm is actually completely normal and a matter of course. But this woman had relatives of immigrant origin.

According to the KURIER's information, it went totally against the grain for these men to see the hands of other men on the body of their female family member. This is not so with all "Südländern" [tn: "people from the South", this is the euphemism German journalists normally use when talking about Turks]. But they lost it and became violent.

The atmosphere was loud and lousy with insults. Then two of the enraged people started with their fists on the medics, who were defenceless and completely taken by surprise. The rest of the family troop supported the attack with vile insults. Why that was could not be completely clarified. Nor could the question of whom the insults were actually directed at.

Nonetheless: ten police vehicle crews and numerous doses of pepper spray were necessary to bring the medics to safety. Fortunately no one was seriously injured during the deployment.

In the end, no one was interested in the woman who triggered the fight...
Source: Berlin-kurier Via: PI


Anonymous said...

worthless muslims. send them back to their sharia sh!thole

Don said...


Reality Check said...

Thwy want to bring their shitholes where we live and make us respect it.

Anonymous said...

why europeans have allowed the state of their affairs to wind up like this is beyond me. it's like they are willingly laying down and letting their culture and way of life to be trampled.

Anonymous said...

How vile. They attack the paramedics who came to her aid yet were beaten by the family because they had to touch her (quite obviously) to help?

OK, picture the following scenario. The paramedics arrived but refused to assist the woman fearing what the relatives would do to them because they had to touch her. Now lets say her health deteriorated further and perhaps she even died. I can guarantee the family would be suing them in court for not helping her in any way and there would be mass violent protests (what muslims are good at) all across Germany and the rest of the EU no doubt!

Typical muslim thinking. Try to help them they shit on you, don't help and they take a further shit.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

This story clearly shows that the islamic ideology is completely incompatible with Western culture and civilisation. I hope the police arrested the family and deported those with no right to be there and jailed the others for assault.


Anonymous said...

what idiots.

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