Friday, 26 July 2013

The de-Europeanisation and islamisation of Europe is clearly the result of an elite anti-democratic conspiracy against the wishes of ordinary people. But why then do ordinary people not mobilise politically against the elite who are imposing this agenda upon them? Because, whenever they do, the elite use the power of the state to crush them.

I want to build up a comprehensive register of all state repression of European patriotic groups or political parties in the post-WW2 era. It's close to impossible for a single person to do this, so I am asking for help. If you are aware of state power having been abused to thwart or suppress European patriotic groups or organisations in countries that were nominally democracies, please leave information about it in a comment to this thread. Obviously, this excludes periods in which countries lived under obviously undemocratic governments such as the communist dictatorships of eastern Europe, Franco, etc.

Here are the kinds of antidemocratic action I want to include:

Ordering the the dissolution of political parties or patriotic organisations.

Legal action against patriot political parties or organisations, hampering their ability to operate freely or causing them to incur costs. This would include legal actions based on supposed financial irregularities or violations of administrative rules.

Sending government agents to infiltrate patriot political groups or organisations, particularly when the infiltrators then act disruptively once inside.

Prosecuting leading members of patriot political parties or organisations on whatever grounds, but most especially on the grounds that things they say or write are deemed to constitute a criminal offence.

Altering laws or regulations in a way intended to disadvantage patriotic political parties or organisations.

This will be a constant work-in-progress. I will add to it gradually the course of time so it will, in the end, hopefully become comprehensive.


chimoio said...

you really are a piece of work, after all the shit you wrote about the "elite" and the "establishment" on the bottom of the other post,you took me to task for being so foolish as to buy into the system, at least thats what I think I managed to glean from the mass of verbiage and mostly incomprehensible gobbledegook that you seem to major in, now it transpires that you actually believe in the fantasy concept of "democracy"..make your mind up."sham democracy" it says above this box, so presumably there exists or has existed a "real" as opposed to a "sham" democracy can you enlighten me as to when and where this particular unicorn is now?or when and where it was last seen? and please don't castigate me,enlighten me inform me, that's prsumably why you have a website after all.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Your comment makes no sense, chimoio. Honestly, there are lots of other websites out there, even anti-Islam ones, that I think you'd find easier to understand.

A democracy is a government that implements the will of the people. If political parties and associations are being outlawed, if people are being sent to prison just for expressing their opinions, then obviously it's not a true democracy.

Anonymous said...

Chimo makes a valid point about looking for the democracy/unicorn - l can't really think of a decent model to base my democracy dreaming on. Its the democracy/unicorn that got us where we are today- the "democracies" have been manipulated and used by certain "elites" to affect their agenda- an agenda that has nothing to do with the best interests of native whites. Having said that l must deplore Chimos unnesecary and uncalled for attack on our esteemed host.

Anonymous said...

Pauline Hansons One Nation party in Australia. The two major Australian political parties resented her anti-Asian immigration stance and devoted money and resources to crushing her - eventually she was jailed on trumped up charges of financial irregularities.
They will get you one way or another, in the end we will turn to Kai Murros - because every other approach will fail.

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