Monday, 22 July 2013
The situation remained tense on Sunday 21 July, close to the police station in Trappes (Yvelines). Around 2.30 am, sporadic weapons fire was heard for about 20 minutes in this town of 30,000 inhabitants. Then police then surrounded two housing blocks and operations were still underway at 3.30 am. A helicopter was also overflying the area.
Source: Le Monde


Anonymous said...

Riots in France, in Germany, a while back in Sweden...which country's next?

Anonymous said...

probably norway, for resisting rape.
oh, sorry.. i mean "out of marriage sex..."

apparently rape is not a crime according to islamic law.
only out of marriage sex.

and its mostly the woman's fault, since she didn't wear full burka, and didn't have a family male supervision.

hell, she practically asked for it.
just like europe is asking for it.

jere said...

Islam don't support violance

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