Friday, 26 July 2013
Here is a story about how 2 African invaders died when trying to jump the fence from Morocco into Spain's African exclave, Melilla. These mass fence jumps occur almost continuously now, usually in the middle of the night. In the fence jump on Wednesday night, 40 of the invaders made it into Melilla; some were detained in Morocco. 2 of the invaders died trying to get in.

Comments to the article about this on the Spanish news website were almost all to the effect of "Good, it's a shame the rest of them didn't die too." These comments were all deleted. The comments are numbered consecutively. So you can see in the image so far there have been 344 comments, of which only 10 remain. All the rest were deleted.

H/T: Maria José


Maria José said...

Han cerrado los comentarios cuando había casi 400 comentarios. De esos casi 400 comentarios, solo 12 no fueron borrados. Ahora ya no se puede comentar en esa noticia y tampoco se puede leer ningún comentario.

Es muy habitual que 20 cierre los comentarios en las noticias de inmigrantes y musulmanes, ya que en esas noticias la gran mayoría de comentarios son en contra de los inmigrantes y musulmanes.

Dinan said...

I hope the original poster doesn't mind this Google translation done for my own benefit but the content is interesting so here it is

They have closed the comments when there were almost 400 comments. Of the nearly 400 comments, only 12 were not deleted. Now I can not comment on the news and you can not read any reviews.

It is very common for 20 closing comments on news of immigrants and Muslims since in the news the vast majority of comments are against immigrants and Muslims.

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