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"I am shocked that not everyone was shocked tonight," said Pastor Renate Muckelberg, referring to scenes the police and fire brigade had to experience: almost exuberant youths going wild on the relaxed raging youths on the Sperberhorst, malicious calls and young provocative thugs tearing past on bikes; mobile phones were filming everywhere.
Source: Via: PI

According to the Daily Mail, Doreen Lawrence is to be rewarded for her years of anti-British activity with a baronetcy and will now sit in the House of Lords. She will sit on the Labour benches as a working peer. According to the same article, she was persuaded to accept the peerage by Muslim Sadiq Khan, lifelong friend of an indicted jihadi recruiter.

Why do I say Doreen Lawrence is an anti-British racist?
Doreen regularly visits Stephen’s memorial and puts flowers on his grave in Jamaica as often as she can. The decision to bury him there was based on anger at the British establishment for allowing the hatred that led to her son’s murder.

Doreen said: “I felt Britain didn’t deserve to have his body. They took his life, so they didn’t deserve it."
Source: Daily Mirror

Let's analyse this. Doreen was angry at the "British establishment" for "allowed the hatred" that led to the death of her son. For the sake of simplicity, let's leave aside the question of whether the death of her son even was a "racist murder", which I've discussed elsewhere and assume that it was for now.

What exactly does she mean by the British establishment allowing the hatred? A few decades ago, the British establishment, against the wishes of its own people, decided to allow their country to be colonised by Africans. Naturally, this provoked resentment. Any people seeing its ancestral living space being colonised by an alien people against its wishes is going to feel resentment. The British establishment already set up laws to criminalise the very expression of this resentment, encouraged newspapers to falsify their reporting so that facts that might tend to increase this resentment could be suppressed, subjected children to indoctrination during their school years to convince then that being colonised by alien peoples is a good thing and developed codes of conduct and cultures of anathema so that almost any professional who publicly voiced disapproval of the colonisation process would face the end of their career. What more would Lawrence have had the British establishment do?

Lawrence says Britain didn't deserve the body of her son. "They took his life, so they didn't deserve it." She generalises from the handful of people who murdered her son to the entire British population. This is the most outrageous racism! Yet now this creature will sit gloating from the House of Lords at the helpless British populace, cowed by the cudgels of the Multicult.

The truth is that the death of her son was the best thing that ever happened to Doreen Lawrence. Even Stephen Lawrence's friend, Dwayne, criminal and Lib Dhim politician, said she was indirectly responsible for his death, since she was in the habit of imposing a curfew on her children, locking them out all night if they weren't home by a certain time. It was to avoid being locked out all night that Stephen Lawrence hurried through what was known to be a dangerous area. So she effectively killed her own son and ever since she has tried to expiate her guilt by projecting it on to the British people.

The death of her son worked out well for her. At the time, she was an unemployed nurse. How someone manages to be an unemployed nurse in London given the chronic shortage of qualified health-care professionals there is a mystery I have never seen explained. But she wasn't unemployed for long. Once the Stephen Lawrence circus got rolling, the money started flowing for Doreen. Soon she was running a vast foundation financed by taxpayer money which she used to promote her multicult, anti-British agenda. Under the Labour government, her "Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust" had 15 staff! Now, thanks to recent cuts, it has been reduced to 3! Still, that's 3 people, in addition to the great Doreen herself, living at the expense of the British people while continually agitating against them.

Her son being murdered was the best thing that ever happened to Doreen. It has relieved her of the necessity of having to sign on as unemployed every couple of weeks, brought her untold wealth, prestige in elite circles, unjustified political influence and now a peerage too. Inspired by Doreen's example, there must be lots of other African colonist mothers hoping their sons get whacked too.


Looking at the Daily Mail comments to this story is instructive. All the negative messages, of which there must have been many, have been censored out by the pre-moderation. Only the positive comments are left. But they all have negative votes, which show in red. In the Daily Mail comment system, anyone can vote a comment or down. When a comment gets net negative votes it shows in red. All the top comments have negative comments in the hundreds. These are the most recent ones. Older comments have almost 3000 negative votes. There is only one comment left that has net positive votes.

This shows that the British people know the Lawrence case was, in effect, a Stalinist show trial designed to advance the multicult agenda. This is a standard tactic used by the establishment. We have seen the same thing in France with the Clément Méric case and in Germany with the NSU trial.

It's important to recall that the Daily Mail was one of the main drivers of the Stephen Lawrence circus. Its editor, Paul Dacre, had met Stephen Lawrence personally when Lawrence's father, Neville, had been working on his home as a builder. The Daily Mail even took the extraordinary step of accusing some of the suspects of the case of being murderers on its front page long before they were ever put on trial. In a fair justice system, the very fact of media bias would lead to the conclusion that any convictions were unsafe because of the public hysteria that had been created. But none of that matters in Sovietesque Britain.

This post in the Telegraph has some interesting information about how references to British people murdered by Asian and African colonists have been deleted from Wikipedia as well, of course, as going virtually unmentioned by the mainstream media itself. The author does feel obliged to genuflect to political correctness by remarking that "few people would decry" the peerage awarded to Doreen Lawrence, but the fact that Telegraph has turned off comments to this blog post suggests that they know otherwise.

A man who revealed a tattoo of a mosque being blown up during an EDL rally has been arrested after he was exposed by Sky Tyne and Wear.

Shaun Reah, 39, has been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred after he was pictured lifting up his T-shirt to reveal an image of a Muslim place of worship with "BOOM!" emblazoned across it.

The image, taken during a demonstration organised by the English Defence League in Birmingham on Saturday July 20, triggered a public outcry and Mr Reah has received hundreds of death threats.

When he was tracked down by Sky Tyne and Wear, Mr Reah, from South Shields, revealed he had the tattoo removed because "it upset everyone".
Reah’s solicitor Kevin Smallcombe, of Hannays Crime Solicitors, confirmed the arrest.

Mr Smallcombe, who has been involved in some the North East’s most high profile cases, told Sky Tyne and Wear: "Mr Reah is happy to fully cooperate with police in what is a case which has clearly triggered a great deal of emotion and debate."

A spokesman for Northumbria Police said: "A 39-year-old man has been arrested in South Tyneside on behalf of West Midlands Police on suspicion of using words or behavior, or displaying written material with intent to stir up racial hatred."

The agencies and security forces of the state in Ceuta [tn: Ceuta is one of the Spanish coastal exclaves in Africa] have opened an investigation on the publication on the internet of a recording which calls for a "divine punishment" for the police who arrested eight persons accused of presumed jihad terrorist practices in Ceuta.

According to police sources, the video, which is subtitled in Spanish, contains calls in favour of "our brothers unjustly imprisoned" and threats against the police who arrested and imprisoned the presumed islamists, and against the families of the agents.

The publication of the video on YouTube has caused an investigation to be opened to determine whether a crime has been committed in these statements which are said to have taken place in the mosque in Benzú, in Ceuta, next to the border that separates Ceuta from Morocco.

The government representative, Francisco Antonio González, said to journalists that what worries him is that these radical calls were always coming from this same mosque.

The video was disseminated after the arrest, on 21 June, of eight Ceutis in the autonomous city in an operation against a network allegedly involved in recruiting and sending people to fight in Syria. The eight Ceutis were arrested in the Príncipe Alfonso district, where four hundred agents of the Policía Nacional and Guardia Civil were deployed.
Source: 20minutos H/T: Maria José

Here is a video released by the Spanish Interior Ministry showing the original arrest a month or so ago.

The Islam-critical author Zahid Khan apparently shot and injured a man on Tuesday night in a parking place in a forest in Dietzenbach. Khan's wife, and his lawyer, accuse the other parties of attacking him with the intent to kill him.

According to information from the police, shortly before midnight, during a confrontation in a piece of forest ground between Rodgau and Dietzenbach (Offenbach), a 56-year-old man from Rodgau shot a 36-year-old man in the leg. The injured man is said to have arrived in a hospital, the other man fled. The shooter, who holds a weapons permit, called the police himself.

Khan's wife and lawyer confirmed to hr-online that he was the shooter. According to his wife, he was attacked by two men as he was going on a night-time walk with two companions. The attackers suddenly attacked her husband without warning and with a "deliberate intention to kill", she said. He then defended himself. "He acted in self-defence," according to Khan's wife.

The suspected attackers are said to have been armed with knives. Khan's wife did not want to speculate about the possible motives of the attackers. Previously, there had been constant anonymous threats against her husband, for example on the answering machine, she said.

Khan, who was born in Pakistan, is considered a strong critic of Islam. With books such as "Die Verbrechen des Propheten Mohammed" [The Criminal Acts of the Prophet Mohammed] he has repeatedly provoked the rage of many faithful Muslims. At the end of June in Offenbach a demonstration Khan held called "Der Islam gehört nicht zu Deutschland" [Islam does not belong in Germany] had to be broken off prematurely when counter-demonstrators tried to climb over the fence and attack the 56-year-old.

Whether the night-time attack was connected to Khan's activities is unclear. A police spokesman said the injured person was known to the authorities because of several drug-related crimes and assault offences. The extent to which this is connected to the incident remains to be clarified.
Source: hr-online Via: PI

Note the written story says nothing about the weapons the attackers used, but there is a brief video clip on the same site that says they used "knives and cudgels".

See the Muslim mob attempting to attack Zahid Khan at the public event he held here.
Tuesday, 30 July 2013
"In 2012 and 2013, complaints of hate crimes with anti-Semitic motives almost tripled in Malmö.
And Malmö excels. So much so that when the National Council at the end of June came out with a report on hate crimes in Sweden, it was necessary to exclude Malmö from a part of the national statistics. The figures from Malmo simply affected the statistics too much.
Inside the police station on Davidshallstorg sits police chief Thomas Bull and receives notifications of hate crimes. He is the head of the anti-hate group that was created in Malmö police in autumn 2012. He has a problem: Not one of the hate crimes with anti-Semitic motives have led to a conviction."

Source: Sydsvenskan - Many report hate crimes

There have been lots of unusual, high-fatality accidents involving trains and buses recently. And, inevitably, this has given rise to speculation that these may have been jihad attacks. Personally, I'm sceptical of this. But, in light of the speculation, I do find this Swiss news story interesting.
The latest case of a laser pointer attack in eastern Switzerland occurred on Sunday evening: at Aadorf an unknown person tried to blind the driver of the Intercity Geneva - St. Gallen train).

Following company instructions, the train driver initially protected his eyes and then brought the train to a stop. In Wil wurde he was then replaced by a colleague. "The man had to be checked in hospital," says SBB spokesman Lea Meyer. SBB – as always with laser pointer attacks - filed a complaint. Thurgau cantonal police are investigating.
"Radical Islamism is a real and growing threat to Danish society and it is time that politicians wake up.

So says forensic psychiatrist and author Henrik Day Poulsen, author of a book on fanaticism. Poulsen regular meets Islamism in his work with criminals. ...

'- When we examine the criminal migrant youth, Islamism quite often plays a role. They have been inculcated a totally distorted worldview in which it is directly or indirectly ok to commit violence or rob a bank, because the whole life is a battle between Denmark and Islam, where they are on the good side. And when they are arrested and punished, they think again, it is an expression of that struggle. That it is because of racism. They simply cannot see that what they have done is wrong. It is very difficult to fight crime, that happens with the starting point, and the development is therefore very dangerous,' says Henrik Day Poulsen. ...

It is the consequence when we hardly require participation in society. When they as children grow up with such a world view, it is clear that they feel marginalized and find it difficult to have success when they meet the rest of Denmark in school and on the work market.

And that is exactly the feeling that extremists exploit. If we want to stop the development, we need to stop being naive and start making more demands concerning integration, says Henrik Day Poulsen.

At the same time Danish society must stop and roll back any form of positive discrimination in favor of Muslims and people of other ethnic backgrounds, he said.
'- If you allow positive discrimination, you are helping extremists paint a picture that they are a group with special rights.

Therefore, it seems to me completely wrong to bend traditional Danish values ​​by allowing only halal meat in hospitals and schools.

It's a discussion we need to have, although it may seem hard,' says Henrik Day Poulsen."
Source: BT - Famous psychiatrist: Why Islamism creates crime 
The court in The Hague, has forbidden the extradition of Pakistani-Dutch terror suspect Sabir K. to the United States. The court considers there is too much uncertainty about possible involvement of Americans in the torture of K. in Pakistan.

K., who is suspected of terrorist activities against American troops in Afghanistan, was tortured when he was caught in Pakistan. In 2011, Pakistan had sent him back to the Netherlands. The U.S. request for extradition followed.


Minister of Justice, Opstelten, allowed the extradition, but K. appealed it. He states, among other things, that the U.S. was involved in the torture by the Pakistani secret service. The court says now that there are indeed questions about the role of the Americans.

In May 2013, the court requested the Dutch government to do further research in that matter, but the state did not find it necessary. Therefore, the court now notes
that an extradition of K. would be illegal; "As the state, now, has not fulfilled its obligation to investigate".

Posttraumatic stress disorder

The court, in The Hague, had banned the extradition of K. before, but on other grounds. The court found then that there were not enough guarantees for the proper treatment of post traumatic stress disorder of K. in the U.S. After the court ruling in April, K. has been set free. He must still report daily to a police station. His lawyer is now asking for a waiver of that condition.

The Ministry of Security and Justice can still go to the Supreme Court to appeal against the judgment. In response a spokesman said the Ministry is studying the ruling first.
Source: Nos
When men fight, it's often about women. That's how it was in the evening in Neukölln's summer baths. But it wasn't about love. It was about an emergency assistance effort.

At 7.50 pm, a woman suddenly started to feel unwell. That medics came to help her in the baths in Columbiadamm is actually completely normal and a matter of course. But this woman had relatives of immigrant origin.

According to the KURIER's information, it went totally against the grain for these men to see the hands of other men on the body of their female family member. This is not so with all "Südländern" [tn: "people from the South", this is the euphemism German journalists normally use when talking about Turks]. But they lost it and became violent.

The atmosphere was loud and lousy with insults. Then two of the enraged people started with their fists on the medics, who were defenceless and completely taken by surprise. The rest of the family troop supported the attack with vile insults. Why that was could not be completely clarified. Nor could the question of whom the insults were actually directed at.

Nonetheless: ten police vehicle crews and numerous doses of pepper spray were necessary to bring the medics to safety. Fortunately no one was seriously injured during the deployment.

In the end, no one was interested in the woman who triggered the fight...
Source: Berlin-kurier Via: PI
Monday, 29 July 2013
The man who set the world on fire during the Mohammed [cartoons] crisis has changed his attitude

One of the most significant and radical Danish Islamists in recent years has warned against the milieu and the mindset he has been a part of and advocate for.

At the same time he expresses understanding for the Danish People's Party, Pia Kjærsgaard and part of the Islam-critical positions he previously fought fiercely against.

During the cartoon crisis Ahmed Akkari acted as a preacher and spokesman for the Islamic Society, inciting hatred and struggle against Denmark and freedom of expression, but today he has basically changed attitude and broken with his former comrades, he says now in an interview with BT.

"I have become much wiser. Today, I am very critical of the whole mindset of the milieu I represented. There is something terribly wrong when everything is seen as a battle between good and evil, where one represents the only good. All different thoughts are perceived as an attack that must be fought, and it is dangerous," says Ahmed Akkari.

The 34-year-old Danish-Lebanese says he has experienced several examples of religious leaders preaching resistance to Denmark and Western values in the name of the Koran. For fear of violent reactions from his former co-religionists, however, he does not wish to mention names or specific details at present.

"I have seen what has happened to other people who have allowed themselves to criticize these people's world and interpretation of Islam," he says, referring to other prominent Muslims around the world that have been met with death threats and attacks after criticism of 'the true faith.'

Harmful development

Since the Mohammed cartoon crisis, Ahmed Akkari has receded from public view and the role of imam and religious spokesman. If he chooses to stand up now, it is due to what he views as a dangerous development. If the flow to extremist Muslim circles is not curbed, it can have serious consequences for the Danish society, he fears.

"It reproduces a particular world view of people complete without nuances. It's all seen in black / white as a struggle between them and the rest of the world, and in reality it is not. This makes it even more dangerous that they have begun to attract young people from gang environments and prisons. They may not have the brainpower to be critical of what they are told. And they are people who are already on the edge of the Danish society and find it difficult to comply with its rules. The combination is a powder keg. There's no telling how it could end," says Akkari.

...His new worldview means that the former imam today has changed my mind about the 12 cartoons of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, which in 2005 set the Muslim world boiling with rage against Denmark. On a tour of the Middle East, Ahmed Akkari actively helped to incite the hatred that led to the boycott of Danish products, the burning of embassies and the deaths of several demonstrators. Today he regrets this and now says that he understands the newspaper Jyllands-Posten's reasons for printing the drawings.

...In the same way he has today gained a new perspective on one of the people he previously saw as one of its fiercest opponents, the Danish People's Party now retired chairman Kjaersgaard.

"Today I can better understand the skepticism towards immigrants and Muslims that she and the party represents. I have lived in Denmark since I was seven years old, and I remember how Denmark was then. My dad speaks often about it. The population was not so divided, and there was a naivety and security that is disappearing. It is not only because of the Islamist milieu, but you are naive if you think that they do not play a role," he says.
Sunday, 28 July 2013

teinteresa video por V1683

Today, the mafias are employing women and children with impunity, with the objective of forcing emotional blackmail on the police. Cases have been noted in which immigrants pass themselves off as parents of the children only to abandon them later when they gain their objective of entering Spain. "I believe it is criminal behaviour to use children and assume the identity of their parents for these purposes," said representative of the government of Melilla, Abdelmalik El Barkani.

...This week has witnessed two crews threatening to set fire to the boat, occupied by women and children, as seen in this video made available by the regional government. In it can be seen a man showing a bottle full of gasoline and a lighter in his other hand, while trying to get the patrol to let him pass.

For the coercion to have an even greater effect, various women leave their supposed children highly visible and even at some moments exhibit them by lifting them up rather than grasping them to their breasts as any mother would do out of pure instinct if she felt that the boat might be set on fire.
Source: H/T: Maria José
Up to 400,000 children have been sexually abused by family members or relatives in the past 20 years in Turkey according to official reports, Turkish daily Taraf reported yesterday.
Reports from Social Services and the Child Protection Institution, and the Children Bureaus of the Police Department have shown that the number of under-aged being sexually assaulted by a family member or someone close to the child or family lies between 350,000 and 400,000 in the last 20 years. …
Reports also showed that Turkey ranked number one in searches on sexual images of children within the 13-19 years age bracket, while Turkey tops the list in searches for the words “çocuk pornosu/child porn” on the Google search engine.”

One among several interesting facts stated in this report is that second-generation immigrants (born and raised in Norway by immigrant parents) are more criminal than first-generation. This contradicts many peoples' assumption that immigrants integrate more and more, the more generations they have lived in our countries (same tendency in Denmark):
"There is an over-representation for serious crimes (Hustad 2007). The distinction is visible among second-generation immigrant boys, where especially a small percentage are very criminal. Non-western immigrants are particularly over-represented when it comes to violence and sexual offenses. They are also over-represented as victims of crime, especially violence. Much of the violence that non-western immigrants are exposed to is going on within the family or social circles, and more are registered as offenders in the same period in which they are registered as victims (Hustad 2007). ...

PST (Norway's FBI) notes in its threat assessment for 2008 that politically motivated violence committed by individuals and groups motivated by extreme Islamist ideology represents a significant challenge for Norway in the coming years. Increased radicalization makes the national threat level more unpredictable. ...

There is a need for an increase of approximately 1000 full time civilian jobs within the police in 2020. Civilian jobs means all job categories in the agency outside police trained personnel. The need includes both specialists and administrative support, as well as other civilian positions such as lawyers and drivers. ... Jobs in this group will greatly raise the quality and efficiency of the investigation of all types of crime ... In addition, there is an estimated extra need for prosecution lawyers of 100 lawyers in 2020. ...
The calculation above in Section 10.2 shows FTEs need to maintain police coverage at the same level as today, ie 1.8 per police trained. 1000 inhabitants on average. The study shows that there are several trends that indicate that coverage must be increased.
The most important are:
1 The expected demographic development has several aspects that are important for crime 47: The age group 15-29 years and the immigrant population is expected to increase greatly. This means that the preventive police work must be intensified. ...
Overall, the Agency concluded that police coverage in Norway minimum must be in line with Denmark and Sweden. Although comparisons previously mentioned is difficult, this means that coverage should be increased from 1.8 to at least 2.0 per. 1000 inhabitants on average."

Source: Police in 2020 - needs for manpower and skills 
"Dr. Byron Roth, Professor Emeritus of psychology at Dowling College on Long Island, has written an important book on the damage that has been done to the United States and Europe by the large scale immigration of non-European peoples that has taken place in recent decades.
Roth begins The Perils of Diversity by documenting how elite opinion-makers in academia and the mainstream media almost all assume that the peoples of all races are similar, and therefore that they can all be accommodated in the United States and Europe. The principal “debate” is between those who advocate assimilation and those who advocate multiculturalism. While acknowledging that different racial groups can sometimes be in conflict, assimilationists argue that these ethnic problems can be solved through “the magic of assimilation,” in which all races and religions are gradually transformed into Americans or Europeans. The multiculturalists argue that we should let the immigrants keep their culture, beliefs, and practices; this can be accomplished, they say, peacefully, and different communities can live in social harmony. They blame the intolerant attitudes of the host populations in the United States and Europe for the discord that is frequently present: It is the fault of the indigenous American and European peoples, who do not do enough to accommodate immigrants.
Roth argues that both the assimilationists and the multiculturalists fail to understand human nature.
Assimilationists believe that  all races have the intelligence and values required to maintain Western civilization, while multiculturalists believe that all races and cultures can live together in social harmony. These beliefs are, Roth argues, seriously incorrect in the light of historical experience and scientific evidence."

Honestly, it was hard to believe. But it's a reality that Colonel Pascal Rolez, deputy sub-director of Counter-intelligence at the Office for protection of security and defence [Direction de la protection et de la Sécurité de la Défense (DPSD)], did not hide during a round table organised as part of the 5th parliamentary national security meetings, an account of which has just been published in Défense&Stratégie.

After having discussed the surveillance of jihadist networks on the internet, the debate focused on the phenomenon of the radicalisation of certain individuals. But the latter doesn't necessarily happen via this mode of communication.

And “it has also become one of the major working concerns of the DPSD," it says in the written account. And Colonel Rolez explains: “Our focus today has become the struggle against islamist terrorism. We are noting an increase in radicalisation among members of the French military, especially after the Merah case”. Recall that the killer on the scooter in Toulouse killed three soldiers in cold blood, two of whom were Muslims.

To identify soldiers who are on the path to radicalisation, the DPSD takes into account changes in clothing, repeatedly taking time off work for reasons of sickness, trips abroad and even thefts of equipment.

It remains to be seen how broad the scope of the phenomenon is. In 2009, Sirpa Terre [tn: military communications service] confirmed the report that 5 volunteer soldiers in the army refused to go to Afghanistan for "religious reasons". Which, in relation to numbers at the time, was almost a non-event.

Sirpa Terre then explained that these cases indicated "an error of comprehension regarding their commitment which consists of bearing arms for France to defend its interests and its values at all times and in all places."

Whatever it is, this tendency is worrying the DPSD. “We regularly assist the DCRI [tn: domestic intelligence agency] in their operations against terrorist cells because very often, unfortunately, in these cells, or around them, we find French soldiers," indicated Colonel Rolez.
This makes me so angry. Why can't our Danish police protect themselves and make the necessary arrests? Why do they allow elderly men to protect them? Our state's ability to enforce our secular laws has been abolished in favour of the sharia-tradition of letting elderly men govern. Danish police should have learned at least one thing by now: Never show weakness to Muslims...! But they haven't... Filed under "police cowardice":
"On Saturday night and Sunday night, there have been several clashes between police, fire department and youths in Askerød district of Hundige (Muslim ghetto) south of Copenhagen.
Police and firemen were repeatedly pelted with stones from the angry and rioting youth. ... '- But then some local elders arrived and calmed the youths', says police inspector Ole Kristensen. "
Source: JP - Police attacked with stones
"On an average day 387 Eastern Europeans are behind bars in Danish prisons, which is an increase of 18 percent since 2011. The group constitutes almost a tenth of the inmates in Danish prisons and detention centers ...

According to the National Centre of Investigation traveling criminals are behind 15-25 percent of burglaries nationwide in 2012 - this figure has not changed in the first half of 2013."

Source: DR - prisons booming with Eastern Europeans

MEP Soren Sondergaard fears that the growing distrust of the EU could explode into a civil war if we do not take a fundamental debate on the whole project. 45 percent of Danes do not trust the EU and on the European level 60 percent do not trust the union.
The latest Eurobarometer survey from the EU statistics office Eurostat shows that Europeans' distrust has doubled since 2007. ...
We can not continue to have such a huge difference between what people want, and the policy implemented," Søndergaard said.
Sondergaard stresses that although the People's Movement against the EU wants Denmark to withdraw from the EU, they are in favor of European cooperation. He predicts that if one does not take the debate, it ends in an 'explosion'
'This can result in civil war...'"
Source: Berlingske - Peoples' Movement against the EU: EU-distrust can end in civil war 
A 41-year-old man was arrested on Thursday 25 July, around 9 pm, at the metro station Porte de la Chapelle, in the 18th arrondissement in Paris.

The suspect had been recognised by agents de la RATP [tn: transport police]. The latter had been made aware of the presence of a man wearing a djellaba who provoked a moment of panic in the same station, on 16 July, by shouting on the platforms: "Everyone down, I've got a bomb!", before quickly leaving the scene.

The suspect has been detained.
Source: Le Parisien

Saturday, 27 July 2013

These Nana sculptures were put up in Hanover in the 1970s, supposedly to celebrate the female form. Now one has converted to Islam.

The Secretary of Equality of the PSOE [Socialists] of Ceuta [tn: Ceuta is one of the two Spanish exclaves on the coast of Africa, surrounded by Moroccan territory and with a large Muslim population], Sandra López Cantero, said this Tuesday that the association "Progessive Women" is studying the possibility of taking legal action against the Koranic scholar from Melilla [tn: Melilla is the other Spanish exclave in Africa], Malik Ibn Benaisa, after he said in one of the four lectures he gave in as many mosques last week in the city that woman cannot go around "with their faces and hands uncovered" nor wear "high-heeled shoes" or jeans or "perfume", because whoever wears that "is a fornicator".

The Socialist leader also explained in a press conference that the speaker said that women have to wear "a veil that covers their whole breast" and keep "their head down because a jealous husband could cause problems with other men", as well as "make a total submission" to their husbands and that the wearing of the hijyab was "mandatory and not based on the decision of each, which is what the PSOE [Socialists] support, not against the use of this garment but its imposition".

In addition, the Socialists have requested in writing that the Public Radio/Television Advisory Council hold an "urgent" meeting to "demand explanations about the broadcast of content that infringes the dignity of women", to find out "at what time" the decision to "broadcast and rebroadcast" this lecture was made and "if anyone checked its contents before doing so".

Un policier donne un coup de tête dans la rue par Spi0n

Is it a Muslim? He looks North African.
The Mossos d'Esquadra [tn: Catalan police] have arrested a young Moroccan who is accused of having whipped his 14-year-old sister for being too western, Jordi Sabaté, the mayor of Vilella Baja, the municipality where the family lived, explained to Efe.

The Mossos arrested Hassan B., 20, on 18 July after being alerted by his sister, who said she had escaped after being whipped and was able to take refuge in the house of a friend from school.

The family has been living in the town for eight years and there are seven children in total. The father has a permanent job in a farm. Some of the children have gone to school in the town, but "there is permanent contact with the Social Services," says the mayor.

The General Office of Infant and Adolescent Care has also been monitoring this family because "they have a very low cultural level, they come from a very poor area and are overwhelmed, we're also paying as much attention as we can." says Sabaté.

The brother "was even signed up for the bowling club and has never displayed a very strict religious attitude, so what happened has been a great surprise to us," he comments.

The young man had been in Morocco and the alleged beating of his sister occurred a few days after his return, comments the mayor.
Source: H/T: Marie José
Friday, 26 July 2013

The Guardian's account of the Muslim riots in Trappes gives an account of the initial burka-check incident that sparked the rioting which utterly fails to mention the attack on the police by the woman's husband.
In many ways, the arrest in Trappes was routine from the point of view of both the police and the young woman concerned. But it took a bad turn: the young woman and her husband were taken to the station, the Trappes commissioner refused to register the complaint made by the young woman's mother, who was witness to the arrest, and civil unrest erupted over the course of that Friday, followed by numerous further arrests.
Source: Guardian
"It took a bad turn" is a Guardian euphemism for a Muslim attacking and trying to murder a police officer. Staggering dishonesty. Not surprising, perhaps, as it's written by Valérie Amiraux and one Marwan Mohammed.

It's worth correcting one of the figures cited in the article too.
The trigger for the riots in the Parisian suburb of Trappes last weekend was a relatively ordinary one: the local police stopped a young woman for wearing the full veil in public. Ordinary, that is, since the inception, in April 2011, of Law 2010-1192 of 11 October 2010 prohibiting the concealment of the face in public space, according to which the wearing of this type of garment can lead to a fine of €150 (£129) and a "community rehabilitation programme" in the form of mandatory citizenship classes. Over the course of two years, the police have issued 705 citations.

The Guardian article implies that these 705 citations were for wearing burkas. But that's not true. Here's a quote from an article in Le Figaro that appeared not long ago.
We estimate at around 700 the number of people checked in applying this text [the law that bans face masks]: 200 relate to individuals wearing masks and 500 to women wearing burkas.
Spurce: Le Figaro

So actually only 500 of the 700 checks relate to women wearing burkas because other types of mask are also banned. And, as it says later in the article, some of these 500 apply to the same repeat offenders. For example, there is a woman in Nice who has been stopped 29 times.

H/T: King Lear
The Hague has big plans for a second culture palace. Name: Medina. Location: Schilderswijk .

By Frank Verhoef on 23 juli, 2013 - 19:00

I've written many times on this item. The one who wanders through the Schilderswijk or Transvaal , has the feeling that he or she is entering a different world. A world of foreign languages, high unemployment and lawlessness. Traditionally, the two neighborhoods are the real ‘Socialist PvdA’ neighborhoods. However, I venture the assertion, that if the two districts should support themselves, they would both end up within a maximum of ten years as a kind of Detroit : bankrupt and with a police warning sign at the entrance that says "enter at your own risk”.

To maintain the suburbs for the Social Democrats, the three Socialist Hague councilors are conducting a nice experiment in what they may see as 'their playground’. The one arranges 'free' internet, the other denies that a ‘Sharia triangle’ exists and still another has a megalomaniac plan devised for a real culture palace that inherits the name "Medina". Cost factor: 3.3 million Euros. Gee Whizz, 3.3 million Euros is a mere trifle compared with the culture palace that will be built next to the town hall and where the taxpayer should cough up 181 million Euros.

“Medina”, where do we know that name from? Oh yes! It is a city in the strict Islamic Saudi Arabia. What do I say? Medina is after Mecca the most sacred place for the followers of Mohammed. There are millions of Muslims, who go on an annual basis for a Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina. So Saudi Arabia, the country where unbelievers or women enjoy little to no freedom, has apparently such a great fascination for the Socialist Hague councilor Marnix Norder (Integration) that the 'multicultural leisure centre' for the predominantly Muslim residents of Schilderswijk Transvaal should therefore be called ‘Medina’.

In ‘De Telegraaf’, of this morning, it is stated that the Socialist councilor calls the cultural palace a ‘pearl’ for the district. The arrival of a culture palace that is named after a Muslim city in an orthodox Islamic country does not exactly seem like a 'pearl' of a neighborhood, or a recommendation whatsoever. It is rather a confirmation of what many local Hague people already know: the former working

class areas of ‘Schilderswijk’ and ‘Transvaal’ have become Muslim neighborhoods where (so far) on a small scale Sharia is applied and where the inhabitants are rewarded with a unique 'multicultural' culture palace if they vote for the Socialists.
The Socialist PvdA is blatantly handing out presents to the immigrant and Muslim inhabitants of these neighborhoods in order to reap rewards in the municipal elections of March 2014. It is a matter of time before hell will break out in the Hague.
Source: Dagelijksestandaard

The de-Europeanisation and islamisation of Europe is clearly the result of an elite anti-democratic conspiracy against the wishes of ordinary people. But why then do ordinary people not mobilise politically against the elite who are imposing this agenda upon them? Because, whenever they do, the elite use the power of the state to crush them.

I want to build up a comprehensive register of all state repression of European patriotic groups or political parties in the post-WW2 era. It's close to impossible for a single person to do this, so I am asking for help. If you are aware of state power having been abused to thwart or suppress European patriotic groups or organisations in countries that were nominally democracies, please leave information about it in a comment to this thread. Obviously, this excludes periods in which countries lived under obviously undemocratic governments such as the communist dictatorships of eastern Europe, Franco, etc.

Here are the kinds of antidemocratic action I want to include:

Ordering the the dissolution of political parties or patriotic organisations.

Legal action against patriot political parties or organisations, hampering their ability to operate freely or causing them to incur costs. This would include legal actions based on supposed financial irregularities or violations of administrative rules.

Sending government agents to infiltrate patriot political groups or organisations, particularly when the infiltrators then act disruptively once inside.

Prosecuting leading members of patriot political parties or organisations on whatever grounds, but most especially on the grounds that things they say or write are deemed to constitute a criminal offence.

Altering laws or regulations in a way intended to disadvantage patriotic political parties or organisations.

This will be a constant work-in-progress. I will add to it gradually the course of time so it will, in the end, hopefully become comprehensive.

Here is a story about how 2 African invaders died when trying to jump the fence from Morocco into Spain's African exclave, Melilla. These mass fence jumps occur almost continuously now, usually in the middle of the night. In the fence jump on Wednesday night, 40 of the invaders made it into Melilla; some were detained in Morocco. 2 of the invaders died trying to get in.

Comments to the article about this on the Spanish news website were almost all to the effect of "Good, it's a shame the rest of them didn't die too." These comments were all deleted. The comments are numbered consecutively. So you can see in the image so far there have been 344 comments, of which only 10 remain. All the rest were deleted.

H/T: Maria José
Thursday, 25 July 2013
In the Catholic city of Fulda the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat (AMJ), a Muslim association, is building a mosque with a minaret.

While the Pius Brotherhood was only allowed to convert a former garden into a church with lots of effort and a long approval procedure and a church tower was not permitted, the mosque in Fulda gets a minaret.

[Extract from the official rejection of their building proposal:
The bell tower is untypical for the region and, although it is only part of the overall construction, because of its function it will give rise to tensions at ground level and impair the appearance of the city and landscape.
Source Via: PI

One of the firemen who participated in the rescue work after the train crash in Bretigny last week called in to a radio program yesterday to give a personal account of his experience. He confirms that the emergency service workers were subjected to a tirade of racist insults by 'jeunes'.
As for me, I was constantly insulted in every sense: son of a bitch, dirty white...I heard "dirty white" several times, that's not nice.
Read this story in the Daily Mail about how four children died in a fire that was started deliberately. What you won't find there is any indication of why it happened. At the party there was a discussion on immigration. When Michelle Smith made a remarked that Dyson Allen judged to be 'racist', he decided to set fire to her children's bedroom to get 'revenge'. All four children died.

Yesterday the Daily Mail reported that the fire had been started "in revenge for racist comment".

Now every reference to that important fact has been removed from the article. Nor does any other British newspaper that I have been able to find report it either. I had to read about it on a Swedish website!

See the different versions here on

There have been a few high-profile train crashes in various western countries recently, and there has been speculation about Muslim involvement in bringing them about.

So could yesterday's Spanish train crash have been an instance of jihad terrorism?

The following indications speak in favour of it:

The crash occurred close to Santiago de Compostela, a famous site of Christian pilgrimage.

Santiago (Saint James) is the patron saint of Spain, also known as Matamoros, the Moorslayer. During the wars of the Reconquista, it was widely believed Saint James had appeared on a white horse to offer aid to the Christian armies on more than one occasion. It is easy to see why jihadists would regard anything related to Saint James as a particularly tempting target.

The crash occurred just the before Saint James' feast day, which is also the day of the region's largest festival. It's been noted before that Muslim malevolence steps up during periods when non-Muslim celebrations are being held: Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc.

Some witnesses say they heard a huge explosion during the derailment. One witness I saw on television said it was "like a bomb".

The area where the incident occurred is readily accessible.

The following indications speak against jihad terrorism, however:

Some reports say the train was travelling at almost 200 km/h on a stretch of track (a curve) where the maximum speed should have been only 80 km/h. The driver may even have admitted to this.

According to El Mundo, "the authorities rule out the possibility that it could be an attack". It's not clear why they have done this, however, and in the case of French train crash, the French authorities unquestionably went out of their way to dishonestly deny Muslim involvement (in the looting).

In images of the scene, the railway tracks appear to be fully intact, ruling out the possibility that they were destroyed or damaged by terrorist action.

Regardless, it's interesting to note the locals' contrasting responses to a train crash when it occurs in a Muslim-colonised area compared to somewhere still populated by Europeans. While the Muslims looted the dead and the living and attacked the emergency services in France, local people in Spain brought food and blankets to help the injured, smashed the windows of the train to help evacuate them and used their cars to provide illumination for the rescue workers with their headlights.

UPDATE: Spanish television is now showing footage of the train crash taken by a security camera. There does seem to be a big flash of light just before the train derails.

The driver had previously said [on the radio], before the accident, that he was going very quickly, at 190 km/h; afterwards he spoke of 200. Finally, entering the curve, he again said: "I'm going at 190!", sources within the investigation explained to EL PAÍS.
Source: EL PAÍS

EL PAÍS also says this was the first curve since the train left Madrid, after 80 km of straight line track. That makes the hypothesis of a bomb on the train itself seem less plausible, since it would then be an extraordinary coincidence in timing, unless the presumed terrorist was observing the train in real-time and could control the detonation, which seems unlikely.
Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Only one of the rioters was incarcerated, and two were released by the correctional tribunal of Versailles on Monday.

"You can put a city to the sack and the law protects you," says Frédéric Lagache, national secretary of Alliance, the main police trade union, indignantly, after the riots in Trappes, denouncing "incomprehensible punishments". In fact, on Tuesday night, only one rioter slept in prison, because he already had a criminal record. Among the five accused that were judged by the Versailles correctional tribunal on Monday, three were sentenced but two were allowed to go free. The two others were discharged completely.
Source: Le Figaro

This happened in Torrevieja, in Alicante, Spain. It's shameful the way the police just run away when the negroes attack them.

They quarrelled over the daughter's lifestyle and texts that had been found on her mobile phone but somehow the court found it wasn't an honour killing. We are seeing Middle Eastern standards of justice now being applied in Europe.
Miriam was stabbed to death in January at home in IJsselstein

The 43-year-old mother Chahira Ben M. has been sentenced to three years in prison for stabbing her sixteen year old daughter Miriam to death. The penalty is much lower than the Public Prosecutor’s demand for seven years.

The Utrecht Court found the demand did not do justice to the circumstances, the accused person and the impact the crime has had on her and her family.


In January 2013, Ben M. stabbed her daughter Miriam to death in their home in IJsselstein. Behaviour experts considered that Ben M. had reduced accountability because of severe depression and extreme fatigue. She had not slept for nights.

The family of Ben M. feels no malice or hatred. During the trial, another daughter asked that “the lowest possible punishment” be imposed on her mother. "Unfortunately we will not get our Miriam back. But please do not take our mother and wife from us for a long time."

Ben M. quarrelled with her daughter after she read text messages from the girl on her mobile phone. She was shocked by the content and thought her daughter would get on the wrong path. Mother and daughter had often been in conflict about Miriam’s lifestyle .


On that day, the mother was in "total despair". She grabbed the knife, according to the judgment of the court. The stabbing was accompanied by a struggle.

Miriam's death caused a shock wave in the Netherlands. According to the court, despite speculation, in this case there is no question of honour killing. Ben M. was acquitted of murder, because there is no sign of malice. However, the court finds manslaughter been proven.
Source: Elsevier
Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Not long ago I made a post about how a few years ago the word 'migrants' seems to have suddenly emerged as a general substitute for the more negatively charged word 'immigrant' throughout the establishment media. I noted how mysterious the suddenness and pervasiveness of this change was, as if some kind of central control mechanism was operating behind the scenes.

In light of this speculation, Colin Freeman's blog post in the Telegraph today is very interesting. It seems there are indeed some powerful agents of influence attempting to dictate the terminology used to report on immigration issues, and that a major change was indeed imposed just a few years ago.
I was in Malta last week, reporting on the problems the country is facing with illegal immigration. Large numbers of Africans are claiming asylum there after arriving on people trafficking boats from Libya, and the Maltese are up in arms about it. Actually, sorry, I got that wrong. Let me start again. I was reporting on the problems the country is facing with irregular immigration from Africa. Not illegal. There's a difference, it seems. Let me explain.

"Illegal immigration" apparently carries connotations of criminality, of someone doing something wrong. Like, for example, paying a people smuggler €700 to transport them a rickety boat that might sink with the loss of all on board. Whereas "irregular" is a more "neutral" term. Probably all the same to you and me.

Except it's not. According to the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Malta, which gave me a leaflet about what words to use when discussing this issue, it's wrong to use the term "illegal". The reason is that most of those who arrive in Malta claim asylum, and even though they are locked up while their claims are processed, that detention is "administrative and not criminal". Also frowned upon is the word "clandestine", which has a "strong negative connection, invoking a sense of criminality". Instead, it recommends the phrase "irregular migrants".

Illegal or irregular? Would-be immigrants arriving at the Armed Forces of Malta Maritime Squadron base on July 10th (Reuters)
True, some American news organisations have followed the UN's line on this one for a while. The Associated Press, whose house style book is highly influential, stopped using the words "illegal immigrant" in 2009. It was prompted partly by the heated debate over Hispanic migrants who have come entered the US illegally, some of whom have been living honest, hard-working lives for years and resent being defined solely as "illegal". That's perhaps a fair point, although AP's move has also inspired a gag on Twitter called #NewAPStyle, dedicated to thinking up bland terms for existing words. A murderer, for example, might instead be a "person accused of unlawfully ceasing the life of another".
Source: Telegraph

An IGPN (police of the police) inquiry has been set in motion by the minister of the Interior in order to identify the authors of racist remarks posted after the incidents in Trappes on a Facebook page dedicated to the police, Place Beauvau [tn: Interior Ministry] announced today.

After the urban violence that struck the town of Trappes following a check on a woman wearing a burka, comments "with violent and sometimes racist content" were posted on the Facebook forum titled "Forum", according to a source close to the case.

The authors of these posts on this forum, which says it is an "unofficial" forum of the national and municipal police, present themselves as police officers or sympathisers.

...In addition, the site Copwatch Nord-Ile-de-France, via Indymedia, says it had access to this forum and managed to identify the authors of some of these remarks, police officers whose names, photos and departments it reveals.
Source: Le Figaro

Here are a few of the screen captures, which can be seen here.
The hunt is on; it's time to do a good cleaning :)
I spent the night here in Trappes with colleagues. On the menu: Molotov cocktails, mortars, stone throwing... Poor France, Vive le bleu marine!!!! [tn: Le Bleu Marine is a Front National slogan referring to Marine Le Pen]

Half a year ago Al-Qaeda's magazine Inspire told Muslims to hit the transport sector. Since then Canadian Muslims have been arrested for planning terror against a train, another train that was derailed in France was robbed by Muslims - who probably are also guilty in derailing that same train... And now this:

"A Danish family crashed and rolled around in their car on the highway in Malmo last night, after vandals -presumably with evil intentions - threw stones across the road.

The mother, according to Malmo police, has fractures of the pelvis due to the accident, while the father received injuries on his face. The couple's three teenage children escaped uninjured ...

The press spokesman of the police in the region, Nils Norling, said to Ekstra Bladet that the parents were still in hospital in Malmo, but their condition was stable and there were no life-threatening injuries.

He says the family was lucky that it did not go worse, but he described the accident as very serious.

'- It wasn a powerful collision. Someone placed stones across the road and the car collided with them and overturned ...

'- Is it possible that a car simply lost stones from the load by accident?'

'- We do not think so. It is not the first time big rocks have been placed on the road at that particular place,' says Nils Norlin
Source: Ekstrabladet - Danish family had accident on Swedish highway 
"We don't do a lot of checks otherwise it would have gone bad a long time ago. The checks on women wearing burkas are a sensitive subject because some fundamentalists are trying to put a match to the powder," admits a trade unionist who is a member of Unsa-police

...And is there then a reluctance on the part of the police, a self-censorship that leads to [burka] checks not being performed? "Yes, that can happen," says Nicolas Comte of Unité SGP Force ouvrière [tn: police trade union]. "But in the same way that in certain areas colleagues hesitate sometimes to book drivers who are not wearing their driving belts or people on scooters who are not wearing helmets. The situation can degenerate very quickly. We know that any police intervention can potentially generate a riot or attack on the police. When an officer doesn't feel safe, he doesn't perform the check. The problem is that that's exactly what the radicals want."

Synergie-officier thus presents the headache law enforcement is confronted with: "We must not create more trouble than it's our job to stop," explains Patrice Ribeiro. But the radicals are looking to paralyse the police so there are no more checks. It is critical that we don't give in. If we give in on this subject, we'll then have to give in on others."
Source: Le Figaro

It’s fine Moroccan-weather

Posted by Joost Niemoller on July 21, 2013 - 12:44
© Joost Niemöller

It is nice and warm outside. Our Moroccan fellow citizens keep up the momentum. Here is the harvest of a few weeks of summer.

It's finally a sultry summer. A real joyful Moroccan’s weather. Just a few lines of the news in recent weeks. Can we say they have a problem? ... mwoah Moroccans!

A 28-year-old young man from Breda broke his cheekbone in four places. He is out cycling and was approached, aggressively, by four people, probably Moroccans. He was severely beaten by two of them in the face, while the others watched. The victim needs surgery in his right eye socket. (Source).

A man in Vlissingen had his home invaded by a light-brown skinned man, who threatened him with a knife. The man gives the robber a sum of money, and then he managed to escape. The robber was able to escape by scooter. Perpetrator description: petite stature, about 1.70 m tall.

A 71-year-old woman, in Breda, was attacked near her home. In the fire lane by the gate of her home, a mature man with a North African appearance appeared. He pulled a golden necklace from her neck and cycled quickly away.

A woman of 57 years old, in Amersfoort, was walking over the Eemplein in Amersfoort, when her bag was pulled from her shoulder by three young men. All three have a North African appearance.

An 18-year-old boy, at the North Brabant Oosterhout , was just stabbed, without any reason, in the back by a man with a North African appearance in a black sportsuit.

In Zaandam a 44-year-old women, from Alkmaar, was robbed after she had just used an ATM machine. The man is slightly brown tinted and about 1.70 meters tall. He is dressed in a blue sport jacket.

When a woman in The Hague was crossing the crosswalk, she was robbed by two ‘boys’ with a North African appearance on a scooter. Her ‘Louis Vuitton’ bag was pulled from her shoulder.

A failed robbery had taken place in Bergen op Zoom by two light brown tanned men: one is 1.65 meters high, the other of 1.85 meter. As the doorbell went on. The sixty-years old resident opened the door and had seen the men. When he wanted to close the door again a struggle had been started. A fifty years old woman had mixed in the brawl. The two of them had worked the robbers out who short afterwards had escaped.

In Amsterdam, a light-brown tanned skinned man, about 1.75 metres tall, shot a young Moroccan man dead in broad daylight from a white van.

In The Hague a 35-year-old man was raided in his home by a Hindu man and a man of North African appearance. Both threatened the victim and bound him with tape. They searched the house and left with gold jewellery, phones and a Playstation.

Three boys, with a North African appearance, were committing vandalism in a train between Amsterdam and The Hague. Among other things, they sprayed a fire extinguisher till it was empty. The powder spread throughout the train .

Amsterdam. A 91-year-old woman was taken to hospital after she had fallen down, when a boy, with a North African appearance, pulled the necklace from her daughter- in-law’s neck. The two of them had been walking arm in arm.

The Hague. A woman was about to enter the car park in ‘Van der Neer Street’ when she was caught by a man of North African appearance. He pulled the bag from her shoulder and ran away. (Source)

Tilburg. Two young brothers from Tilburg were attacked without provocation by three men with a North African appearance. They were out cycling when the North Africans jumped out of the bushes. They were knocked down to the ground, kicked and beaten. One of the brothers was punched in the face. When one of the brothers started to call for help, the perpetrators fled.

Two Moroccan boys are demanding an apology from the police. They were stopped because they were walking hooded through the street. Afterwards they were searched. A lawyer has taken pity on these (‘poor’) guys. The lawyer: "The boys continue to insist they have done nothing wrong. It is their belief, and mine, that they were stopped only because they are Moroccans. However you twist it or turn it: that is discrimination and that requires an apology."


That policy is wholly wrong. A shame.

It is good that ethnicity is not recorded in the Netherlands. Just imagine what would happen if the Dutch population started to get the wrong conclusions. This is something you should not want either? Then social tensions will grow in our society.
Monday, 22 July 2013
Is a rock concert in a public place compatible with the spirituality required by Ramadan, the month of Muslim fasting? To this question the government of Melilla, of the Partido Popular [tn: mainstream right-wing party in Spain, currently in government], and the main party of opposition, almost entirely Muslim, give diametrically opposed responses.

For days they have been involved in an unprecedented polemic, via press conferences and social networks, in which the Coalición por Melilla (CpM) [Coalition for Melilla], the Muslim party which is integrated into Izquierda Unida [United Left], has said, more in jest than seriousness, that it will hire dancers from the carnival of Río de Janeiro to parade through the streets next to the processions of Holy Week.

Together with Ceuta, Melilla is the only Spanish city where the Muslims make up half of its 86,000 inhabitants [tn: these are Spanish exclaves in northern Africa, next to Morocco]. Since 2010 its calendar of local festivals has incorporated the Aid el Kebir (sacrifice), the major festival of Islam.

The heated discussion about music, rock or flamenco, in the month of fasting is not something theoretical. As it does every year, although with a reduced budget of only 60,000 euros, the Institute of Cultures, a agency of the city government, has drawn up a musical and sporting programme to make the Ramadan nights more enjoyable.

...The Muslims of the CpM have raised the roof. "We do not agree," the deputy Abderrahim Mohamed said indignantly to the press. “Ramadan cannot be a festival; it is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam," he emphasised. "It is not a parody or a circus."

Mustafa Aberchan, leader of the party, promptly offered his support to him. "To live in harmony you need to know how to conjugate the verb respect," he explains by telephone. "Would the authorities like it if we hired Brazilian dancers to brighten up the streets on Holy Week or if we organised a nocturnal festival when the cofradía [tn: one of the associations responsible for Holy week processions] was passing?”, he asks. “No and I understand it," he replies. "We ask for the same respect for our religion: that they do not offend us."
Source: El País H/T: Maria José

The ARRahman mosque at Boskoop last weekend discovered a pig's head. The head was deposited on Sunday in the night of Saturday.

The head was placed during the night from Saturday to Sunday and is seen within the Islamic culture as a serious form of discrimination. According to the Qur'an, pigs are unclean animals.

A police spokeswoman revealed, on Monday, that the mosque will file a complaint for insult. The VVD (Dutch Liberal Party) in Boskoop rejects the action. "The act is a deliberate action to offend people deep in their soul", said Monique Fox - Verwaijen on West Broadcasting. On Twitter there was also lots of criticism of this "racist action".

A Muslim flew a jihad flag outside his home in Grönland Platz in the west of Oslo, a Muslim-colonised area. Some people complained to the police about it but they said it wasn't illegal. They did go to the Muslim's home however and eventually persuaded him to take it down.

Source: PI

Here a Turkish immigrant journalist calls for Sweden Democrats and their voters to be expelled from Sweden. "Out with them!" she says.

A Sweden Democrat politician responds by saying:
I was born in Sweden in 1944. Now you want to expel me from Sweden. You're not happy that I'm allowed to go on living in my native country.

The situation remained tense on Sunday 21 July, close to the police station in Trappes (Yvelines). Around 2.30 am, sporadic weapons fire was heard for about 20 minutes in this town of 30,000 inhabitants. Then police then surrounded two housing blocks and operations were still underway at 3.30 am. A helicopter was also overflying the area.
Source: Le Monde
Norway has major problems with criminal asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, and now, according to figures from the Justice and Emergency Department, more than one in three inmates in Norwegian prisons are foreign nationals.

In mid-June, there were 2,425 Norwegians and 1,232 foreign nationals in Norwegian prisons - note that this relates only to citizenship and not to "New Norwegians", so the actual percentage of immigrants is almost certainly higher. The number of foreigners in prisons quadrupled in ten years and in remand prisons foreigners are even in the majority.

The unflattering list is topped by Lithuania (149), followed by Poland (105) Romania (101), Nigeria (98), Somalia (64) and Iraq (51). There are also 42 Swedish nationals, 32 Dutch, 29 Serbs and 28 Iranians.
Source: Avpixlat

Sunday, 21 July 2013
It's something that's never been seen in the Longwy urban area. Around one hundred Muslim demonstrators yesterday tried to use force to make themselves heard by mayor Edouard Jacque. The demonstration had not been declared. In response to an appeal by the Muslim community of the basin of Longwy, supported by Acmal (Muslim Cultural Association of the conurbation of Longwy), the Muslims first broadcast their Ramadan prayers with lots of loudspeakers beneath the windows of the city hall.

Tired of having awaited the arrival of the mayor for over an hour when it was 32° in the shade, the crowd then tried to penetrate into the interior of the premises. Only a delegation of about ten people managed to gain entry while several police vehicles took up position behind the buildings.

The demonstrators demanded that the mayor take a position in favour of their project to construct a new mosque in Gouraincourt across an area of 1985 m². Currently, in this period of Ramadan, the faithful are praying in the street till 1 o'clock in the morning, in the absence of appropriate structures. Edouard Jacque's recent refusal, dated 17 June, was based on the safety of the worshippers which would be called into question by a passage at the level of the railway adjacent to the future car park with 242 places. Bâtiments de France [tn: architectural heritage agency] also criticised the excessively garish colours of the mosque because it would be located within the perimeter of the ramparts of Vauban [tn: famous builder of fortifications under Louis XIV] which is classified as protected by UNESCO.

Edouard Jacque invited the community to review his copy, regretting the fact that this surprise demonstration "helped only the Front National".

I was just watching the Spanish news channel 24 Horas. They had a brief snippet on the Muslim riots in Yvelines. Astonishingly, this, a violent siege of a police station to demand the liberation of a prisoner who attacked and attempted to murder a police officer, was described as "Muslims gathered to protest against Islamophobia".

I don't mean to focus so much on France in this blog but it really seems to be slipping into quasi-civil war conditions. Ramadan just acts as an accelerant.
After the skirmishes on Wednesday evening in the Arnaud-Bernard district, the locals denounce recurrent disturbances. The "mosque" which has been called "secret" defends itself.

The situation was very tense on Wednesday evening in the Arnaud-Bernard district of Toulouse. In the skirmishes, starting at 8.30 pm, police officers confronted a group of hostile persons.

According to the neighbours, the presence of the police officers close to the "secret mosque" at 5 rue de l’Hirondelle, set the powder alight. "A police officer approached the mosque and someone at the end of the street shouted 'You're not touching the mosque'. It all kicked off then, said a local. People arrived from everywhere. The first picked up a big stone. Another said to the police, 'Go on, beat me.'" Insults rang out.

On 11 January, the cultural association of the Muslims of Arnaud-Bernard set up in these premises, a former shop. Since then, locals have continually complained about disturbances. Police, noise complaint office ... there are constant reports of problems. It was in this context that the police were patrolling on foot on Wednesday evening in this street but also throughout the district. "No street was targeted in particular", the national police explained yesterday. "We were patrolling because noise complaints or wild parking had been reported to us."

For the neighbours, the situation is unbearable. "At 4 am then at noon, 2 pm, 6 pm and when the fast ends, we hear 35 to 40 people praying in unison. In addition to the noise, we're worried about the safety of this building."

On Wednesday, the situation degenerated and the police had to "make use of the force that was strictly necessary" including tear gas, an official explains, in order to drive back vindictive individuals. According to the police HQ, "two officers who were patrolling in the sector were attacked in the street by certain individuals. The precise connection with a place of worship in the vicinity remains to be established. Once the individuals had demonstrated their aggressiveness, arrests took place, which occasioned disruptions to public order". A judicial inquest is underway.

Last Sunday. A couple of elderly persons were walking on the banks of the Loire. It was around 5 pm, and the husband and wife had an unpleasant encounter on the Saint-Laurent riverbank.

Walking towards the bridge of Europe, the elderly people came across "four young women, of North African origin. Two were wearing clothes of a very bright orange. That attracts attention, my wife just looked at them, that's all?!", recalls the 73-year-old man. Angry and still deeply affected, even five days after the facts.

Not having stared at them at all therefore, according to the couple, the young women ("I would say they were about 20") then attacked the 71-year-old female who was out walking, making racist remarks about her, and pushing her. "They struck my wife. Shocked, she collapsed, I had to hold her."

At that moment, two men were passing along the riverbank in their car. Noting that people were gathered together as if for the start of a fight, they get out of the vehicle and also took the side of the four young women.

"They insulted us too." The man in his 70s, feeling that the situation could degenerate further, took his phone and managed to alert the police. The two men got into their car once again and disappeared. The four young women did the same, on foot, first walking quickly "then running, once they reached the fountain." They were swallowed up in the Madeleine district before the national police arrived on site. End of story...

A few days later, it is not the physical harm - suffered by his partner - that bothers him but the moral shock. "You shouldn't strike a 71-year-old woman, and treat her like that for no reason," he says, emotionally. "She says she's afraid, and that she can never walk on the banks of the Loire again."

The next day, Monday, the couple who had been attacked filed a complaint. The investigation is underway but for now has not been able to find their attackers.

This happened in Orléans.

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