Saturday, 8 June 2013

In a comment, Frau Katze asks "Who are the antifa?". Here is a documentary about the French antifa, subtitled into English. In general they tend to be a mix of third-world invaders and European/Jewish Communist student types.


Frau Katze said...

Thank you for posting this. It seems to describe an alien world, that I have never seen before. The Antifa seem to be a rival gang.

I know very little about gangs, although I know criminal gangs certainly exist in Canada. But these seem more like they are organized for social purposes.

Where are the women? Why do they all this time on their hands? Don't they have to work? How do they support themselves?

Maybe I have led a sheltered life, but it all seems very alien to me.

My interest in Islam started with 9/11. Without that, I might not have noticed it even yet. My reaction was to read, not join gangs.

I am asking some other people to look at it and give me their reaction.

Anonymous said...

The ykw controlled state apparatuses have installed so many thirdworlders in our white countries that resistance is now sporadic and muted - there just aren't many white youths left to reject the white genocide.

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