Sunday, 16 June 2013
From July 2013, bus and tram inspectors in the Hague will have to wear stab proof vests during their work on the tram and bus. The reason the transport company is adopting the measure is the increased extreme violence against the inspectors of the HTM.

This was the statement made by transport company to Omroep West on Friday, 14th June.

Although the number of violent incidents against HTM inspectors has fallen in recent years, the violence have become more extreme.

HTM trialled working with the vests last year. Five inspectors have worn a stab vest for a long time.

Employees of HTM were worried about wearing safety vests, fearing it would be uncomfortable and hot.

It is still unknown whether the wearing of the vest will be mandatory.
Source: Elsevier


King Lear said...

'Asian' tries to rape English girl.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Netherlands. The Hague is fast becoming a hellhole. along with Rotterdam. All the big cities everywhere are going down.

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