Saturday, 29 June 2013

The 17-year-old, Abdel A., who, last month, killed the 76-year-old former alderman Jan van Eijken in De Bilt when he drove on a pedestrian crossing is again at home. The teenager must await his sentence at home.

The lawyer of the accused, Jan Hoens, had asked for provisional release because the personal circumstances of the defendant outweigh the social impact of a continuation of the pre-trial detention.

The court granted the request and the prosecution has no objection to the decision.

According to witnesses, Abdel A. along with a sixteen-year-old friend, last month drove at a high speed through the centre of De Bilt, when he struck the former alderman and optician Jan van Eijken on the pedestrian crossing.

The boys drove by leaving behind the wounded man in front of his own shop.

Mayor Arjan Gerritsen (VVD) has expressed alarm at the crime of teenagers:

"An accident? It is criminal what has happened here. A young boy drove really fast, struck Van Eijken and then simply drove away."


Anonymous said...

It seems not to have occurred to most people --- understandably, since the media is complicit by its silence over Islam --- that Sharia Law is being administered throughout the EU. Under Islamic law, a Moslem who kills a non-Moslem does not face 'retaliation.' ('Umdat al-Salik, section on Justice) There is the practice of 'blood money', whereby monetary compensation is made to the family of a slain non-Moslem but, in keeping with the basic inequality in Islam between a Moslem and a non-Moslem (the life of a Moslem, male or female, is valued more highly than that of a non-Moslem, male or female), the blood money paid for a non-Moslem's life is less than for a Moslem's. Under the Pact of Umar, there was a specific structured scale of such payments and Western diplomats undertaking postings in Islamic countries are aware of this. Within the outwardly non-Islamic world of the EU's member states, this inequality results in lesser sentences when Moslems commit crimes against non-Moslems.

Anonymous said...

CZ: I suggest that such remarks as those of 'Anonymous @05:38' be removed. I don't generally support any censorship but allowing, or keeping such remarks up, reduces the level of discourse on the site and can reduce its effectiveness, which should be to give facts and spread knowledge about this issue.

Anonymous said...

As someone from the Netherlands (I love your blog, read it everyday) I can safely assure you that around 65% of male Moroccan youths (age 12-23) have been in contact with the police.
They are noisy, always roaming the streets at night and drive their scooters around (also at night) like they never do anything else. Most likely they live off of welfare and don't go to school - they stay up late and their parents don't do anything about them. This is not me being racist, this is a very real problem. We are seeing a rise in Moroccan drug gangs in Maastricht and Amsterdam. Rotterdam has already gone to hell with The Hague very closely following. Love your blog keep it up.

Anonymous said...

What utter shite.

Man drives like dick, runs another man over and drives off.

If it wasn't that you can claim the driver is a Muslim you wouldn't give a fuck.

I'm not sure what's more desperate, your propaganda or the need to believe your crap demonstrated by these clowns.

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