Thursday, 27 June 2013

Typical of the hair-trigger rioting that can occur in the Muslim no-go areas springing up around Europe.
Around 8 pm, a police patrol was alerted by the acrobatic and dangerous driving of some motorcyclists.

All were driving without helmets in a busy area. When the police arrived, they managed to flee, except one of them who fell to the ground, permitting his arrest in Decauville Street.

But this arrest was disturbed by the intervention of "jeunes" who encircled the officials. Taking advantage of the diversion, the motorcyclist who was involved in the accident managed to escape. Despite everything, the police succeeded in arresting one of the assailants. Then this person's brother intervened in turn. The disorder has caused tensions to rise in the estate. Around fifty people mobbed the police officers who used their flash ball guns and tear gas. One of the projectiles struck a woman, one of the mothers of the two brothers who were arrested. Taken to the Parisian hospital Quinze-Vingts, she lost her eye.

Overwhelmed, the forces of order called for reinforcements. Twenty-five teams (around sixty police) converged on Decauville Street, where tension mounted again. The reinforcements were greeted with stone-throwing. Three police officers were slightly injured and a vehicle was damaged.

In the la Sablière district, calm was not restored immediately. Two vehicles were burned in the evening. The tension only diminished at 1 o'clock in the morning.

To restore calm, the authorities judged it more prudent to not deploy any police forces in the district tonight.

A teacher filed a complaint this Wednesday after having been attacked in the Marnaudes estate, in Villemomble. This professor was monitoring tests for school qualifications in an institution in the area. At lunchtime, he went out and when he was returning to the school he met several "jeunes" who apparently thought he was a police officer, according to what they said to him. He defended himself from these accusations, assuring them that he was a teacher. He was not able to avoid being struck. He was robbed of money. He was able to call the emergency services.

This attack took place in the district where the police operation degenerated the previous night.
Source: Le Parisien


Anonymous said...

The worst part is is that news like this does not surprise anyone anymore it has become the norm.

Anonymous said...

It really does get less and less shocking to read about this stuff as time goes on

Reality Check said...

Like many cities in the US, there are areas where police are in great danger. In Europe,it is the Muslims, here is the black feral youth. But in both cases, it is territory that has been relinquished by its citizens and government to the savages in the hope that it can be contained. What a stupid idea.

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