Wednesday, 19 June 2013

IbnGhaldoun por V1683

As I've noted before, there are only two things Muslims are good at. The first is producing more Muslims. The second is fraud. On this occasion, pupils at an Islamic school stole and sold exam papers. It's not known how widely distributed they were around the country, but pupils from all over the Netherlands may have to resit their exams now because of this Muslim fraud.

Exam papers stolen from an Islamic school in Rotterdam may have been sold on to students around the country in the weeks before this year’s final exams.

Deputy education minister Sander Dekker said there was “concrete evidence” that the exams had been more widely distributed than first thought, both within the Ibn Ghaldoun school in Rotterdam and beyond.

Twenty-six pupils have taken up the government’s offer to resit their exams if they admitted receiving advance copies of their exam papers before the end of last week.

Of these 20 were pupils at Ibn Ghaldoun, where the papers were stolen, five were at other schools in Rotterdam and one studied in Utrecht.

Three more pupils from Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague were arrested on Monday in connection with the investigation into the theft, bringing the total number of suspects to six.

A 22-year-old man who was arrested for posting a stolen French exam on the internet has since been released, but it is not clear if he is still under investigation.

Dekker has said there is no need for all this year’s exams to be reset, even though the full extent of the fraud is yet to be established. Rotterdam has postponed its diploma ceremonies until the end of the month while the investigation continues.

The latest admissions also revealed three more exam papers that were taken from Ibn Ghaldoun in German, social studies and economics, all at the upper VWO level, bringing the total number of exams affected to 27.

In a written statement to Parliament, Dekker said he regretted the fact that more pupils had not taken the opportunity to come forward and warned that students who were caught out by the investigation risked having their diplomas annulled.

Pupils who admitted receiving the stolen papers before the deadline will still be reported to police and could be prosecuted.

The Dutch Forensic Insititute (NFI) is carrying out a digital survey of this year’s exam results, while police and public prosecutors are investigating how the papers were distributed from Ibn Ghaldoun school.

All students at Ibn Ghaldoun have been ordered to resit their exams over the next three days, regardless of whether they were implicated in the theft.

On Tuesday three pupils at the school failed in an attempt to have the order overturned in court on the grounds that it discriminated against them.

A pupil at Ibn Ghaldoun was arrested on Tuesday for assaulting a cameraman who was punched in the face while filming a news report for TV network SBS.
Source: Amsterdam Herald

Last year Ibn Ghaldoun raised official eyebrows when its pupils attained a 100 per cent success rate in their VWO exams – the most advanced level of secondary education – in spite of the school’s modest academic reputation.
Source: Amsterdam Herald

UPDATE Two cameramen from RTL and SBS 6 were abused, on Tuesday morning, at the Muslim high school Ibn Ghaldoun in Rotterdam where exam fraud has been detected. A young person who came from the schoolyard hit the SBS cameraman in the face. He was injured and filed a report. The RTL-man was kicked.

Chain locks were hung on the gate of the school by an action group. The young people present responded aggressively to that action and also turned against the media men. In the meanwhile, students came inside the school from the rear.

Activists of the action group ‘Identaire Resistance’ had hung the chain locks to the gates of the Ibn Ghaldoun school.

The police confirmed that there was a protest and are investigating what exactly happened who was responsible for the action. The police spokesperson says that the school has not yet called in the police and the police have not removed the locks.

The protesters called the school, where recently 27 examinations were stolen, an abscess in the Rotterdam education. A banner at the entrance of the school states: "We do what politicians should do." And that is: closure.

According to one of the activists, who is known as Jacob, the locks' are as good as unbreakable and can be opened only by heavy equipment. The action group has announced that this action is the first in a series. What actions will follow, Jacob prefers not to clarify: "It can stop future actions by people who do not agree with us."

Peter de Graaf of the national ‘Identitair Resistance’ supports the action and hopes for follow-up actions ‘that are non-violent and remain within the law’. “Identitair Resistance” believes that students have no right to retake exams. On Monday the students of the discredited school started to retake the exams that had been stolen.

The national group opposes the increasing immigration and Islamization, but above all they are for retaining the Dutch identity ' is stated on their website. "We have had some drinks with young people in Rotterdam and The Hague and called them to come and defend their own rights which have very literally been taken from them”, concludes De Graaf.


Maria José said...


Man, 20, appears in court accused of beheading 18-year-old woman then attacking five people while he was being treated in hospital

Aras Hussein appeared at Sheffield Magistrates' Court accused of murder

He is also charged with assaulting five people at a Sheffield hospital

Anonymous said...

Why was this not on the Dutch news? I'm Dutch and I have to visit this blog to know what goes on in my country. I find that ridiculous. The Dutch media is pathetic en the government is corrupt. Thanks for share really appreciate it. By the way the school shall remain open despite teverything that has happened. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Hey I got a good Dutch joke

A Moroccan youth buys a train ticket

Anonymous said...

I live here in the Netherlands - believe me, 100% success rate in VWO exams in an Islamic school? Yeah right.

NickGrouwen said...

This could have been going on for years - apparently one of the keys to the safe containing the exams was lost years ago (the school stupidly enough kept using the same safe), so very well the stolen key could have been used repeatedly for years to copy the exams...

NickGrouwen said...

The exam thief is the son of an ex-principal of the school

Anonymous said...

Let them cheat by all means...Of course note the year that their papers were issued with a red stamp "Questionable Pass 2013"...That way they will pay for it for life... All employers will be leery of their qualifications....

Anonymous said...

More "cultural enrichment".

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