Thursday, 20 June 2013
Michelle Jenner, the actress who plays Isabel
The "Plataforma Granada Abierta" [Open Granada Platform] has criticised the fact that the main actors in the TVE television series 'Isabel' presented a floral tribute before the sepulchre of the Catholic Monarchs in the Royal Chapel in Granada, claiming that this was a "sectarian act" which was inappropriate for the actors in a television series financed "by the taxes of everyone".

This association, together with citizenship associations, human rights organisations and IU [tn: United Left, basically Commmunists], were referring to the tribute offered this Monday in front of the sepulchre of the Catholic Monarchs by Michelle Jenner and Rodolfo Sancho, who play the parts of Isabel de Castilla and Fernando de Aragón in the series, before filming of some chapters in the Alhambra and Granada started the following day.

In this context, Granada Abierta wanted to signal its "concern" about the fact that "two professional actors, who work on a public television series financed by the taxes of everyone", have "been used to perform a sectarian act of national-Catholic propaganda, which divides the citizenry."

Thus they warn that with this floral tribute the actors, as far as they know unconsciously, have rendered a "homage" to the monarchs who "did not fulfil the Capitulations [surrender terms] of Granada, approved the Inquisition, started ethnic and cultural cleansing in the city of Granada and signed the edicts of expulsion of Jews and moriscos [tn: Muslims who pretended to convert to Christianity]."

"We consider that the exaltation of the victory of some and the defeat of others represents a step backwards in the democratic values of tolerance, convivencia and intercultural dialogue", adds a note from this association which has linked this act with the celebration of the Día de la Toma [Day of the Capture] of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs which is celebrated in the city every 2nd of January.

In the judgement of Granada Abierta, this celebration organised by the city council of Granada attracts "more and more far-right groups who identify with the authoritarian regime of the Catholic Monarchs, from which the Franco regime borrowed symbols and ideology."


Maria José said...

Detenido un policía marroquí por robo y agresión en el Corte Inglés

Cuatro ciudadanos magrebíes, uno de ellos como inspector de Policía en su país, fueron detenidos la semana pasada en Rivas Vaciamadrid bajo la acusación de un robo y de agredir a dos agentes de la Guardia Civil en el centro de oportunidades de El Corte Inglés.


How long ago did these monarchs reign?12/13 hundreds?is anyone condemning jengis khan,vlad the impaller,these commies should get themselves proper jobs,and focus on the here and now,or at least practice what they preach.

Anonymous said...

Few points: One actor AND one actress, not "actors". Let's stop this Left attack on our language and our sexes. "Thespians" will do for those who can't face acknowledging there are only two sexes, male and female.

Spain is a Constitutional Monarchy and, therefore, it cannot be 'sectarian' to acknowledge past monarchs, particularly two who did so much to restore their country and reassert the Christian faith. Under the Moslem domination (almost 700 years), Christians and also Jews suffered oppression and slaughter in their thousands. Under Islamic rule for so long, groups often realign for opportunistic or life-saving reasons; the Jews were adjudged to have sided with Moslems (both ideologies share crucial tenets and views of 'the Other') and it was understandable that they were offered either conversion or deportation after Christians had spent centuries fighting to take back their own land. The Left should be openly, and publicly, challenged over its bigotted and ignorant stance.

Anonymous said...

Go Crusaders !!!

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