Wednesday, 19 June 2013
It happened in Aachen - Germany, just next to the Belgian border and near to Maastricht.

It must have been a dramatic situation that which happened on Monday evening at about 23:00 in Metzger Street, not far from Jülicher Street – Aachen. „We were standing on the walkway and wanted to smoke a cigarette, and then a somewhat old black Mercedes came and many shots were fired”, an inhabitant of a nearby house told. “At first we thought that they were fireworks”. 

She and her 27-years-old girlfriend, who lives in a house just in front of her, realized then that the issue was deadly serious, since the car turned and came back, and the shooting resumed.
At this point, they run for their lives towards Jülicher Street, where they were saved by a man of 22 who was standing on the other side of the street and observing what was happening. He opened the doors and pulled them inside. His girlfriend was hiding behind a parked red car. The young men who were also standing on the walkway, and whom apparently the bullets were addressed to, had flown in the direction of Haaren. „Panic broke in us. They thought that we were in connection with the young men who fled. What people sees in films, that was real for us“. Five Turkish-looking men were sitting in the Mercedes: two in front, three behind”.

The two young mothers were still trembling in fear in the morning after the attack: „One does not feel safe here anymore. We fear for our children and want to move away from here”. The confrontations are on the increase in the street; knives and sticks are used: „When one just thinks that they were running after us…”

Attorney general Peter Jansen did not want to give his views about the details of the issue. But the search for the shooters must have been dramatic. Three of them were detained by the police shortly after midnight. They may go before the judge today.

The authorities are intensely occupied with this case, and for this the police have set up a homicide division with 15-20 agents. The attackers had certain connections to rocker groups and bouncers, and neither those who were targeted by them - people from Arab origin - were respectable fellows. The police has evidences against them. Police chief Helmut Lennartz said: “There is an intense investigation underway”.

Source: Aachener Nachrichten


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Aachen, Charlemagne's old capital.

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