Thursday, 13 June 2013

Drugs, violence, weapons, and motorcycles: these are the main ingredients of the amateur videos created and uploaded to YouTube by teenagers from the northern neighbourhoods of Marseille, in southern France. The objective is bravado, or to lay claim to a particular territory, but most of all to kill time in an area where there is just not that much for young people to do.

The videos are almost always scored with rap songs, the most popular musical genre in these neighbourhoods. Local teenagers team up to make these videos, which often feature them driving on the back wheels of their motorbikes, sometimes masked and brandishing guns.

...There are many such videos on YouTube. They are a means of showing pride in their neighbourhood whilst giving off the impression that these Marseillais fear nobody.

...The northern neighbourhoods of Marseille, consisting of the 13th – 16th districts, are the city’s poorest and are considered to be some of the most dangerous in France. The police fear going into certain neighbourhoods, where gangs rule. Murderous gang reprisals have been on the rise over the last few years. In certain districts, such as the 15th, the unemployment rate approaches 30%, and 50% among the youth, many of whom are high-school dropouts.
Source: France24


Maria José said...

Detenido un musulmán que dice haber sido enviado por Alá "PARA MATAR A TODOS LOS ESPAÑOLES"

Maria José said...

Juzgan mañana a un presunto islamista que ideó un plan para envenenar el agua de un complejo turístico

"Mata a un infiel y golpea Europa, el Paraíso se encuentra a la sombra de las espadas"

"Pido a los hermanos que me proporcionen la fórmula de un veneno mortal, de alta eficacia, con el fin de introducirlo en los canales y depósitos de agua que suministran a los complejos turísticos y viviendas en tierras de infieles"

Maria José said...

ANOTHER MUSLIM terrorist in Spain wants "KILL ALL THE SPANISH"

Police in Majorca arrested a "radical" hairdresser on Thursday after he claimed to have been sent by Allah to "kill all the Spanish"

It pointed out that he had made "constant threats of death and references to being a Muslim" and that he had said, "Soon the Muslims will be the kings of the world."

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