Saturday, 22 June 2013

The identitarian movement is spreading further across Europe. An affiliate of the French group has already appeared in Germany. Now another surfaces in the Netherlands. The article below is a hostile left-wing comment piece on the group but it contains some interesting information.
The hitherto in the Netherlands unknown Resistance group ‘Identitair- Verzet’ [Identitarian Resistance] yesterday made clear that its members had put the heavy chain locks on the gates of the Islamic high school ‘Ibn Ghaldoun’ in Rotterdam; known for the exam fraud. The NRC report: "The group was formed early last year by students. The group describes itself as "not left, not right, but identitarian. Dutch fighting for their rights because the government is forsaking them, is one of its top priorities, like the reunification of the Netherlands and Flanders”. On Twitter they call themselves: 'Very-Dutch action group for the Netherlands and Flanders’.
The provocation has immediately led to media attention and the aggressive acts of pupils in the school.

In a video apparently referred to as a mission statement, that the group has listed on its site, a French boy says [1a]: ‘Make no mistake. This is a declaration of war!’.
Is it a coincidence that these people, in our country, have raised their profile (from the end of last March) after a regular columnist of De Dagelijkse Standaard (mid-March) threatened a 'new phase'?

Historian Han van der Horst says: ‘The Identitarians’ are a new addition to the toxic strain of French fascism with its very old and dangerous tradition. It is significant that the ‘Dutch Identitairians’ start immediately on their site with a French declaration of war on the République Française”. He sees a relationship with the ‘Action Française’ of Daudet and Maurras. The latter was an anti-Semite and supporter of so-called 'scientific racism'. This transparent disguised racism is propagated in our country by Joost Niemöller of ‘De Dagelijkse Standard’. It should come as no surprise that Niemöller came immediately to the rescue of the ‘Identitarian Resistance’. Creepy man [2]. (Nor surprised me that one Fop Schipper Niemoller recommends the piece. Retweeted by ‘Identitarian Resistance’ itself this law student distiniguished himself negatively earlier with a lousy ultra right opinion piece in ‘De Volkskrant’.)

Van der Horst calls the group 'radical right'. That's an understatement. Another man in the video criticizes specifically the alleged 'imposed miscegenation’. Only for that reason alone the group reveals itself simply as extreme right [1b].

An anthology of statements of persons in the video above: "We turn off the television in order to pass through the streets." "We have stopped to believe that 'Kader' may be our brother on the planet, our village and our human family”…. "We have discovered that we have roots, ancestors, and thus have a future”…. “Our legacy is our country, our blood, our identity”… “Power to youth… "Our lambda flags carried high."… "The lambda, which adorned the shields of the Spartans, is our symbol." "Bored by your cowardice, we will not shirk any fight or any challenge."… "We are the 25 percent unemployment, social debt, the explosion of the multicultural society."… "You do not tame us with a condescending look, with ‘young people’ jobs and a pat on the shoulder". And finally, the above already quoted: "Make no mistake. This is not just a manifesto. This is a declaration of war! "

I wonder if they feel themselves related [1b] with ‘Terre et Peuple’, 'Resistance identitarian Européenne': French neo-fascists who oppose both social democracy as against the (capitalist) globalization and pose as 'green', nature lovers. Something tells me that the Dutch group is just fiercely against the environmental movement. For example they denies the climate catastrophe.
If my suspicion is correct, it still may be confusing for the image and international contacts of this club. A nice confusion, also: the lambda (Λ)-symbol of arms of the ancient Spartans, rather than the Templar cross [3] which is more in use by rightists, should contribute to fragmentation and mutual bickering. Funny thing is that the 'lambda', including references to Sparta, is also used as a symbol of freedom for homosexuals. Perhaps this is why in the Dutch logo it is not a lambda, but an omega (Ω) - whatever they may mean [4].

It is striking that these extreme right-wing militants are not only corresponding in their imagery (black and white thinking), but they are in other respects similar to the group where they get their anger and frustration on target for everything, the militant Islamists' television ',' blood ',' root ',' legacy ',' flags', 'ancestors',' identity ',' fight '. That of those ancestors fits the romanticizing of an alleged ever glorious' European nature people "Terre et Peuple”. Such mystification played a major role in the run-up to Nazism. But as I said, it would surprise me if the Dutch 'brothers and sisters' have something to do with nature as a fetish.

Furthermore, it is evident that the economic crisis, particularly youth unemployment, is a driving factor, as it has been revealed before by Golden Dawn in Greece. Instead of responding to the correct analysis, they are looking for a scapegoat - doing their utmost best to get people worked up and to arouse aggression.


Anonymous said...

Could you please investigate this story? I know you often source things from Le Parisien:

I'm particularly interested in this part:

French daily Le Parisien said police sources had some concerns over “inconsistencies” in her account.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I already wrote about this here.

Anonymous said...

The Facebook page is and the www link is

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