Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The decision to reopen Turkey's EU membership negotiations represents a shameful submission by Germany to Turkey. Conflict between the two countries flared last week after German Chancellor Merkel made relatively innocuous remarks about Erdogan's crackdown on protesters. This was greeted with threatening remarks from Turkey.
Critical words by Turkey's European affairs minister against Chancellor Angela Merkel have apparently gone too far for the German government. On Friday, Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle summoned Turkey's Ambassador to Germany to the Foreign Ministry, a source told SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Westerwelle is currently on a short visit to Ukraine, and Turkish Ambassador Hüseyin Avni Karslioglu will instead be asked to meet with another Foreign Ministry official.
Earlier this week, Merkel expressed her concern over actions by Turkish security forces against protesters in Istanbul and other cities. The chancellor said she had been shocked by police deployments she found to be "too harsh".

For Turkish Europe Minister Egemen Bagis, such criticism crossed the line. "If Ms. Merkel is looking for domestic political material for her elections, that material should not be Turkey," Bagis told reporters on Thursday. "If Ms. Merkel takes a closer look, she will see that those who mess about with Turkey do not find an auspicious end."
Source: Spiegel

He also urged Merkel to consider not only the thousands of German companies that do business in Turkey but also the "3.5 million blood brothers" who live and vote in Germany. Bagis allegedly also told European politicians that Turks in Germany could launch mass demonstrations against Merkel and that he couldn't guarantee stability in Germany were that to happen. Merkel reportedly was furious and interpreted Bagis' comments as a direct threat. Ankara had also said that there would be a "strong reaction" were talks cancelled altogether.
Source: Spiegel

In effect, a Turkish government minister threatened to use the millions of Turkish colonists ("blood brothers") in Germany, many with German citizenship, as a fifth column to disturb the civil peace of the country unless the German government complied with Turkish demands.

In a pitiful gesture typical of a third-world country, Turkey then summoned the German ambassador to ask why its own ambassador had been summoned. As if its own ambassador would not be able to relay a report of the meeting himself.

Press reports then circulated suggesting that a meeting, planned for Monday, that was expected to reopen negotiations with Turkey would now not do so, due to opposition from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

This met with more threats from Turkey.
Bagis said on Thursday, “I hope she corrects the mistake she has made by Monday... or this will lead to reactions.”

These Turkish threats were a clear sign of Turkey's unfitness to be a member of the European Union. In a rational world, they would have led to the complete termination of Turkey's EU candidacy. Instead, though, Germany gave in to the Turkish bluster.
The European Union agreed on Tuesday to continue accession talks with Turkey, but only after a progress report due in October. The compromise deal serves to defuse the recent acrimonious dispute between Ankara and Berlin.
Source: Spiegel


Anonymous said...

It's a shameful decision. The only sensible decision would be to deport the 3/5 million turks who are wrecking Germany - but you can imagine that how that would be played in the media.

Ed Lancey

Reality Check said...

Eurabia rises! Death to the infidels! If the people of Europe do not rise up and rid themselves of these corrupt politicians, the future looks bleak for Europs and fantastic for Eurabia!

Anonymous said...

This site now has over 1.8 million views and nationalism is rising in Europe we have to be optimistic. People are slowly waking up especially in France. The question is will we wake up quicker than the Muslim population increases and ours decreases.
Lord Crusader

Maria José said...

Members of Muslims Oxford sex ring 'threatened to cut off the face one of their victims and decapitate her baby after she tried to tell police about years of abuse'

Anonymous said...

Oddly ignored in all discussions of Turkey's possible entry into the EU is the fact that, since May 2012, all Turkish citizens have had their visa restrictions re the EU lifted and are thus able to avail themselves of the same social welfare benefits within EU member states as those enjoyed (and paid for) by native citizens of each EU member state. This is a de facto admission of Turkey to the EU, without any vote on it by the citizens of various European countries (all of whom in their own national polls are majority opposed to Turkey's entry into the EU). Therefore, this latest diplomatic flap between Germany and Turkey is rather artificial and perhaps even staged to present the German people with the implied threat of civil unrest from 'their' Turkish colonisers. European politicians and the MEPs are all in this for the money, political power and ideology; they are in direct opposition to their own peoples and their national interests. Deportation (and cessation of welfare benefits) can only possibly succeed if, and when, these politicans are removed or rendered ineffective and for that to occur, people need to realise that all is proceeding as planned and that whatever else they may be, the EU's bureaucrats and national politicians benefitting from the EU, are not acting out of incompetence, stupidity or naievete.

Maria José said...


Who is this thug? Mixed race boy, two, suffers broken collar bone after black passenger launched racist attack on train

Attacker targeted the mother because the toddler appeared to be mixed race

The woman was dragged by her hair and the boy flipped out of his pushchair

Police have identified the suspect on CCTV and are appealing for information

parisclaims said...

I have just visited GoPetition and found the following page very interesting:


Anonymous said...

Never allow any person to be manipulated from outside in your muslim nor infidel.
This happens in Spain with Moroccan adopted children by spanish couple.
They are forced to convert to Islam and prove they are good muslims in order to keep their children.
That means these couples have no longer freedom of religion and conscience that should be garanted in Spain. They have become skaves of the Morocan government to keep their children.

He Apologia Tou Timotheou said...

What a bunch of cowards! Let the Turks in Germany riot. Then deport them back to Turkey. It's the perfect excuse.

Anonymous said...

Where are the camps when they are needed? What is wrong with taking children away from abusive parents (every muslims is per definition an abusive parent, lets face it) and retrain this children and allow them to be human beings again? I don't see the problem.

Jake-a-runi said...

Rolling with punch is the correct approach while useful dialogue is possible. When said dialogue is impossible, said rolling only invites more punches.

I detect no dialogue, no give and and take, only take.

Time to punch back.

Jake-a-runi said...

If the post-war labor shortage hasn't pertained in a generation, why are the Turks still in Germany? Why weren't they repatrioted a generation ago?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @12:43: I see no reason why hard-pressed and over-burdened Europeans should undertake any further burdens --- financial, medical, educational or moral --- to try and undo the cruelties and human deprivation which Islam and Moslems create. Your suggestion about Moslem children no doubt comes out of good intentions (and the Christian charity of our civilisation) but Islamic destruction of our world must be stopped and reversed; deportation is the more merciful but, thanks to the treachery of Western 'leaders', that will be ruled out until and unless they are removed from positions of power.

Anonymous said...

Doh! Like so many of us predicted years ago. They've lost control for good now.

Good luck, Germans. You've dug your own graves.

gspencer said...

Nice little country ya got there. Be a shame is somethin' should happen to it.

Stephen Gash said...

When Europeans revolt we will deal with the quislings first.

Anonymous said...

Germany should let the turks riot in order to 1 wake up the german people and increase nationalism. 2 jusify a brutal crackdown with turks being put against a wall and shot plus all of them being deported. I would use this as a excuse. The german government are sick marxist cowards.
Lord Crusader

Anonymous said...

So this is Ed Lancey's source for his comments on the Telegraph website.

Mohammed Waza Rakspayder said...

They are a failed race practicing a failed pseudo-religion. There is no obligation to tolerate their intolerance or stupidity or malicious designs for bringing on the world 'caliphate' - where the inbred of 1400 years of first cousin marriages wishes to assume their (to them) rightful place as the creme de la creme of humanity.

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