Friday, 14 June 2013
A haven of education and integration with exemplary all-day services. That’s how the Carl-Friedrich-Gauss school presents itself. But now parents are complaining about problems in the everyday life of the school.

The school is managed by people of Turkish origin. According to managing director Ahmed Unver, of the 267 pupils, around 200 have Turkish roots. Four non-Muslim girls of the 5th class of the grammar school branch were maliciously mobbed, picked on and beaten by their fellow pupils, according to their mothers. One girl was even kicked in the stomach after she fell down the stairs during one attack. Attacks of this type do not happen to Muslim girls, say the mothers, based on their own experience. The school management has done nothing after the attacks were pointed out to it. Three of the girls have changed school. “I wanted my daughter to grow up without prejudice against immigrants,” explains Katrin Petersen, mother of the girl who fell down the stairs. The large range of care services, with homework help and special tuition at a low price was also attractive, she said. “All of these promises were only fulfilled superficially,” says the policewoman and former parent’s representative at the school.

“The teaching is completely chaotic, the German teachers actually can’t control the Turkish pupils and the teachers are constantly changing.” The mothers of other girls confirm this account. But they don’t want to speak publicly.

…That the school is regarded critically however may be related to the fact that it has been connected with the Gulen movement. Unver answers questions about this evasively. “Among people of Turkish origin here, it is very well known that the school is part of the Gulen movement,” explains Huseyin Cam on the other hand., cornerstone of the Ludwigsburg integration council. There is no clear proof of it however, concedes Cam, who as an Alevite is critical of this movement. It is not just other school directors who wonder how it is possible for the school to offer tuition in small classes plus all-day services plus a mid-day meal for less than 300 euros of school fees each month.
Source: Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung Via: PI

Last year, the former German headmistress at this school resigned, saying she believed the school was controlled by the Fethullah Gulen movement. After being threatened with libel charges, she later chose to maintain a public silence about this.


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