Sunday, 30 June 2013

Islam is trying to conquer us, without anyone really noticing.
We know because we were Muslims ourselves.

In Turkey the radicalism is already started with the Islamisation from president Erdogan. Do not let yourselves be deceived and do not let yourselves be subjugated by Muslims. DEFEND YOURSELVES!!!!
Source: Anti-Islam Fraktion (AIF) [Anti-Islam Faction]


Anonymous said...

My dog likes to tear everything, maybe I should give a Quran to my dog. LOL

Anonymous said...

It doesn't ever serve the cause of knowledge to destroy the books which are the foundation of an ideology because, without that knowledge, we are at a huge disadvantage in understand the extent of danger such an ideology poses, or its tactics, tenets and goals. Far better to expose what is in those books. For example, these ex-Moslems all have their faces covered; this isn't solely from fear that Moslems would attack them as individuals for destroying a Koran. Rather, it is because they are apostates from Islam that they face the risk of death because Islam mandates death for apostasy. This comes partly from the Koran (where this disbelief in Islam is regarded as 'making mischief in the land' and warring against Allah and its Messenger, Mohamed) and also from the Hadiths (which document Mohamed's words, actions and character; these hadith collections run into the thousands and are a primary source of knowledge about Islam). Hadith Bukhari is the most quoted and regarded as authentic of the hadith collections and in it a follower of Mohamed states that the 'Apostle' {Mohamed} had said: "Whoever leaves his deen {Islamic faith}, then kill him." Islamic law manuals, such as 'Umdat al-Salik, confirm this punishment of death for apostasy and all five schools of Sharia (Hanafi, Shafi'i, Maliki, Hambali and Ja'fari) uphold this death sentence which can be applied to any adult sane male or female or to any sane child (except for the Ja-fari school of sharia which doesn't apply apostasy charges to a child).

This sentence --- of death for apostasy from Islam --- is one of the main reasons why Islam should be opposed, and exposed, because it strikes at the very heart of the freedoms of free speech and belief which are the cornerstones of all our liberties in the West.

And, without the Koran, we wouldn't know about the Islamic tenet of deceit (Taqiyya) and would be at any even greater disadvantage:-

L.A. Fant said...

There's no such thing as a shortage of qurans!
Tons and tons of them are being printed. In fact they are a Middle East top seller just ahead of Mein Kampf.

Anonymous said...

It is good to receive advice from these turncoat invaders but we already have all the facts at out disposal - our elite one worlder rulers have decided to get rid of the troublesome white race - so they flood the white countries with non-whites and hey presto easily accomplish their objective with nary a complaint from the sedated whites. That some of the invaders are sympathetic to the whites isnt all that surprising.
Democracy cannot save the europeans - the democracy is manipulated by our one worlder rulers, it is the tool they use to genocide us.

Talal Itani said...

Yes, there is no shortage.
Quran in English is Here:

Anonymous said...

This video by Ann Barhardt is a proper koran burning.

Lord Crusader

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