Sunday, 2 June 2013

In response to the Woolwich attack, a man in Cologne, Germany, expressed sorrow on his Facebook page about the fate of Lee Rigby. In response he received death threats from an apparently Muslim soldier whose Facebook tags identified him as a soldier in the Austrian army. The German man tried to make a complaint to the German police about the threats, but they declined to accept it, saying it was better not to pour oil on the fire.

You will be the next one to be hacked up you son of a whore. Say anything against Islamists you filth child.


Unknown said...

This man is clearly a danger and in no way should be in the Austrian army.

Anonymous said...

Islam and Muslims have lost the war and they know it. The entire Islamic world is prostate before the West. They are so far gone that they cannot even resist the drones flying over them.

So now Muslims have come with a different strategy. Think they can ignite a civil war within the West by barbaric assassinations, such as those of drummer Lee Rigby. This is the only option they have left - they even remind us of the "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" law. If they can ignite a civil war, then we most certainly would poison our own well, win or loose.

We must not fall for this trap. You know the adage, "Slowly slowly catchee monkey".

In the meantime, be kind to all.


Anonymous said...

DP111 you are brilliant! I always enjoy reading your comments!

Anonymous said...

dp 11 you are a crazy apologist lulling us to sleep with your siren song about a happy outcome to this never ending nightmare. Soon there will be so few whites left there wont be any resistance at all. dp 11 you are on drugs. The only reality is demographics. Whites are vanishing fast, even if the muslims dont seize power outright across the western world the vacumn created by white disappearance will be filled by a hotchpotch of non white ruling groups - who will eventually be rolled by the muslims anyway, and later on they will be rolled by the chinese, all of whom practise staunch versions of nationalism - and know what they want and dont care what they have to do to obtain it. All brought to you by jewish led and designed barely disguised policies to destroy the white race once and for all.
dp 11 the drugs youre on might make you feel better but please stop acting like the pusher man and if you cant do that then take a vow of silence. amen.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Let's not try and close down the discussion. That's what the opposition does. I, too, think dp111 is being wildly overoptimistic, but his point of view is interesting and I welcome him expressing it.

Anonymous said...

l dont want to seem spiteful but one has only to glance at the five or six most recent stories on this site:
Our cultural and historical markers contemptuously denigrated (Joan of Arc)
Our historical milestones deleted (Siege of Vienna)
Our women gang raped (Belgium story)
Our brothers threatened with death for speaking out against our murder (German facebook threats)
Our peti politicians attacked with hammers (Barcelona story)
Our people driven out of their ancestral capital (Londonistan story)
Syrian? rebels whom we are arming are imposing taxes on Christians - when theyre not killing them (Syria story)
We are continuously more and more assailed. There is no resurrected knight or crusader about to ride over the hill to save us from our hideous fate - either we do it ourselves or we are doomed. And our fate is hideous and undeserved, well perhaps deserved in that we've allowed those who control us to engineer our destruction.
Hopefullness is a wasteful emotion, now is the time to be hard and unfeeling, like steel. Remember the Latin root of the word 'nice' is 'stupid'. We have been nice for too long and look where that has got us - if the difference between life and extinction is the word 'nice' then its time we banished it from our vocabulary, dear brothers.

Anonymous said...

Remember no one came to Charlene Downes rescue when she was being raped and dismembered by the non white invaders, not Jesus or any man - no one.
We are much less deserving than she was.
We must help ourselves.

L.A. Fant said...

Wake Up People! ... The Dhimmitude of the German Police is nothing less than Institutional Stockholm Syndrome. If illuminating the obvious (Islamo-Fascism) means throwing some "oil on their fire" then so be it. Seems to me that the throwing some of the "oil" of truth is far better than the very real acid, molotov cocktails, bombs and beheadings that get hurled at us!

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