Saturday, 1 June 2013
Mr and Mrs LETERME acquired a flat in Savigny-le-Temple, in a district they knew was inhabited by a large North African community. They quickly and regularly faced discriminatory insults and threats and had to be evacuated from their home with help from the police and filed a complaint. Mr LETERME also found himself on the defendant’s bench alongside his attackers because of a punch he allegedly threw while he was fighting them. Indignant about the silence of the major media on this affair, the family lawyer has granted an exclusive interview to Atlantico to reveal the facts to the general public.

Atlantico : You are defending a family forced to leave their district because they didn’t belong to the ethnic majority group. Could you give us more details about this affair? What happened exactly?

Stéphane Maitre : That day a dispute broke out between Mr LETERME and a neighbour about an argument between two children. Quickly, a troop of “jeunes” from the district formed around MR LETERME, who was fortunately joined by a friend. Blows from fists, sticks and planks of wood were inflicted on them. They were seriously injured: a gaping wound on the skull requiring 6 stitches, cranial trauma, broken hand, bruising and multiple haematomas (7 and 21 days off work); When they saw blood flow, the attackers fled. The police and the firemen arrived, which provoked a new gathering. The LETERME family took refuge in the van but the “jeunes” from the district insulted and threatened them, kicking the van. Terrified, they decided to leave everything; in one night, they packed their bags and moved out the next morning under police protection.

Why have you chosen to make these facts public? Have you found it difficult to get the story taken up by the major media?

Because the LETERME family is going to be victimised twice over, and wants to testify to an incredible injustice: despite being the victim of the violent attack, MR LETERME also found himself on the defendant’s bench, being prosecuted alongside his attackers for a supposed punch that he threw during the fight, although he was only trying to struggle as best he could to defend himself against eight people who were raining blows upon him. Under the pretext that one of the attackers got a medical certificate from his doctor and had filed a complaint (two days after the facts), the prosecutor’s office decided the best thing for it to do was summon MR LETERME, not only as a victim (which was the least of it), but also as a perpetrator accused of causing light injuries.

Can we also speak of a confirmed case of anti-white racism? Is that the case you made in court?

The words speak for themselves : one of the accused clearly threatened Madame LETERME in these terms : “We’re going to find you, we’re going to make you miserable, we’re going to kill you, dirty bitch, dirty white … we’re going to find you … we’re going to slit your throat, yours and your daughter’s”. He didn’t even hide it, uttering these remarks in front of the policeman protecting Mrs LETERME. It’s not the first time. The family LETERME had already given several declarations regarding this type of openly racist threat.

Is this just a curiosity or a political matter that transcends the simple legal framework?

It’s not a question of turning it into a political matter, but of noting that in certain districts, there are confirmed cases of anti-white racism, where the inhabitants are ostracised and even subjected to violence because they don’t belong to the majority community. This affair is rather topical: on the following day, there was an article in the local press explaining in headlines that it was the LETERME family that wasn’t able to integrate.

But this affair is also illustrative of a curious way of dealing with victims: after the trauma this family had experienced, it is scarcely credible that the prosecutor’s office decided to prosecute the victim, who was only defending himself. The victim, a family man without any criminal record, found himself on the defendant’s bench on the same basis as his attackers, who already had very extensive police records (one of them already had 11 convictions on his record and the others 3 and 6)

What do you think this case reveals about French society?

A worrying tendency towards role inversion (victim/aggressor) and blindness to some realities (whites are also the victims of racism). There’s no need to generalise, but these realities are being experienced in our country, they are arriving in front of the courts. They remain broadly underestimated however, even denied in the official “pensée unique” [orthodox groupthink, literally ‘one way of thinking’] and in the major media.

What decision did the judges make in this case?

Prison sentences (of 6 months and 2 months) knowing that below two years, the sentence is systematically converted [to non-custodial options], 8 months suspended for the third. Regarding my client MR LETERME, the victim and at the same time prosecuted for causing light injuries, the prosecutor all the same requested a fine of 1500 euros be imposed on him! Fortunately the court didn’t convict him. He was released (simple contravention of causing light injuries, which he was contesting in fact). As for the damages and interest, they come in total, for the LETERME family, to 7,800 euros for all the harm caused to the three victims together (the parents and the daughter of 12). It has no correspondence with the drama they have experienced, and which has changed their lives because they had to leave everything, their home, their region and even their work.
Source: Atlantico


Anonymous said...

What? I thought racism against whites didn't exist! Preposterous!

Anonymous said...

That is because violence against whites isn't considered racism. The oppressed cannot be racist. The Left only discloses this when pressed. In general they want to portray racism as a two-way street. The Left is fundamentally dishonest.

Actually, this terrorism isn't really racist in the normal sense, as it is motivated by the "wrong" religion of the French.

Anonymous said...

The French and European authorities are digging
the graves of their own race and licking the arses of the Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Few days ago there was on the blog of E.J. Bron an article translated in Dutch on the mass rape of French women and girls by Muslim gang members. Sie original link :
This is what I have written as an reaction to the article.
“Immigrant Muslims afford themselves increasingly more sexual assault with defenseless women of indigenous Europeans". The sentence reminds me of the Dutch TV spot on domestic violence. "It does not stop." No!. Nothing stops, as long as nobody puts an end to it!. It is time for the French people to stand up and say, "It had been nice so far, but we do not take it anymore!. In their long history, the French had often proved to the world that they can be good fighters. Actually, a fight was not necessary. During the last election the French could have chosen for France and give their vote to Marine Le Pen and 'Front National'. Alas did not chose for la France. Instead they gave their vote to Francois Hollande and his Morchend knochen Party " (from the German Schlager" Es zitterten that Morschen bones " Translation: The rotten bones are trembling). A gang of Quislings and "Gutmenschen" that multiculturalism and the dictatorship of the EU stand high on their priority. The ethnic French are for the left wing Olympus gods not that important: they may go to hell. Anyone viewing the French channel TV5, see how far multiculturalism has penetrated the country. If multiculturalism and love for the Third World came be compared to an infected wound, the infection in France had has already passed the level of gangrene.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Don't forget 93% of Mohammedans voted for Hollande. If it hadn't been for their votes, Sarkozy would still be president.

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