Friday, 7 June 2013
French authorities banned a far-right youth rally set for Saturday in the southern city of Toulouse after the killing of a left-wing student this week sparked alarm over street violence by ultra-right groups.

Toulouse's Socialist mayor had expressed concern about a planned torchlight evening march to commemorate the victory of a Christian army in 721 over Muslims besieging the city, after a clash between ultra-right and far-left youths in Paris on Wednesday led to the death of a 19-year-old student.

Toulouse police headquarters said it had feared a “serious risk of public disorder” if the rally went ahead.

The left-wing establishment in France is milking this incident big-time. It may well become a French equivalent of the Stephen Lawrence case in Britain, or the NSU trial in Germany: an incident relentlessly hyped up and distorted for propaganda purposes, then used to advance the Equality Cult agenda.

In this case, however, they can only do that by systematically falsifying the reporting of the incident, indeed portraying it as the exact opposite of its true nature. There's an article in Le Monde today saying the far-left extremist "was killed for his ideas". The truth, however, is that he was a committed thug who specialised in attacking other people for their ideas. Then, one day, he got unlucky with his chosen victims.

There is yet further corroboration from independent sources, meaning witnesses who weren't part of either the left-wing or right-wing groups, that this was an ambush by left-wing extremists on a patriot group who wanted no trouble.

A security guard present on the scene of the drama has been described as the "principal" witness by the police. The man implicates the four militants of the antifascist group the victim belonged to, and one of them in particular. According to this testimony, This lad, who was very agitated, had boxing gloves in his bag and incited the others to fight the skinheads, who, according to the guard, were instead looking to avoid the confrontation and leave discreetly.

The witness made clear that Clément Méric [the dead far-left extremist] made the following remark about the skinheads: "They're people who shouldn't even be alive." He maintains, however, that the young student, wasn't the leader, and that nothing would have happened if his comrade hadn't encouraged him to fight.

This episode is yet another illustration of the Orwellian nightmare that the peoples of Europe are living through. When the media is controlled, or committed to a political agenda, the truth doesn't matter. They can take an unprovoked attack by far-left extremists on an innocent group of patriots and turn it into the exact opposite. They can systematically falsify their reporting of every significant feature of the incident. And then use this falsified account to advance the same anti-freedom, anti-European agenda that motivated the dead extremist to carry out his attack in the first place. In the face of such relentless irrationality, what is one to do?

We can only hope that the truth eventually comes out in the course of the police investigation and/or trial. Apparently the whole incident was captured on CCTV, so there is only so much lying they can do about it. With plenty of eye-witnesses in a busy shopping district, and the CCTV film, truth may eventually prevail.

Incidentally, the dead extremist was part of a group called Saint-Sauveur. Here's a photo of one of the members of this group, who calls himself the "skin hunter".


Anonymous said...

Julien Terzić is Bosnian Muslim...

Rufus News From Atlantis said...

So yet again we indigenous Europeans are attacked by antifa scum and we get blamed for it. To hell with the multicultist ban on the patriotic French celebration. March in Toulouse! If more enemies of Europe get what they deserve like the trotskyite pig who died, all the better!


There are many things that one can do with a cctv video,photo shop,selected highlights,or even like the pentagon false flag attack,delete or loose the video,or the classical approach as used so very often by the ruling communists in England,classify it as an official secret for a hundred years.Meanwhile the security guard,the witness,should find himself a very safe place to hide,in case he should have an unfortunate fatal car accident.

Frau Katze said...

Who are these Antifa people? What kind of people are they? I live on the west coast of Canada. In Vancouver there are a lot of immigrants, largely from China/Hong Kong (the largest group) and Sikhs from India.

A lot left Hong Kong when the British pulled out. They tend to be middle class, with some of them quite wealthy.

For some reason, perhaps because neither group has formed an underclass, there is not the tension that seems to exist in Britain, France (or Sweden). So there is no Antifa or "extreme right". So I'm lost. What sort of people are these Antifa?

Anonymous said...

Antifa are goerge soros financed traitors...

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot (as idiot as those 'antifa' fascists) if you think nazi leftist totalitarians are or can be patriots. They are seditious traitors and wanna-be mass murderers like their leftist yang, the 'antifa' fascists and virulent-loathsome marxist totalitarians.

And if i remember well, the guy arrested for this incident is also a third world invader (he is from spain - a third world country inside european territory)

Please, clarify what is what you understand for patriot. A real conservative, traditionalist, nationalist, moralist, respectful right winger or a nazi leftist thug.

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