Saturday, 15 June 2013
During a protest against Islamophobia linked to an attack on a veiled woman last 20 May, young demonstrators this afternoon violently attacked the Argenteuil police superintendent, as well as another local police officer.

Around thirty "jeunes" surrounded the two police officers and punched and kicked them. The police officers had to make their escape into the town hall.

A little earlier, the deputy-mayor of Argenteuil, Philippe Doucet, had come to explain himself in front of a crowd of around 1000 people. Booed and whistled, he had to return to the town hall under escort.

In late afternoon, the lawn in front of the town hall was again occupied by the demonstrators.

These protests relate to an "attack" in which a Muslim woman claims she had her veil ripped off and was beaten up by two skinheads. The police medical examiner found no evidence of the blows she claimed to have suffered and the police have been notably sceptical about her claims. Some of the local politicians have too. Argenteuil is a massively Muslim-colonised area. Skinheads, who have been in the headlines recently because of the antifa incident, are very few in number in the region and would have to be completely insane to venture into this immigrant-dominated cesspit. Still, the Muslims love their victim narratives, even when they have no solid factual foundation. The protest was essentially directed at the circumspectness of politicians when talking about the incident. Muslims demand that even their obvious lies be uncritically accepted. Anything else is "Islamophobia".

Update: Here's a few more snippets about this.

According to a police source, there were "major divergences" between the account of the attack given by the young woman's entourage and the one she herself gave to investigators, especially relating to the description of the attackers.

The mayor (Socialist) Philippe Doucet was booed and attacked when he tried to address the demonstrators. "We will not accept any Islamophobic act in this town," he said.

"Until now, we have never had skinheads in this town," he added, enduring whistles and insults from some of the demonstrators. Paper projectiles were thrown at him.

..."I ask you to remain calm. Calm yourself please," implored a man who said he was the father of the young woman who had been attacked on Thursday. "Don't give them the opportunity to say we are savages," he added.


Kaden Thompson said...

in England they threaten to cut the heads off our police officers and the law does nothing in return apart from protect them. This is why UK is considered a joke. Thatcher wouldnt have took this !!

Anonymous said...

Thatcher would have deported them as should be done with this whore who probably had never been pregnant in the first place.

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