Saturday, 29 June 2013
Remarks made at the funeral of a former fighter in the Muslim section of the cemetery of Founade, in Brive, is creating controversy. There are two contradictory versions of the facts.

A funeral speech, a press statement and a libel complaint are putting fire to the powder at the heart of the Muslim community of Brive and in Limousin more broadly. It all started last Saturday during the funeral of a person from Objat, former fighter and standard bearer, in the Muslim section of the cemetery of La Fournade, in Brive.

Noureddine Akel, president of the Association of the Muslims of Brive and the Association of the Muslim Section [of Graveyard] of la Corrèze spoke at the end of the ceremony, in the presence of several personalities including the mayor of Objat, Philippe Vidau.

This is where the versions diverge. In a press statement, the Regional Council of the Muslim Faith in the Limousin region(CRCM) accuses Noureddine Akel of making remarks that were "violent with regard to non-Muslims, declaring, among other things, that he would not hesitate to 'smash the neighbouring gravestones and crosses using a sledgehammer'".

When this text signed by the president of the CRCM in Limousin, Elhassane Lechhab, who was present at the funeral, was read Noureddine Akel became angry.

"I never, never said that?! I don't have the right?! I was talking about the graves in the Muslim section that aren't faithful to tradition. The ones that have plaques and funerary decoration, especially. The graves should be very simple. I wasn't talking about Christian graves which I respect."

However Elhassane Lechhad, "in the name of the Muslim community of the region, firmly declares it rejection of this hateful ideology". And continues, saying: "The CRCM raises its voice against this shameful act ... and demands that Mr Akel has the decency to resign from the presidency of the Association of the Muslims of Brive."

This association forms part of the Union des organisations islamiques de France [Union of Islamic Organisations of France], close to the Muslim Brotherhood movement. The CRCM has even suspended the national authorities of this structure to "clarify the origin of this speech which is contrary to the dogmas of Islam."

Noureddine Akel considers these remarks "an attack against the mosque of Gaubre" which welcomes a handful of practitioners close to the Salafist movement preaching a fundamentalist Islam.

Elections for the French Council of the Muslim Faith are coming up soon, so this looks like one Muslim faction taking out another as part of an internal power struggle within that body.


Anonymous said...

CZ: The remark of 'Annonymous @05:40' is repeated on two other threads on this site (within minutes of one another). It may be spam or someone trying to target the site for censorship; I suggest it be removed.

Anonymous said...

When are these savage muslims going to get it in their heads that they are the ones that are evil and must be abolished, and us Christians are the good ones, and we will prevail, they are a cult, they are child molesters, they are pure evil.

Anonymous said...

Corrèze is the area that president Francois Hollande represents

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