Friday, 14 June 2013

On 26 August last year, a new mosque opened its doors, in Raspail Street, in the centre of Béziers.

...But not everyone is happy about this mosque. Neighbours who have lived in the street for years look askance at the fact that everyone is now arriving there. "If we react in that way," says one local, "it's because this quiet street has become hellish to live in. We have been verbally attacked, insulted, had death threats. We can't take any more. We need to find a solution so we can get out of this district."

"We can't go back into our garage," declares one person who wishes to remain anonymous. "Or we can't get out of it. Their vehicles are underneath our windows, engines running. We need to shut ourselves in, even in hot weather. The district has become unlivable. We want to sell but our house has lost all of its value ever since the mosque has been there."
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I find it interesting that this mosque was built in Raspail Street. Jean Raspail was the author of The Camp of the Saints, an ahead-of-its-time novel that described the massed hordes of the third-world descending on Europe. We know how Muslims love to symbolise victory and domination. Was building the mosque in Raspail Street a contemptuous gesture from Muslims wishing to signify their triumph over those who warned about their coming, as if to say "it's too late now"?


Anonymous said...

One day, mosques in Europe will use 120 dB loudspeakers for calling people to pray, waking up people at dawn. Then they will use it for everything, like repeating the same sentence for hours during ramadhan month. It is really getting my nerve to hear that over and over again.

Anonymous said...

When Mosques appear, its not just neighbourhood properties that loses its value, but mosque by mosque, the nation loses its value - financial and moral.


Anonymous said...

Mosques bring down land values wherever they open. I can't believe local European councils approve their construction to begin with.

Oh that's right! They're all spineless dhimmis terrified of being called racist.

Jake-a-runi said...

I have two words to address the mosque issue: Kumatsu and Caterpillar. They are powered by the electorate. Crank'em up and use'em, while the power is still avaiable, before time runs out on you.

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