Sunday, 9 June 2013
A video clip surfaced on the internet, in which Dutch-Flemish speaking youths are helping in the beheading of a man who lies motionless on the ground. According to the text on the two-minute clip, the scene takes place in Syria and the victim is a Shiite elderly man.

A whole group of young people are standing next to the naked man and shout "Allah Akbhar 'and' Takfir; 'while one of them cuts the man's throat with a knife. At certain times during the gruesome scene Dutch with a Flemish accent can be heard.

So someone says "turn it over, turn it over". Later someone says 'Hold on his foot’ "Someone hold his feet!". As well as Dutch, French and Arabic is spoken.

It is difficult to determine if the clip is real. But a Belgian study points out that ‘Sharia4Belgium’ militants had left for Syria to fight there. There are already suspicions of involvement of ‘Sharia4Belgium’ members in kidnappings and murders.

Court examines link

One of the ‘Sharia’ members had even spoken openly, in a tapped telephone, about how he and his friends had kidnapped a man and his throat had been cut. The court will now consider whether there is a link with the sickening video that has now surfaced on the internet. In the ‘Sharia group’ there are also French-speaking members.

The existence of the video, on Twitter, was pointed out by the Dutch war reporter Harald Doornbos. The film stands on a site where other films of beheadings stand alongside hard porn.

The Belgian Interior Minister, Joëlle Milquet (CDH), has a meeting today with her European counterparts. The meeting includes debates on the Syria-fighters. An estimated 600 to 700 Europeans are now fighting in Syria.

According to Minister Milquet such movies prove that a strengthened approach of the Belgian government is indeed necessary.

The video can be seen here.


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