Sunday, 30 June 2013

All across Europe, firefighters, seen as representatives of the waning authority of indigenous Europeans in their own lands, are coming under attack by the Muslim colonist population.
In a meeting, Mayor Horst Schiereck thanked the Herne fire brigade, who had to make 150 deployments during the bad weather last Thursday. In the course of these, it was not only water they had to struggle with, but cursing residents and physical attacks.

..."Most of the population were great with us," says Timm, "but there were also a few unpleasant exceptions."

For example, the officers were sometimes rudely insulted by residents and even physically attacked, especially in Kant and Uhlandstraße this is said to have been a problem. "The people didn't notify the fire brigade, and when they saw us at their neighbours, they complained that we were helping them there, but not helping them," says Timm. Especially people with an immigrant background appeared in large groups and obstructed the already overburdened emergency services. The accusation: they were helping the Germans first.

"Of course that's nonsense. We help all citizens," Timm made clear. The emergency services tried to defuse tensions, but sometimes the threats from the residents were so great that they had to withdraw.

And now, the scene switches to Lille in France...but the story is the same.
In 2012, according to the regional fire and emergency department, the Nord recorded 96 complaints filed by firefighters in the exercise of their duties, for incidents ranging from insults or spitting to physical aggression.

In the capital of Lille, it all started when Rachid Ardjouni, 17, was killed by a policeman in Wattrelos. The districts were set ablaze and the firefighters, associated with the forces of order, became targets for the rioters. Same phenomenon during the urban riots of 2005: "There were lots of incidents in Roubaix and Lille South, especially," recalls commander Bonvin.

Beyond these extreme cases, numerous firefighters testify to the lack of respect, sometimes worse, which they are victims of on a daily basis. "The attacks? We're used to it," says Serge Charmeux, chief of the Loos centre. "Before, being a firefighter was something sacred. Today, you go out for a car fire and they leave bottles of gas inside so it will explode in our faces. And the insults, we're used to it, I wouldn't dare to repeat them to you."

Rémi Bourgois has been in charge of the firefighters in Roubaix for only two months, and has already experienced "three personal attacks on deployments". "It's hard to accept that you can be attacked when you're trying to save the person," he adds. Sébastien is one of the victims: "When transferring the bed to the hospital stretcher, something triggered in a woman that we had rescued, an increase in aggressiveness." The worse for drink, she got up, and punched the staff sergeant. "That surprised me," he comments discreetly. He suffered wounds to the face and hands. At present, it is impossible for him not to "think of attacks" when he goes out on a deployment. "More and more we are being targeted by 'jeunes'. It might be petanque balls being thrown, we never know where they'll fall. We've had pots of mayonnaise, washing machines..."

...Faced with this change, the firefighters are adapting. By offering psychological support to everyone who is attacked. And analysing the risks of a deployment. "We don't just go anyhwhere," says commander Bonvin. "We avoid culs-de-sac, traps, so the staff don't get caught." Even if no deployment is refused. On the scene, the firefighters protect themselves: since four years ago, it has been possible to leave the engines in the ambulances running without leaving the keys. So they're not stolen. And the van windows are protected by a film so stones don't smash them into pieces.
Source: La Voix du Nord

Not content with attacking firefighters during their regular deployments, however, the Muslims are now laying ambushes for them deliberately.
An adolescent appeared in front of a tribunal for children this Thursday for having drawn the fire brigade and police forces into an ambush in the La Beaucaire district in Toulon.

On Monday night, the emergency call centre for the fire brigade in Draguignan received a call indicating that a vehicle was burning in the La Beaucaire district in Toulon.

On the scene, around 2 am, there was no trace of a vehicle in flames. On the other hand, a police vehicle had a paving stone dropped on its roof - no one was injured.

The investigators in the regional police traced the makes of the call to "18". A resident of the district who will celebrate his 15th birthday in August, already known to the police services.

...The adolescent who made the false call has denied his involvement in the projectile being thrown. He will be prosecuted for the false call.


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