Thursday, 13 June 2013

The president of al-Azhar University in Cairo—Islam’s premier seat of learning—has made the Pope an offer he would be wise to refuse. The Assyrian International News Agency reports that Ahmed al-Tayeb has suggested that relations between Islam and the Holy See could be reestablished if the Pope were to declare that Islam is the Religion of Peace™:
Francis is a new pope. We are expecting a step forward from him. If in one of his addresses he were to declare that Islam is a peaceful religion, that Muslims are not looking for war or violence, that would be progress in itself.
Given the violence meted out to Christians by Muslims—a summary of some of the most recent atrocities can be found here—Islam will probably have to wait quite a while for the papal seal of approval.


Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

You're more optimistic than I am. Wouldn't surprise me if he actually did it.

Johnny Rottenborough said...

I was counting on the Pope being shocked into his senses by canonizing the 800 Otranto martyrs. Those skulls are enough to send a chill through anyone.

Anonymous said...

The pope will do so humbly and probably ask this goatfucker for a place in heaven along with it. The world is f*cked big time.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised to see the Pope declaring Islam is a peaceful religion. I think somewhere in Vatican doctrin there something mentioned about Islam is better than the Protestant Christianity.

Anyway, it is a win win situation in Islamic view. If the Pope declares that, many Catholics will follow what the Pope says and become Islam apologists. If the Pope refuses, the the muslims can declare that the Catholics have been invited to Islam (or similar things), because the Pope refuses, then the Catholics have become enemies, and the muslims can kill the Catholics legally.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be as optimistic as you, but I fear Francis is going to do just that...

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