Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The CCTV images have confirmed what was already apparent to those who carefully parsed the news reports of the initial incident: leftist thug Clément Méric attacked the patriot Esteban Morillo, not the other way around.
It is information of the first importance that has just been revealed by the RATP CCTV cameras in the Clément Méric murder case. The record reveals a definite violence and an aggressive intent on the part of Clément Méric towards the far-right activists with whom he battled before losing his life. The young leftist militant thus appears very aggressive. Indeed, we see him rush into Esteban Morillo's back in order to strike a blow to his head while he [Esteban] was grappling with two other assailants. Then Esteban Morillo is shown to strike a blow right in Clément Méric face before he collapses.
Source: RMC

You would hope that this would resolve the case and lead to the dismissal of the charges against Esteban Morillo. But that is to assume that the world operates rationally and fairly. In the warped world we live in, Europeans who assert their right to life as peoples are evil; and any measure, any violence, any deceit is justified in suppressing their evilness.

Take a look at this news report of the recent revelations to see how sick left-wing bias can pervert almost any presentation of facts to suit a political agenda.
Three weeks after French left-wing activist Clément Meric was killed in a confrontation with far-right skinheads, French police have got their hands on a video which may explain exactly what happened, radio station RTL have claimed.

Meric was killed after an angry exchange of words between left-wing activists and right-wing skinheads when they met by chance at a private clothing sale in an apartment on Rue Caumartin in the 9th arrondissement of Paris on June 5th.

As the confrontation escalated, Meric was punched unconscious. He was pronounced brain dead in hospital the following day.

It was initially believed that there were no CCTV images of the attack, but now it has emerged that a street surveillance camera belonging to transport company RATP, captured the fatal clash.

According to RTL, the video appears to show that Meric confronted his attacker, apparently intending to strike him. As he approached, the alleged attacker turned and threw a punch, striking Meric in the face. The blow knocked him unconscious.

Meric "confronted his attacker"?!? The video clearly shows that Meric is the one who did the attacking, sneaking up on Morillo's back to strike him while he was grappling with two others. Yet deceitful journalism is still able to transform the leftist aggressor into the innocent victim.

He immediately fell to the ground but did not receive further punches and kicks as he lay on the ground as was initially believed, RTL claims.

However an article in French daily Liberation, quoting sources close to the investigation claims the police do not share the version of events presented by RTL. According to Liberation's source the video only shows kicks being exchanged between several youths.

The man who is suspected of delivering the fatal punch is Esteban Morillo, aged in his 20s, who was arrested in the aftermath of the fight along with four other far-right radicals, including a 32-year-old woman.

Morillo is likely to face manslaughter charges after police sources say he admitted throwing a punch but insisted he did not mean to kill the student.

Meric's violent death brought condemnation from across the political spectrum and prompted thousands of people to take to the streets in Paris and other major cities in protest.

France's tough-talking Socialist Interior Minister Manuel Valls pledged a "merciless" crackdown on far-right organisations and French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault ordered the "dissolution" of the group allegedly linked to the death.
Source: The Local

The Equality Cult loves to use these mythologised high-profile cases to advance its political agenda. We see the NSU trial having a similar effect in Germany and they are still milking the Stephen Lawrence case in Britain 20 years after the incident took place!

UPDATE: Wait, maybe I spoke too soon. Here is, at least, a more or less honest report.

The killing of a teenage anti-fascist militant after an altercation with far-right skinheads in early June prompted fears of a resurgence of far-right violence. But the evidence suggests the leftists may have been the aggressors.
By Tony Todd (text)

The death of a leftist militant at the hands of a skinhead gang in Paris on June 5 may not have been the clear-cut case of far-right aggression, following a report on CCTV footage of the event in which the leftist militant is seen throwing the first punch.

Subsequent details from the police investigation suggest that victim Clément Méric, 18, and his fellow “Antifas” [anti-fascists] may even have been targeting the skinhead who is now being investigated for involuntary manslaughter.

Méric sustained fatal injuries following a verbal altercation with the skinheads at a private sale of British-branded clothes – particularly Fred Perry, Barbour and Ben Sherman – favoured by French far-right and leftist militants alike.

As originally reported, the skinheads left the sale, “fetched reinforcements” and waited outside for Méric and his friends to reappear. Méric died after he was hit at least once in the head.

Early reports suggested that the man who hit Méric, Esteban Murillo, had been wearing brass knuckles.

Méric ‘the most provocative’

But according to French broadcaster RTL, which has seen the footage taken by a nearby camera belonging to Paris’s RATP public transport network, Méric and his group may well have been the ones to have struck first, confirming claims by far right groups that Murillo had been attacked, and not vice-versa.

According to RTL, it was Méric and his group who waited outside the sale, and it was he who threw the first punch.

RTL also quoted witnesses saying that Méric had been the most provocative during the verbal altercation.

Immediately after Méric’s death, the Paris prosecutor asked that charges of premeditated murder be levelled at security guard Murillo, 20.

But the investigating judge dismissed the suggestion that Morillo and his gang had purposefully targeted Méric, ruling that he should be investigated instead for manslaughter.

And according to weekly news magazine Le Point, investigators who confiscated computers from “Antifa” militants associated with Méric found photos of Murillo and his girlfriend Katia, annotated with the comment: “We need to identify these people.”

'Anti-fascist' 'skinhead hunters'?

Le Point goes on to suggest that the police are investigating the possibility that Méric and his associates in the “Antifa” movement - which the far right calls “skinhead hunters” - had managed to identify Murillo and were actively seeking to provoke a confrontation.

Three other men, aged 19, 23 and 25 have been charged with aggravated assault. A 32-year old woman has been charged with aiding and abetting the assault.

In the aftermath of Méric’s death, there was an outpouring of public sympathy for Méric amid fears of a resurgence of far-right militancy in France.

French Socialist Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault called for the far-right organisations linked with the alleged aggressors, notably “Troisième Voie” [Third Way] and Jeunesses Nationalistes Révolutionnaires [Nationalist Revolutionary Youth], to be officially dissolved.
Source: France24

So not only did the leftists plot an ambush, not only did Méric strike Murillo first, but Méric had been deliberately stalking Murillo and his girlfriend, targeting them for an attack!

As I said in one of my original posts about this weeks ago.
We can only hope that the truth eventually comes out in the course of the police investigation and/or trial. Apparently the whole incident was captured on CCTV, so there is only so much lying they can do about it. With plenty of eye-witnesses in a busy shopping district, and the CCTV film, truth may eventually prevail.


ne_pas_subir said...

"It was initially believed that there were no CCTV images of the attack, but now it has emerged that a street surveillance camera belonging to transport company RATP, captured the fatal clash."

Very hard to believe that it took them three weeks to recover a video done by a public transport operator.
Most probably the state and media knew from the start, yet kept silent in order to capitalize on Méric's death the most they could.

Rufus News From Atlantis said...

'Meric was punched unconscious. He was pronounced brain dead in hospital the following day.'

So now it takes medically trained staff to tell us what we already know - that Antifa members are brain dead!

Good riddance to Méric. If France wasn't controlled by her enemies, Murillo would surely be given a medal for putting down one of the rabid enemies of the nation. It is Antifa which must be banned. At least there is one fewer of those rats roaming around.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this changes everything

I feel bad for the guy either way, maybe I'm just very sympathic person...sad but that's what you get I guess...

Anonymous said...

so much for toerlence and divisty. I'm surprised the left-wing thug wasn't going after jews like in sweden.

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