Friday, 21 June 2013

Bilal A., a 16 year old Syria Jihadi Fighter who returned back to Schaerbeek has given the investigators detailed statements. The court of justice is especially interested in who recruited him.

Bilal went on 4 April this year to Syria along with his 15-year-old friend Ishmael from Vilvoorde. Bilal’s mother had called her son, last week, by phone from Turkey and was able to convince him to come home. Ishmael, whose 22-year-old brother Zechariah is also fighting in Syria, remained.

"Bilal is under interrogation," said spokeswoman of the district attorney, Ine Van Wymersch. "He has made detailed precise statements. On this basis, and because of his personality and his family situation we have provisionally decided not to bring him in front of the "juvenile court”.

Investigators have now a better insight into how to take care of the Belgian youth in Syria, where they are trained and deployed. The Brussels public prosecutor has a special interest in the persons who persuade the young people here to go to the front.

According to Bilal’s mother it was Jean-Louis Denis, alias Le Soumis (the Submitted) who was able to convince the boys. He is said to have spoken with the boy during the weekly food distributions in the North Station (Brussel Noord?). Several meetings with the leader of Sharia4Belgium followed in Brussels.

Suddenly they were all gone. They sent a text message only when they were already in Syria. Investigators do not exclude more arrests following in the coming days.


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