Saturday, 8 June 2013

The police have discovered a gang that smuggled people out of Iran illegally to the Tirol. To help them get asylum the Muslims were offered courses in the Catholic faith. After that, the smuggled people could de facto no longer be deported.

After months of investigations, the criminal police apprehended 6 men and women, most of whom have confessed. They are Iranian citizens and Austrians of Iranian descent. According to the police, the mastermind is a 36-year-old woman who was found with around 30,000 euros in cash or savings books - she was taken into custody. All of them live in the Tirol.

Since 2011 the organisation illegally smuggled at least 60 Iranian citizens to Austria and helped them get a [favourable] asylum judgement using an "ingenious method", according to Christoph Hundertpfund, deputy director of the regional crime office. A sudden conversion to Christianity enabled the smuggled Iranians to secure permanent legal residence in Austria.

According to the criminal police, the smugglers ring organised "courses in the Catholic faith". These courses are offered by the Church, culminating with baptism. So, for example, on Easter Eve 2013 alone, between 30 and 40 people converted to Catholicism from Islam via baptism. Iran imposes the death penalty for defection from Islam and conversion to another religion. Religious persecution is a ground for claiming asylum.

The course allowed the smuggled people to acquire enough knowledge to make their new religious affiliation credible when examined by the authorities, according to Hundertpfund. In all cases asylum was sought because of religious persecution. In many cases either a positive decision was issued or the procedure has still not concluded.


Anonymous said...

A note on Taqiyya and Kitman: This comes under the heading of Islamic deceit as mandated in the Koran and further elucidated in the Hadiths. Under this tenet, Moslems may use ANY form of deceit (this includes lying, bearing false witness, swearing a false oath, taking on un-Islamic customs, apparel or conduct --- eating pork, drinking alcohol, etc --- AND also, appearing to adopt the trappings of another religion, even 'denying "allah", if in doing so, the Moslem needs to protect himself when living amongst those hostile to Islam or if the Moslem is dwelling in a non-Islamic land (the entire Western world) OR to advance the goals and cause of Islam, so long as he remains true to Islam, 'allah' and its 'prophet' in his heart.

Clearly, this is a problem for Western officials dealing with 'asylum' seekers/'refugees' --- that concept in itself is long past its use-by date. The West should not be a refuge point for anyone. This aspect of mandated deceit illustrates perfectly two issues: the West should refuse all 'emigration' by Moslems in whatever circumstances they present themselves. And, it underlines the psychotic and disturbed nature of Moslems, for whom deceit and distortion of reality is a central point of their warped ideology.

Anonymous said...

new converts should be given the encouragement and should not be deported as they face death penalty among muslim nations.due to some black sheep not entire converts should be punished.

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