Sunday, 23 June 2013

I've posted before about the dubious incidents in Argenteuil in France in which two burka-wearing women (recall that it's illegal to wear a burka in France) were allegedly attacked by two skinheads. The police and some politicians have been notably sceptical about these claims. One of them women who claims she was attacked has now suffered a miscarriage. That much, at least, has been confirmed. It wouldn't surprise me if this turns out to be an incident in which the woman wanted to get rid of her baby for some reason then faked a skinhead attack to explain it away.

The incidents have sparked indignation among Muslims in the area, which has been heavily colonised. In the video you can see the Muslims telling the mayor that they are the ones who put him in office.

In the video below you see the mayor appear at a mosque to try and appease Muslim anger about the incident. This represents a shocking abasement of the French state to the growing power of Mohammedanism, and a gross violation of the cherished French principle of secularism.


Steen said...

Oh, finally something to be really hysterical about

Terrified French Muslims Want Protection

NickG said...

Here in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam, I think about a year ago or so, we had a pregnant Moroccan woman and her black boyfriend who were both attacked by a bunch of Moroccan youths (in a relatively crowded area in the city, that's the nerve the Moroccan youths have here), they ended up in the hospital and apparently the woman suffered a miscarriage. Last time I've read about that story, the police were looking to contact the couple and it turned out that they left the country.

NickG said...

A pregnant Amsterdam resident on the Nieuwendijk was attacked by five Moroccan men, and shortly after, her prematurely born baby died.

The 26-year-old Moroccan woman was walking with her Surinamese friend on March 26 2012 on the Nieuwendijk, Amsterdam. The five men, aged around twenty, were following them from behind. The group called her 'nigger whore'.

Her boyfriend responded, which resulted in a brawl at the Beurspassage. The woman was pushed, beaten and kicked.

The attackers were arrested, the woman was investigated at a hospital. Her injuries seemed to be minor, but on April 4, her child was born prematurely, then it died.

Apparently, they have since left the country.

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