Thursday, 20 June 2013

Antwerp City Mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA) says Antwerp will officially delete from the city’s civil register Muslim youth who are actively fighting in Syria. Due to the measures taken, they will have no official address any more and they will lose all their social rights such as their right to benefits.

De Weaver announced last week that he would do everything to prevent these jihadis being able to continue walking around in Antwerp. "The official removal of these people is completely under my jurisdiction," he says. "It is a long process that has now been launched. In several checks, we found that they no longer live in the city. By deleting them from the civil register, they have no official address anymore."

De Wever urges young Muslims not to leave for Syria this summer. According to him, a number of Antwerp youths are locked up either by the regime or the rebels. "Open your ears, radicals. Chances are that you will not return from Syria, because it is hell," said De Wever.

Yesterday it was announced that the “De Koepel” (the Dome) mosque, which is popular among Muslim youth in Borgerhout, is to lose its official recognition. The security forces found that the mosque is a hotbed of radicalization. The mosque “De Koepel” was founded by converts.


Reality Check said...

"Open your ears, radicals. Chances are that you will not return from Syria, because it is hell," said De Wever.

So is De Wever saying "Radicals, stay here!"? How about radicals get out and don't come back. Go to Syria, I don't care, but you can't come back here. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Reality Check said...

Oh and 'no official address', isn't that like writing a harsh letter. LOL

Anonymous said...

Moslems killing other Moslems sounds to me like a win-win situation for all the rest of us. This mayor is taking baby steps and by the time he grows up, his city may be under Sharia rule by a (ahem) "democratically-elected" Moslem government. Stopping all welfare benefits to parasites would be an excellent way to either 'encourage' them to leave or, since they historically NEVER go peacefully, such sensible measures would, by provoking the Moslems, at least bring the reality of the jihad against the natives home to even the dhimmiest of them.

Maria José said...

Magrebí agrede, amenaza y encierra a su mujer de 19 años en casa con sus bebés durante seis meses

El marido encerró a su mujer en casa bajo llave desde que vinieron a España hace seis meses de Argelia, con sus gemelos de dos meses.

Anonymous said...

About Syria.
I think the west have to support the rebels, but also the Assad regime because as long as Moslems killing other Moslems its a win-win situation for the civilized world.... Let allah solve the war....

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