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The leftist establishment in France is making much of this incident, talking about the return of "fascism" and calling for the dissolution of far-right groups. But there's good reason to believe their account of the incident is grossly deceptive, indeed the exact opposite of the truth.

First, let's see the story most of the mainstream media is telling. Evil fascists attack some innocent leftists.
An 18-year-old left-wing activist was left brain dead on Wednesday after an attack by a group of neo-Nazis in what police described as a "politically motivated incident" pitting the far right against the far left on the streets of Paris.
By FRANCE 24 (text)

A young left-wing activist was left brain dead after an attack by neo-Nazi skinheads Wednesday night in Paris in an assault police have said was “politically motivated”.

Clément Méric, an 18-year-old anti-fascism campaigner, was attending a clothes sale with friends in the 9th district of central Paris when three “skinhead-type” individuals, including one woman, arrived on the scene.


Witnesses told police that “angry words were exchanged” before the aggressors left “to fetch reinforcements”.

When Méric left the building he was assaulted by the group, including one person wearing brass knuckles, and hit his head on the pavement as he fell. He was declared brain dead in hospital later that night.

Police said they were treating the attack as a “politically motivated incident involving the far right versus the far left”.

The Left Party (Parti de Gauche), a grouping of French far-left parties, issued a statement accusing the Paris-based neo-Nazi organisation JNR (Young Revolutionary Nationalists) of carrying out the attack. The JNR has been active in Paris since the late 1980s and has been known for violent attacks in the past.

“The horrors of fascism have brought murder to Paris,” the statement said.

Other left-wing groups, including the Young Socialists and SOS Racisme, called for the JNR to be banned as an organisation if a link between the group and the attack is proved.

Serge Ayoub, the 48-year-old founder and head of the JNR, told reporters on Thursday that any link between the attack and his organisation was “completely false”. He added that the fight was probably stated by left-wing activists.

Marine Le Pen, who heads the far-right anti-Europe and anti-immigration National Front (FN) party, said Thursday that her party had “no links at all” with the “appalling” attack.

“The FN is not linked in any way whatsoever to this unacceptable and intolerable act,” she told RTL radio.
Source: France24

Now, let's look at an alternative account, also from a mainstream media site, it must be acknowledged, but quoting the leader of the patriot group that was involved in the incident, although he himself was not there.

For Serge Ayoub, alias "Batskin", his group did not choose to get involved in the drama and it was the far-left militants who provoked the confrontation that led to the attack on the student at Sciences Po, a member of Solidaires Etudiants, declared brain dead.

According to Mr Ayoub, who says he had "had the time to find out" about the attack, "three young men and a girl, the girlfriend of one of the young men," went "normally" to a private sale in the Saint-Lazare station district. According to him, they are "young people who had the misfortune to have hair that was too short and a brand of jacket that displeased others".

At the location of the private sale, "they were attacked by five far-left militants who promised to beat them up when they came out. The security staff for the sale witnessed it. It was suggested to the three young men and the girl that they should wait," he says. "The security staff went down to ask the far-left youths to go away. After half an hour of waiting, the security staff suggested that the young people go down, saying it had calmed down," continues Mr. Ayoub. "When they went down into the forecourt - the sale was upstairs - the far left youths were waiting for them. The security staff went out a second time to accompany them outside."

"A bit further outside, these five youths were still waiting for them. Then the far-left youths struck the first blows, anyway there was an ambush," declares the leader of the JNR. According to him, "the three (far-right activists) only had one desire, to get away, to leave."

For Serge Ayoub, "there is a responsibility" to be assigned "to people like Mélenchon [far-left politician]" because "they are the ones and the people of the far-left who have been inciting hatred for months and years". "It's not harmless to call yourselves 'skin hunters', it's not harmless to say 'anti-fa', it's not harmless to go around everywhere looking to fight against a fascism that doesn't exist," he said.
Source: TF1

This is a good example of how the establishment media systematically distorts its reporting to advance its political agenda, seizing on any incident it can use to discredit opponents of the European Genocide. Leftists go around systematically using violence and intimidation against other people simply for expressing their political opinions, then whine hysterically like Muslims when it goes wrong.

Update: It turns out the person alleged to have struck the ultimately fatal blow was Spanish, not French. As, incidentally, is the French Interior Minister, Manual Valls, who taking a leading role in hyping the incident to stigmatise the "far right".

This is yet another illustration, as if we needed any more, of the systematic dishonesty of the establishment media. Any incident that can be used to show European patriotism in a bad light, even if only by grossly distorting the presentation of facts, is seized on and quickly goes international. Incidents that don't fit the approved narrative are buried locally and received no coverage abroad. When a Paki illegal gets a slap in Greece, it become an international incident used to stigmatise Golden Dawn. When a Paki illegal murders a Greek couple, the foreign press is not interested.

Here is link to a typically dishonest account from Henry Samuel in the Telegraph, whose left-wing bias is so pronounced that he really ought to be working for the Guardian instead, although it becomes increasingly hard to distinguish the two.

Note the skilful wording - "a fight broke out" - with which Samuels systematically obfuscates every significant feature of the incident:

  • That the leftists sought out the confrontation and the French patriots did everything possible to avoid it, waiting for a long time inside the building until they thought the coast was clear
  • That the leftists not only followed the French patriots but waited in ambush for them and made threatening gestures to them to indicate what would happen to them when they came out
  • That the leftists outnumbered the patriots
  • That the far-left extremist wasn't "beaten to death"; he was struck and fell; when he fell, he hit his head badly on a post; that was what killed him; the French patriots didn't know he had died or even been seriously injured till they got home and saw it on the news

It is difficult to exaggerate the irrational hysteria this incident has provoked in France or the systematic falsification of the truth in its reporting. This Euronews clip gives you some flavour of it.


Anonymous said...

I thought anyone who was left-wing was braindead anyway.

Anonymous said...

lol they just had to make it "officially" braindead.

Anonymous said...

The politicians and the media in Greece don't even bother to condemn the brutal murders of Greeks by paki illegals. To the media and the politicians, only whites could be racists. If something happens to a paki, the media automatically portray the incident as a racist attack. That's a double standard. Of course this is happening in all white western countries. The situation in Greece is so bad that it reminds a third world country. Besides the economic and social collapse, the country is filled with a huge number of illegal pakis and other Islamists who commit many crimes and cause numerous problems with their barbaric behaviour. The only positive outcome, is that golden dawn is the third party in polls, very close to the first party. of course the media continue to demonize G.D as "neonazis"

Anonymous said...

The people responsible for the death of this 'antifa' are the teachers and other Leftists in positions of authority. They manipulate naive young students who have little life experience into doing their dirty work. As a result some trusting young lad has been killed, even worse he died fighting for people who want to see his entire race wiped out.

Frau Katze said...

I just saw a short report on this in the Wall Street Journal. It struck me as a bit odd--what was the motive? There was no explanation at all.

Then another short report on a demonstration in Toulouse being called off. Totally devoid of context.

I got suspicious at it being used as a pretext. What is the connection between the "far-rights" in the fight and the demonstration?

Very bad reporting, suggesting things are not as simple as they seem.

Anonymous said...

Meric and his friends picked an argument with a smaller group who went inside a clothes store to get away from them, after half an hour the smaller group left the shop but Meric and his friends ambushed them further up the road.

During the completely unprovoked attack Meric deliberately singled out a girl to assault so she defended herself by hitting him once with a knuckle duster.

This blow knocked him over causing him to strike his head which proved fatal.

The simple fact of the matter is that if he hadn’t violently assaulted a girl who just wanted to be left alone he’d still be alive today

Anonymous said...

I think a 50 cal. gun would get rid of the traitors on these so cold antifa demonstrations with about 5000-10 000 rounds of ammo :) Viva la France europe for the europeans

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