Sunday, 31 March 2013

I'm going to take a break from blogging for a while...

I recently discovered Game of Thrones and have been watching the first two seasons of it on Blu-ray. What strikes me most is the Europeanness of it all. This, I think, is a key part of the appeal that these Tolkienesque fantasy epics offer us in fictional form, whether in television, cinema, books or games. As European societies are increasingly repopulated by non-Europeans, as anti-Europeanism continues its reign as the dominant ideology of the world, accepted and internalised even by Europeans themselves, our education system teaches European children to be feel guilty about their own history and culture and deprecates any expression of ancestral identity in the name of anti-racist mania. These epics offer an escape. Only in imaginary worlds are we allowed to celebrate our own Europeanness unabashedly. In the real world we have to be ashamed.

Saturday, 30 March 2013
The solemnity and devotion of the night of Good Friday was tarnished in Melilla by a fight which provoked scenes of panic between penitents of the Virgin de la Soledad [Our Lady of Solitude] and the public who were watching this procession, one of the most popular during Holy Week in the autonomous city. According to the official version of events, reflected in the statement of the National Police, the public disorder started with mocking and contemptuous comments made by four young Muslims who were dining in the terrace of a bar in the centre of Melilla and, it seems, were the worse for wear due to the consumption of alcohol. The four have been arrested and a family has now filed a complaint against them, which the Agrupación de Cofradías de Melilla [Association of (Holy Week) Fraternities of Melilla] is considering joining.

It all started at around quarter past eleven in the night, when the Solitude procession passed in front of the bar, whose terrace is located in a small street a few metres from the synagogue Or Zaruah. The young men made some contemptuous comment about the Virgin, an attitude which was rebuked by a family that was close to them and able to hear the insults directed at the religious image. But far from retracting them, those have now been detained continued with their mockery. It was then that a fight started, lighting the fuse of general disorder.

According to the testimony of people who were present, the dispute even involved glasses, plates and bar furniture being thrown. The noise that the impact of these objects provoked, added to the shouts of the tumult, reached the procession, which traditionally moves through the centre of Melilla in silence and darkness because of the grief of Good Friday.

It was then that many of those who were there, not knowing what was happening, started to run to escape the tumult. The stampede of penitents and members of the public also caused moments of fear for the little nazarenos [people wearing the hooded garments] of the Solitude, who were "crying disconsolately" looking for their parents, according to one of the officials of the Cofradía de la Soledad [Fraternity of Solitude].

...Incidents of this type are not common in Melilla, a city marked by respect between the religious faiths that form its society... The interculturalism of Melilla even makes possible the fact that on Holy Thursday el Cautivo [procession of an emblem of Jesus in chains during which prisoners are pardoned] liberated more Muslim than Christian prisoners.
Source: El Mundo H/T: Maria José
Friday, 29 March 2013

There's some interesting information about Imran Firasat in a comment thread on the BareNakedIslam site. The owner of the site said that Firasat was pressuring her to "co-sponsor" his next movie. Yeah, right. Also he was harassing her to put up a "Donate to Imran" button on her site. This fits perfectly with the description of Firasat from some of his Spanish business partners in the article I part-translated here. He is skilled in manipulating people, telling them what they want to here, befriending them and making them feel special. Then comes the demand for cash. I the free speech and Counterjihad organisations that are offering Firasat assistance in his legal difficulties with the Spanish government are triple-checking any expenses claims Firasat is making.
The relevant comment is reproduced below.

BareNakedIslam: IC, we were all fooled. I’m glad I found out when I did because he had asked me to be a co-sponsor of his next movie. I was considering it until then.

The possibility that he is still a muz gave me the creeps. He kept asking me to put a Donation button up for him on my blog which I declined to do. I told him he could put a Paypal button on his own blog. He asked me about 5 times for that.
Source: BareNakedIslam

Let's not forget that Firasat claimed in an interview that he had won a 200,000 euro judgement from a Spanish newspaper that had published a "defamatory" article about him in late 2010. There is no evidence that this judgement was ever awarded and Firasat has refused to provide any. If he is telling the truth, however, why would he need money now? Surely he would still be rolling in his 200,000 euros?

The Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema is said to have donated 3 million euros for the construction of a mosque in his city of birth, Lyon. It was after he received information from one of his friends that the mosque needed 6 million euros to finance its construction that the player of Algerian origin, who is a Muslim, immediately made a donation of 3 million euros, half of the sum required.
Source: Le Butier

This is the same player who recently said in a radio interview that he would never sing the French national anthem, the Marseillaise, when playing for the French football team.

They're not going to force me to sing the Marseillaise.
Thursday, 28 March 2013
The central council of Muslims in Germany has spoken out in favour of the introduction of legal Islamic holidays. The central council's chairman Aiman Mazyek suggested one day each in the fasting month of Ramadan and at the time of the Islamic Festival of Sacrifice. That would be "an important symbol of integration policy" and would underlin "the tolerance in our society", said Mazyek in the periodicals of the "WAZ" group on Thursday.
Source: FAZ
Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Note that no representatives from any of the parties that would be subject to this ban were invited to participate in the debate! Not even a pretence of balanced journalism from EuroNews.

I mentioned the Spanish civil war in a previous post, indicating that I thought support for Franco's side was nothing to be ashamed of, but I admitted that I didn't know enough about it to arrive at a definitive judgement.

Having read a bit more about it now, although I still wouldn't say my judgement was definitive, I'm convinced that, at least as regards the origins of the conflict, Franco's side was in the right. Based on what I know now, if I had been alive then I would have gone to Spain and fought for them.

More than that, though, I think the prelude to the Spanish civil war is very interesting because of its parallels with the antidemocratic conduct of the establishment left in our own times (including the mainstream "conservative" parties who have been intellectually captured by the Jacobin side).

The government of the French-speaking part of Belgium has just renamed all the Christian school holidays.
A new decree henceforth establishes a series of regulations to determine school holidays. Also, in this decree, the holidays of Toussaint [All Saints], Noël [Christmas], Carnaval [Carnival] and Pâques [Easter] are renamed Autumn, Winter, Break and Spring holidays.
Source: LeSoir
Tuesday, 26 March 2013

This happened in Melilla, one of the Spanish exclaves in Africa. So this is officially Spanish territory. The teacher and the pupil, however, were Moroccan.

This happened in the "Residence for Moroccan and Muslim Students", which has some official affiliation to the Moroccan state.

Sources: Alerta Digital   El Correo
Monday, 25 March 2013

On Saturday a man attacked the astronomical clock located inside the Saint-Jean [John the Baptist] cathedral in the 5th district.

Armed with an iron bar, he struck several blows against this 14th century clock. Part of its exterior was broken, as well as two of its hands. For this reason it will not function for some time.

The man is a 28-year-old Iranian. He explained that the beauty of the clock prevented believers from concentrating on their prayers. His detention has been extended awaiting the results of a psychological evaluation.
Source: Lyonmag

The video above shows the astronomical clock before the Iranian got his hammer to it.

Die Freiheit (Freedom) is the German affiliate of Geert Wilders' party. One of its officials, Claus Schaffer, has resigned because he is being terrorised by anti-fascist leftists. At the weekend, they vandalised his car outside his home and stole two tyres from it.
I have always been engaged with the Civil rights party for more freedom and democracy DIE FRIEHEIT on the basis of our freedom-based democratic constitution. I have always criticised deplorables states of affairs in politics and society and draw attention to them in moderate tones and have always spoken up for increased democracy, and above all true democracy, namely one that is controlled by the people. To defy these anti-democratic forces and continue my extra-parliamentary struggle by democratic means would, I feel, be easy on my own. However, I cannot also take this decision for my family and thus impose on them this permanent burden. For this reason, I terminate my political work in the Civil rights party for more freedom and democracy DIE FREIHEIT and withdraw from all offices that I have been confided with.

I would like to thank all friends and members of FREIHEIT for their support and ask for their understanding and acceptance of my decision.

Claus Schaffer
Source: Die Freiheit Via: Quotenqueen

On their websites, the leftists openly admit to having carried out this attack and boast of having driven their victim out of politics.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

This newsclip (in French) shows how Mohamed Merah has become an object of veneration to the Muslims of France. Flowers are regularly left at his grave. The grave attendant says they should have buried him somewhere more obscure to make it more difficult for his worshippers to leave flowers. Facebook pages honouring him proliferate. When two would-be Muslim terrorists were arrested, it was found that Merah was their hero and inspiration. Elsewhere, cleaning away pro-Mohamed Merah graffiti has become routine for municipal workers.

Tourist traffic has also built up around the dead jihadi's flat.

Saturday, 23 March 2013
Bernard‑Henri Lévy, superstar

Last Tuesday, 19 March, was the second anniversary of Sarkozy's declaration that a coalition was going to attack Libya to depose the Gaddafi regime.

One of the principal agitators for French intervention in the country was the "philosophe" Bernard‑Henri Lévy, a prominent media "intellectual" whose absurd philosophical pretensions were harshly exposed a few years ago when a book he wrote quoted from the "oeuvre" of a fake philosopher who, in reality, was a satirical character designed to expose the pretentiousness and vapidity of modern philosophy. BHL, as he is known in France, failed to get the joke and quoted the non-existent philosopher Botul, originator of the mythical school of thought known as Botulism, as an authority on "the sex life of Immanuel Kant".

As well as distinguishing himself in the "struggle against racism and the far-right", BHL regularly agitates for military interventions in other countries to help various supposedly oppressed peoples. At the time of the anti-Gaddafi revolt, Libya became one of his favourite causes.

BHL was not invited to attend the celebration in Tripoli last week along with Sarkozy, though. The reason: because he is Jewish.

Under the cover of anonymity, an official from the city council of Tripoli explained: "We didn't invite him. If he comes, we'll shut the door. If the prime minister invited him, he can go to his house!"

The press office of prime minister Ali Zeidan also confirmed that BHL had not been invited "through the choice of the city council". According to official sources, the latter feared that Bernard‑Henri Lévy being Jewish, his presence might provoke an attack of the Islamist militias. For the Libyan MP Abdelkader Hueli: "I understand why Bernard‑Henri Lévy wasn't invited. Today, Jews are not welcome in Libya."
Source: Novopress
The Muslim population in Sweden and Denmark has doubled the last 14 years. Sweden alone experienced a population growth of 5.6 percent the last eight years mainly due to Muslim immigration, Muslim asylum seekers and their high fertility rate. Sweden therefore has one of the fastest growing populations in the Western world. Suggesting to put a lid on the madness is the cause of death threats from fellow politicians in the world's most political correct country. Which is what Sweden's Minister of Immigration Tobias Billström did last month by suggesting to limit the "volume" of immigrants.

"Minister Billström has received death threats on Twitter. The threat is reported to come from the chairman of Young Left in the town of Luleå. The incident has now been reported to the police.
Twitter comment from Christoffer Hurtig about Tobias Billström - the latter suggested to "I want to shoot Tobias Billström. I really look forward to the day he dies. From the depth of my heart, I really mean it."

Sources: Expressen - Death threats against Tobias Billström reported to the police - Like a lice betwen many nails
Friday, 22 March 2013
Several mosques torched, while two Buddhists were burned to death in new Buddhist-Muslim clash. Via

“The source of the conflict remains murky. But both local police sources and Muslim activists agree that it all started with an argument between a Muslim gold-shop owner and Buddhist customers on Wednesday morning. From there, the stories diverge. A police source cited by Radio Free Asia says the shop owner broke an item belonging to the customers, leading to a brawl; Muslim activists, citing local sources, say the customers tried to sell the shop owner fake gold. Either way, the dispute quickly drew a crowd that attacked the goldsmith’s store as well as other Muslim-owned businesses.
Rioting continued during the night and into Thursday, with plumes of smoke rising around the town; a curfew declared by the authorities was evidently ignored. Several mosques were reportedly torched.
Police say that at least two of the confirmed dead are Buddhists, one of them a monk. An AFP photographer who was able to visit the town Thursday said he saw at least three burned bodies and houses on fire.
According to MP Win Thein, who hails from Meikhtila and belongs to the opposition National League for Democracy party, there are about 30,000 Muslims in the township, out of about 80,000 total residents.
Muslims represent about four percent of Burma’s population, according to the last census.”
Two people died and several mosques were destroyed in central Myanmar, police said Thursday, March 21, in the worst riots since Buddhist-Muslim clashes rocked western Rakhine state last year.
Around 200 people fought in the streets after an argument in a Muslim-owned gold shop turned violent in the town of Meiktila on Wednesday, March 20, according to a post on Myanmar Police Force’s Facebook page.
The dead, who included a Buddhist monk, died after suffering severe burns, it said.
Nemesis. They force us and our children to eat halal. They end up with pork in their beefs...

"The meat industry, retail trade and agriculture will be convened by Minister for Food Mette Gjerskov (S). The minister is outraged that the meat industry cheat consumers by mixing pork in beef. ... The Minister considers it completely unacceptable that in 11 out of 70 samples of fresh and processed products there were found pork in beef, and in seven out of the 11 samples, the content of pork more than seven percent."

Source: Jyllands-Posten - Disgusted Minister calls meat industry to meeting
Fuck your morals

I posted a story about the jihadist hack of the Tunisian Femen site yesterday. This seemed amusing at first, but has taken a sinister turn. One of the girls who posed with naked breasts for the photos on the site, 19-year-old Amina Tyler, has gone missing.

"We fear for her life", write the feminist activists on their Facebook page. The French Femen activists "have tried to contact the young Tunisian, but without success. Her telephone has been switched off." The essayist Caroline Fourest, too, expresses her fears on her Facebook page, discussing the possibility that the young woman had been taken by members of her family. "Someone said they had seen Amina, apparently being taken by her father and her brother, in the course of being interned...", reports the journalist, basing this particularly on a video that she has published on her page.

...Other internet users have posted death threats directed at Amina Tyler. A person who claims to be her aunt also renounced the young girl in a virulent video, according to Libération.
Source: Le Monde

Remember the words from the hacked site: "the best is yet to come".

Mayor of Malmö, Sweden, warns against watching Lars Vilks' art... I think it is beautiful:
Lars Vilks' Roundabout Muhammed dog in plywood. Feed him pork and he wags his tail  :-)
"Come April 1st, the Roundabout Dog starts touring Europe. Based on a design by the Swedish artist Lars Vilks, the organization Freespeech Europe has build plywood models of the dog, which will pay surprise visits to a variety of European cities.
“Due to security concerns, we cannot disclose our tour plan, but the Roundabout Dog was always about surprise, so we will continue in that spirit,” says Hans Erling Jensen, the initiator of the project.
The Roundabout Dog was a form of street art that appeared in Sweden during the year 2006. It started with the art installation Cirkulation, placed in the Nygård roundabout in Linköping, Sweden, a white dog staring at a hula hoop nine meters tall. When someone sawed the head off the dog, the artist Stina Opitz was given the task of creating a new dog, this time made out of metal.
It is not really known why the Swedes then started to mass manufacture roundabout dogs, to clandestinely place them in all kinds of traffic circles. It became a moderate-sized public movement during the next few years.
Then, when Lars Vilks made a drawing of a roundabout dog with the head of the Islamic prophet Mohammed, the idea went down the drain and the roundabout dogs died out. Death threats were raining on Vilks, who nowadays lives with round-the-clock bodyguards. ...
“We plan to visit seven countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. It is our hope, of course, to start discussions about freedom of speech. Do we Europeans really want the artists to continue their self-censorship, or do we want a society where everything can be criticized and made fun of?”"
Source: Dispatch International (login needed) - Roundabout dogs will be barking for free speech
A young man and his female companion, activists in the Front national, were prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred this Thursday afternoon, at the magistrate's court of Laval. In the night of 21 novembre 2012, in the towns of Saint-Jean-sur-Mayenne at Andouillé, they put up posters of a racist character: "No to Islam", "No Minaret in our districts". Yesterday, they were sentenced to a fine of 800 euros with a suspended sentence. probation.
Source: Ouest-France
Thursday, 21 March 2013

Source: Daily Mail

I may have made this up, although it could be subliminally based on something half-remembered.

A Paki walks into a pub accompanied by a sabre-tooth tiger. The landlord takes one look at them and says, "We can't allow that in here." So the sabre-tooth tiger turns to the Paki and says, "You wait outside while I have a quick pint."

Valencia's most important festival - the Fallas - has just ended. It involves large wooden figures - often satirical takes on politicians or celebrities - being exhibited, paraded through the streets and then burnt, except one, which is pardoned and preserved. In this year's festival one of the artists had created a model - known as a falla - representing deities from the Hindu pantheon. The local Hindu population - no doubt inspired by Mohammedan success in this regard - decided to kick up a fuss and try and get it suppressed. They succeeded. We often hear that Hindus are "the good Pakis". Time to think again?

Stop me when this starts to sound familiar.
They are "signs, symbols and religious objects that could wound the devotional sensibility of Hindus",

"the gods of India, in an unprecedented sacrilegious act, sparking the indignation of 800 million Hindus."

"Given that, God forbid, the film of the burnt and profaned divinities would go round the world in a matter of hours and would damage us gravely at the international level."
Sources: Terra Levante H/T: Maria José
On Wednesday night computer hackers from the Islamist movement took control of the Facebook page of the feminist group Femen Tunisia after photos of two young Tunisian women with naked breasts were published. "Thanks be to God we have hacked this immoral page and the best is yet to come," wrote the hacker who signed his name "Al Aangour". "The page has been hacked and if God wishes, this filth is going to disappear from Tunisia," he writes further.

The hacker replaced the photos of the different actions by Femen featuring naked breasts across the world with videos of Surahs from the Koran, images illustrating the Islamic profession of faith.


...In recent days two young Tunisian women photos of themselves on the internet with naked breasts and writing in black letters in Arabic on their breast saying "My body belongs to me, it doesn't represent the honour of anyone."
Source: Le Monde

UPDATE: The girl who posed with naked breasts has since gone missing.
In 2005, then Pope Benedict quoted from an obscure medieval text which declared that the Prophet Mohammed, founder of the Islamic faith, was "evil and inhuman", enraging the Muslim population and causing attacks on churches throughout the world before an apology was issued.

Reacting within days to the statements, speaking through a spokesman to Newsweek Argentina, then Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio declared his "unhappiness" with the statements, made at the University of Regensburg in Germany, and encouraged many of his subordinates with the Church to do the same.

"Pope Benedict's statement don't reflect my own opinions", the then Archbishop of Buenos Aires declared. "These statements will serve to destroy in 20 seconds the careful construction of a relationship with Islam that Pope John Paul II built over the last twenty years".

The Vatican reacted quickly, removing one subordinate, Joaquín Piña the Archbishop of Puerto Iguazú from his post within four days of his making similar statements to the Argentine national media, sending a clear statement to Cardinal Bergoglio that he would be next should he choose to persist.

Reacting to the threats from Rome, Cardinal Bergoglio cancelled his plans to fly to Rome, choosing to boycott the second synod that Pope Benedict had called during his tenure as pontiff.

Pope Francis elected leader of Catholic Church: as it happened 14 Mar 2013
"The only thing that didn't happen to Bergoglio was being removed from his post", wrote investigative journalist Horacio Verbitsky in his column in left-wing daily newspaper Página/24. "The Vatican was very quick to react."

Cristina Kirchner, the Argentina president, stated at the time that such diatribes were "dangerous for everyone".
Source: Telegraph
Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Ahead of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on 21 March, the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) called the European Union (EU) institutions to recognise Islamophobia as a specific form of racism.

The call came after on 12 March the European Parliament hosted a debate on strengthening the fight against hate crime, racism and xenophobia in Europe. During the debate, the EU justice commissioner Viviane Reding said that racism, xenophobia and hate crimes, as well as anti-Semitism, Islamophobia anti-gypsyism, were all manifestations “incompatible with European rules” and with “the basis on which Europe is founded”. However, the European Parliament did not include the term “Islamophobia” in the adopted text of its resolution and referred only to “religious intolerance”

The plea also comes with the release of ENAR’s shadow report 2011/2012 on racism in Europe which the EU-wide network of NGOs presented on 20 March. The key findings of the report highlight, in particular, the experiences of Muslim communities, while the study is claimed to be the first pan-European qualitative survey of Islamophobia.

Discrimination against Muslims in Europe is widespread, the report said. According to the study covering 26 national reports, Muslims continue to experience discrimination in a range of areas, more specifically in employment, education and access to goods and services.

“Muslim women and girls are most affected and face double discrimination on the basis of both their religion and their gender”, Sarah Isal, an ENAR Bureau member, told reporters at the launch press conference in Brussels. She further explained that for this reason, Islamophobia needs to be addressed as a gender issue in addition to being a religious one.

Moreover, Isal stressed that increasingly hatred against Muslims in Europe manifests itself as opposition to, as well as protests against, the building of mosques and property damage to Islamic places of worship. The ENAR representative gave the height restrictions for mosques in Austria and the attacks by activists of the Bulgarian party ATAKA on the Sofia mosque and Muslim worshippers as examples of this type of Islamophobia manifestation.

The newest ENAR report also found that Islamophobia is promoted both by extremist political parties, as well as mainstream parties to gain votes and popularity. Isal gave Italy as an example, where Mario Borghezio from the Lega Nord Party and current member of the European Parliament (MEP) recently proposed taxing Muslims who have too many children in order to ‘slow down the great Islamic advance in Europe’.

Last but not least, Isal pointed out that media has contributed to the rise of Islamophobia in Europe through biased reporting. In Belgium, for example, 51% of complaints on the ground of religion targeting Muslims in 2011 related to media and the Internet.

The shadow report 2011/2012 also looked at other communities vulnerable to racism in Europe, such as Roma and Black Africans, concluding that they continue to be the most vulnerable to discrimination, together with immigrants.

More specifically, the study found that the public perception of ethnic minorities in most countries remains negative, highlighting that segregation of Roma pupils in education remains a pressing problem in some countries and one which some governments “appear reluctant to address or uncertain how to do so.”

Moreover, ENAR’s report said that National Roma Integration Strategies, even adopted, are still lacking satisfactory levels of quality and implementation.
Source: New Europe
Surrounded by friends, a young man in a grey hooded shirt leaves Neustadt district court. His mates celebrate, honouring him like a popstar: here the leader of a Garbsen youth gang walks to freedom...

Guards led Mohammad K. (21), cuffed on his hands and feet, into the chamber six weeks ago when the trial started.

26 were dealt with in 13 charges - including robbery, theft, wounding, threatening, fleeing from the scene of an accident, arson in the Caroline-Herschel school (300,000 euros damage).

Yesterday, shortly before 4 pm, the judge (female) announced the surprise verdict: "Two years youth custody, converted to probation."

...The police have known Mohammad since he was 11.

...The judge: "You have made a very good impression in your three and a half months in remand custody. It also struck us as very positive that on each trial day, after your handcuffs had been taken off, you said 'Good morning' in a friendly way."
Source: Bild

Along with three other people, Mohammad had kicked and beaten another person. This was one of the crimes considered in court.
He had a one-to-one meeting with the victim who had been kicked and spoke to him, explaining why. "I thought you were German, he said," says the victim.

It's clear that the elites of Europe are waging war on their own peoples. Say a bad word about Islam or the repopulation of your country by aliens and you risk imprisonment. Ransack and burn a whole city and beat up people because they are European and you will be allowed to walk free (as long as you say 'Good morning' in a friendly way when they take the handcuffs off).

Via: PI
Tuesday, 19 March 2013
Following the recent plot to assassinate a leading activist within the anti-Islam Pro NRW party in Germany, the leftist wing of the Jihad movement has taken up the cause. Yesterday Jörg Uckermann was pelted with an egg, the force of which knocked him to the ground, where he struck his head. He was later treated in hospital for concussion. Today he was assaulted and beaten up by a leftist mob as he tried to enter the council chamber to attend a debate.
The council meeting had to be called off shortly after it started. Hundreds of demonstrators had been gathering in from of the town hall since the early morning. Some from the left-wing spectrum had attacked the member of the Pro Köln group and prevented him entering the town hall, said a police spokesman. Three left-wingers were temporarily arrested.
Source: PI

In a scary instance of Soviet-style censorship, the story quoted above has since been altered to remove the reference to the attack on Uckermann. The original version can still be read on the PI site, at the link provided. The new, censored version is here.

Jörg Uckermann lying in the street after being attacked yesterday

The Pro NRW Facebook page reports that Uckermann and another party member were attacked and that one of them was kicked on the head and shoulder while on the ground. However, they defended themselves and were able to detain two of the leftists until the police arrived.
Monday, 18 March 2013
I two subsequent surveys, Danish People's Party has come out as the second biggest party in Denmark - bigger than the Social Democrats and only surpassed by the Liberal-Conservative party called Left (even though it is slightly Right). We have quoted Danish People's Party spokes man on foreign affairs and member of the party's core group, Søren Espersen, for saying: "Islam is the greatest threat to our society ... Many countries have already fallen to Islam, or is about to. In many of these countries democracy has already disappeared or is seriously ailing. And with this in mind, I ask: Why should an experiment in Denmark show different results? Why should we make such an experiment with our good old Danish society, when the sad experiment have already been made ​​in several countries"

Now, in two seperate surveys in a row, Danish Peoples' Party is the 2nd biggest in Denmark:
"Party leader Kristian Thulesen Dahl (Danish Peoples' Party) and his party gets 17.4 percent of the votes, while PM Helle Thorning-Schmidts governing party (Social Democrats) gets 17.2 percent. This is the result of a survey made by YouGov for MetroXpress."
Source: Avisen, February 27th 2013 - Chock survey: DPP as big as the Social Democrats
"A new survey from YouGov, published by MetroXpress on Wednesday, gives only 16.5 percent of the votes to the main party in the Government, the Social Democrats. ... It is also note worthy that 17.8 of the voters sayt they will vote for Danish Peoples' Party. DPP is thus increasing the distance down to the Social Democrats."
Source: BT, March 13 2013 - New chock survey for PM Thorning: Danish Peoples' Party is bigger than the Social Democrats
Sunday, 17 March 2013
The young man of African origin, aged 22, particularly specialised in holding up Proxy Delhaize shops, but he was stopped by employees of the shop, located in Arlon street. Armed with a pistol and a taser, almost two metres tall and travelling to his targets by bus, he was responsible for seven robberies with violence and/or threats in one and a half months in Uccle, Ixelles, Auderghem, Watermael-Boitsfort, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.
Source: DHNet
Saturday, 16 March 2013
A giant dubbed "Miss Burka" created by three artists from Lille was due to make its initial appearance on the 1st April in Roubaix, in the "Parade of 32nd March", a madcap carnival that emerged from the imagination of the former boss of the Les Lisières bookshop, Didier Lejeune.

Didier Lejeune doesn't see what the problem is:

"I already dressed up as a fundamentalist priest in 2009, and no one said anything, he replies, shrugging his shoulders when questioned about the possible outraged reactions if a giant like this was seen covered in a full veil.
Sources: Fdesouche, Voix du Nord, Nordeclair
Friday, 15 March 2013

Recently a book was published in France called "Sale Blanc: chronique d’une haine qui n’existe pas" [Dirty White: Chronicle of a Hatred that Doesn't Exist].

Here is a promo video for the book.

At the end you see a negro rapist. As his white, blonde-haired victims sit in the courtroom, he explains that he was motivated by an anger against white people and wanted to humiliate them.

Recently a French MP wrote to the French Justice minister, Christine Taubira, asking for information about the number of anti-white racist incidents that had been recorded and the number of prosecutions that had taken place. She refused to provide it, claiming it would be unconstitutional to break down the data in that way and that she could provide only generic figures for "racist" incidents. Despite this, she has no problem providing more specific data on the number of antisemitic and anti-Muslim incidents.

I will write more about this book later.
Thursday, 14 March 2013
We know a little more about the robbery of a bank on Wednesday evening in the la Guillotière district in Lyon.

According to the initial elements of the investigation, the two individuals were dressed in burkas. Armed, they threatened employees to make them hand over the contents of two safes, before taking flight. The amount stolen is estimated at 170,000 euros.
Source: Lyonmag

This happened about a mile off the Spanish coast. 17 survived.

I've written a few times here about Markus Beisicht and the PRO NRW (North Rhine Westphalia) movement he leads. They are the ones who demonstrated outside mosques with anti-Mohammed cartoons last year, which earned him a place on a fatwa death list discovered last year.

Here is what I published on 19 September last year.
The leader of the Islam-critical PRO movement, the Leverkusen lawyer Markus Beisicht, is also mentioned by name in the death list announced today by an Arab imam. The so-called fatwa was pronounced against the makers of the Mohammed video - and against everyone who supports the further dissemination of the video. In Germany, in the view of Arab Islamists, this group of persons apparently includes the PRO leader Markus Beisicht. Beisicht is listed in the bloodthirsty document along with his name, address, email and telephone details. All young Muslims in the USA and Europe are called on to murder the people named in the fatwa.

Markus Beisicht:
"The police state protection service informed me yesterday about this new development. It is horrifying the brutality with which Islamic extremists from the other end of the world want to prescribe what we Germans, Europeans and Americans can or can't say," said Beisicht in his first public statement on the matter. "This is a general attack on our values and sovereignty. Freedom of opinion and democracy must not be sacrificed to the totalitarian power claims of a medieval ideology. In any case we will not weaken and will vigorously continue our political struggle against islamisation and foreign infiltration!".

Yesterday, the Mohammedans moved to implement the fatwa.
German police said on Wednesday evening that they had foiled an Islamist assassination plot against a leading xenophobic politician in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

The authorities arrested four members of a radical Salafist group before they could murder Markus Beisicht, the head of the anti-Muslim far-right Pro NRW party.

The police apprehended two of the suspects in Leverkusen near Cologne, where they were apparently observing Beisicht. Two others were arrested in Essen and Bonn, where the police discovered ingredients to make explosives and a gun.

“The arrests prove that the security authorities are vigilant and take the threat from extremist Salafists very seriously,” said NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger, according the website of Der Spiegel.

The Bild newspaper reported that one of the arrested men was involved in a failed bomb attack at Bonn’s main train station on December 10. Although the explosive device was detonated, it did not go off.

Police planned to offer more details of the plot at a press conference later in the evening.

Beisicht and Pro NRW have been involved in violent clashes with Salafists over the past year.

Last May, violence broke out when 25 Pro NRW campaigners demonstrated using offensive caricatures of Islam's Prophet Mohammed. These campaigners then clashed with members of the Salafist community in the western town of Solingen who had gathered for a counter-demonstration.

Police said at the time that Salafists tried to break through a police barricade, brandishing rocks and sticks.
Source: The Local

Focus magazine adds some more details:
The suspected attackers are the two converts Marco G. from Bonn and Enea B. from the Ruhr region. The suspect Koray D. is from Hessen. His suspected accomplice Tayfun S. recently lived in North Rhine Westphalia....
Source: Focus

In an updated story the same publication says:
The suspects are two 23 and 24-yeard old Germans of Turkish origin, a 43-year-old Albanian and a 25-year-old German.
Source: Focus

But Beisicht wasn't the only one the Mohammedans were targeting.

The attack plans of the radical Islamic Salafists, which were thwarted by the police, apparently applied not only to the leader, but other members of the far-right party Pro NRW. During the arrest of the four suspects, a list was found in a flat with a total of nine persons' names marked in red, including that of Beisicht, said the Essen's director of investigations Rainer Pannenbäcker on Wednesday evening. He could not confirm that this was a "death list".
Source: Focus

Beisicht made a statement on Wednesday evening. The videos of the event are shown above in German.

"The religion of peace has revealed itself once again...We will not capitulate"
Markus Beisicht
Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The choice of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope strikes me as likely to be a bad thing. Why? First, he's from Latin America. There's very little Muslim presence in Latin America compared to most other parts of the world, so he's likely to have no experience of the problems that Mohammedanism creates wherever it spreads. The global jihad the Ummah is waging on the rest of humanity is the greatest problem Christendom faces. Here we have a Pope unequipped to deal with it.

Conversely, it's possible that because, in part, of the lack of Mohammedanism there, the culture of political correctness is not as deeply entrenched in Argentina, and therefore he will be able to bring a fresh eye to the Islamic threat, free of the usual inhibitions.

As the son of two immigrants living in a colonist society, Francis I is also likely to be more sympathetic to immigrants/colonists/invaders than he is to the rooted peoples of the earth.
According to the prophecies of St. Malachy, this will be the last Pope. Here is what the final prophecy says:
In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people.

Europeans watch mystified as their leaders sell out their countries to Islam. They wonder why it's happening. But perhaps there's no great mystery to it. Their politicians are bought and paid for. Corruption is one of the few things Muslims are good at. They have raised it to the level of an art form. And examining the financial interests of prominent European politicians gives every reason to believe that the Arabs, and particularly the Qataris, are pursuing a deliberate strategy of cultivating ties to our political elites. Yes, it's not just islands and football clubs the Arabs are buying.

A few days ago the Financial Times had a story about Sarkozy being mooted as the head of a 500 million euro fund backed by Qatar.
Nicolas Sarkozy is being wooed by sovereign wealth funds including Qatar’s who are ready to back him to start a private equity fund.

Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund and other investors have offered to commit as much as €500m in total to a fund run by the former French president, people familiar with the matter said. Mr Sarkozy has sought advice from close advisers on the plan.

However, he has put it on hold in recent weeks because he sees an opportunity to return to politics following the rapid decline in the polls of President François Hollande, who defeated him in May, two people familiar with Mr Sarkozy’s thinking said. “The Qataris are taking an option on the next president of France,” a third person with knowledge of the venture said.
Source: Financial Times

This is far from exceptional.

Tony Blair is regularly employed by Qatar as a consultant and middleman.

A few months ago it was reported that Berlusconi was considering selling a 30% stake in AC Milan to Qatar's sovereign wealth fund.
The Gazzetta dello Sport says the deal could be worth $323 million, and would facilitate the building of a new stadium or the refurbishment of the San Siro.

The deal could also include aspects involving Berlusconi's media empire and the Qatari-run Al-Jazeera network.

Nor is it just former government leaders that the Arabs put on the payroll. They go for the up-and-coming generation too, as the example of David Miliband makes clear.

To adapt Robert Burns:
What force or guile could not subdue,
Thro' many warlike ages,
Is wrought now by a coward few,
For hireling traitor's wages.
The Muslim steel we could disdain,
Secure in valour's station;
But Arab gold has been our bane-
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

O would, or I had seen the day
That Treason thus could sell us,
My auld grey head had lien in clay,
Wi' Bruce and loyal Wallace!
But pith and power, till my last hour,
I'll mak this declaration;
We're bought and sold for Arab gold-
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!
Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I was struck by the coincidence in timing of events commemorating two different jihad attacks in Spain and France yesterday, the Madrid bombings and the first of Mohamed Merah's killings. Did Merah intentionally choose this date to honour the earlier wave of jihadists?

You have to wonder whether Europe's calendar of memory and ceremony will increasingly be defined by the murderous attacks carried out against us by these aliens that our leaders - the same leaders who preside over the ceremonies marking the occasions - invited to come and colonise our home.

This organisation receives massive EU financing.
Racism(s) in Europe: the end of inhibition

Brussels, 8 March 2013 – Racism in Europe takes many forms, new and old. More worryingly, an uninhibited form of racism has emerged, using freedom of expression and ‘white victimhood’ as justifications for promoting exclusion and discrimination. A new publication by the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) explores how racism manifests itself today and how we can counter racist and xenophobic attitudes and discourses.

In today’s Europe, freedom of expression is increasingly used to justify the ‘right to offend’ ethnic and religious minorities and incite hatred against others, thus legitimising racism in the name of this right. For instance, in the Netherlands, some native Dutch people aggressively defend the tradition of the racist ‘Zwarte Piet’ figure, regardless of the hurt it causes to others.

In parallel, an ideology of ‘white victimhood’, or ‘reverse racism’, has been developing across Europe, whereby minorities and people from other cultures are portrayed as endangering the ‘native’ population, who would have become a ’minority’ in its own society. In Eastern Europe, paramilitary groups are resurging, claiming to defend the ‘fatherland’ against minorities, in particular the Roma. In Southern Europe, the view that the ‘natives’ are victims of ‘uncontrolled migration’ is more and more widespread, whereas in Western Europe, it is the notion that the majority citizens’ rights have been eroded by excessive attention to the rights of minority communities.

As a result of these interlinked developments, manifestations of racism(s) have become more assertive and politically acceptable. Yet European states and political leaders have not taken their responsibilities to respond to and counter these trends, due to a misguided fear of losing part of their electorate despite the fact that two-thirds of Europeans support policies in favour of equality and justice.

In this light, ENAR calls for concerted action, in particular by courageous political leaders, to actively delegitimise current racist and xenophobic discourses in Europe by proposing an alternative and inclusive project for Europe, fostering equality for all by making sure everyone can access a well remunerated and quality job. Work at the local level is also essential to develop a new, positive sense of shared belonging in local communities where racist discourses resonate strongly.
Monday, 11 March 2013

About 150 subsaharans assaulted the fence separating Morocco and the Spanish exclave Melilla today. 50 of them made it through and went on a rampage through the city, damaging the airport and attacking police officers, two of whom were wounded. This video shows the Africans assaulting a public building, occupying its roof, whooping for joy.


Marine Le Pen, president of the Front National, said on Monday that French society was "retreating" in the face of the demands of an "Islamic fundamentalism", citing a refusal by NGOs to accept donations of food that contained pork.

...According to her, "French society is retreating, French leaders are retreating in the fact of the demands" of this "fundamentalism". "When we see that our company Air France no longer has pork in its meals, that more and more school canteens no longer offer pork in the meals, that it's the same with government canteens, that humanitarian associations like Restaurants du coeur and Secours catholique refuse donations of products that contain pork, aren't we just submitting to the demands of the greatest extremists?", asked the far right leader.
Source: Le Point

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Affaire Merah: itinéraire d'un tueur [in French]

A few days ago in France, a documentary was broadcast about the Mohammed Merah jihad killing spree. Titled "Affaire Merah : itinéraire d'un tueur" [Merah case: itinerary of a killer], it brought some crucial information to light. Recall that Merah committed two attacks on soldiers then a final attack on a Jewish school. After the first two attacks, the investigators pursued the hypothesis that one of the soldiers had been targeted based on a motorcycle advertisement he had placed on the internet. The investigators tracked down everyone who had accessed that advert. The only two occasions on which it had been accessed from Toulouse were both from Mohammed Merah's mother's computer. Merah was already known to the French intelligence services as an Islamic radical. Based on this constellation of facts, a recommendation was made that Mohammed Merah be arrested. But it was disregarded.
Bernard Squarcini, then head of intelligence was recommending Merah's arrest from 18 March, the day before the massacre at the Jewish school.

But the judicial police are said not to have followed it up, focused on the far-right line of investigation.
Source: Affaire Merah : itinéraire d'un tueur   [12th minute]

So if Merah had been arrested when the recommendation was issued, the massacre at the school could have been prevented.

Sometimes we hear people saying that 'political correctness' is just a matter of harmless politeness. But that's not true. There are many instances, like this one, where it can be shown that the establishment's obsession with demonising "the right" and screening out awkward facts about people of non-European origin can be the cause of extraordinary harm. If this is "politeness", it is politeness leaving a trail of dead bodies in its wake.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Red = 50 - 80% alien , Blue = 80+% alien , Purple = Almost 100% alien
Belgium is a country of immigration which refuses to acknowledge it. The philosopher Edouard Delruelle, director of the Centre for Equality of Opportunities, has repeated it often. A demographic study has just confirmed this observation: according to the calculations of the sociologist Jan Hertogen, the kingdom has 2.6 million citizens "of immigrant origin", which is 24% of the total population.
Source: LeSoir

You can see interactive maps at the link provided. Note how virtually all of our major urban centres have been conquered, and only the countryside remains to Europeans.

Update: Just to be clear, although the article in Le Soir (really a blog post) doesn't specify, I am sure that in this context the phrase "of immigrant origin" doesn't refer to first-generation immigrants only. I would expect it to include at least the second generation and perhaps more.

Friday, 8 March 2013

"Immigrant women from non-Western countries and their female descendants are struggling to get a job in the Danish labor market.
45 percent of women with a non-western background - 63,530 women - are in employment, while a full 72 percent - 1,120,638 women - of their Danish 'sisters' are employed.
The new figures are from Social Security and the Ministry of Integration. In particular, immigrant women between 50 and 59 years are unemployed. In this particular age group 79 percent of women of Danish origin work, while only 39 percent of immigrants and descendants from non-Western countries work.
According to Vibeke Jacobsen, senior researcher at SFI and an expert on migrants in the labor market, there are a variety of explanations on why immigrant women find it difficult to get a job.
According to Jacobsen, immigrant women lack education, language skills, and they very often have only little knowledge of the Danish labor market."
Source: Only few female immigrants have a job
The announcement of the decision of Benoît Gheysens, mayor of Arveyres to no longer offer a substitute dish when pork is served in the canteen, provoked numerous reactions. And among those, one has been particularly virulent.

"Some individuals entered my property during the night and damaged my vehicle. I became aware of it this morning around 8.30 am," explains Benoît Gheysens who filed a complaint in the police station. Two burst tyres and scratches on the bodywork that he considers "unacceptable": "They've encroached upon my private life. I don't see why I should continue with my commitment to public life in these conditions. I'll finish my mandate but I don't know if I'll stand again."

However, what he describes as "means of exerting pressure" will not cause him to revise his decision: "It's a question of economy, of justice and equality for the children. I hear the reactions of the parents and I am ready to receive them, to listen to them. But going from there to damaging my personal property ... That's going too far."
Pakis craving their Apple fix
The Daily Mail has a story today speculating about Apple's new product releases. More interesting than the story, though, is the photo that illustrates it, showing customers queuing to be the first to get the new iPhone last year. Normally, these Apple fanboys are geekie tech-kids. But look at this photo. Almost everyone in it is a dodgy-looking Paki. At first, I thought the Daily Mail must have picked a photograph showing the queues in Karachi or somewhere like that, just to make the point that Apple's products are popular worldwide. But no. This is Covent Garden, London. What's the story? Pakis just love iPhones? Or the Pakis buy them then resell them at a higher price on ebay or something?

The mother and uncle of a three-year old named Jihad, who was born on September 11, were due in a French court on Wednesday for sending him to school in a top with "I am a bomb" written on it.

The sweatshirt also had the words "Jihad, born on September 11" emblazoned on the back when he turned up at his nursery school in the southern town of Sorgues on September 25.

The family and their supporters claim it was a harmless attempt at humour but they were charged with condoning a crime over the alleged reference to the 9/11 attacks on New York's twin towers in 2001.

Their trial, due to take place in December but adjourned until March 6, will take place in the town of Avignon.

The uncle bought the top and the mother dressed her son in it when she sent him to school that day.

Jihad's teacher alerted the authorities and a few days later the town mayor, Thierry Lagneau of the conservative UMP party, asked prosecutors to investigate.

"I condemn the attitude of the parents who shamefully took advantage of the person and the age of this child to convey a political message," Lagneau said at the time.

The prosecutor in Avignon previously told the court the family must have known the reaction the boy’s clothing would provoke.

“At some point there must be limits. They are not stupid. They understand the significance of what they are doing,” he said.

The mother and uncle of the boy, who official records show was born on September 11, 2009 and was given Jihad as his first name, were not known Islamists, prosecutors said.

The mother was astonished at the reaction to her son's top and at the proportions the affair had taken on, they added.

The uncle, Zeyad Bagour, was equally outraged the case has ended up in court. “We are accused of condoning a crime, It’s ridiculous,” he told France Info radio.

The family are supported by the local branch of the organisation Movement against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples (MRAP).

Josette Pessemesse, from the far-left Front de Gauche party, wrote an open letter to the court defending the “right to humour”. It was signed by around 50 people.

“This is the same as qualifying all Muslims as terrorists,” Pessemesse told France Info.

The pair risk a €45,000 fine and a one year prison sentence if found guilty.
Source: The Local

This is in Avignon, former seat of the papacy.

Another report quoted the defence lawyer saying, "Jihad's mother is completely westernised. I've never seen her wearing the veil."

The mother and the uncle of Jihad claimed it was "tactlessness". The mother justified the wearing of the T-shirt, explaining: "My brother had just given it to him, I made him wear it, I didn't think. For me, it's his forename and his date of birth."

For his part, the uncle defended himself, insisting that his action did not have an ideological motivation. In the hearing, he said it was simply a joke.
Thursday, 7 March 2013

"Asylum seeker arrested after stabbing
A Libyan man was armed with a knife when he was arrested at the subway station after the stabbing.
Copenhagen Police have arrested a possible offender in connection with a stabbing at Christiania Thursday afternoon.
Shortly before half past six an Italian man in the mid-20s, was stabbed at an entrance to Christiania.
'- We have a description of the perpetrator, which we sent to the patrols. One patrol take to the subway station in Christianshavn, where they find him,' said central intelligence director Robert Jensen Ritzau.
In connection with the arrest police searched the suspect, an asylum seeker from Libya.
'- He was in possession of a small knife, which we believe may be the crime weapon. And from what he has explained, it may well be that he has been at the crime scene,' said Robert Jensen."
Source: Asylum seeker arrested after stabbing
"EU's selfperception - the citizens' perception of EU"
Shahid Mehdi is leader of the Islamic Iqra school in Nørrebro and former leader of an Islamic Cultural society.

"A 36-year-old Danish man is the protagonist in a bizarre sex case, which will soon be dealt with in court in Malmö.
The man who is the headmaster of a private school in Nørrebro, is known in the Danish public for his distinctive, Muslim attitudes. In 2007, he said in the DR2 program 'Talk to God' that women not wearing headscarves are asking to be raped. ...
Now, however, he is accused of pulling his penis out and chasing a 23-year-old woman around in a park in Malmö in August 2012, according to the court in Malmö.
The woman managed to get away, and she called the police, who arrested the man a few minutes later. During the interrogation he refused to plead guilty and believes that the accusation is based on racism because he has Pakistani roots.
Police evidence against the man is so strong that he will stand trial. Here he risks having to pay 10,000 kronor in compensation to the woman.
The woman told the police that she lives close to the park, and was out walking her puppy when the man walked towards her, and she began to feel uncomfortable.
She bent down to pick up her dog, when the man asked about her name. She just had time to respond before the man opened his pants and took his penis out, while she was still bent down so that his penis was half a meter from her head.
The woman got up and ran away, and when she looked over her shoulder, she saw that the man followed her, she told police. The man gave up his project, and disappeared into some bushes.
The Danish man can not recognize the woman explanation. ...
After he was released he found by his own admission religious vandalism on his car, which among other things was a Star of David scratched in the paint. He accuses the 23-year-old woman to stand behind the vandalism
, and has made a counterclaim against her in 25,000 Swedish kronor."
Maybe Shahid Mehdi just loves dogs?

Source: School leader accused of sex attack
Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Is Sharia already in force in Europe?
Arne S., originally from Blankenberge, was sentenced on Wednesday, by the criminal court of Bruges, to four months in prison for having torn a copy of the Koran in front of a group of Muslims, in June 2012, in Ostende.

On 8 June last year, in the early evening, the accused participated in a demonstration in Ostende. After the demonstration, he went into a café where he exchanged words with around a dozen Muslims. In front of their eyes, Arne S. tore a copy of the Koran.

According to the statements of the accused, the Muslims threw the sacred [sic] book at his head, which provoked his action. Olivier Ryde, the accused's lawyer, requested this his client be acquitted. According to him, there was no question of any infringement of the law on racism.

So a Muslim mob assaults this guy by throwing a Koran at his head, and he is the one that gets sent to prison? Crazy. The news report says absolutely nothing about the Muslims being punished for the assault.

"Copenhagen Police arrested four close family members of a 17-year-old girl Tuesday night (March 5th 2013). ... Those arrested are two married couples with Palestinian background - the girl's parents and her aunt and uncle. ... It is a case of honor-related violence, which apparently stems from the fact that the family could not accept that the girl has got a Danish boyfriend.
The girl's parents picked her up Monday at Nørrebro and according to the prosecutor they lured her to come with them to visit some family members in Taastrup (Copenhagen suburb), where other family members waited for her. The father told one of the other family members that he or she was allowed to kill her, and that the father did not want to see her again.
Then the girl's parents left, and the girl was ordered to undress, after which she was beaten with a leather belt, got her hair cut off and had a belt tightened around her neck so she could not breathe.
The violence lasted for two hours but stopped, as the 17-year-old succeeded in escaping from the house. She then called the police."
Souce: DR - Honor-violence: 17-year-old girl whipped
Tuesday, 5 March 2013
After acts of violence that took place on Sunday and Monday in the emergency department of the Northern Marseilles hospital, the institution's management has filed a complaint with the police.

On Sunday, a "jeune", apparently unhappy with his medical certificate, threatened the doctor who had previously received him with death and reprisals using a Kalashnikov.

..."These types of incident have become more and more frequent," observed Dr Philippe Jean, a manager in the adult emergency reception service. The director of the service stresses that "urban violence has now been imported into the hospital. There is no more respect for the institution," he concluded.
Source: Novopress

"Two armed men in uniform-like attire Tuesday early afternoon showed up at Gallery Draupner in Skanderborg, Denmark.
One threatened gallery owner Erik Guldager with a gun-like object. Also the other was armed with what looked like a gun, and was also wielding a baseball bat.
The gallery is famous for having exhibited drawings of Muhammad, said Southeast Jutland Police. The men ran from the site without using their arms and apparently without making verbal threats. ...
Both men had black clothes on, which is described as "uniform-like".
One described as exotic in appearance, 180-185 centimeters tall and strong and muscular build. He had a gun or a pistol-like object in the belt.
The other man, who threatened the owner, is also exotic in appearance. He is about 175 centimeters tall and normal building."
Source: JP - Gallery owner threatened by armed men

After the Conservatives promised to repeal the Human Rights Act, the human rights agitators quickly showed their sheer contempt for democracy. Here the Guardian tells us that it doesn't matter what laws elected representatives pass in Parliament, even if their specific agenda was endorsed by the electorate. The judicial apparat can do what it wants anyway, even ignore parliament or strike down laws.
At any rate, if the Human Rights Act were repealed, it is not obvious that it would make much difference to how the British courts act now. The judges here have developed a set of human rights principles which are indigenous to the common law and which would almost certainly grow to fill the gap left by the act's removal: judges deal in facts and real human stories, not rhetoric, and so might be squeamish about sending people to places to be killed or tortured or allowing the same here on the say-so of someone like Theresa May (or, by then, Nigel Farage). In fact, some judges might even be emboldened to strike down acts of parliament for breach of human rights, something that the current legislation specifically prohibits and so would be easier with the Human Rights Act off the scene. What would the Tories do then? Withdraw from the legal system?
Source: Guardian

Human rights and democracy are often mentioned in the same breath as if they were corollaries of one another. The truth is they are polar opposites.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Or How a Civilised Country Turns into a Third World Country.
The shots fired at point blank range which wounded three workers from the company BTP on 18 February in an estate in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, were the trigger. Seine-Saint-Denis police headquarters, which had been alerted several times about the attacks on urban renewal construction sites in the district, finally reacted. The judicial police was ordered to mount an enquiry, the police held a meeting with the company on 26 February, a second meeting is scheduled between the police commissioner and the elected representatives of several towns that have fallen victim to the phenomenon. It is long overdue: this is the third serious attack in three months that has taken place in the district. Everyone involved speaks of an escalation of violence in relation to the urban renewal construction sites.

The Pierrefitte, in this district with the delicate name of City of the Poets, was particularly traumatic. On the video filmed by the surveillance cameras, a fat man, wearing a helmet and cagoule, enters the Algeco where he gets ready and opens fire on the workers four or five times before fleeing on a scooter, according to their employer, Coredif, a public works company. The construction site manager and a driver were wounded in the leg and hospitalised. "We're used to insults and threats but this is the first time it has reached that level of violence", declares Ali Gök, managing director of the company BTP.

In this same estate, in December 2012, two attacks - a theft of a computer and mobile phone, plus a fire of two of the work machines - had revealed the resumption of tension around this council housing construction site. And two years ago, the first part of this renovation project had been the scene of a organised crime racket: four "jeunes" were arrested and three jailed for extortion of five construction companies, including Coredif, the company targeted again

With 42 billion being invested in construction work, since it started in 2003, urban renewal has been a boom for the districts. The pressures on the renewal construction sites have always existed inasmuch as the latter constitute high stakes for the street capos: get certain people hired or take a cut from the construction site material is commonplace. And the companies have incorporated it into their budgets.

But the blackmail has changed in scale. For several months now, the tensions and intimidations have become systematic and more violent. "It has taken on worrying proportions and it has become a very organised system like we see in Corsica", declares Stéphane Peu, president of the Plaine residential community, council housing department. It is rare, however, for companies to file a complaint. Out of concern for their employees. And also because urban renewal being vital for their order books, they prefer to pay. "As long as it doesn't affect the employees, the companies don't talk about it and prefer to arrange things," acknowledges Francis Dubrac, director of a public works company and former boss of the local MEDEF [Chamber of Commerce].

...In October 2012, in the Karl-Marx[!] estate in the centre of Bobigny, a worker was struck several times with a hammer. Two weeks later, some "jeunes" again seriously threatened the workers. The work site was shut down.

In Francs-Moisins in Saint-Denis, on 30 January, it was also under the threat of a blade that two individuals made a worker get down from his digger. Work machines burnt or workers harassed, the month of January was particularly violent on the construction sites of Saint-Denis. The companies are also subject to systematic racketeering. In one district, it's a "local" security company that the street capos advise to hire to guard the equipment. The declared cost: 150 euros per night to protect a tarring machine.

In another district, the company was forced to change all the windows in 450 houses. "The racketeers collected 80,000 euros after reselling the frames to a metal dealer," says one elected representative. The names of the cities are not mentioned, "for the safety of the employees", says the town council. Even the lighting companies have taken precautionary measures and only work "from 5 in the morning, when the dealers go to bed, till noon, when they get up," says one local boss. Because the reprisals have become more violent: "They don't scratch the cars or puncture the tires, they shoot at you," says one assistant.

The companies that are victimised by this blackmail don't want to testify. Neither Vinci, Eiffage, Bouygues, nor ISS Espaces verts "want to discuss this subject". The politicians have also long been silent. Stéphane Peu acknowledges it: "From the police to the bosses via the letting companies and the politicians, everyone has closed their eyes. We need to react and offer a real police and judicial response when faced with these mafia tendencies."
Source: Le Monde

See Part 1 here.

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