Thursday, 31 January 2013
The constitutional reform, which the Élysée wants to see adopted before the summer, is envisages deleting the word 'race' that appears in the 1st article of the constitution, which stipulates: "France is a republic, indivisible, secular, democratic and social. It provides equality before the law for all citizens without distinctions based on origin, race or religion. It respects all faiths. Its organisation is decentralised."

The deletion of the term 'race' "appears in the draft text which will be the focus of consultations the prime minister is going to engage in" with the presidents of the parliamentary groups, Figaro learned from an adviser to the president of the Republic.

During his campaign, François Hollande made this commitment. "There is no place in the Republic for race. That's why on the day after the presidential election, I will ask parliament to delete the word 'race' from our constitution", the Socialist candidate declared in March 2012 during a meeting in Paris dedicated to France's overseas territories.
Source: Le Figaro

Hope not Hate bruiser Dan Hodges has been active in the Telegraph recently, demanding that funding be cut off to anyone that disagrees with him the BNP and other European nationalist parties. As usual in the Telegraph, the comments are more interesting than the articles. And, through them, some interesting information came to light about Mr Hodges, much of it courtesy of the former contributor to this blog Johnny Rottenborough. He provided an interesting link that tells us much about the mentality of Dan Hodges and those like him. Here Hodges describes campaigning against the BNP a few years ago:
I started working with Hope not Hate on the media campaign for the 2009 Euro elections. It was no-holds-barred, bare knuckle, PR. We used every dirty, underhand, low down, unscrupulous trick in the book. Then when the book had been used up, we tore it to shreds, set it on fire, and stuffed it down Nick Griffin’s underpants.

Another commenter provided the following information about Hodges' past. I can't say whether this is all true or not but it certainly sounds plausible.
Hodges has also worked for 'Searchlight Magazine, which was founded and edited by Gerry Gable: failed Communist candidate and a convicted burglar. Searchlight has a sordid history of false accusations and links with extremist groups.

Hodges charged Searchlight £600 a week for ‘providing PR and communications support for the campaign including drafting articles, drafting press releases, producing press briefings, providing media comment, assisting in media event management and providing general strategic media advice’.

* Gable was a member of the Young Communist League and the Communist Party of Great Britain.

* He started as a trainee journalist on the Communist Party’s Daily Worker.

* After a year he left for what became a career as a Communist Party trade union official.

* He stood for the Communist Party on Thursday the 10th of May 1962 at Northfield Ward, Stamford Hill, North London.

* These links remain. In 1986 Searchlight was distributed by
‘Central Books Ltd.’, a Communist Party front that distributes various
Marxist literature.

Two interesting new (for me, anyway) facts about Hodges came to light in the course of the comments. The first is that he is the son of the actress Glenda Jackson. The second is that he lost one of his eyes in a fight. I had noticed his severely beaten-up appearance before. I thought stealth jihadi Mehdi Hasan might have been responsible, after bitchslapping him out of the New Statesman. But it seems Hodges lost his eye long before. Does anyone know how? Did he lose it, perchance, while engaging in brutal assaults on human rights promotion with Europeans who don't want their civilisation to be extinguished fascists?

Update on this from the great man himself in a Telegraph chat.

Yesterday was the 80th anniversary of Hitler’s ascent to power in Germany. As usual we were forced to endure the usual chorus of elite actors telling us that if we didn’t do what they said, a new Hitler would be in power tomorrow.

It has long seemed to me that the madness that has recently seized hold of Europe has all the characteristics of a religious mania. I’ve searched the historical record for anything comparable, for episodes in which people have so gratuitously inflicted such extraordinary harm on themselves, and the only thing I can find remotely similar is outbreaks of religious fanaticism.

If we run with the concept of the ideology of human rights/multiculturalism as a new religion, though, we immediately run into the problem that it doesn’t have a deity. In some ways, our concept of what a religion is may be too narrowly focused on the Judeo-Christian model. Confucianism, for example, is often considered to have the characteristics of a religion, although it incorporates no deity and only touches on the supernatural slightly (spirits of ancestors).

It just occurred to me recently, though, that the new religion invented and practised by our ruling multicultural elite does indeed have a deity: Hitler. Hitler is their god. For them, he is a kind of anti-deity. They see themselves as rebelling against the will of their god, defying his wicked purposes. But are they really? Hitler tried to destroy a people. His devotees have formulated a set of ideas which, if consistently applied, would have the effect of destroying all peoples. Because no people can survive without a home, that is a physical territory of its own predominantly inhabited by other members of the same tribe. And the multicult wishes to deprive the European peoples of their ancestral homelands; and, ultimately all peoples of their homelands, because their ideology refuses to recognise the existence of peoples except as collectivities defined by their joint possession of a government-allocated status called citizenship.

This concept of an anti-deity isn’t really all that new. In fact, in many ways it could be regarded as a reversion to primitivism. Historically, most gods have not been beneficent. Primitive religions often involve sacrifice to appease the anger of a brutal, vengeful god who would otherwise inflict harm. Even the Old Testament has some of this.

Within Europe, it was the advent of Christianity that led to our image of god as a benevolent being. Perhaps it is only natural then that as Christianity has fallen away, we have reverted to the archetype of a bad god who will punish us if we don’t perform the necessary rituals in the correct way.

In defence of this interpretation of the Hitler cult as a religion, I point out that Hitler’s place at the top of our popular iconography of evil is not rational. Stalin and Mao killed more people than Hitler did. In the mass exterminations of the 20th century, more people were killed as a result of class prejudice or political prejudice than racial prejudice. And even if we consider the potential for harm alone, there are far potential victims of class and political prejudice than racial prejudice, because most areas of the world are still relatively homogeneous ethnically.

There’s a tragic example of this unhealthy Hitler devotion in the Daily Mail. It’s notable because it comes from Simon Heffer, regarded as the classic right-wing old buffer of British journalism. I’ve no doubt that Heffer is highly sceptical of the benefits of third world immigration and Islam. He wrote an excellent, and fair, biography of Enoch Powell. Yet even he fully shares this deranged obsession with Hitler. Reaching into his bag of clichés, he draws parallels between our time and the 1930s and sees signs of a return to Hitlerism in Greece with Golden Dawn.

What these Hitler devotees fail to take into account is that it is precisely their unhealthy obsession with Adolf Hitler, and the fact that they structure their policies around this obsession, that leads to an increase in support for groups like Golden Dawn. Their prophecies of a return to Hitlerism become self-fulfilling. If our elites set themselves the goal of eradicating nationalism, they can only do it by eradicating nations, which means eradicating peoples. Because a nation is a people. Its linguistic root is the Latin ‘natus’ [born]. Common ancestry forms the core of any nation. In our day, the word nation has come to refer to a political administrative unit rather than a people, but that is a falsification of its original meaning. Attempting to eradicate peoples, though, even disregarding the fact that this is exactly what Hitler tried to do, can only lead to a resurgence of nationalism, not its diminution. If things continue on their current trends, in the next century Hitler may come to be regarded as a prophet and a hero to such beleaguered remnants of European humanity as still exist.

Moreover, the conventional historical interpretation that the Hitler episode can be attributed to nationalism, and that therefore nationalism should be repressed, is highly debatable. It would make as much, and perhaps more, sense to say that the Hitler came to power because of the repression of nationalism. Nationalism, very simply, is the idea that those who self-identify as a people should live in the same political unit. This principle, which corresponds to a core human instinct, was violated in the post-WWI settlement which handed over large swathes of historically German territory inhabited by German people to the control of other countries. The governments of those countries then persecuted the German minorities who now found themselves within their borders. This was the emotive issue that Hitler used to lever himself into power. So Hitlerism was produced not by the exaltation of nationalism but exaltation of the state – exaltation of the idea that our identity should be defined by a government and its casually-drawn frontiers, rather than the deep ties of shared history, ancestry, language and culture.

Like the Counterjihadists who trumpet their support for human rights, the European elites who obsess about the need to counter any revival of Hitlerism have profoundly misdiagnosed the problem. Because of their intellectual error, their prescribed solution can only aggravate the condition rather than cure it. Human rights are not the solution to the problem of Islam in our midst. They are the cause of it. Repression of nationalism is not the solution to the problem of Hitlerism. It is the cause of it.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

This is based on census results, so you have to take the illegals and Muslims who didn't fill in the census for other reasons into account. They would bump up the figures. Also Scotland and Northern Ireland are not included.

At least three raps in one year in the same town. The series of crimes in Noisy-le-Grand (Seine-Saint-Denis) seems to have been committed by members of the gang "Candy Shop", according to initial information gathered by the police. Put under surveillance by the intelligence services, this violent group frequents La Défense (Hauts-de-Seine) or the Gare du Nord (10th district).

The phenomenon, like that of "tournantes" [gang rapes], is not new. Most of the time, the crimes committed by the "jeunes" remain confined to incivilities, attacks on law enforcement, brawls, deals in housing estates or trafficking of any kind.

But a particularly disturbing practice was detected by the specialised police services when monitoring the gangs. "With some of them, generally the most structured, we got back some information on the ground indicating their possible involvement in rapes, explains division commissioner Christian Hirsoil, sub-director of the general information service in the Central Directoratte of Public Security. "As it relates to an initiation rite, the "jeune" has to attack, catch and rape a young woman," he continues, without being able to link what is happening in Noisy-le-Grand with these practices.
Source: 20 Minutes

For those who don't know, Seine-Saint-Denis is a massively Muslim-colonised area. In fact, it is has the highest immigrant density of any area in France.
Tuesday, 29 January 2013
Bombshell article in the Telegraph today. Rarely does this much truth appear in the mainstream media.
"When you go swimming, it’s much healthier to keep your whole body completely covered, you know.” The Muslim lady behind the counter in my local pharmacy has recently started giving me advice like this. It’s kindly meant and I’m always glad to hear her views because she is one of the few people in west London where I live who talks to me.
The streets around Acton, which has been my home since 1996, have taken on a new identity. Most of the shops are now owned by Muslims and even the fish and chip shop and Indian takeaway are Halal. It seems that almost overnight it’s changed from Acton Vale into Acton Veil.

Of the 8.17 million people in London, one million are Muslim, with the majority of them young families. That is not, in reality, a great number. But because so many Muslims increasingly insist on emphasising their separateness, it feels as if they have taken over; my female neighbours flap past in full niqab, some so heavily veiled that I can’t see their eyes. I’ve made an effort to communicate by smiling deliberately at the ones I thought I was seeing out and about regularly, but this didn’t lead to conversation because they never look me in the face.

I recently went to the plainly named “Curtain Shop” and asked if they would put some up for me. Inside were a lot of elderly Muslim men. I was told that they don’t do that kind of work, and was back on the pavement within a few moments. I felt sure I had suffered discrimination and was bewildered as I had been there previously when the Muslim owners had been very friendly. Things have changed. I am living in a place where I am a stranger.

I was brought up in a village in Staffordshire, and although I have been in London for a quarter of a century I have kept the habit of chatting to shopkeepers and neighbours, despite it not being the done thing in metropolitan life. Nowadays, though, most of the tills in my local shops are manned by young Muslim men who mutter into their mobiles as they are serving. They have no interest in talking to me and rarely meet my gaze. I find this situation dismal. I miss banter, the hail fellow, well met chat about the weather, or what was on TV last night.

More worryingly, I feel that public spaces are becoming contested. One food store has recently installed a sign banning alcohol on the premises. Fair enough. But it also says: “No alcohol allowed on the streets near this shop.” I am no fan of street drinking, and rowdy behaviour and loutish individuals are an aspect of modern British ''culture’’ I hate. But I feel uneasy that this shopkeeper wants to control the streets outside his shop. I asked him what he meant by his notice but he just smiled at me wistfully.

Perhaps he and his fellow Muslims want to turn the area into another Tower Hamlets, the east London borough where ''suggestive’’ advertising is banned and last year a woman was refused a job in a pharmacy because she wasn’t veiled.


There are, of course, other Europeans in my area who may share my feelings but I’m not able to talk to them easily about this situation as they are mostly immigrants, too. At Christmas I spoke to an elderly white woman about the lack of parsnips in the local greengrocer, but she turned out to have no English and I was left grumbling to myself.

Poles have settled in Ealing since the Second World War and are well assimilated, but since 2004 about 370,000 east Europeans have arrived in London. Almost half the populations of nearby Ealing and Hammersmith were born outside the UK. Not surprisingly, at my bus stop I rarely hear English spoken. I realise that we can’t return to the time when buses were mainly occupied by white ladies in their best hats and gloves going shopping, but I do feel nostalgic for the days when a journey on public transport didn’t leave me feeling as if I have only just arrived in a strange country myself.

There are other “cultural differences” that bother me, too. Over the past year I have been involved in rescuing a dog that was kept in a freezing shed for months. The owners spoke no English. A Somali neighbour kept a dog that he told me he was training to fight, before it was stolen by other dog fighters. I have tried to re-home several cats owned by a family who refuse to neuter their animals, because of their religion.

In the Nineties, when I arrived, this part of Acton was a traditional working-class area. Now there is no trace of any kind of community – that word so cherished by the Left. Instead it has been transformed into a giant transit camp and is home to no one. The scale of immigration over recent years has created communities throughout London that never need to – or want to – interact with outsiders.

It wasn’t always the case: since the 1890s thousands of Jewish, Irish, Afro-Caribbean, Asian and Chinese workers, among others, have arrived in the capital, often displacing the indigenous population. Yes, there was hateful overt racism and discrimination, I’m not denying that. But, over time, I believe we settled down into a happy mix of incorporation and shared aspiration, with disparate peoples walking the same pavements but returning to very different homes – something the Americans call “sundown segregation”.

But now, despite the wishful thinking of multiculturalists, wilful segregation by immigrants is increasingly echoed by the white population – the rate of white flight from our cities is soaring. According to the Office for National Statistics, 600,000 white Britons have left London in the past 10 years. The latest census data shows the breakdown in telling detail: some London boroughs have lost a quarter of their population of white, British people. The number in Redbridge, north London, for example, has fallen by 40,844 (to 96,253) in this period, while the total population has risen by more than 40,335 to 278,970. It isn’t only London boroughs. The market town of Wokingham in Berkshire has lost nearly 5 per cent of its white British population.

I suspect that many white people in London and the Home Counties now move house on the basis of ethnicity, especially if they have children. Estate agents don’t advertise this self-segregation, of course. Instead there are polite codes for that kind of thing, such as the mention of “a good school”, which I believe is code for “mainly white English”. Not surprising when you learn that nearly one million pupils do not have English as a first language.

I, too, have decided to leave my area, following in the footsteps of so many of my neighbours. I don’t really want to go. I worked long and hard to get to London, to find a good job and buy a home and I’d like to stay here. But I’m a stranger on these streets and all the “good” areas, with safe streets, nice housing and pleasant cafés, are beyond my reach. I see London turning into a place almost exclusively for poor immigrants and the very rich.

It’s sad that I am moving not for a positive reason, but to escape something. I wonder whether I’ll tell the truth, if I’m asked. I can’t pretend that I’m worried about local schools, so perhaps I’ll say it’s for the chance of a conversation over the garden fence. But really I no longer need an excuse: mass immigration is making reluctant racists of us all.
Source: Telegraph

Extracts from an interview with a Paki nuclear physicist. He is an Islmaili Muslim, considered heretical by many other Muslims.
SPIEGEL ONLINE: Mr Hoodbhoy, you warn regularly about the radicalisation of Muslims. What do you base that on specifically?

Hoodbhoy: When I started teaching here at Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad in the early 70s, on the entire campus there was only a single student wearing a burka. Today around 70 per cent of the women here are completely covered. Only 30 per cent go around normally.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Do your students justify it? Or is that not an issue?

Hoodbhoy: I ask them occasionally and many of them say Islam requires it of them. Others say they wear a burka or hijab because most women here do. Others say they feel safer like that, because when they're standing at the bus stop no one bothers them.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: So there's no turning to god or stricter interpretation of religion?

Hoodbhoy: Yes. We are experiencing a major cultural revolution in the Islamic world. It's not just Pakistan that is affected, but more or less every Islamic country. Pakistan is changing, Afghanistan has radicalised, Iran, Iraq, many countries in Africa and the Arabian world, Egypt, Algeria, now Mali. Sooner or later in Syria only veiled women will be seen. But let's look at the Islamic communities in Europe or the USA - they are infected by the same virus. Why? I think people are noticing that they are different from others. A burka is really just a label to distance yourself from others. It says clearly: my identity is Islamic. This identity is closely bound to the feeling of being a victim of history. Deep down, Muslims feel that they have failed. This mix of sensitivities makes me afraid, because it leads to behaviour that is very unhealthy.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: You view Muslim societies as having collectively failed. What do you mean by that?

Hoodbhoy: There are around 1.5 billion Muslims in the entire world - but they cannot point to a substantial achievement in any field. Not in politics, not socially, not in the sciences or art or literature. The only thing they do with great devotion is fast and pray. But there are no efforts to improve conditions of life in Islamic societies. Unconsciously people naturally feel this is a collective failure.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Do you actually receive threats because of statements like this?

Hoodbhoy: Threats, no, but they make life difficult for me. I've just been sacked from Lahore University of Management Sciences, where I taught physics. That's a very progressive private university, but in this society there are limits to what may be said. Even here in Islamabad life isn't easy for me. Because I am a tenured professor, they can't sack me. But I've haven't been paid for months. I'm just sticking to the facts: what significant invention or discovery have Muslims made in the last thousand years? Electricity? Electromagnetic waves? Antibiotics? The combustion engine? Computers? No, nothing, at least nothing that makes for a modern civilisation. And it's the same now. And according to the religious fanatics, that also doesn't matter. Their thoughts are still stuck in the 12th century.
Source: Der Spiegel

Monday, 28 January 2013
...what if we were told that thousands of people from Africa we've seen arriving here are not, in fact, fleeing poverty at all? Or that, legally speaking, they're not even Africans, but rather nationals of such generous welfare utopias as Sweden, Denmark and Holland?

For BBC Radio 4, I've been searching for some idea of what the modern "British Dream" could be, through a series of frank interviews with some of the almost 3 million new arrivals to England and Wales since 2001 (the first of three programmes is broadcast at 8pm starting tonight). Time and again, our team uncovered Africans who were not any longer from Africa. They were EU citizens and actually giving up welfare rights in places like Scandinavia to come to the UK.

Indeed, we met so many Nigerians from Germany, or Somalis from Denmark, that we asked Oxford University's Migration Observatory to crunch the numbers on how many EU migrants are not originally from Europe. They found that 141,000 people, 7% of those who came to the UK under EU rules were born outside the continent. Somalis are one of the biggest such groups, with an estimated 20,000 coming to the UK from the Netherlands alone. Studies show that between one third and a half of the entire Dutch Somali community has moved to the UK.

But why abandon the good life in Sweden, or the Netherlands, to start again from scratch in Britain?

"It's great to have a decent house," I was told by Quman Akli, who was three and a half when her family fled Somalia for Bergen, in North Holland, in 1989. "But also you want more in life than a decent house. You want to be able to progress."

Quman's family had been housed by the Dutch government. She grew up there and spoke Dutch fluently. After finishing school, she would have been entitled to a subsidised university education; even her bus passes would have been paid for by the state.

Instead, in 2003, she told her father Jibril that she wanted to move to Britain, where she would have to pay for university. He wasn't upset – in fact he decided to quit his job in a printing firm and bring the whole family to London.

"I think the UK is more open than other European countries," says Jibril, who is now a London bus driver. He and many other Somalis told me they admired the success of non-white people in Britain – which was conspicuously absent, they felt, on the continent. Jibril mentions the Asian community who came to the UK from Uganda. "They are landlords, they are businessmen, lawyers," he enthuses. "It's amazing."

How should we feel about this admiration of Britain from non-white people across Europe? Some may find it uncomfortable that Jibril and other Somalis I met were partly attracted by the larger number of mosques in Britain. On the other hand, for them, it's often about racism. Quman remembers how well-meaning Dutch people constantly asked her when she was "going home" after 9/11.

"No one has asked me that in London," she says. She enthuses about Britain's education system and the number of minority MPs.

Others are even more direct in their praise. "London has become a place where black people can live," says Kevin Obudako, who was born in Nigeria but came to Britain from Germany. Having been racially taunted when he first got to Germany, he says an awareness of British post-colonial migration drew him here. "You had Nigerians, Jamaicans," he says. "Everyone was accommodated."
Source: Guardian

There have been some reports in the British press today about how the government is planning an advertising campaign to deter Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants from coming here, telling them how bad Britain is and how terribly cold, etc.

Ministerial consideration of launching a negative advertising campaign to deter Bulgarians and Romanians from coming to work in Britain next year is "bordering on the farcical", Keith Vaz, the chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee, has said.

Vaz warned that such propaganda tactics had been used in the past and been found to be counterproductive.

The campaign, which would focus on the downsides of British life perhaps by suggesting jobs are scarce and it rains all the time, is one of a range of potential measures to stem immigration to Britain next year when curbs imposed on both country's citizens living and working in the UK will expire.
Source: Guardian

This tactic was indeed tried long ago, when the third-world hordes first began to pour into Britain. It didn't work, as the fact that someone called Keith Vaz is now chairman of the home affairs select committee proves.
Unable to persuade the Caribbean governments to restrict the issue of passports, the British government looked to other means at its disposal, often accompanied by the use of unequivocal language, to persuade the island governments to limit the access of their subjects to the United Kingdom for settlement. Much of this work was done by publicising the difficulties facing potential migrants to Britain. An official film was made for distribution in the Caribbean showing the very worst aspects of life in Britain in deep mid-winter. Immigrants were portrayed as likely to be without work and comfortable accommodation against a background of weather that must have been filmed during the appallingly cold winter of 1947-8. The Colonial Office, for example, sent Caribbean governments copies of figures of unemployed colonials in the United Kingdom, figures expressly collected for the purpose of dissuading further entry. In the aftermath of the arrival of the Empire Windrush, Creech Jones tried to assure his Cabinet colleagues that he had done all he could to prevent ‘these influxes’:

Not only has the position about employment and accommodation in the United Kingdom been explained by me to the Governors in correspondence but a senior officer of my Department visited Jamaica and certain of the other West Indian Islands last year and made great efforts to explain the difficulties at this end and to discourage people from coming over to this country on the chance of finding work. There was ample publicity in the Jamaican press of the difficulties men might meet if they came to England. Before the party of 417 left Jamaica they were warned by the Jamaican Government about the difficulties which would beset them on their arrival in this country.

In 1950 the Secretary of State for the Colonies, alarmed by the arrival of the first charter flight carrying unsponsored immigrants from Jamaica, expressed his ‘serious concern’ to the Governor of Jamaica. He requested that a notice entitled ‘Warning to intending migrants from Jamaica to the United Kingdom’ be distributed as widely as possible in the colony. In a bid to deter intending emigrants to the United Kingdom it described conditions of poverty and misery and warned that both accommodation and jobs were difficult to find. It set down three ‘absolute essentials for success in the United Kingdom’: possession of proper qualifications to do work which was in demand; possession of enough money to live on until employment could be found; and a definite offer of accommodation in the area of intended settlement.
Source: British Immigration Policy since 1939: The Making of Multi-Racial Britain by Ian R. G. Spencer

This picture was shown in the city museum in Friedberg, Germany, in an exhibition entitled "City. History. Future." It's probably an accurate prediction of the future of many cities in Germany and Europe if current trends continue. Two Turkish associations complained about it and succeeded in getting the inscription on the child's sweatshirt changed from "Osama" to "Obama". The museum curator defended the rest of the image saying it wasn't a criticism of Islam, but an ironic, postmodern critique of those who criticise Islam. Or something.
The intention is not to show the typical western view of Islam in a critical way. Actually it is intended to be a critique of our society and the fear of being swamped by foreigners.
Source: Via: EuropeNews

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Columbus learns wisdom from the Muslims por V1683

I've watched quite a lot of Spanish historical fiction series on DVD in the last year, and perhaps I'll make a fuller post about how they typically portray the Muslims sometime later. In general, its what you would expect given the age of lunacy we live in. Spaniards who advocate taking their country back from the invaders who have occupied it are depicted as sinister, scheming extremists, while those who urge convivencia and accommodation are viewed positively.

Recently I watched an old series called Requiem for Granada on DVD. It tells the story of the recapture of Granada, and focuses on the Muslim perspective. The Muslim characters are played by Europeans "darked up". I always find it amusing when television series or films bearing an "anti-racist" message have the non-European characters played by Europeans. People feel a natural affinity for those who are genetically like them, and this manifests itself in a certain physical repulsion from those who are unlike them. This instinct is the reality that underlies the mythology of racism. But, of course, while purporting to challenge it, the television studios and film directors are actually pandering to it by having the brown people played by Whitey.

In general, Requiem for Granada depicts the Muslims as being a kind of civilised master race, whose wisdom and and refinement contrasts with the crudity of the Christians. The Christian characters, including Fernando and Isabel, take up very little screen time. The story is told from the Muslim perspective. When they do appear, Christians are shown as shallow, fanatic and one-dimensional, albeit cunning. They win by guile rather than bravery or skill.

The most laughable aspect of the pro-Muslim propaganda the series contains is the claim depicted most succinctly in this scene: that the Muslims had discovered the route to Americas and designed ships that could sail it, but somehow never had time to put their plans into action because war with the Christians distracted them. The scene comes close to the end of the series. Granada is besieged by Christian armies. The end is near. Before it comes, however, Christopher Columbus sneaks in to consult with some old learned Muslim to learn his secrets. The Muslim explains to him how to get to the Americas.

It's interesting that this series (a joint Spanish/Italian production) was produced around 1990. This was before there had been any significant Muslim re-colonisation of Spain, so it cannot have been internal pressures produced by the alien presence that produced this kind of propaganda fantasy, of the kind we have since grown used to.

Incidentally, the DVDs have subtitles in English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese if anyone is thinking of ordering it.
Saturday, 26 January 2013
The Secretary of State for asylum and migration Maggie de Block (Open VLD) wants to counter a new form of immigration fraud, that of "bogus children". Using this technique, a man wishing to obtain a residence permit pays a mother who then pretends that he is the father of her child in order to be able to remain in belgium, reports Het Laatste Nieuws on Friday.

After "bogus marriages", here come the "bogus children". In her 2013 political note, Maggie De Block announces that she wants to curb this phenomenon. "We have signs indicating that this type of fraud is appearing more and more often," explains the Secretary of State. Thus, 10 dossiers of this type have been examined by the Office of Foreigners.

According to Maggie De Block, the phenomenon is difficult to distinguish and prevent. To recognise a children, a man doesn't necessarily need to be the biological parent. It is enough that the mother confirms that he is indeed the father.

The Office of Foreigners and the Justice department are currently examining how to counter this particular type of fraud.
Source: Rtl
Thursday, 24 January 2013
74% of the people polled by Ipsos think that Islam is an "intolerant" religion, incompatible with the values of French society. An even more radical figure, 8 out of 10 French people think that the Muslim religion seeks "to impose its way of life on others".
Source: Le Monde

Curiously, almost exactly the same proportion of British people think almost exactly the same thing.
Fewer than one in four British voters believes Islam is compatible with the British way of life, the UK's first Muslim woman Cabinet Minister reveals today.
Baroness Warsi will quote private police figures which show that more than half of race hate attacks in Britain are against Muslims as she condemns critics of Islam for peddling 'hate'.

Lady Warsi sparked huge controversy two years ago when she said Britain's approach to Muslims has made Islamophobia acceptable at middle class dinner parties.
But in a new speech today she accuses critics of Islam of being 'un-British' themselves by grouping ordinary Muslims with extremists.

The Minister for Faith and Communities reveals stark polling conducted by YouGov which found that just 24 per cent of voters think Islam is compatible with being British, while more than half disagree. Only 23 per cent say Islam is not a threat to Western civilisation.
Source: Daily Mail

The Turks have showed us their quality yet again. This time they attack German troops sent to man missile batteries to defend Turkey against the possibility of a supposed attacked from Syria.

Turkish police have broken up a violent mob in the port town of Iskenderun, after nationalist activists attacked three German soldiers.

28 protesters from the Turkish Union of Youth have been detained.

The ultra-nationalist group is known for throwing bags over the heads of NATO forces. It carries out the practice in protest at an incident during the 2003-4 Iraq war, in which US forces captured and hooded Turkish soldiers.

Ilker Yucel, leader of the Turkish Union of Youth, says:

“We will not allow foreign soldiers to walk freely in our country. We will continue to throw bags over soldiers. We just did and will continue to do so.”

Germany, the Netherlands and the United States are each sending two Patriot missile batteries and up to 400 troops to Turkey, following a request from Ankara.

The reinforcements are intended to protect the country from potential attack by neighbouring Syria.
Source: Euronews

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Too French to get housing

Génération Identitaire, the French nationalist youth movement that made international headlines by occupying the roof of a mosque in Poitiers, has launched a campaign to distribute food to homeless people, but only if they are of indigenous French stock. Under the name Génération Solidaire, the action is already underway in Lyon and will soon be rolled out across France.

The movement claims that indigenous French people are discriminated against in formal and informal ways if they apply for social assistance. Multicultists have denounced the action in hysterical terms.

A group called Collectif 69 said:
We will not allow these fascist groups to aggravate the division between the inhabitants of our cities.

...In any case, the Rhône town council will have no choice but to ban this illegal distribution which also risks provoking disturbances to public order.
Sources: Génération Identitaire

I came across this when I was walking around Cordoba. It's a Knights Templar seal: Sigillum Militum Xpisti (Seal of the Army of Christ). Mucho strange. No idea what lies behind the shutter. I'll need to go back and find out some time. Maybe they have some cool equipment or training for me?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013
Danmark are famous for our export of bacon and cartoons ridiculing Islam and its leaders. Here is one more, this time from the newspaper Jydske Vestkysten, January 21 2013:

"Ayatollah to Ahmadinejad: "Have a nice trip". Below the picture: "Iran wants to send a monkey into space!""
The Navarran artist Abel Azcona, international exponent of performance art, is receiving threats because of his work "Eating a Koran", in which he eats pages from the book sacred to Muslims.

The piece forms part of an invetigation project initiated during a residency on the topic of religious fundamentalism and the need to "nourish ourselves with fiction, lies and fear". Specifically, this project consists of an installation, a performance and a video work, in which the artist eats a copy of the Koran over eight hours as a critique of religious radicalism. "I believe in freedom of expression, provocation and artistic freedom, and I will certainly continue doing so today, tomorrow and always," comments Abel Azcona, who has been threated by anonymous letters, emails and SMS.

"I believe in art as a critical tool and to create debate about the politics of identity", adds the Navarran artist, who has received criticism ever since he started in performance art, "but they will never change my way of thinking and working; what's more, the threats clarify my path, and I know that I am in the right." For that reason he will go on using art "as a critical weapon for whoever wants to feel it and listen to it."
Source: H/T: Maria José

Two youths aged 15 and 17 have reported to the police after security camera footage showing a gang of eight young men beating up a man in Eindhoven went viral. The two youths are said to be from Belgium, local television station Omproep Brabant said. The broadcaster aired the footage as part of a regional crime show on Monday, after which it was picked up on social media networks. The apparently unprovoked attack took place on January 4. The 22-year-old victim was hit and kicked by several of the eight-strong group after they marched down the street on 'a war footing'. He suffered severe concussion and injuries to his mouth and jaw. Police spokesman Jordi Cebrian described the attack as 'cowardly' and said more arrests will now follow.
Source: Dutchnews

It happened in Ragusa, in Sicily, a city classified as part of global heritage by UNESCO thanks to its baroque architecture, and which distinguished itself especially in history by chasing out the Arab occupiers in 1090, with the aid, according to legend, of Saint George descended from the sky.

On Wednesday night, a woman, described by local journalists as "a 32-year-old Ragusan" received a visit in her home from her "fiancé", Amran Jhah Syed Ali, a 23-year-old unemployed Pakistani asylum seeker. The Paki had arrived with a friend from Chad to watch a film on the television. They took advantage of the opportunity to empty a bottle of vodka between them.

This touching scene of multi-ethnic fraternisation was brutally interrupted when the Italian woman pronounced the name of Allah in vain. Her "fiancé" then attacked her after having broken the vodka bottle in fury. The Chadean, who tried to calm him down, was injured in the hand.

The woman took refuge in her bedroom, where she locked herself in and called the carabinieri for help, at around 1 am, while the fiancé tried to break the door down.

When they arrived, the carabinieri noted that the two immigrants were in a state of intoxication and that the furniture in the flat had been devastated. The Paki had also injured himself in the hand, either when breaking the bottle or punching the door. An ambulance took him to the emergency ward with the Chadean. The Italian woman, still in shock, went to stay with a friend.

But the night continued to be agitated for everyone. Once his had been treated, the Paki then started looking for his fiancée. He went to the house of the friend where his shouting forced the carabinieri to intervene again, at 3 am. "A patrol brought the individual, visibly agitated and still under the effects of alcohol, to the asylum seeker community centre".

"But this second intervention still was not enough to bring the foreigner to his sense," who went to the friend's house again and smashed in the front door with a large rock. Two cars of carabinieri came to the rescue. The Paki was finally arrested, not without difficulty, and he was placed in handcuffs, after which he attacked one of the officers and fought to the ground with him. He was placed in provision detention in Ragusa prison.

Amran Jhah Syed Ali was charged with resistance and violence to an agent of public order, assault and wounding, aggravated threats, damage to property.

Among the local newspapers, the Gazetta Iblea had the headline : "Paki handcuffed in the name of Allah". The Corriere di Ragusa is more descriptive : "He attacked his fiancée who pronounces the name of Allah in vain". Insula Report (screenshot above) is more balanced and without doubt more exact: "Rage in the name of Allah and vodka"
Source: Novopress

The parliamentary assembly of the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe is considering a ban on some of its far-right members if they are affiliated with parties that are “neo-Nazi, racist and anti-Semitic".

Eleni Zaroulia, a deputy from the Golden Dawn party in Greece and her Hungarian colleague Tamás Gaudi Nagy, from the far-right Jobbik party, could see their accreditation withdrawn under challenges launched yesterday (21 January).

Italian MP Fiamma Nirenstein accused both members of belonging to political parties which were “racist and anti-semitic” and that the values of these parties were in conflict with the Council of Europe’s ideals and principles (see background).

The challenges were supported by at least 10 members of the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly.

“Ms Zaroulia has said in her country’s Parliament that the immigrants were sub-humans who invaded her homeland and spread diseases," said Nirenstein, as quoted by Reuters. "Mr Gaudi Nagy has told his Parliament that there was a list of Jews representing a threat to national security, and who were exploiting the Holocaust to dominate the world.”

The Assembly’s Committee on Rules of Procedure, Immunities and Institutional Affairs will now meet to consider both challenges.

Under Assembly rules, the committee could ratify the credentials or not to ratify them. It could also to ratify the credentials but restrict the two lawmakers' right of participation or representation in the Assembly and its bodies.

Both members continue to sit provisionally in the Assembly until a decision is reached.

The nomination of both members to the Assembly’s Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination, as well as Nagy’s membership of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, were also challenged by French legislator Arlette Grosskost.

Under Council rules, disputed committee nominations are forwarded by the president of the Assembly to the national delegation concerned. If confirmed proposals or new proposals are disputed, the Assembly votes on the matter.

Internal controversy

The challenge is not supported by everyone in the Assembly, including Assembly President Jean-Claude Mignon of France, who said the pair had been elected following what has been considered democratic elections.

“It is not the job of the Assembly [PACE] to tell the Hungarians or the Greeks ‘You voted correctly’, or ‘You didn’t vote correctly,” he was quoted as saying.

This is not the first time that representatives of extremist parties have made it to the Parliamentary Assembly, said Andrew Cutting, the Council of Europe’s media officer in Brussels.

Lessons learned

The most recent similar case was in 2004, when the entire delegation from the then-Serbia and Montenegro was challenged because one of its members came from a party whose leader was facing trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

At that time, the Assembly decided today that it “cannot but ratify the credentials of the parliamentary delegation of Serbia and Montenegro”, because the failure to do so would would “punish the democratic forces in Serbia and Montenegro represented in its national delegation”.

After that case, the Council of Europe changed its rules to allow individual parliamentarians to be challenged, rather than the entire national delegation.
Source: EurActiv

European "democracy" is much like the one they have in Iran. It's not a democracy at all. It's a theocracy. In Iran, the religion is Islam. In Europe, it's human rights. In both cases, whether democratic policies can be implemented or representatives can assume their office is determined by the degree to which they conform with the written rules of the religion.
Monday, 21 January 2013

Necla Kelek is a Turkish immigrant who grew up in Germany. She has written books criticising various aspects of Islamic and Turkish culture and describing the barriers they create to successful integration in Germany. Because she is non-European herself, she is immunised against accusations of racism. So the multicultists strive to find other grounds to criticise her.
Patrick Bahners, until 2011 features editor of the "FAZ" [Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a major German newspaper], and the German historian Wolfgang Benz have written books against you and other "Islam critics". And already in 2006, 60 immigration researchers protested publicly against your book "The Lost Sons": they said you worked unscientifically and generalised in an impermissible way . . .

If using the same working methods I had said that immigrants were oppressed, they wouldn't have anything unscientific about it at all, I believe. It's the result that doesn't suit them! For my book "The foreign bride" about forced marriages, I spoke with 40 to 50 women who had been married into Germany, read innumerable books and conducted research. For "The Lost Sons" I did interviews with men in prison for two years and conducted analysis. What I say, I prove. However I am an independent author and have no academic institute backing me up, nor would I be able to ...

What does that mean, you wouldn't be able to?

The protest of the 60 immigration researchers was organised by my former PHD supervisor! In my PHD work I had found that Islam still created obstacles to immigration in the third generation. She said that's not right, it is only temporarily strict then it sorts itself out. That seemed, ultimately, to be plausible to me. When, after further research, I came to different conclusions and presented them publicly, I was finished as far as she was concerned.

Could you not have tried at another university?

Social science research in Germany is totally ideologised. The consensus is that society has failed to integrate people. If there are problems with immigrants, for them there must be social reasons for it. To describe culture as a determining factor is taboo for them. And it keeps getting worse. Iranian, Turkish, German students tell me that they are immediately mobbed when, for example, they want to do research about family structures: for questions like "Are honour killings symptomatic? Is there a compulsion to get married, where does that come from historically?" they don't find any professors.
Source: Die Presse Via: EuropeNews

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Two things about this interview are especially notable. The first is that the person being interviewed, George Jacobs, is part of the Establisment: IMF economist, banker, industrialist. The second is that his remarks were completely unprompted. The interview wasn't about this topic. It was generally about economic affairs. Then, suddenly, he wanders off and starts talking about islamisation.

When you look at our society, what prompts the most reflections in you?

In Belgium, it's the change in demographics that worries me. I'm totally in favour of the opening of our borders and see a positive aspect to immigration, but I am struck by the difference in the cultures which currently make up our society. I am afraid that we are not succeeding in with this integration in a world where we have to integrate.

You are thinking mainly of the islamisation of Brussels?

Many Islamists are worried about their extremism. That worries me. We have become a soft civilisation in general, and thus also in the face of islamisation! If we are soft faced with people who arrive with a force of conviction and ready to do anything in the name of irrationality… it's dangerous, because nothing can stop irrationality. A Muslim burgomeister does not bother me as long as the cultures understand one another and we do not withdraw from politics because they are there. Too often, we withdraw when confronted by them...

Specifically, what risk do you see?

I fear for the future of western Europe if it doesn't succeed in integrating the new cultures, as the USA has done. The risk is of an imbalance, as much because of the retreat of the first as the aggressiveness of the second in their will to have the last word.
Source: La Libre

I'd always thought Blogger was fairly safe from censorship but it looks like that was an unsound assumption. I imagine the Baron will be back in some form, even if not on Blogger. Hopefully he made regular backups of the site content. I will need to start making backups more frequently myself and maybe look for another host.

H/T: Maria José
Saturday, 19 January 2013
The captors of Irene Ayllón, the young mentally handicapped woman kidnapped and sexually assaulted by the "okupas" of a building in the Malaga capital, took turns guarding her to prevent her from escaping. They did not even hesitate to resort to violence to keep her submissive and it has been determined that they had an "extensive policy history".

The investigations of the Homicide Group of the Malaga Provincial Police are continuing to clarify an investigation with extremely unpleasant elements. When reconstructing what occurred during the five days that elapsed between the disappearance of the young woman and her liberation, the agents were able to add a new piece to the puzzle. According to sources close to the case, the young woman was approached by the persons arrested around the Huelin park area, from where they took her "by force" to an "occupied" building located in Marqués de Valdeflores street in the capital of Malaga. One aspect of what they are working on now is to know when this happened because, despite the fact that the police think it took place last Thursday, the victim has problems of temporal perception and has not been able to be more specific about it.

Another aspect that the investigators have raised to the category of certainty is that Irene suffered repeated sexual assaults during her captivity. This has been demonstrated by a "solid" account in which she discussed unpleasant details of her captivity and which it is believed could not have been invented by someone with her handicap. This declaration has to be balanced against the contrary fact that the medical examination carried out did not find any obvious signs of rape, such as internal tears or other injuries. The sources mentioned make it clear that everything points to the fact that the young woman, 24, because of her mental handicap and the intimidation of her captors, did not resist.

The investigation is now trying to determine how many of the persons arrested participated in the sexual assaults and who approached her in the park. One fact that it has been possible to establish from the police database is that the people arrested - six men and one woman of North African origin - have an "extensive criminal record" for various crimes.

The key to the resolution of the kidnapping was an "okupa" of the building who, on passing through the flats where the persons arrested were living, thought he saw a woman who looked like Irene and who was being beaten.
Source: H/T: Maria José
Friday, 18 January 2013

This is a pattern of behaviour that has been described repeatedly by Europeans living in Muslim-colonised areas: the Muslims harass the Europeans to try and drive them out of their home so they can purchase it and islamise the areas further. Here is a previous account of a different but similar case here. The video above is from the BNP and shows a first-person account of the harassment in Muslim-enriched Rotherham.

Source: BNP

Let's not forget that Rotherham's MP is the recently disgraced (again) Denis Matyjaszek, who calls himself Denis MacShane, and who I call Denis MacShame. In the 1970s, MacShame was responsible for bringing in the NUJ Guidelines on Race Reporting, which instituted systematic censorship of stories that case third-world immigrants or their descendants in a negative light. Brutalised British people, like the old woman above, or like the teenage girls who have been victims of Muslim grooming in Rotherham, are the inevitable consequence of the long-term suppression of information and free discussion. It somehow seems poetically, and tragically, fitting, that the consequences of MacShane's own past folly and wickedness should be visited upon him and those who elected him.

The Collectif Contre l'Islamophobie en France is one of the leading Muslim organisations in France. It incessantly whines about Islamophobia whenever Muslims don't get their own way, using every pig's head outside a mosque incident to demand new restrictions on the liberty of the French people. As we can see from the photograph above, it has no scruples whatsoever when it comes to generating propaganda about "islamophobia".

Look carefully at the image of what purports to be a desecrated Muslim graveyard and you will see that their poorly-skilled graphic artist has left obvious traces of his handiwork all over it, including see-through gravestones (or maybe they're a new Muslim invention?).

Sources: Novopress CCIF
Thursday, 17 January 2013
People belonging to extremist movements can easily serve in the Belgian army. The defence minister Pieter De Crem has no legal basis for expelling soldiers because of their Salafist convictions, said the De Morgen newspaper on Thursday.

A few weeks ago, however, the minister had promised that extremists would be shown the door. "Any Salafism at the heart of the defence department will not be tolerated and will lead irrevocably to dismissal," he had indicated to the defence commission after it was announced that were around a dozen soldiers with radical islamist convictions at the heart of the military intelligence service.

But according to an internal report, the legal means to do this are lacking. As long as it involves groups or organisations that are not prohibited by law, soldiers are permitted to join them.

"In reality the army cannot oppose them", explains Dirk Deboodt of CGSP Défense [trade union]. "A soldier who smokes a joint is at greater risk of being excluded from the army than a soldier who is a member of Blood&Honour or a soldier whose goal is to wage jihad in Somalia."

Note how they create a false moral equivalence between jihad warfare, which is offensive, and European nationalism, which is purely defensive.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013
Results of a Toluna poll for Essec carried out in France and French-speaking Belgium: 11.4% of French consumers regularly or occasionally purchase halal products, and 5.3% kosher products. In Belgium, the percentage of purchasers is 10.6% and 3.1% respectively.

Of course, far more buy halal products unwittingly.

A British university has established a dedicated centre to study the extremist far right, with a particular focus on the increase in violent anti-Islamic sentiment and the possibility of a lone, Anders Behring Breivik style attack.

The Centre for Fascist, Anti-Fascist and Post-Fascist Studies at Teesside University will be formally launched later this month at an event marking National Holocaust Memorial Day. Beginning with two academics, Professor Nigel Copsey and Dr Matthew Feldman, the centre will specialise in both the history of far-right radicalism in this country, and current trends and dangers.
Source: Guardian

How many lives has "far-right" terrorism claimed in Britain and around the world compared to jihad terrorism? Yet how many universities have centres dedicated to the study of jihad terrorism? I'm not aware of any. They may study terrorism generically, and even focus on the jihadi threat, but I doubt they would advertise their focus on Islamic terrorism for fear of being accused of prejudice. Yet here, and across Britain, we have research posts springing up dedicated to studying a largely mythical threat: far-right terrorism. It's like setting up a Department of Unicorn Studies. Of course it is the taxpayer, directly or indirectly, who is providing the funding for this, although it wouldn't surprise me if there was some Saudi sheikh providing funding in the background.
A phobia means "irrational fear" and there is nothing irrational about worrying about a religion preaching genocide or the obvious and gigantic negative consequences of the many immigrated, fanatical, criminal and violent followers of this religion.

Professor Henning Bech from the Department of Sociology at the University of Copenhagen and Associate Professor Mehmet Ümit Necef from the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Southern Denmark have the guts say it exactly the way it is. Translated by Nicolai Sennels, Weekendavisen January 11 2013 "Preaching to the saved":

"Falsified. Danish research on immigrants has the last twenty years assessed that there is a widespread, growing racism in Denmark. But that assumption is without scientific evidence a university professor and a university lecturer concludes in a new spectacular critical examination of the sources used by those concluding that Danes are racists.

... The book "Are Danes racist? Problems with research on immigrants" is published next week by Frydenlund publishers - but it is by no means only joyful what flows out of the 363 pages.

The two researchers have read the research on racism produced the last twenty years. The researchers wanted to determine whether there has been solid scientific evidence of the prevailing assumption of increased racism. After five years of thorough studies, Professor Henning Bech from the Department of Sociology at the University of Copenhagen and Associate Professor Mehmet Ümit Necef from the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Southern Denmark present two closely contiguous conclusions. One is certainly good news, while the other is absolutely bad.

The good news is that Bech and Necef state that "there is much less scientific evidence of racism in Denmark, than you would think from the amount of claims that thrive in the public debate." The bad news is that "the research literature that speaks of widespread Danish racism, is typically characterized by not living up to normal standards of science."

The conclusions are based by Bech and Necef on the most relentless scientific tool you can use against other researchers: the classical source criticism. The 67-year-old Henning Bech and the 60-year-old Mehmet Ümit Necef thoroughly analyzed more than twenty Danish researchers' references, qoutes and statistics. They show that there is a clear tendency to confuse citizens' rational concerns "with racism, or so-called "new racism".

The authors point out a lot of methodological problems and sloppiness in research on immigrants. On almost every page of the book Bech and Necef use phrases such as "frivolous generalizations", "bad interviewing methods and testing", "fallacies and interpretations", "too flimsy and unsystematic selected empirical material", "assertions without evidence" and "impressionistic use of impressions, failure to cite sources and unsubstantiated information." Bech and Necef have also checked the original primary sources for quotes that research on immigrants has used to demonstrate Danish racism. The result is not a pretty sight. Politician-quotes and interviews with ordinary citizens are seemingly cut and taken out of contexts so that they can confirm scientists' assumptions of racism among Danes. ...

Mehmet Umit Necef continues: "This research takes place in a closed, uncritical circuit that promotes sloppy use of sources. The researchers are not concerned that their scientific errors will be discovered, since they are preaching to the saved. They all have this politically correct view and agree that Denmark has become a racist country." Henning Bech adds: "We do not write that the many documented chicaneries we have identified is something that scientists do consciously. I think the problem is that most scientists share a multicultural paradigm that immigrants' culture should not be used as an explanatory factor when it comes to integration. They only accept social factors as an explanation. On the other hand, they blame Western culture as well to explain the alleged racism in the Danish population. ...

This is typical for Danish research on immigrants, says Mehmet Ümit Necef:

"Conjectures become unquestionable truths. This is how the talk of widespread discrimination on the labor market has become something of an urban legend," Necef says. Bech adds: "You can get the idea that there exists a kind of public compulsion to do discrimination studies on the labor market. They must come to the conclusion that there is discrimination against immigrants and refugees, regardless of how little evidence there is. And even researchers who otherwise are serious and thorough, claim on the basis of their studies, that there is discrimination, although their studies cannot clearly prove it. We do not claim that there is no discrimination on the labor market. On the contrary, it seems to us that it is not unlikely that there is at least some discrimination, now that so many say it. We ask only whether it is documented in research. It is not, at least not in the texts we have studied." - What intentions lie behind this kind of research on immigrants? "The researchers talking about widespread racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia among Danes believe - both in their head and their heart - that immigrants actually suffer widespread racism, and that it is their scientific duty to identify and combat this," assesses Mehmet Ümit Necef.

"The intention is to do good," Henning Bech adds. "You think you are doing something good by exaggerating xenophobia among Danes and by understating the immigrants' overrepresentation in crime and unemployment statistics. But unfortunately, it can be observed that the effect of the research is negative. It can lead to demonization of Danes and make Muslims irresponsible for their own mistakes. It is clear that in the long term this will damage integration of immigrants.""
Tuesday, 15 January 2013

When I heard about a Kalashnikov attack on the Greek prime minister's office, I thought this has to be on the front pages worldwide, right? Attacks on heads of government tend to make headlines. At that point, I had no idea who the perpetrators were, but, given the divisions in Greek society, it was reasonable to assume that they from factions of either the extreme left or right. So I was surprised when, scanning the web pages of the major English-language newspapers, I saw no mention of the incident. I immediately began to suspect left-wing perpetrators.

Sure enough, when I visited the web page of independent Greek journalist Katerina Nicolas, I found this:
A bullet from a Kalashnikov smashed a window of the office of Greek Prime Minister Anthonis Samaras, during an armed attack on the headquarters of New Democracy. Anti-terrorism officers are now investigating leftist guerrilla groups.

Left-wing political violence is escalating in Greece, with the armed attack on the offices of Samaras the culmination of a week of violence. Over the weekend Ekathimerini reported there were 17 incendiary attacks, including a spate of arson attacks against cash machines and a bomb attack against the home of government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou’s brother.

Now imagine that Golden Dawn had been responsible. Then it would have made front pages worldwide. Then we would have had dire warnings about a return to the 1930s and the spectre of fascism. But somehow when lefties send bombs to journalists, fire Kalashnikovs and set fires that kill people, that's OK, right?
Monday, 14 January 2013
When French president Hollande visited a military base last week, the soldiers of the 12th regiment of cuirassiers in Olivet (Loiret), were, curiously, disarmed beforehand. The firing pins were taken out of their guns. What's Hollande afraid of? Muslims in the ranks, or patriots outraged that he has handed the country over to them? These days, you never know where the next bullet will come from.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Michael Mannheimer is one of Germany's leading critics of Islam. I've mentioned him a few times here. He has his own blog and writes for the huge German anti-Islam blog, Politically Incorrect. Mainstream German journalists from Die Zeit newspaper have also alleged that he is behind the Nuremberg 2.0 website, which aims to collate information with a view to future prosecutions of members of the elite for permitting the islamisation of their countries, taking the Nuremberg trials as its model. Mannheimer himself has denied being responsible for Nuremberg 2.0.

He is due to appear in court on 24 January, charged with slander. This relates to an episode I wrote about before, in which a local politician opposed granting planning permission for a publisher to extend its premises because it had published the work of "right-wing populists". The politician claimed that having the publisher in the town made it a target for jihad terror attacks. Mannheimer wrote about this on his blog, describing the politician as "the enemy of Germany", and accusing him of attempting to dismantle the constitutional right to freedom of expression, supporting a terrorist group, endangerment of the public peace, coercion, extortion, breach of the peace and concealment of a possible terrorist attack on Germany. The politician responded by suing him for slander.

There have been a number of court actions against Mannheimer recently. Some he has already been convicted of and is appealing. In February 2012, he was convicted of inciting hatred against peoples. The judgement against him read as follows:
In his article, which he addressed to all freedom-loving citizens of Germany, Mannheimer defamed and demonised Islam generally as an anti-human fascism and insulted it by calling it the worst enemy of freedom, equality and brotherhood. He insinuates that "millions of people were brought here against the will of the German people", that they "despise our civilisational and cultural achievements and want to abolish our European culture in favour of the barbaric system of Islam". For years Muslims in Germany and the rest of Europe have been determinedly and with ever greater success working for "the takeover of our continent".

Further it says :"From his deliberately twisted representation of the allegedly anti-constitutional content and aims of Islam, which is said to be still supported by the 'German Establishment', the accused, improperly bringing in constitutional provisions in a pseudo-legal way, derives an alleged citizen's right of resistance."
Source: Heilbronner Stimme Via: PI
Friday, 11 January 2013
Open letter to his Majesty King Albert II
Brussels, 7 January 2013

In the name of God the Merciful

This letter was written by Redouane son of Abdeslam ben Ali, local councillor in Anderlecht, to Albert son of Leopold son of Albert, King of the Belgians.

Blessed be those who follow the path of revelation. Glory to God above whom there is no other divinity, the Master of the World, the Sovereign.

I testify that Jesus son of Mary is the Spirit of God and his Word. It is God who sent the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary to announce the good news. God created him from His Spirit and His breath as he created Adam from His hand and His breath.

In the Gospel, Jesus announced the forthcoming arrival of the last Prophet, Mohammed. The first versions of the Bible testify to this. In the Holy Koran, God enjoins us to believe in all His Prophets, his Angels and his sacred Books. Any monotheist believer fill find in the Koran the satisfaction of his faith.

Consequently, I invite you to adore God, the Only one who has no associates at all and to obey Him, as well as to follow the path of Islam which is the culmination of monotheism announced by Abraham, salvation and peace be upon him and his descendants.

In embracing Islam, you will find Peace and God will give you a double reward. If you reject him, you will bear on your shoulders the burden of the sins of your subjects and your followers.

I have accomplished my task by transmissing the Good News to you. It is up to you, Sire, to take the right decision.

May Peace be upon you as well as your family and all those who follow the right path, that of those who have obtained the satisfaction of God.

This graffiti was found on a mosque in Val-de-Reuil (Eure).

France, love it or leave it
Vive the Front National
Everything is good in the pig
Thursday, 10 January 2013

The video above shows a "jeune" taunting French riot police by doing wheelies past their van, and they do absolutely nothing. This is in Mulhouse, where the Muslims have recently been rampaging big time. The "traditional" wave of New Year Muslim violence led to a significant degradation of public infrastructure. Molotov cocktail attacks on trams, some of which can be seen below, have led the tram and bus company to temporarily cut off evening service to some heavily Muslim-colonised areas. The trade union is threatening to cut off all services throughout the city if it does not receive guarantees of driver safety. It's interesting that the news report describes stones being thrown at the trams as a "daily occurrence" but notes Molotov cocktails are something new.

Source: France3

Wednesday, 9 January 2013
Social scientists warn of a spreading hostility to Islam in Germany. The social scientist Wilhelm Heitmeyer told the "Neuen Osnabrücker Zeitung" on Monday that instead of general hostility to foreigners, resentment was shifting increasingly to Islam. "It's no longer 'the Turks' but 'the Muslims'," said the director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Conflict and Violence Research at the University of Bielefeld. This generalisation leads to an ever greater rejection of Muslims within the population. Tis is socially acknowledged and concerns all classes. Polling revealed that Islamophobia is also widespread among the well-off and rich.

With this in mind, the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, demanded that "anti-Islamic racism must be considered an independent crime". The chairman of the Central Council, Aiman Mazyek, told the newspaper that the government and security agencies until now had refused to record crimes and violent acts against Muslims separately, instead subsuming them within the overarching term "Hostility to foreigners". "This conceals the element of hostility to Islam," criticised Mazyek. For him, too, anti-Muslim racism represents a problem that "extends into the centre of society".
Source: Via: PI
Tuesday, 8 January 2013
Islamic and immigrant associations in Germany support the ban on the far-right NPD that the federal states aim to achieve. Their representatives point out to the "Welt" however, that banning a political party will not cause the far-right ideas it disseminated to disappear.

In parallel with the ban process, therefore, there must be increased social-political efforts against the social causes of extremist tendencies.

"The party ban that is being aimed for is only one aspect of a complex problem. Many aspects of social conditions that give rise to hateful attitudes should not be played down or neglected," says the spokesman for the umbrella association, the Turkish Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion (DITIB), Bekir Alboga. [Note: this association is controlled by the Turkish government]

...On 14 December 2012 the Federal Council decided to petition for the NPD ban in the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe.

...Exactly ten years ago in March an NPD ban process that the Socialist-Green government intended to achieve collapsed because even the party leadership had been penetrated by infiltrators from the Agency for Protection of the Constitution [MI5 equivalent]. [The court case brought to light the fact that the party was more or less run by the government. Most or all of the main statements and actions the prosecution was citing in pursuit of the ban turned out to have been made by paid government agents.]

...For that reason DITIB also advises tackling the question of far-right extremism across all of society, and not just in a legal way.

..."An analysis and explanation of the tactics of modern far-right extremism should also form a part of this," says Alboga. As at first glance modern right-wing radicalism is no longer clearly recognisable.

..."The tactics are becoming ever more subtle. Anti-constitutional actors disguise themselves; they may appear as critics of Islam or capitalism, for example," says Alboga.
Source: Via: EuropeNews
Wherever our ancestors rode on their horses, we are going there too. We are interested in each one of these places.
Source: FAZ Via: PI

Turkey's prime minister Erdogan made this remark in a speech at the end of last year.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Last Wednesday, I was in Granada, celebrating the city's recapture from the Mohammedan horde. But it seems we weren't the only ones who remembered it. Hundreds of Egyptians marked the occasion with a demonstration in Safenex Square in Cairo.

The demonstration was organised by the Libres [Free Men?] movement (Harakat Ahrar); the demonstrators arranged a human chain around Safenex square and carried placards which said: "We will definitely return". "We haven't forgotten Al Ándalus" and "Of course we will return".

The demonstrators also carried photos of Palestine and flags of the movement and showed documentaries about the history of Al Ándalus.
Source: WebIslam Via: AlertaDigital

Incidentally, in the article I have part-translated above, WebIslam talks about "the lamentable fact of the capture of Granada". WebIslam is a website subsidised by the Spanish government. Spanish taxpayers are now paying for the denigration of their successful recapture of national territory from an invading enemy force. That's what it has come to.

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