Monday, 31 December 2012

Some extracts from an interview with Imran Firasat in Alerta Digital. He makes an excellent point here: his exile is now being revoked for exactly the same reason it was granted in the first place - criticising Islam.
How and when did you receive the news of the revocation of your asylum status by Spain?

Two weeks ago I received a notification that informed me that they had initiated a process to revoke my refugee status. They gave me two weeks to present appeals in my defence. Three days away from presenting my appeals in the asylum office in Madrid they announced to me that my asylum had been revoked with the excuse that I was a danger to national security. A process to withdraw asylum status that normally lasts 6 months, in my was completed in only 3 days, without the appeals presented in my defence being heard.

Who do you think pressured the Spanish government to take this decision?

Without doubt it was Muslim organisations in Spain and the Muslim governments in other countries that pressured the Spanish government. Spain hasn't revoked my asylum status for committing any crime. It's because of that that the final resolution doesn't say that I've committed any crime according to Spanish laws. It just says that my denunciations of Islam have provoked indignation in the Muslim world. It's the same as imprisoning a journalist, not for infringing or breaking any norm, but for writing something that doesn't please a specific lobby.

Does this confirm that the Spanish government is in the hands of Islam?

Yes, absolutely. On the one hand we speak about freedom of expression and on the other, when someone wants to express their opinion, he is persecuted to shut him up. I've been revealing the dirty nature of Islam for 7 years and I never heard anything. Besides, the reason I was given political asylum in Spain was that I was criticising Islam. Why are they pressuring me, persecuting me, revoking my asylum and want to deport me to a country where I can expect the death penalty? It's clear it's because of fear of the Muslim world. We have lost our rights and western values because of fear of economic relations with oil-producing Islamic countries and the unjustified violence of Muslims.

So are you afraid for your life? Does this revocation of your asylum definitely mean the death penalty?

If I had been afraid for my life, I would never have dared to criticise Mohammed or Islam. Jesus Christ has a special plan for my life. God and the truth are with me and this prevents me being afraid of anyone or anything. I will fight for my rights until the last breath and I will go on struggling to that people know that Islam is a danger to western society.
Source: Alerta Digital
Sunday, 30 December 2012

I made two posts about this before. In the first, a horse had smashed the face of a Muslim who had tried to rape it. In the second, a Muslim, presumably the same one, killed a horse with a stick. It's not clear if it was the same horse and he killed it intentionally in an act of revenge or not. Here the case has finally come to court. As you can see, the Muslim gets almost no punishment for his crime.
The judge of Penal Court No. 1 in Almería passed a sentence of 3 months imprisonment on a man accused of causing the death of a horse after inserting a large stick into its anus in El Ejido (Almería).

The events occurred on the night of 12 to 13 September in 2012 in a farm located in the La Higuera road in El Ejido, where the accused immobilised a horse valued at 2,800 euros with the intention of causing it damage.

He inserted a 70-centimetre wooden handle into its anus, which produced internal haemorrhages in the animal causing its death, according to the judgement of the magistrate Luis Miguel Columna.

The judge declares that although there is no direct proof of who committed the acts, there are "more than sufficient indications to determine his responsibility" and he recalls that at the moment of his arrest, M.A. had wood remains on his clothes and a special straw that was only used on the farm where the horse died.

For that, the judge sentenced M.A. to three months' imprisonment for the crime of mistreatment of a domestic animal, a punishment replaced by expulsion from Spanish territory for a period of 10 years, and payment of 2,800 euros compensation to the owner of the horse.
Source: 20Minutos H/T: Maria José

So the horse's life and suffering has no value? It is treated only as a piece of property with a certain value. It's notable that they given only the Muslim's initials, not his full name. Probably the M stands for Mohammed.

I've written before about how the mainstream right-wing parties in Europe are being caught in a pincer movement between aliens who won't vote for them because they think they are too hostile to aliens, on the one hand, and indigenes who won't vote for them because they think they are too friendly to aliens, on the other.

This creates a dilemma for strategists within the mainstream right parties. Should they embrace the aliens, further alienating their traditional voter base? Or should they get tough on immigration/Islam, risking further estrangement from the growing alien demographic? So far virtually all mainstream parties have looked at the demographics and made the same choice: embrace the alien. It now looks like David Cameron of the Conservative Party has made the same choice.
David Cameron has ordered a drive to increase the number of black and Asian Conservative parliamentary candidates, amid fears within the party that its unpopularity among ethnic minorities could spell disaster at the next election.

The Prime Minister has told colleagues that he regards building support among voters from immigrant backgrounds as the biggest challenge facing the Tories in their quest to "detoxify" their image among large sections of the community.

Senior party figures are pointing to last month's defeat for the Republican candidate Mitt Romney – who was largely shunned by black and Hispanic voters – in the US presidential election as a warning of the costs of ignoring Britain's rapid demographic shifts.

One Conservative MP in a marginal urban seat told The Independent that his party faced an "existential" challenge in responding to the country's changing ethnic make-up. MPs and candidates are being given advice on how to engage with non-white communities by regularly attending key events, being urged to increase their presence in ethnic minority newspapers, radio programmes and television bulletins and to gain expertise on issues that particularly affect such groups.

The Tories said they were basing the strategy on the success of the governing Conservative Party of Canada, which boosted its electoral fortunes partly by increasing its support among voters born outside the country.

The party insists its core messages – including support for small business and defence of the family – resonate with many ethnic minorities, but admits it is hampered by a "brand" problem among such groups.

The Reading West MP Alok Sharma, the Tory vice-chairman in charge of the strategy, said Mr Cameron supported increasing the diversity of Conservative parliamentary candidates and MPs.

Mr Sharma said he hoped the party and Parliament would come to be "reflective of the country we live in". He said: "I very much hope that over a period of time there will be many more people from ethnic minority backgrounds on the Conservative benches, but also all benches."

Although the Conservatives increased their number of black and Asian MPs from two to 11 at the last election, alarm bells were sounded in party headquarters by their 16 per cent support among ethnic minorities compared with the 68 per cent picked up by Labour.

Unless they can close the gap, their poor polling among non-white communities threatens their control of between 10 and 15 parliamentary seats and undermines their hopes of capturing 10 to 15 other seats held by Labour with small majorities.

Research presented privately to party leaders revealed that people from Afro-Caribbean and Pakistani backgrounds are most hostile to the Conservatives, but that other ethnic minorities including Sikhs and Hindus – even those who regard themselves as middle class – are resistant to Tory messages.

They have been told the Conservatives suffer a serious "brand" problem dating back to Enoch Powell's "rivers of blood" speech. It has been fuelled by such episodes as Norman Tebbit talking about the "cricket test" for immigrants and the institutional failures exposed by the murder of the black schoolboy Stephen Lawrence, which occurred under a Tory government.

Gavin Barwell, the MP for Croydon Central, warned the party could not win the next election without significantly increasing its appeal to minority communities.

He said: "The Prime Minister, and people around him, understand this and are focused on it. The party as a whole is increasingly focused on it and the number of colleagues who understand this is growing all the time.

"In the long term it's an existential issue for the party. In the short term we have got to focus on everybody who didn't vote for us at the last election."
Source: Independent

As I've also written about before, the mainstream right's party's desertion of its traditional voter base foster a growing electoral challenge from an insurgent "fringe" right-wing party. The problem they face is that the fringe is continually getting bigger, and is significantly cannibalising their vote.

There are two ways to look at the French election results, for example. The first is that Sarkozy would have won if Muslims had exhibited the same voting patterns as non-Muslims. This suggests a strategy of being nice to Muslims. The second is that Sarkozy would have won if Front National voters had voted for him instead. This suggests a strategy of getting tough with Muslims and cracking down on immigration.

European politics is now characterised by a race against time between the growing weight of the alien demographic on the one hand; and the growing realisation of the European people that their governments are subjecting them to a slow-motion genocide, on the other. The question is which tendency will achieve electoral dominance first.

More deeply, the fact that the mainstream parties (traditionally the repository of immigration sceptics) to abandon even token resistance to the alien colonisation of our ancestral living spaces means that the clear majority of voters who now firmly oppose the continuation of this project are left with no serious political representation. This calls into question the very legitimacy of our form of government. What is the use of representative democracy if it means you lose your own country? Most countries in western Europe only became fully-fledged democracies in the immediate aftermath of WW2. For some, like Spain, Portugal or Greece, the change came even later. Yet only a few decades after embracing this form of government, the people of Europe have had their countries taken away from them. They face a conspiracy among all elite actors telling them that their future is to be hybridised with Asia and Africa. We can expect more Breivik-style attacks as some people conclude that violence is the only outlet for expressing their dissent.

(More in the same vein here from Gavin Barwell MP).

Saturday, 29 December 2012

This creepy phrase, redolent of the former Communist fiefdoms of the East, was uttered in Munich via a loudspeaker over the weekend. Counterjihadists from the Freiheit (Freedom) party were gathering signatures to protest against the construction of an Islamic centre. Various Socialist activists gathered to try and warn off prospective signatories. Even more creepily, they took lots of photographs, presumably of those who chose to defy the Socialist edict and sign.

Source: PI

This is the Holy Sepulchre in the basilica of Notre-Dame-du-Chêne, a shrine to Our Lady and a place of pilgrimage in Vion, France. It was vandalised on Christmas Eve and then again on Christmas day. Graffiti was left on the scene, saying (in English): "Smoke weed every day".

"When a synagogue or mosque is damaged, everyone talks about it. When it's a church, no one cares," says the rector with regret, recalling the example of the desecration of the chapel of the military base in Toulon, on 8 December. "Neither the military authorities, nor the state, came, no one talked about it. The baptismal fonts, the ambon and the altar were totally destroyed. Three powerful symbols, on the day of Mary's nativity," says an upset Father Ghislain.

The artist, known only as Rosato, has been placing burkas on statues throughout Germany and photographing them to protest against Islam's oppression of women. Here you see some of his/her work set to music.
Friday, 28 December 2012

¿Granada, Granada, Granada? ¿ Qué? Por los ínclitos Reyes Católicos, Don Fernando V el de Aragón y Doña Isabel I de Castilla, ¡Viva España!, ¡Viva el Rey!, ¡Viva Andalucía! y ¡Viva Granada!

Granada, Granada, Granada? What? From the illustrious Catholic Monarchs, Don Fernando V of Aragón and Doña Isabel I of Castile, long live Spain! Long live the King! Long live Andalusia! And long live Granada!

It was the recapture of Granada in 1492 that finally cleansed western Europe of Muslim rule. Now leftists want the festival that traditionally commemorates this event to be suppressed, claiming it is "fascist".
Plataforma Granada Abierta [Open Granada Platform] has demanded that the town council of Granada, together with the municipal groupings of the PSOE and IU [political parties], suppress the festival of the Día de la Toma [Day of the Capture] of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs, as they consider that it "encourages the display of symbols that make an apology for fascism" and which are contrary to the Law of Historical Memory.

The coordinator of Granada Abierta, Francisco Vigueras, Declares that the Day of the Capture "has a dogwhistle effect on far-right groups with a high right for democratic convivencia". According to his information, it concerns "fascist and neo-nazi groups of a violent character, who last year committed "their first attack against a journalist who was reporting about the act".

"For this reason we request that the municipal government puts an end to this embarrassing spectacle, before we have cause to regret an irreparable violent action...

...Among the support Granada Abierta has received against the Day of the Capture, Vigueras made reference to the former director general of UNESCO and president of the Fundación Cultura [Cultural Foundation], Federico Mayor Zaragoza, to the defender of the Andalusian People, José Chamizo, and to the president of the Movement against Intolerance, Esteban Ibarra, "who included the Capture in the Raxem report on racism, for being a racist and xenophobic festival that foments crimes of hatred".
Source: Europa Press Via: AlertaDigital

I wasn't aware of this festival before I came across this story. But I might try and get to it next week. Sounds like I should fit right in!
Thursday, 27 December 2012
Around 16 million people with an immigrant background live in Germany - many of them with Turkish roots. A huge customer base!

"German companies are wasting a huge potential here," says Burhanettin Gözüakça, an expert in so-called ethno-marketing.

...Although some companies such as Mercedes, AOK or Deutsche Bank are already advertising in Turkish, it's not enough to simply translate advertising.

Cultural and religious sensitivities must be taken into account. In addition, the emotional aspect often takes precedence when German Turks make a purchasing decision.

An example: Media Markt tried to translate advertising featuring a pig ("pig cheap"). That's not a good idea, as pigs are perceived by Muslims as impure and this does not have a purchase-stimulating effect.

...The German-Turkish Chamber of Commerce in Berlin makes a similar argument: "People of Turkish descent represents a huge customer group in this country."

16 million people with an immigrant background live in Germany. That is around 20 per cent of the overall population - and growing! Among children and youths in Germany, as many as 30 per cent have an immigrant background.

In coming years the number of immigrants will continue growing, while, by contrast, the overall population stagnates or even falls. "German companies should be aware of this," said the spokesman for the Chamber of Commerce.

The ethno-marketing expert says: Although many companies are already making use of their Turkish-speaking employees, this is only a drop in the ocean, because the biggest advertising platform is actually almost unused: television.

Turks love televisions, sitting in front of it for three or four hours each day, as proved by the polling company Data4You. But they don't watch German broadcasters, preferring Turkish instead - up to 80%.

An immense advertising platform that is criminally neglected by German companies, explains the expert. Many Turks associate emotions with their television series which they like to share through watching collectively.

By contrast, German programs are often perceived by the Turkish target group as factual, remote and information-oriented - and hardly watched.
Source: Bild Via: PI

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Tim Montgomerie recently published a comment piece on religious persecution worldwide in the Times. There have been a few things like this appearing in the media recently, so it's worth taking a look at to see what is lacking in this level of analysis.

It starts promisingly enough with the title: "Too many Christians are not free to rejoice"

At least he dares to mention Christians specifically rather than take refuge in abstractions about religious persecution.
The Tory MP Sajid Javid provided one of my moments of 2012. Speaking to the Conservative Friends of Israel, he announced that he was a “proud British-born Muslim” who would choose Tel Aviv or Jerusalem if he had to settle in the Middle East. Only in Israel, he said, would his wife and children feel at home, safe and free. Few Christians — or gay people — would disagree.
Source: The Times (£)

So straightaway we're presented with a "good Muslim" character, just in case anyone might think Montgomerie was one of those crazy Islamophobes.
Seventy per cent of the world’s population live in countries where religious freedom is restricted in severe ways by political policy or by intimidating social forces. Sometimes these policies and forces come together — as in northern Nigeria, where last month five Christians were shot by extremists and then burnt in their homes until their corpses were unrecognisable. Despite the crime lasting an hour, security forces who were stationed nearby did nothing. In Russia it is Muslim minorities and Evangelical Christians who are marginalised. In China it is any religious group that is politically off message.
As always when commentators mention Muslim persecution of non-Muslims they try and balance it out by finding examples where Muslims are persecuted too. The best Montgomerie can do here is Russia, where he says they are "marginalised". What does he mean by this? What do Muslims experience in Russia that can possibly compare with the experience of Christians being randomly butchered by Muslim terror gangs acting in concert with state security forces? They don't have enough mosques, perhaps?

Soon we're veering back into abstractions about "religious persecution".
While there may be real short-term tensions between Christian and gay groups and between newly self-confident Muslim populations, the long-term evidence is that no one is safe if any minorities are vulnerable. First they came for the Communists and trade unionists, warned Dietrich Bonhoeffer, then the homosexuals, then the Jews, and there was no one left to speak out for me and for you.

There we are then. Back to square one, with the ghost of Hitler hovering in the background.

What's lacking in Montgomerie's analysis is illustrative of the limitations of the humans rights ideology generally. It favours abstractions and eschews specificity; because specificity might lead to judgement.

Surveying the extent of religious persecution around the world, various patterns could be applied to the data. And these differing interpretations suggest widely varying remedies to the problem.

The most common interpretation, at least in mainstream commentary, is the one Montgomerie favours. There is some bad generic thing called extremism or intolerance, which that really bad man Adolf Hitler had lots of, and if we don't want to be like him we should avoid it and be nice to everybody. And the government should try and indoctrinate its people into feeling this way too. It's not clear how Europeans being nice will help Christians being persecuted in Africa or the Middle East. Presumably Montgomerie believes that our surfeit of niceness will inspire tolerance in non-Europeans by sheer force of example.

Alternative interpretations of the same data are possible. For example, one obvious pattern is that wherever Muslims have achieved numeric ascendancy, they use their position of dominance to persecute non-Muslims. Another interpretation might conclude that immigration is a very bad thing, as almost all of these religious conflicts result from immigration having taken place at some point in the past. Yet another analysis might conclude that's it's a bad idea for governments to try and impose their ideology on their people (China).

These varying interpretations matter because they lead to exactly the opposite remedies being prescribed to solve the same problem. Tim Montgomerie's analysis suggests the following "remedy" to the problem of religious persecution: be nice to Muslims, let more and more of them into our country, don't dare suggest that there is anything sinister or threatening in their religion, and use the power of the state to indoctrinate citizens into feeling this way and persecuting them if they do not.

This is, in essence, the human rights approach to the problem, one that is favoured by the entire Establishment and even large parts of the Counterjihad movement. Rather than look reality in the eye, and address specific problems, they hide in generalisations and do battle against an imaginary phantom called "extremism". The use of our judgement is deprecated, and we are asked instead to put blind faith in the written rules. "All people have the right to practise their religion" says the human rights creed. We must obey.

The alternative interpretations I offered above suggest exactly the opposite remedies, however: stop immigration, deport and otherwise get tough on Muslims and discontinue government indoctrination of citizens.

(Doesn't getting tough on Muslims imply the state imposing its ideology on the people? Yes, but the key factor in this is that the Muslims are immigrants or the descendants of recent immigrants. In other words, they are aliens. It is their alienness that justifies the state getting nasty with them, because we have a right to expect that aliens who come to our countries to live will not create problems here. And this expectation extends trans-generationally. See my Probationary Citizenship idea, which would involve creating a separate legal citizenship status for immigrants and their descendants across several generations until they have proved their fitness to be admitted as full members of the tribe.)

Let me recast Montgomerie's quote, which he misattributes to Dietrich Bonhoeffer based on a Wikipedia look-up. (The quote is from Martin Niemoller.)
First they came for the racists. Then they came for the Islamophobes. Then there was no one left to warn us that letting large numbers of Muslims into our country was a bad idea. Then came Sharia.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Greece's Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) has posted a Christmas video they describe as "A beautiful, romantic and nostalgic video with pictures of old Athens we lost. The old Greek Athens as opposed to modern decline."

The ultra-nationalist party posted the video, wishing "Merry Christmas" to all Greeks, on their website.

The party has spent the run up to Christmas denoting food and clothing to needy Greeks, with members of parliament using their parliamentary salaries to assist fellow Greeks. Donations have been disrupted by left-wing groups opposed to the party using public places to stage their distributions.
Source: Digital Journal

The video is no longer available, though. YouTube say they took it down because it infringed their policy related to speech that incites hatred. Apparently remembering how our countries used to be now constitutes incitement to hatred.

Here is the video on GreekTube:

"He was horrible, he had no teeth, his face disfigured by scars". This is how one of the latest victims of rape in Milan, a businesswoman of 42, described her attacker, Mohamed K., 32, an Iraqi illegal immigrant already convicted for theft, assault and wounding. Last week, when she was going out to see a friend so they could prepare for Christmas, Mohamed K. followed her, caught her in a public garden where she had tried to hide, threw her to the ground, beat her and raped her on the spot while shouting "Filthy Italian bitch", before fleeing and stealing her purse. The carabinieri were able to find him and arrest him - he still had the purse on him. The victim is in hospital.
Source: Novopress

The case has provoked much discussion in Italy, and the multicultists have gone into overdrive to defend the reputation of immigrants. "The perpetrators of rapes are not immigrants, but Italians!" insisted one multicult friendly blog, citing statistics from 2009 that showed 60% of rapes in Italy were committed by Italians. Of course, the converse of this is that 40% of rapes were committed by non-Italians. Since immigrants were then "only" 6% of the Italian population, they are grossly over-represented in the statistics.

Imagine that, in her Christmas message, the Queen uttered the words above. They would strike the average Briton as almost incredible in their denial, indeed inversion, of reality. Of course the Queen, as far as I know, isn't planning to say this in her address to the nation. I doubt she will mention the subject at all. But Germany's president Gauck is planning a similar inversion of reality in his Christmas message.

In the Muslim-colonised parts of Germany, public transport, especially underground stations, have become dangerous places. Almost every week CCTV footage surfaces of indigenous Germans being mobbed and beaten, sometimes to death, by Muslim colonists, usually Turks. It has become one of the signature crimes marking the arrival of street jihad in Germany.

How striking then that, according to a leaked transcript, the German president is planning to say this in his Christmas speech.
Violence also gives us concern: in underground stations or on streets, where people are attacked because they have black hair and dark skin.

Source: PI

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Three churches in the Austrian town of Amstetten (pop: 21,000) were burned this morning. All of the indications point to arson. Several eye-witnesses saw a suspect. As is their custom, the police and newspapers have given a detailed account of his stature and clothing, but fail to mention his skin colour. Amstetten has a large Mohammedan population.

Source: Via: PI


The Austrian press is reporting "damage in the millions", "works of art massively damaged", a confessional box from 1824 destroyed.

I've made various posts about Imran Firasat here. In the comments section below some of them, (usually anonymous) posters have made various allegations about him having an unsavoury past, including the specific claim that he committed a murder in Indonesia. I've assumed that this was part of a campaign my Muslims to discredit a critic of Islam, and still think that is the most likely explanation.

But some of these allegations are now being reported in Spain's mainstream press, which is certainly a step up in seriousness. So, just to make the information available so we can all arrive a mature judgement, I'll translate some of the claims being made about him in the newspapers.
The Pakistani has various antecedents in his police file, in which a claim from the Indonesian authorities for an alleged crime of kidnap and murder stands out.

...On checking the asylum that Firasat had been granted in Spain because he was the object of religious persecution in his country and for humanitarian reasons, the police found out that he had various antecedents, including arrests in Spain for his alleged involvement in a case of robbery.
Source: El País

The story above is from El País, probably Spain's leading newspaper, albeit one with a left-wing bias.

The story below appeared in El Mundo two years ago, on 25 November 2010.
The National Police has arrested a Pakistani fugitive in Madrid who is being sought by the Indonesian authorities for dismembering a man and dividing up his remains in bags and suitcases last June. The detainee had appeared in various Spanish media outlets claiming to have been the victim of religious persecution in his country.

According to police information, the arrested man, Imran Firasat, 32, lived for several years with his wife and children in Cantabria [Spain], from where he fled in 2007 with a large quantity of money and numerous debts, after opening various restaurants with other partners whom he may have defrauded.

During the time he was in Spain, he appeared together with his wife in various media outlets insisting that he was the victim of persecution in his country, and even that he had suffered an amputation for religious reasons.

After fleeing to Indonesia and committing the murder, he returned to Spain in September of this year and settled in Cordoba, where, after a week of trial employment in a restaurant, he attacked the owner and stole 6,000 euros of the takings.

The arrested man was finally located when he tried to go through a subway entrance in the Spanish capital, with 1,250 euros in his pocket and his documentation.

At the moment of his arrest, the man was again in a period of trial employment with another restaurant in Madrid.

An international arrest warrant for extradition was issued for the arrested man by the Indonesian authorities, who suspected that he might be in Spain.

The officers involved in the case believe he had arrived 20 days ago in Madrid, where he shared a residence with various people.

The kidnap and murder were committed in June 2010 in Indonesia. The perpetrators contacted the victim under the pretext of creating a web page and took advantage of the encounter to kidnap him and demand a ransom for his liberation.

The crime ended in murder by stabbing and later dismembering, keeping the different parts of the body in bags in refrigerated chambers and in various suitcases, to disperse them later in different places within the city of Karawang.
Source: El Mundo

El Mundo is, again, a very serious newspaper, with a right-wing bias this time. The article was accompanied by a video that showed a handcuffed man, who was clearly Imran Firasat, being led into a police station. Since this story appeared two years ago, though, it begs the question of why Imran Firasat would still be at liberty today if the allegations had any substance. Also, if you had committed a murder in another country and then fled justice, you would have to be a complete fool to put yourself in the international spotlight by making an anti-Mohammed film.


See these additional related posts, here and here.

Absolutely shameful. Doubly shameful that they did it last thing on a Friday afternoon on the weekend before Christmas, when they knew almost no one would be paying attention.
The Spanish authorities have revoked the refugee status of a Pakistani citizen who recorded a defamatory video about Mohammed, for "jeopardising the security of the Spanish state, EFE was informed today by sources in the Ministry of Interior.

The decision, adopted at the last minute this Friday, was taken because the Pakistani citizen Imran Firasat, based in Spain, is considered "a threat to national security".

The author of the controversial video, who can present appeals against this decision, will have to abandon Spain, where he has been residing legally since 24 October 2006 - when he was granted the status of political refugee "for humanitarian reasons" - when the decision is final.

The judge who is investigating the making of the controversial video warned the Pakistani citizen Imran Firasat that if he distributed the video by any means he would order his immediate arrest, sources closed to the case informed EFE. The magistrate had accused the Pakistani of the crime of incitement to hatred and religious violence.

He is accused of threatening the security of the Spanish state by recording this tape which asks, among other things, whether Mohammed was a "child abuser".

Firasat now has a period of time in which to present appeals against the decision of the Ministry of Interior to revoke his refugee status and a judge will have the last word. If the judge decides to revoke his asylum status, this citizen of Pakistani origin will have to leave Spain.
Source: El Diario H/T: Maria José

Imran, if you're read this, the smart play here, from the perspective of the anti-jihad cause, is for you to go through the appeals process to the maximum extent, turning it into a theatrical event, trying to get some politicians and media on your side or at least interested enough to cover the cause. You need to dramatise the dhimmitude of the Spanish government to the Spanish people so they can see it and react to it. If it all takes place in obscurity, that reaction cannot take place. Consider carrying out some publicity stunt, like burning a Koran in front of Moncloa Palace. Or maybe burn a Koran and a Bible, just to dramatise the difference in reactions to the two different books. Or run in front of Prime Minister Rajoy holding a sign or wearing a T-shirt that says "Sharia victim" or something like that. That way the media will be forced to cover the case. If you lose the appeal, you can go to some other European country and appeal for asylum there, going through the whole process again. Of course none of this is going to be pleasant. You just need to be strong.

If you need to flee Spain, go to Britain. The human rights infrastructure there is so strong, it will be almost impossible for the government to throw you out.

See related post: Does Imran Firasat Have a Shady Past?
Saturday, 22 December 2012
The two elected politicians from the Islam party received official congratulations from the global Shiite organisation Ahl al-Bayt, based in Teheran, which invited them to a meeting in the Iranian capital, the newspaper Le Soir reported on Friday.

The main leader of the Islam party, Redouane Ahrouch, is Shiite, but he declares that "the Islam list is an Islamic party and nothing else". "We don't consider ourselves Shiites; we fight for the rights of all Muslims", insists Abdelhay Bakkali, president of the Brussels section of the movement.

And Mr Ahrouch adds that "the Iranians are not the only ones to rejoice. We also received congratulations from Egypt: our brothers are happy to see that a light can be born for the Muslims in one of the main capitals of the western world".

In the meantime, Tehran has welcomed the party's breakthrough in Brussels and its two elected officials received "sincere congratulations" from the Ahl al-Bayt's director of international affairs, Muhammad Salar. The Brussels politicians were invited to a meeting this weekend in Tehran along with other Muslim elected Muslim politicians from Germany and Great Britain.
Friday, 21 December 2012
A man, officiating as a substitute imam in a mosque in Montreuil-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis), is due to appear this morning in front of an examining magistrate of the tribunal in Créteil (Val-de-Marne) in regards to his being questioned in a case of attempted rape.

The incident goes back to the night of the 1st/2nd of December in Fresnes (Val-de-Marne). Arrested on Tuesday around 6 pm at the exit of his place of worship, the suspect, who is said to have officiated as an imam in Tunisia, was arrested. According to out information, he denies the accusations.

"This man, in an irregular [immigration] situation on our territory, and who presents himself as a substitute imam in this mosque, is suspected of having wanted to attack a young woman who was putting him up," reveals a source with knowledge of the case. "According to the declarations of the victim, her aggressor tied her hands before trying to rape her. She defended herself by biting him, which caused him to flee. Traces of blood were found in the residence where the attack took place. Other extremely confounding factors were also recovered."
Source: Le Parisien

Obviously, the Mayan end of the world thing is nonsense. Interestingly, though, 20% of Chinese apparently believe in it. History shows that the Chinese have a strong propensity to become infatuated with crazed, irrational ideas, especially those that take the form of bizarre cults. I wonder if these periodic eruptions of cult-inspired lunacy in China have something to with Confucianism and what is lacking in it. There's always been a debate about whether Confucianism should be classified as a religion. It's an ethical system that reveres order and tradition. There is no Godhead in it, but it does touch on the supernatural with its reverence for ancestral spirits. Perhaps something in human nature craves something more concrete than that, though. Hence the mad cults springing up.

It's easy to sneer at this, but one of these historical episodes - the Taiping rebellion, which was inspired by someone who had imbibed half-baked ideas about Christianity from some missionaries then promptly decided he was Jesus' younger brother - resulted in large-scale warfare and the death of 20 million people. Given China's historical experience, it is easy to see why the Chinese government is quick to crack down on eccentric religious movements.

And this is one reason why I think the principle of universalism, which underlies the ideology of human rights, is woefully misconceived. Even though I am a free speech extremist - to the point of considering the use of violence to be justified if speech is criminalised by a government - I say this only in relation to the countries within European civilisation, including its colonial offshoots. I am not trying to erect some universal principle that should be applied everywhere. When the dissemination of absurd ideas can lead to the death of 20 million people, there is a strong case to be made for their repression.

Applying the same fixed rules everywhere just isn't a good way to manage the moral complexity of the world. Our sense of what is appropriate in any given country should derive from its own distinctive traditions, historical experience and the moral maturity of its people. For this and other reasons, the ideology of human rights deserves to be consigned to the dustbin of history, along with Communism, that other great expression of destructive utopianism.

And, lastly, comical though the Mayan apocalypse nonsense may seem, it is possible that Islam itself was birthed in a similar frenzy of apocalyptic expectation. Norbert Pressburg's book, which I discussed before in several blog posts, examined the possibility that Islam was originally a deviant branch of Christianity that had rejected the divinity of Jesus. If this is true, it begs the question of what occasioned its transformation into what we now know as Islam, including the probable invention of the prophet character and the large-scale fabrication of historical events. One of the book's most intriguing suggestions is that the deviant branch of Christianity that served as the proto-Islam included an apocalyptic element that predicted the end of the world around the year 800 AD. The non-fulfilment of these prophecies may have acted as the traumatic event that forced the transformation of the religion into something terrible and new, something that still blights the world 1200 years later: Islam.

The French President Hollande is visiting Algeria today. This has been the occasion for a shocking display of dhimmitude, guilt and self-abasement throughout the French media.
French President François Hollande held out an olive branch to Algeria on Thursday by recognising the “suffering” France had inflicted on its former colony. He did not issue the apology that many Algerians have demanded.
By FRANCE 24 (text)

French President Francois Hollande on Thursday said he recognised that the “suffering” inflicted on the Algerian people during French colonial rule was “brutal and unfair” – but stopped short of issuing an apology.

Speaking to Algerian lawmakers on the second day of a landmark visit to the former French territory, Hollande said: “For 132 years, what Algeria was subjected to was profoundly brutal and unfair. That system had a name: colonialism. And I recognise here the suffering that colonialism inflicted on the Algerian people.”

Many in Algeria had called on Hollande to issue an apology for French rule and for the brutality of France’s reaction to the 1954-1962 war for independence, which left between 400,000 and 1,500,000 people dead, although there are no official figures.


By Ben Barnier / Clare Murphy / Stephen Carroll
The war has left deep scars on both sides of the Mediterranean, and before Hollande’s much awaited visit, several prominent Algerian politicians had denounced the refusal of the French authorities “to recognise, apologise for and compensate” the crimes committed during 132 years of French colonial rule.

"There is a duty of truth on the violence, the injustices, the massacres and the torture," Hollande said of the Algerian war, while calling for the official archives to be opened to historians so that the “truth can come out progressively.”

The speech came a day after Hollande arrived in the former French colony, to be greeted by thousands of cheering Algerians.

Upon his arrival in Algiers, Hollande called for a partnership “of equals” between the two countries, but insisted he had “not come to offer repentance or apologies. I have come to say what is true.”
Source: France24

The French press is full of articles making essentially the same points: France should repent for its terrible crimes in Algeria; part of this repentance involves giving economic aid to Algeria, French companies being prodded into investing there, and throwing open the gates so Algerians can colonise France even more quickly; and France should use Algeria to construct a North-South partnership between European and Africa/the Middle East so we can act "as if the Mediterranean wasn't there".

Here's a flavour of it.
If the Paris-Bonn (then Berlin) axis has been and remains fundamental for European construction and still today to get the European Union out of its impasse, established, calm and lucid relations between Paris and Algiers are likewise for the construction of a Mediterranean space of shared prosperity. And, beyond the Maghreb, by this means to build North-South axis towards Africa.
Source: Le Monde

There has been some dissent on the French right.

For Thierry Mariani, UMP deputy for French people living abroad, François Hollande evoked "only one side of history". "Why does he not also recall the many contributions colonisation brought to Algeria in terms of infrastructure, facilities, medical care?", he asked. The deputy regretted that the suffering of the pieds-noirs, the harkis [Algerians who fought on the French side in the war of independence] and the "massacres of Europeans" were forgotten by François Hollande. "How not to feel disappointed and betrayed by this partisan and hemiplegic vision of history?" he concluded.

...Marine Le Pen, president of the Front national, insisted that François Hollande "condemns our country threefold, abasing it a little more on the path of repentance first of all, followed by massive immigration, finally followed by outsourcing." "Although François Hollande denies falling into repentance, that is the exact tone of his speech", which "revised history in the direction of a violent accusation against France. Nothing about the positive aspects of the colonisation, and nothing about the Algerian crimes against the harkis, but a new systematic denigration of our country, our history and our people".
Source: Le Figaro

What I find interesting, though, is that no one mentions what ought to be the most important factor. Algeria served as a platform for terrorism, piracy and slavery for centuries before France invaded and put a stop to it. Vast numbers of Europeans were kidnapped from ships and from their homes in Europe during coastal slave raids (razzias) and carted off to be sold, raped and worked to death.

This history has mostly been forgotten in our times, even among people on the right, because in the twisted worldview of the Left, which dominates our culture, only Europeans can be guilty of such iniquity.

At the rational level, multicultists justify their support for immigration by citing its mythical economic advantages, and the supposed benefits of diversity. Of course, none of this withstands close scrutiny. At the emotional level, though, the drive to de-Europeanise Europe is powered by this overwhelming, and artfully cultivated, sense of guilt about all the terrible things we supposedly did in the past.

The irony of this is that imperialism was, by and large, a left-wing project. In the 19th century it was the people who in our time would be human rights activists and Guardianistas who agitated for the extension of empire, not predatory right-wingers looking to rapaciously exploit the brown savages. Imperialism, by and large, was unprofitable. With very few exceptions, European countries spent more on their imperial possessions than they ever got back out of them. If you read the debates that took place at the time, imperialism was clearly driven by do-gooders obsessed with bringing civilisation to the brown hordes. Stamping out slavery was often cited as a justification for bringing some new territory into the empire, for example.

Here is a typical example of left-wing support for imperialism in the 19th century. Ironically, it contains more actual truth than almost any commentary you would be able to find, on the right or left, today. It is written by Friedrich Engels, co-author of the Communist Manifesto and patron of Karl Marx.
The struggle of the Bedouins was a hopeless one, and though the manner in which brutal soldiers, like Bugeaud, have carried on the war is highly blamable, the conquest of Algeria is an important and fortunate fact for the progress of civilisation. The piracies of the Barbaresque states, never interfered with by the English government as long as they did not disturb their ships, could not be put down but by the conquest of one of these states. And the conquest of Algeria has already forced the Beys of Tunis and Tripoli, and even the Emperor of Morocco, to enter upon the road of civilisation. They were obliged to find other employment for their people than piracy, and other means of filling their exchequer than tributes paid to them by the smaller states of Europe. And if we may regret that the liberty of the Bedouins of the desert has been destroyed, we must not forget that these same Bedouins were a nation of robbers, — whose principal means of living consisted of making excursions either upon each other, or upon the settled villagers, taking what they found, slaughtering all those who resisted, and selling the remaining prisoners as slaves. All these nations of free barbarians look very proud, noble and glorious at a distance, but only come near them and you will find that they, as well as the more civilised nations, are ruled by the lust of gain, and only employ ruder and more cruel means. And after all, the modern bourgeois, with civilisation, industry, order, and at least relative enlightenment following him, is preferable to the feudal lord or to the marauding robber, with the barbarian state of society to which they belong.

It is clear that the pro-immigration, pro-Islam impulse within modern left-wing thought is part of this same age-old drive to redeem the brown savages, one inspired by a pathological sense of altruism. Since they can no longer do it in the savages' own countries, leftists need to bring them here for redemption instead. It is almost surreal, though, that the left has been able to rewrite history to make it look like imperialism was a right-wing project, not a left-wing one; and then use these fabricated accusations against the historical right to justify mass immigration in the present day, so their mad obsession with civilising the brown horde ("la mission civilisatrice") can continue. And, of course, it isn't working. The brown people aren't being civilised. It is we who are being decivilised by their presence.
Thursday, 20 December 2012
Xenophobia Upside: Ethnic And Religious Diversity Correlated To Less Environmental Action

When is diversity a bad thing? When it comes to environmental action, according to a new paper from the University of East Anglia (UEA).

Scandinavian countries, low in ethnic and religious diversity, take more collective action than more diverse nations, like the UK, China and the United States. But the UEA paper frames diversity using the more negative term 'fragmentation'.

Americans may love separation of church and state and the mix of multiple religions in the USA but Dr. Elissaios Papyrakis, a senior lecturer in UEA's School of International Development and a senior researcher at Vrije Universiteit
in Holland, found that religious diversity has an even greater detrimental impact on environmental performance than ethnic diversity.

Papyrakis gathered data on ethnicity, religion, industry, income and population density, and then more subjective measures like conflict and control of corruption, for 127 developed and developing countries and then matched them to environmental performance. He then created a metric for what influences a country's environmental performance and investment in protection measures and whether this is associated with social diversity.

The data analyzed was for the period between 1960 and 2006, the most recent available to him. Environmental performance was measured by attributing monetary damage - as a share of GDP - attributed to a country's carbon dioxide emissions and the dependence of energy consumption on 'clean', or renewable, sources such as hydropower, geothermal, nuclear and solar power. Papyrakis also took into account the country's adjusted net savings, a measure of sustainable development that looks at the true rate of saving in an economy after taking into account investments in human capital, depletion of natural resources and damages caused by pollution.

Although numerous factors influence environmental performance simultaneously, ethnic and religious diversity alone can explain a substantial part of the differences observed in environmental performance across countries. For example, an ethnically fragmented country such as Tanzania invests 11 per cent less for the future (adjusted net savings) compared to other Sub-Saharan African countries, such as Madagascar, that are not diverse.

Papyrakis believes that "social fragmentation has a negative effect on environmental performance. Countries that are either ethnically or religiously diverse tend to under-invest in environmental protection, even when one controls for differences in income and industrial activity, for example.

"This might be because of differences in preferences across the various, and often geographically concentrated, ethnic or religious groups about which environmental measures should be introduced and when and where. For example, public spending for waste treatment facilities or reforestation can become particularly contentious issues when different ethnic or religious groups do no benefit equally. Even when preferences over what should be done do not differ much, differences in language and culture may hamper communication and collective action. If these differences cannot be bridged, investment will not be made and positive action will not be taken."

Some of the worst environmental performers, given their level of economic development and ethnic and religious diversity, are China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and the United Arab Emirates. The more ethnically diverse United States and UK also scored lower in terms of adjusted net savings (US 2.92 per cent of GDP, UK 13.88 per cent (2005 figures) and higher in terms of damage attributed to CO2 emissions (US 0.344 per cent of GDP, UK 0.178 per cent (2005 figures) compared to less diverse Scandinavian economies such as Denmark (adjusted net savings 13.88 per cent, CO2 damage 0.13 per cent (2005 figures).
Source: Science 2.0
Wednesday, 19 December 2012

It's a story that has a nursery school in Montargis, in Loiret, boiling. Now that the end of year celebrations are approaching, the headmistress of the school has decided to deschedule the traditional visit of Father Christmas to the classes. Officially, it's because of financial problems. The parents, stunned, denounce religious motives.

For some parents of the nursery school in Grand-Clos, there is no doubt: the reason for the cancellation of the visit of the gentleman in red with the white beard is "religious". One mother said, this Wednesday, in "Le Parisien - Aujourd'hui en France" : "The headmistress explained to me that she didn't want to get her knuckles rapped by certain Muslim families", she says.

A problem confirmed by the assistant to the mayor of Montargis, responsible for children's affairs. He adds that "each year, families threaten to boycott the school on the day of Father Christmas' visit". The headmistress therefore appears to have given in. For some, "it's too much". According to them, it's a question of the "islamisation of an educational institution".
Source: RTL

"I went to see the headmistress to find out the reasons for this cancellation," recalls the mother of a young girl who wishes to preserve her anonymity, "and she explained to me that she didn't want to have her fingers rapped by certain Muslim families." The headmistress, who has been in charge of the school in Grand-Clos for a few weeks, also invoked this argument to the mayor's office who called her for explanations. "She admitted to us that she had called the previous headmistress to learn how to deal with the families who, each year, threaten to boycott the school on the day of Father Christmas' visit," recalls Jean-Paul Fonteneau, assistant in charge of children's affairs and teaching.
Source: Le Parisien


To his credit, the local mayor has come out strongly against the cancellation.

This from sa Pobla in Mallorca, Spain.
The president of the Islamic Association Ibno Mazigh of sa Pobla, Bagdad Haddouti, yesterday morning filed a complaint with the local police related to the appearance of threatening graffiti that appeared on the local mosque.

The Muslim spokesman, in his statement to Ultima Hora [newspaper] demonstrated the concern of his community about the incidents that have occurred. "We are a peaceful people and the convivencia in sa Pobla has been as it should. Yesterday morning graffiti appeared and we are very worried. They drew an image of an explosive device and wrote the word 'bomb'. They also marked the entrance to the mosque with an 'x' on the ground," he concludes.
Source: Ultima Hora H/T: Maria José

The incident is a follow-on to this:
The decision of the presiding judge of Palma's Youth Court No. 1 to release the two minors, of Moroccan nationality, accused of raping an adolescent of the same age has turned Pobla into a powderkeg.

...The investigation was carried out by agents of the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil and, according to sources close to the case, the report of the forensic scientist who explored the victim was devastating.

After a hearing lasting a few hours, the judge ordered the absolution of the two accused, despite the public prosecutor maintaining his request for condemnation in his written accusation statement.

There was not long to wait for the news and the reactions. A large group of fathers of the institution where the accused minors study publicly demonstrated its intention of no longer bringing its children to the educational centre if the two Moroccans come to class.

In fact, the local police in sa Pobla and the Guardia Civil have reinforced their presence and vigilance.

The victim, of German nationality, is now in Germany, but a large part of the pupils, parents and neighbours in the local area do not agree with the judicial decision.

Tension in the local area has increased since the news was known. Work on the ground at street level has been key to controlling feelings, which are running very high. In fact, the officers have had to intervene in the matter and protect the physical intergrity of those concerned.
For the moment is it is not known when the accused will return to their classes.

When they do so, they will have to be escorted by officers of the local police and Guardia Civil to avoid a possible lynching.

...The events go back to the night of Halloween, when the two 15-year-old minors took the girl to an area of waste ground, leapt on her, tied her up and raped her. The involvement of a third party and the passive role of a fourth person is also being investigated.
Source: Ultima Hora H/T: Maria José
Monday, 17 December 2012

Ulysse Freitas and Souheila Yacoub

This is what the kind of agitation we saw around the Miss France verdict last week eventually produces. It creates an, often unconscious, emotional pressure to favour the alien.

Source: Le Matin

Much has been made in the British press recently about the results of the latest census, which showed 3 million immigrants had come to live in England Wales within the last decade. This has been denounced as an unprecedented betrayal of a people by its government. It's undoubtedly a great betrayal. But it also has a precedent, or rather a parallel since it occurred at the same time: Spain.

Spain's census results were also published recently. They showed that an even larger number of immigrants came to Spain during the same decade: 3.5 million rather than Britain's 3 million. Since Spain's base population of around 40 million was significantly smaller than Britain's, this also represents a bigger proportional increase, rising to 46,815,916 in absolute terms. The population of England and Wales grew by 7.8% during the last decade. Spain's grew by almost double that: 14.6%!

Of course, not all immigrants to Spain are savages. Many northern Europeans, like me, come here because they like the lifestyle, or to retire. But, unquestionably, a great many savages come too.

What's most worrying about Spain is that there seems to be hardly any organised political resistance to the immigrant invasion. I hardly ever see it discussed as a problem by politicians or political commentators. It's as if Spain's long history as a tourist destination has somehow acculturated Spanish people to accept the presence of foreigners ("guiris") in their midst. If so, this is a profoundly dangerous mindset. North African Mohammedans won't be bringing any money with them, and they won't be going home after two weeks. You would think that the Spanish would understand the sinister and threatening nature of Islam better than anyone. But no. There's hardly any discussion of it and, when there is, it's the usual multicult, convivencia, Al-Andalus nonsense you hear everywhere. Only the historian Serafín Fanjul speaks out vigorously against the myth of Al-Andalus. I will write more about his work in future.

Source: El Mundo

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Now with English subtitles done by Vlad Tepes site

This shocking video (in French) testifies to how a civilised country like France can be gradually transformed into a barbarous wasteland like Egypt. It features a group of female employees of the transport company RATP (which, according to its website, is the 5th largest public transport company in the world) speaking about working with Muslim colleagues. To avoid reprisals, their faces are hidden.

The revelations here are:

The company practises a policy of positive discrimination towards North African Muslims as regards recruitment and promotion, discriminating against indigenous French people.

Muslim drivers are aggressive and impolite towards passengers.

Muslim drivers refuse to shake hands with their female colleagues.

Management refuses to intervene to support staff attacked by Muslim colleagues, in order to maintain "social peace".

Some Muslim drivers refuse to drive a bus if a woman has driven it before them

Muslims pray in their place of work, even on the bus, during work time.

Muslim racists and fascists treat their white colleagues as inferior beings and are gradually imposing Islam within RATP.
This is from the site Riposte Laïque, which filmed the video. The site features another article from a former trade union official who complained about similar activities in RATP 10 years ago. He notes that things have worsened since then. Even back then, he recalls that Muslim drivers refused to drive with the French flag on display during the commemorations on 8 May and 11 November.

Source: Riposte Laïque
Saturday, 15 December 2012

                                                          The Innocent Prophet - Full Film

Absolutely astonishing. This is prior restraint. Normally, prosecution for a crime is done "post facto". But when it involves Islam, apparently, you can be arrested before the "crime" is even committed.
A judge in the Plaza de Castilla in Madrid charges a Pakistani refugee, who announced the publication of an anti-Islam film a few weeks ago, with incitement to religious violence. The judge prohibits the publication of the video on the network and makes his liberty condition on the distribution of the video.

The Pakistani and political resident of Spain Imran Firasat appeared this morning in front of the judge in the Court of First Instance number 50 in Plaza Castilla for two hours. The magistrate ordered him to be freed on condition that he does not publish even a single still image from this video which today was shown in the office of the judge and whose publication authority he has again been made responsible for.

According to legal sources, the magistrate maintains the charge against Imran Fisarat for the crime 510 of the Penal Code, a crime that punishes incitation to hatred and violence for racial, ideological or religious reasons. Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Interior has initiated a process to revoke his asylum status for "threatening national security with the production of this video".
Source: Cadenaser [Thursday 13th]

Imran Firasat assures SER [broadcasting company] that he "doesn't understand the alarm created by his trailer" about Mohammed. "I already notified - he says - the Ministry of the Interior, Exterior, the Ministry of the Presidency and also Moncloa [Moncloa Palace, residence of Spanish Prime Minister]. Nobody said anything to me until Belgium declared a state of alert because of this video which in principle was going to be distributed from Spain." Firasat explains to SER that the video is a sequence of cartoons of Mohammed lasting 70 minutes, cartoons similar to those published by the magazine 'El Jueves'.

When asked about whether he fears that the USA [Not sure why it mentions the USA here. Surely it's not that far gone?] would initiate a judicial process against him which could result in his extradition if, in the end, the video is distributed on the network, Firasat says no, that in any case the problem would be Terry Jones'. The preacher Jones is the person who burned a Koran in one of his sermons, unleashing the anger of the Muslim world. Firasat says he maintains contacts with this preacher and that now he has informed him that he has problems publishing the video.

"I am not going to distribute the video. I have postponed my decision because it has created alarm in Europe But the video is going to be distributed in the next few hours by the preacher Terry Jones".
Source: Cadenaser [Friday 14th]

There is an interview with Imran here:

H/T: Maria José
Friday, 14 December 2012
Apparently they want to solve the problem with even more socialism...:

"Rising inequality is threatening to divide Germany into a land of "haves" and "have nots," researchers warned on Thursday - potentially risking social unrest in the future. ...
The study highlighted a number of factors that have contributed to the increased inequality: a rising numbers of single households, single-parent families, and immigrants with limited education, as well as reductions in the top rate of income tax and the failure of social welfare payments to keep up with inflation. 
Researchers behind the study urged the government not to be complacent about the situation. DIW analysts Martin Gornig and Jan Goebel warned in a statement that "a strong middle class is important for the maintenance of social stability." 
"A growing number of poor people risks the development of ghetto areas," they said. 
Decisive government action is needed to address the situation - and the rich should take their share of the burden, they argued."
Source: Germany 'risks unrest if inequality not tackled'

British people will be well aware of the extraordinary propaganda value that multicultists are able to extract from even a single crime when a compliant media focuses on it relentlessly. The Stephen Lawrence killing became the pretext for institutionalising anti-racist hysteria throughout British society. Now the Muslims in Germany are looking to extract similar advantage from the NSU killings, in which 10 people, mostly Turkish kebab sellers, were killed by a terrorist cell calling itself the National Socialist Underground.

The Muslims have already had ceremonial candle-lit commemorations attended by representatives of the Turkish government (!) and lavish "official" apologies to the families of the dead kebab merchants. But that's not enough. Now Muslims are demanding that the murders be included in the German school curriculum.

Muslims in German are demanding far-reaching consequences from the series of neo-nazi murders. In Berlin on Wednesday, the major Muslim associations called for the terror of the "National Socialist Underground" (NSU) to be incorporated into the history curriculum in schools, so that it may not be forgotten. They demanded that anti-Islam crimes must be listed in a category of their own in the criminal statistics in future. An annual racism report was also needed, they said.
Source: dpa Via: PI

It has been estimated that 7500 Germans have been murdered by aliens (mostly Muslim Turks) since the Berlin wall fell. The German media and politicians are silent about this. But the deaths of a few kebab sellers must become part of the German national story, to fashion a pretext for twisting the guilt knife just a little more.

UPDATE: More on this.

An umbrella organisation representing Muslims in Germany has called for a "denazification" of German state authorities, and demanded they refrain from using the terms "Islamism" and "Islamist" to describe radical Muslims.

The German Muslim coordination council (KRM) presented a dossier on Wednesday on the botched investigation into the National Socialist Underground (NSU) terrorist cell.

German Muslims say the debacle - in which authorities failed to prevent the murders of nine immigrants and one police woman over a decade - was no accident, wrote the Frankfurter Rundschau on Thursday.

The investigation into the murders was prejudiced, said the KRM, a result of a distorted view of Islam in Germany and a widespread stigmatization of Muslims.

The council even went so far as to demand a "denazification" of German state authorities and officials, and that all responsible state authorities and politicians should feel the consequences of their failure to detect the right-wing extremist terrorist cell.

In recognition of the seriousness of the crimes, Germany should hold annual memorials for the victims of the NSU, said the council, and teach children about the murders in school history lessons as "a problem arising out of the Nazi past."

Spokesman Erol Pürlü told the press, "Those who murder Muslims today, will murder those who don't comply with them tomorrow."

Further demands laid out in the dossier included creating a special category for anti-Islamic attacks in crime statistics, and for officials to stop using the words "Islamist" and "Islamism" to refer to radical Islam.

Pürlü emphasised that the council had no doubt that Germany was a functioning democracy and praised the work of the parliamentary NSU investigation committee tasked with looking into the failure of German authorities in the case.

Meanwhile, Aiman Mazyek, Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims, said he supported a ban on the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD). The heads of Germany's 16 federal states earlier this month backed outlawing the party, but a previous legal challenge failed in 2003.

Mayzek added that the council was concerned about growing racism in German society, and called for the state to co-operate with Muslim organisations in fighting the trend, wrote the paper.

Mayzek said that while he could not deny the existence of radical Muslims in Germany, he felt the surrounding debate was too heated and that it was wrong to play off right-wing extremists against Muslim extremists.
Source: The Local

These videos give some background on the kebab murders, for those who need it. Bear in mind they are from Deutsche Welle, a sort of German BBC, so expect left-wing spin.

Ethnic and religious statistics are banned in France, so those curious about how fast the French are losing their country to the invaders have to approach the matter indirectly. One marker of demographic replacement is the proportion of the population considered at risk of developing sickle-cell disease, since this concerns mainly "people originating in the Antilles, sub-Saharan Africa but also North Africa."

The graphic shows the proportion of new-born babies considered at risk of developing sickle-cell disease in France. In the Paris region, we see that a shocking 60% of births are now to non-Europeans! In 2005, the comparable figure was "only" 54%, so France's genocide by substitution is proceeding at a galloping pace. As the image shows, Marseilles and the South of France generally form additional "blackspots", but no part of the country is untouched by the alien presence. Of course, in France, these non-Europeans are overwhelmingly Muslim.

Source: Novopress

Thursday, 13 December 2012
"If there would be a referendum on the euro in november 2012, 82 percent would vote no and 10 percent would vote yes. 8 percent say they do not know how they would vote."

Source: Swedish State Bureau for Statistics
Wednesday, 12 December 2012

France, of course, no longer has a monarch. The revolution that deposed the French royal house is the same one that ushered in the ideal of human rights and the secular religion of Equality, exalting the notion of government-allocated citizenship above deeper notions of ancestral peoplehood. It is these ideas that are destroying our civilisation now. So perhaps it is appropriate that the leader of the deposed French royal house, the Duke of France and Count of Paris, now issues a warning about the islamisation of his country.
While we naively believed we could help moderate Islamism in the wars of the Arab Spring, everywhere they have given birth to Islamist extremists in power, because, in contrast to Islam, Islamism will never be moderate.

Our policy of "dabbling" has awakened the power of sectarian Islamism on our soil; we have opened Pandora's box. This was and is a grave political error. Indeed, not a day passes without the rampant power of the Islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood, making itself felt. In the hospitals, schools, in our food, in the clothes which hid women, possessions of the men; to say nothing of the Christmas cribs whose removal has been demanded from our supermarkets, to think that there exists in a large number of our fellow citizens a hatred of religion, of our religion because we let it happen.

The laws of our country, our homeland, are encroached on bit by bit and then scorned. And we compound this by offering the right to vote to foreigners, to immigrants the majority of whom come from the south, from the Dar al

The West blinded by a democracy in a state of decomposition thinks that Islamisms can still evolve further; so it is getting ready to intervene in Syria, the next trigger that could involve us in an umpteenth global war. Curiously, the same process that triggered the second Iraq war is now occurring again. They tell us, with lots of supporting proof, that Syria has chemical weapons of mass destruction!
détiendrait des armes chimiques de destruction massive!

If there is a war - God forbid - and even if France is not involved in it, it is far from unimaginable that the "fifth column" of Islamists could react on our soil.

France needs a strong and visible power, which has a long-term strategy for putting the house in order; otherwise, we can expect there to be a Caliphate in Poitiers one day. There are many of us in France who detest this idea. Our western society and our civilisation is in danger. There is still time to understand and to act. France truly has need of a strong and visible power. The need is urgent.

I think it's clear that our form of government has failed. Any form of government that leads to people being robbed of their own country has, by definition, failed. I would prefer us to abandon representative democracy and move towards direct democracy. But even a restoration of monarchy would surely be better than what we have now. Monarchs would act uninhibitedly to defend the interests of their people, as Elizabeth I did when she issued a decree calling for "divers blackmoores" to be "sent forth of the lande".

One night in November, the 13th, Moroccan vandals amputated and stole the arm, the hand and the sword of the statue of Pedro de Estopiñán, the conquistador of Melilla in 1497, in the historic district of the autonomous city.

Twenty six days later a Moroccan senator, Yahya Yahya, 45, walked through Rabat with this piece of the statue. He even had himself photographed the previous Monday in front of the Hassan II mausoleum and the wall of the capital holding the arm with the help of his collaborator, Said Chramti, 36, dubbed El Grandullón [The Big Kid] by the Spanish police.

The act of vandalism caused a commotion in Melilla whose assembly condemned it unanimously. Chramti claimed credit for the theft in the name of the Commitee for the Liberation of Ceuta and Melilla, of which he is the vice-president and of which Yahya himself is the president.

...Yahya, who belongs to the small party Pacto Democrático, is also mayor of Beni Enzar, the town of 25,000 inhabitants adjacent to Melilla. Although it may seem contradictory, he is also co-president of the committee of friendship of the senates of Spain and Morocco.
Source: El País

Yahya is apparently wanted by both the Spanish and Italian police for various incidents in which he attacked women and police officers.
Tuesday, 11 December 2012
The rate of employment of Belgian residents born outside of the European Union rose last year to 45.8%. No other European country has so few of its immigrants in work, said De Standaard on Tuesday.

Furthermore, a significant difference of 20 percentage points separates the rate of immigrant employment from that of indigenes. In addition, the share of immigrant woman on the employment market in Belgium barely reaches 37%.
The Ministry of Justice has sent a request to the European parliament for Marine Le Pen's parliamentary immunity to be lifted, it was learned on Tuesday from sources within the ministry. This request is linked to Marine Le Pen's remarks on 10 December 2010, drawing a parallel between the [Muslim] street prayers and the [Nazi] occupation, a source with knowledge of the case specified to the AFP. "I confirm that the Minister of Justice sent a request on 26 November to the president of the European parliament, Martin Schultz, for Marine Le Pen's parliamentary immunity to be lifted," indicated Pierre Rancé, ministry spokesman.
Source: Le Figaro

There was an interesting series of articles in the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag this weekend, detailing the persecution of Christians by Muslims in various countries. Volker Kauder, a leading politician within the centre-right CDU party was quoted saying:
Religious freedom is threatened worldwide by Islamism. Wherever Muslim extremists have a majority [how can they be extremists if they are in the majority?], it becomes difficult for other religions...

In Egypt the situation of Christians is deteriorating rapidly.

...Eight million Christian Copts live there and are more and more fearful that they will soon no longer be able to live their beliefs in their homeland. That is dramatic.

Even if he mistakes Islam for Islamism, this is still an unusually forthright assessment for our intellectually paralysed politicians. So what vigorous measures does he propose to come to the aid of these persecuted Christians? Wait for it...he threatens to stop advertisements for Egyptian tourism! I'm sure the Muslim Brotherhood is already trembling at the prospect.

8 out of the 33 candidates were ethnics. Still not enough. Europeans must have nothing.
A black rights group on Monday slammed the latest Miss France competition for producing a "white as snow" winner from a field it claimed was unrepresentative of the country's ethnic make-up.

Marine Lorphelin, 19, a brunette medical student from Burgundy, was on Saturday crowned Miss France 2013, having edged out Miss Tahiti, Hinarini de Longeaux, in the final round of judging.

Louis-Georges Tin, the president of the CRAN (Representative Council of Black Associations), on Monday lamented the lack of contestants from France's African and north African communities.

"The failure to represent the contemporary French population in an event such as this is obviously serious," Tin said in a statement issued jointly with Fred Royer, the creator of Miss Black France.

"It amounts to denying the very existence of French people of African origin."

Of the 33 finalists in Saturday's contest, eight were from ethnic minorities with six of those coming from France's Pacific or Caribbean territories.

"In the antiquated world of Miss France, blacks apparently can only come from overseas departments," the CRAN statement said.

"As for Frenchwomen of north African heritage, they were 'represented' by only one candidate who was quickly eliminated (too Muslim perhaps?)."

France is home to around five million Muslims, most of them of north African origin.

The statement went on to express regret that "Miss France is as white as the end of year snow on the steeples of an eternal France."
Source: The Local

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