Friday, 30 November 2012
"With a hood on, tied up and marked with blows, they kept him gagged in a cave". This is how state prosecutor Nicolas Feuz describes the fate of one of the youths who resisted the drug gang that called itself "Jamahat".

From 2008 this radical-islamic drug gang shrank from no means of defending its marijuana monopoly in Le Locle and Neuenburg.

To do this they not only forced their young customers to deal for them, but compelled them to obtain several smartphones. For this purpose, some of the victims even had to take out as many as seven subscription contracts, getting into several thousands francs worth of debt. The perpetrators later sold the mobile phones on the black market.

The gang included youths from Chechnya, Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia, who devoted themselves to a radical Islam. Some of their intimidated victims even themselves converted to Islam.

For years no one dared to blow the whistle on the drug gang. In March the terror was broken when a youth made a call for help to the police. Afterwards the police caught the Jamahat members in La Chaux-de-Fonds in flagranti and arrested them.

Since then more than twenty additional complaints have been filed. The police are now looking in the Jura/Drei-Seen-Land area for the cave where the clan maintained a marijuana plantation.
Source: 20Minutes
Thursday, 29 November 2012
Daniel Bacquelaine is a deputy and head of the MR [a political party] group in the Chamber. He is also burgomeister of Chaudfontaine. In Mouvement Réformateur [Reform Movement], he leads the struggle against radical religious groups. He preaches vivre ensemble and his speeches and political actions make certain people unhappy.

It all started shortly before July 2011. On this date, Belgium became the second country in the world to ban "the wearing of any item of clothing that completely or mainly hides the face in a public space". This was aimed at clothing of the burka and niqab type. It was at this time that the anonymous email threats started.

They haven't calmed down since, returning each time the deputy takes another step in favour of vivre ensemble: "The MR group wants to go further in its struggle against behaviour that prevents the vivre ensemble. That's why we have made several propositions in favour of banning the wearing of any overt religious sign in the schools and public administrations", he explains.

He also gives conferences on interculturality, which he contrasts with multiculturalism. At each of his public appearances, "there are members of radical salafist milieux who come and interrupt" the deputy. Their point of view is "very often excessive and that exceeds the rational", he explains. These extremists come from radical salafist milieux, "groups like Sharia4Belgium", are subject to investigation and surveillance wherever they go. For example, the federal police is present in force each time M. Bacquelaine appears. Not because he requested bodyguards, but because it is the job of the police to prevent excesses by monitoring dangerous people.

First, some background. One of the curious features of French politics compared to other countries is the custom that senior politicians often serve as mayors of small towns too. The person involved here, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, was a minister under Sarkozy's government. She was one of those most prominent in resisting Sarkozy's supposed "drift to the right", which anyway was more rhetorical than real, and scotching proposals that her party, the mainstream right UMP, should hook up with the "far-right" UMP.

Sarkozy's government introduced a proposal to criminalise repeated visits to sites that gloried terrorism. Since coming to power, the Socialists have tried to kill this measure off but the UMP, of which Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet is a member, are still pursuing it. She spoke in the debate on the subject, saying that one "of [her] employees in the town council [Longjumeau (Esssonne)]", has been "married for twenty years to a man which engaged in a process of radicalisation":
She has four sons, among which the two eldest, engaged in the same process, are openly under surveillance; as for the third, he is 15 and is subject to the same influences as his brothers, who live with the father and give him the addresses of internet sites that show scenes of decapitation, done by men with large black swords, with repetitive music in the background.

It visits the same sites habitually and repeatedly. You could always say that it is better to put him under surveillance in case he does any more than that, but that fact is that today he is in danger, and nothing can be done about it.

Your arguments apply above all to young people about 20 years old engaged in a process of radicalisation; but these decapitation videos are being passed around in school classes.
Source: Rue89

Note she says that it is the 15-year-old in danger, but in truth it is the French people who have been endangered by the presence of these jihadist aliens on their soil. She says there is nothing that can be done about it, but would a French government hesitate to take children away from a militant "far-right" activist in the same circumstances?
Wednesday, 28 November 2012

French society is "dying of spiritual thirst" and "an incredible expectation" was apparent in the youth, said Philippe Barbarin, archbishop of Lyon and Primate of the Gauls, yesterday in the Vatican. The cardinal made a sombre assessment of the faith of Catholics, of whom 4% - 5% are practising. He referred to information "that there are three times more young Muslims in the mosque on Friday than Catholics at mass on Sunday". He urged Catholics to be "humble, passionate, intrepid" in their faith.

"Why does our society react furiously to the words of a bishop," he also asked, referring to himself, criticised for an interview implying that homosexual marriage could open the path to polygamy and incest. According to him, antisemitism and islamophobia are growing along with hostility to Christianity:
"In some districts, the Christians are afraid . A priest was spat on in the metro because of the crucifix he was wearing," he revealed.
It was about time that those who live from free speech - no, I am not talking about journalists... - start fighting for it. Artists gathered in London earlier this month to express their view on freedom on the Passion for Freedom exhibition, and this time Islam gets mentioned:

"Censored works shown for the first time in the City of Freedom -- London. Passion for Freedom asked artists to respond to these three questions: 1. What is freedom? 2. How easy is it to lose it? 3. How hard is it to get it back? The "Passion For Freedom" Exhibition this year consisted of 40 artists from 20 countries from all over the world. They came from Canada, USA, Poland, the Netherlands, Afghanistan, Iran and from all over the UK. Some of the works have never been shown before due to art galleries fear of consequences. 5 of the artists exhibited their work under changed names. Although anonymous they attended the private view but asked photos or videos in which they appear not to be published. Freedom is like air -- you don't see it, you don't appreciate it until you start to lose it."

New controversy in Vélez-Málaga, this time related to its corporate image. The PP government team in the mayoral office does not want the official documents processed in the office to continue featuring an Arab pierced by a spear in the breast, as depicted in the the city's historical crest, which was granted by the queen Isabel the Catholic in 1499. "I feel very proud of this crest and in fact it will go on being used in formal deeds, but today Vélez ought to give an image of modernity, of an open municipality which has nothing against any race or religion", the mayor, Francisco Delgado, explained yesterday, justifying his government's initiative of spending 37,000 euros in carrying out a study into creating a new corporate image for the town council.

Although the mayor regards the study as absolutely necessary given that each department is using a different interpretation of the crest, there has been harsh criticism from the PSOE [Socialists] that in the current economic crisis and with the necessity that so many Velez families are in, this amount of money is being spent when the city has had its own shield for more than five years. [The Spanish text says 'five' but I think it should be 'five hundred'.]

According to the mayor, the idea is that the image that will be created from this historical emblem places greater emphasis on the figure of the king Fernando the Catholic and suppresses that of the Moor fleeing pierced by a spear in front of his horse, "among other things to put an end to xenophobic criticisms".

Queen Isabel the Catholic granted the city of Vélez-Málaga its most important symbols in: its seal, crest, banner and flag. The crest depicts the only armed action in which the king Fernando the Catholic participated during the war of Granada and, more specifically, the conquest of the city of Veleña, which took place in 1487. During the military parade of the Castilian army, Veleñans (Moors) sallied and surprised the monarch without armour, forcing him to prepare himself for combat. The bravery of a groom called Sebastián Sánchez Pelao prevented Fernando the Catholic being pierced by a spear. The groom placed himself in front of the monarch, ensuring he was not wounded. This cost him his life. To commemorate that act, the city crest, based on a decision by Queen Isabel, shows a mounted king with a groom dead at his feet and with the Moors fleeing, one of them pierced by a spear. Vélez was granted its flag 12 years after (1499) that event.
Source: DiarioDelSur Via: Alerta Digital

Tuesday, 27 November 2012
Enough is enough.
We can no longer be silent.

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Monday, 26 November 2012

These Muslims came straight from a pro-Palestinian demo to assail an event being to protest against the construction of an Islam centre in Munich. You can see them waving Turkish flags and spitting on the event participants. At one point they start shouting, "Nazis raus!" [Nazis out]. The speaker then explains to them how Muslims worked with the Nazis in WW2 and the similarities in their worldview. This only enrages the Muslims further.

Source: PI
Sunday, 25 November 2012

I've often said that the defining dynamic of our age is bureaucracy vs. democracy. The Europeans who support the islamisation and de-Europeanisation of European societies do so, not because they have any great knowledge of or respect for Islam, but because they believe in following rules, the rules of human rights which say that "all people have a right to practise their religion". They are not defending the Islamic religion. They are defending their own: the Religion of Equality.

The ultimate expression of bureaucracy's triumph over democracy was the appointment of the Mario Monti regime in Italy. Ushered it on an emergency basis to tackle economic problems, it immediately began pursuing the non-economic parts of the standard bureaucratic agenda: anti-European, pro-foreigner, pro-Islam, anti-free speech. Votes for foreigners was an immediate priority, as it is for the left elsewhere in Europe. So, too, was the persecution of thought criminals.

In July this year, Andrea Riccardi, Minister for International Cooperation and Integration, announced a plan to "block racist sites and also pursue the non-occasional visitors to these shameful sites".

Last year, the Italian section of the Stormfront website published a list of Italians who "favoured the non-indigenes and derived economic profit from it." Riccardi's name appeared on the list.

It's no great surprise, then, that Stormfront was chosen as a priority target. As it is based in the US, where it is protected by free speech laws, this was not a simple matter.

"A surgical operation was necessary, conducted by the Postal Police and the antiterrorist services", to "give a name and a face to the xenophobic hands that write the messages on the forum".

One person, Daniele Scarpino,a 24-year-old from Milan, was identified and placed under surveillance. This allowed three others involved in the forum to be identified. All four have now been arrested and charged with "spreading racist ideologies and support, including economic support, for the activities of a criminal organisation". Other forum users have been identified and may face prosecution too. The Stormfront website has been blocked in Italy.

If you are part of the Counterjihad movement, you may see some great distinction between yourself and the Stormfronters, dismissing them as a bunch of KKK fanboys. But how confident are you that the regimes of the bureaucrats will appreciate this distinction? To them, there is no substantial difference between old-skool "racists" and new-skool "Islamophobes". Once you allow governments to send people to prison for expressing unapproved thoughts, the scope of what is defined as "unapproved" will continually increase in a way consonant with the interests of the ruling elite.

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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Graffiti and Celtic crosses have been found on a mosque in Villefontaine in the Rhône-Alpes region of France. It reads: "Islam Out of Europe" and "This is our home". Similar graffiti was found on the walls of a Catholic boarding school in the same street.

In a statement, the rector of Lyon mosque denounced a new "upsurge of violence against French citizens of the Muslim faith", and called for a "peaceful demonstration" at 3 pm tomorrow in front of the targeted mosque.

Source: Le Dauphine

Last month a gymnastics teacher at the André-Chavanne school [in Geneva] prevented her pupils from participating in a gymnastics lesson on the athletics field. The reason? The stadium is close to the mosque of Petit-Saconnex and three years ago, female students in their gym kit were insulted by worshippers. The explanations shocked parents.

"I find it unacceptable that my 16-year-old daughter cannot run in gym kit on the pretext that the mosque is close to the school playing field!", the father of one 16-year-old pupil said angrily.

But let us go back to that Friday at the start of October, the day of prayer. The daughters insisted on running outside, like the boys. To justify her refusal, the teacher recalled that in 2009, a class of girls, who also went out on Friday, had been insulted... The worshippers had even thrown soft drinks cans at them. An incident that sparked a strong reaction from both the Department of Public Education and the mosque. The mosque officials apologised and then promised to do everything so that such incidents did not reoccur. The Department refrained from filing a legal complaint.

...For Hafid Ouardiri, former spokesman of the mosque, the reaction of the teacher was wise: "We live in a plural society where it is important to respect what each person wants to express. In deciding not to have young girls in shorts running in front of the mosque, I think the teacher took a considered decision. "I think it's better that a possible problem is anticipated which could have been seen as a provocation". However the mediator also insists on reminding the mosque worshippers that they should not dictate how the westerns should live their lives: "It is important to respect the worldviews of other people. It is also important that the worshippers know that there is a school and a playing field close to the mosque, and that they must respect the student's living space, whether or not they are wearing gym clothes. They must not be offended by it." And Hafid Ouardiri concludes: "Wouldn't the best solution be to plant trees or a thick green hedge to create shade between the mosque and the playing field?"
Source: GHI
Friday, 23 November 2012

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Thursday, 22 November 2012

This is one of those stories so crazy that you think it must be an April fool. But no. It's real.
All the Sefardis, descendants of the Jews who were expelled from Spain in 1492, will be able to acquire Spanish nationality automatically, wherever they live provided that they verify their status, either by surnames, language, descent or link to Spanish customs and culture.
Source: El País

In itself, this might not be so bad. Jews have made enormous positive contributions to European civilisation, although it's regrettably true that they seem to be disproportionately involved in maintaining the intellectual infrastructure of the multicult, even if I don't buy the idea that's it's all a big Jewish conspiracy, as many commenters here continually allege.

But the criteria listed are way too vague to be comfortable with. Surnames? Link to Spanish culture or customs? Remember that we're talking about five centuries here. Many of the Jews who left Spain went to Islamic countries in North Africa and the Middle East. The system of dhimmitude is partly designed to produce a slow corrosion of a non-Muslim people's integrity, resulting in a continuous flow of conversions to Islam. So those who were Jews five centuries ago might well be islamised now, either through having been culturally assimilated to Islamic norms or having converted outright. And does anyone really think it's beyond the wiles of a Moroccan Muslim to claim Sefardic roots, knowing how adept they are at defrauding our existing systems?

It gets worse, though, when you hear what was said when the measure was being announced.
The Minister for External Affairs and Cooperation, for his part, has made it clear that this measure is aimed at making the process for granting nationality more flexible and recalled the historic links of the Jewish and Muslim people with Spain. "Our relations have never been interrupted, they have never been forgotten, they have been all the more intense the more tolerant, the more interested in dialogue and the more democratic Spain has been", he declared.

Another of the objectives of the directive is, according to Margallo, "to recover the memory of the Spain silenced for so long" and finish the journey "to the land of liberty" of the Spaniards who "year for Sefarad" and live in the diaspora.

For Gallardón, this directive is the "re-encounter" and is going to be directed at all "those who were unjustly deprived of their nationality and recreated through affection a Spain to whose loss they never resigned themselves and which, from now on, is as much theirs as ours, as far as rights are concerned".

...Just as 31 March 1492, date of the signature of the edict of expulsion of the Jews of Castilla and Aragón, was, according to Querub, a day of darkness and obscurity, the legal provision "of return" announced today will ensure that this day "passes into history as a day of clear blue sky and intense light for Spain".

Of course the notion of anything like "nationality" in the modern sense existing in the 15th century is ludicrous. And now that they have granted this measure to Jews, we can expect to hear continuous demands for "equal treatment" for Muslims. Judging by the remarks above, Spain's ruling caste (and let's not forget it is the nominally conservative party that is in office) will be disposed to grant them.

The Belgian army has put a dozen soldiers under surveillance because of their Salafist convictions and to ensure their loyalty to the country, reveals "La Libre Belgique" on Wednesday. The surveillance is conducted by military intelligence, the Service général du renseignement et de la sécurité (SGRS) [General intelligence and security service], and the Sûreté de l'Etat [state police]. In some cases, the checks have been effective, but in others candidates who are well known in Islamist milieux escaped the vigilance of the recruiters.

The army fears infiltrations and worries about training islamists whose objective is to conduct jihad abroad. In the worst case, the latter would then, for example, be able to turn against Belgian soldiers in areas like Afghanistan, writes La Libre.

"The problem is that there is no check before training. To get into the army, you just need a clean criminal record. The candidate is interviewed by officials, but nothing more", explains one of the newspaper's sources. It is only at the authorisation stage that the monitoring is tighter.
Wednesday, 21 November 2012

This is truly shocking. The scandal arose in the first place because Muslim rapists were not being prosecuted by the authorities because of fears of being accused of, or stirring up, racism. Now the report says the exact opposite: that Muslims are being disproportionately targeted for prosecution because of media pressure. Shameful.
The children’s watchdog has been asked to give evidence to MPs about her report on organised child sex abuse that has become mired in controversy for playing down the role of Asian gangs.

Keith Vaz, MP, chairman of the Home Affairs Committee, said that the police response to sex gangs was still inadequate and that vulnerable young people were being let down.

“The Home Affairs Committee will continue its inquiry into this important issue, and we have called [Sue] Berelowitz before us to tell us what more can be done to tackle it,” Mr Vaz said this morning.

A series of articles published in The Times has exposed the pattern of child-sex crimes in which young white teenage girls in Rochdale, Burnley, Dewsbury, Keighley, Leeds, Carlisle, Derby, Telford, Birmingham and Oxford have been groomed by groups of mainly Pakistani men.

Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, has expressed concern at Ms Berelowitz’s findings for not coming down more strongly on the role of Asian men, accusing it of “political correctness”.

Ms Berelowitz defended her ground-breaking report, which took two years to compile.
The Deputy Children’s Commissioner told the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 that there was a “bigger picture” than simply problems within one sector of society.

She told ITV’s Daybreak: “Our report found that there is that model of Pakistani men and white girls, but it’s only one model and it is extraordinarily important that everybody wakes up to the fact that there are other models of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation as well, because otherwise what we’ve found is that victims are falling through the net, and of course that perpetrators are falling through the net — they’re not being identified and apprehended.”

“So part of the wake-up call is this is not just one group of males within one community doing something — that’s part of the picture. It’s a bigger picture than that, though.”

After a two-year investigation, the report found that 2,409 children were victims of sex crimes by gangs or groups of men in a 14-month period from 2010 to 2011.

A further 16,500 young people displayed high-risk signs of exploitation.

“Each year thousands of children in England are raped and abused from as young as 11 by people seeking to humiliate, violate and control them. The impact ... is often devastating,” it said.

The report recorded but did not elaborate on the fact that more than 25 per cent of reported child sex abuse perpetrators were Asian and South-East Asian, although they represented only 6.9 per cent of the population.

Mr Gove had urged Ms Berelowitz not to be swayed by questions of prejudice and to “ask tough questions about cultural background”.

But she said that it was “irresponsible” to focus on the data which shows that Asian men are disproportionately involved in such abuse.

A Department for Education source said last night: “Political correctness will not get in the way of preventing and uncovering child abuse.”

And a former Labour MP said that it was wrong to ignore the importance of the statistic that is “staring us in the face”.

Ms Berelowitz said that her inquiry should act as “a wake-up call” because it had uncovered for the first time the full extent of sexual exploitation in England.

“The victims come from all ethnic groups, as do the perpetrators, contrary to what some may wish to believe. It’s happening everywhere, from lovely, leafy places to inner cities. There are people preying on children all over the country. There are a number of different patterns.

“The only unifying factor [about group offenders] is that, with rare exceptions, they’re all male. The only ethnic [offender] group that featured across all our site visits was white males.”

The report says the “attitude of some men and boys towards women and girls is one of entitlement, ownership, power and control”. But it chooses not to examine whether such attitudes are more prevalent within certain minority ethnic communities.

In its long-running investigation, The Times has exposed many examples of groups of men grooming girls aged from 12 to 16 for serial sexual abuse.

Most victims were white and most offender groups, including high-profile cases from Rochdale, Rotherham and Derby, involved men of Pakistani heritage who shared the victims among friends, relatives and colleagues.

Today’s report does not accept that street-grooming sex offences are more common among a criminal sub-section of the British Pakistani community than the population as a whole. It also fails to provide a regional breakdown of the various crime patterns that it identifies.

Ms Berelowitz criticised the media for “prejudice and stereotyping” in its “selective” coverage of offender networks and accused The Times of being fixated on white victims and offenders of Pakistani origin.

However, the report’s own statistics reveal that Asian men are disproportionately represented among identified groups involved in sexual exploitation of children across England.

In a country whose population is 87 per cent white and 7 per cent Asian, offenders whose ethnicity was recorded during the inquiry were 43 per cent white and 33 per cent Asian.

The report cites media pressure after infamous court cases to explain why police and childcare professionals are increasingly identifying Pakistani offender groups and white female victims, leading to a rising number of prosecutions.

Without providing any evidence, it states that there is “no doubt that data is gathered more assiduously on perpetrators identified by professionals as ‘Asian’, ‘Pakistani’ or ‘Kurdish’.”

Ms Berelowitz said that Scotland Yard’s investigation into sex offences allegedly committed by Jimmy Savile and other men offered proof “that white males act in concert”.

She said that the high proportion of Asian abusers reflected local demographics. “When people focus on that one model they are unfortunately not identifying all victims because they think that all victims are white girls.”

Ann Cryer, the former Labour MP for Keighley, who has had a central role in exposing group sexual abuse, said: “I can understand why [Ms Berelowitz] is afraid of being called a racist ... but this is about protecting young victims. We cannot ignore the statistics staring us in the face. We need to look at ... perpetrators and ask what is in their background that makes them behave this way.”

Andrew Flanagan, chief executive of the NSPCC, said: “Sex offenders come from all backgrounds but if there is a problem with one community we must address it, not just turn a blind eye.”
Source: The Times (£)

UPDATE: Berelowitz has written a Paki whitewash article in the Guardian.

This is a not a problem within one particular faith or ethnic group: our evidence shows the reality is much more troubling. We found the perpetrators of abuse tended to mirror the makeup of the local population, so where the population was mainly white, the abusers were mainly white; and where other ethnic groups lived, the perpetrators were likewise. There have been recent high-profile cases of Pakistani men abusing white girls, but focusing purely on this pattern of abuse is dangerous. It has inevitably meant that both victims and abusers from other ethnicities have been overlooked. Those who perpetrate these crimes come from every community and every level in society.
Source: Guardian

Follow-up article:
The father of a girl who was raped and ruthlessly used for sex by men has criticised a report on sex-grooming gangs for “failing to confront the truth” about attitudes towards white girls held by some men of Pakistani origin.

He said that the report, published yesterday, exposed the scale of child sexual exploitation across England but missed a chance “to grasp the nettle of the British Pakistani problem”. Hindu and Sikh groups also complained that Sue Berelowitz, the Deputy Children’s Commissioner for England, ignored their concerns about Muslim men targeting Hindu and Sikh girls.

Her report into child sex crimes involving groups and gangs found that 2,409 children were used for sex by adults between 2010 and 2011. It revealed that 33 per cent of the 1,266 group offenders whose ethnicities were known were Asian, mostly British Pakistanis. Only 2 per cent of the general population is of Pakistani heritage.

Pakistani men were also significantly over-represented among arrests and prosecutions during the past two years of men alleged to have been members of street-grooming networks.

The report did not examine the role of ethnicity and culture, stressing that offenders and victims were of all ethnicities and that most offenders were white.

The father of a girl from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, who was subjected to relentless abuse by young British Pakistanis when she was 13 and 14, questioned the report’s racial squeamishness. “I’m sure it’s right that most child abusers are white, but when you look at where we live, and at places like Rochdale, and you know these groups have been operating for at least ten years, you come close to despair,” he said.

“The truth is that some British Pakistani men think these girls are worthless. This report has missed a chance to look at why this has been happening in so many northern towns.”

In August, a delegation of British Asian faith organisations met Ms Berelowitz to discuss long-standing concerns that some British Pakistani men were grooming Hindu and Sikh girls.

Ashish Joshi, chairman of the Sikh Media Monitoring Group and an adviser to the Sikh Awareness Society, said that he was outraged that the report failed to address the issue. “No one wants to talk about the fact that these men don’t view non-Muslim girls as worthy of any respect,” he said.

Kris Hopkins, a Conservative MP whose constituency in Keighley, West Yorkshire, has experienced severe child sexual exploitation problems, described the Berelowitz report as “an opportunity lost”. He said that the disproportionate involvement of Pakistani-origin men was “worthy of much deeper examination”, and added: “The report has fallen into the trap of dancing a politically correct tune around this reality instead of confronting it head on. That is one of the reasons we are not making the level of progress in tackling the problem that we should be.”

Although government sources said that Ms Berelowitz’s report was “half-baked” and “hysterical”, the Prime Minister said: “This is a very serious issue. It is an interim report which we need to study very carefully.”
Source: The Times (£)

A couple of days ago I wrote about the potential civil war with France's mainstream right-wing party. To recap briefly, the favourite Fillon lost the race to the outsider Copé who emphasised issues related to the islamisation and de-Europeanisation of France and wrote a book talking about an "unabashed Right". Allegations of vote fraud from both sides dogged the election. In the end, Copé seemed to have edged it by a very narrow margin. Now, however, Fillon is claiming victory on the strength of votes coming in from France's overseas territories, which are considered part of France. These Dom-Toms, as they are called, are, of course, overwhelmingly inhabited by non-Europeans, including places like Mayotte, which is overwhelmingly Muslim. Unsurprisingly the brown horde favours the candidate most congenial to its interests.

Fillon has demanded the appointment of a third person as interim party leader and threatened to split the party if the demand is not granted.

There's an interesting article in Atlantico about the increasing demographic weight of non-Europeans in European socities, and the effect this will have on the fortunes of political parties. Here are some extracts:
France does not have complete information about people of foreign origin. The latest data date from the end of 2008. INSEE estimated their number at 11.7 million, which is 19% of the population of metropolitan France. In 2017, if the growth in absolute numbers observed between 1999 and the end of 2008 is maintained, there should be a population of foreign origin of 13 million, which would represent around 21% of the population.

The growth of the Muslim population, favoured by a high transfer rate, high endogamy, a larger youth demographic and higher fertility, should take the Muslim population of approximately 5 millions at the end of the year 2012 to 5.7 million at the time of the next presidential election, that is almost 9% of the population of metropolitan France. I estimated the number of French Muslims of voting age at 1.7 million in 2008. It's more than the difference in the number of votes between Hollande and Sarkozy in 2012. If the Muslims of foreign nationality had had the right to vote, that would have led to a a potential electorate of the order of 2.3 million in 2008 and a higher number still in 2012.

The Socialist Party thus has a great interest in pampering this electorate. There is no doubt that giving the right to vote to foreigners, if it passes, will secure this voting base. The Muslim vote in France is almost as polarised as the black vote in the United States. The Socialist party should therefore, as Barack Obama did, expend a great deal of energy in bringing Muslims to the voting booths on election day.

...80% of people with a parent or grand-parent of North-African origin (Algeria, Morocco or Tunisia) voted for François Hollande in the second round in May 2012. Among those of Italian or Spanish origin, this score is 60%, and those of Polish origin voted 55% for Hollande, that is a score close to the national results.

86% of the people describing themselves as being of the Muslim religion voted for Hollande, that is 34 points above Hollande's score at the national level.
Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Here's a good example of the kind of immigrant violence mentioned in the story below.

Source: Daily Mail

Every year in Germany there is a Volkstrauertag (People's Day of Mourning). It started in the 1920s to commemorate the German soldiers who fell in the First World War, but has been progressively taken up and extended by every dodgy regime since then. The Nazis made much of it, renaming it the Heroes' Memorial Day and issuing detailed directives about how it should be commemorated. In the post WWII-period, the East German regime continued the tradition, rebranding it "International memorial day for the victims of fascist terror and day of struggle against fascism and imperialist war". The event also continued in the west but was broadened out to commemorate the dead of two wars and the victims of tyranny in all nations. Like the other totalitarian governments that preceded it, Germany's modern multicult dictatorship has tried to co-opt the event for political propaganda purposes. This year, the list of "honoured dead" was expanded to include foreigners killed in Germany deemed to be the victims of "racism" and "hate".

Of course the far greater number of Germans murdered by immigrant invaders got no official mention. An unofficial event was held outside the German parliament, however, to remind the politicians of who it is they are supposed to work for. "Dem deutschen Volke" reads the inscription at the top of the Reichstag: For the German People. Organised by the small anti-Islam party Die Freiheit (Freedom), it commemorated the 7,500 Germans who have been victims of immigrant violence since 1990.

Monday, 19 November 2012

The leadership contest with France's mainstream right-wing party has taken an interesting turn. Both candidates provisionally proclaimed themselves victors based on a very narrow difference in the number of votes and allegations of fraud from both sides. It looks as though Jean-François Copé has now emerged as the declared winner, however. His opponent, François Fillon, started as favourite. He would have taken the UMP back to the same-old mainstream agenda. Copé, on the the hand, has flirted with the rhetoric of the "far right", speaking of anti-white racism and children not allowed to eat chocolate pastries during Ramadan by their Muslim classmates. If he has emerged victorious, it will represent a step towards the future integration of the mainstream right and the "far right", which I have called the Great Realignment and which I believe to be inevitable. During the election contest, there were clear signs that the UMP delegates were becoming increasingly concerned about the islamisation of the country, with comments like:
"In 10 or 20 years, if it continues like this, our grandchildren will be speaking Arabic at school."

Copé's victory is testament to the growing strength of concern about France's descent into Islamic darkness. If Fillon refuses to accept defeat gracefully, however, or if Copé's radical agenda alienates some within the party (the UMP is actually an umbrella grouping of micro-parties and factions), it's possible the UMP itself will implode. This will leave the French mainstream right shattered and divided, opening up the possibility of some of its broken shards either joining the Front National or forming some kind of alliance with it.

UPDATE: Charlie Hebdo's cover this week makes the same point more concisely.

Jean-François Copé has been declared the new leader of the opposition Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) party after a contested weekend vote that was plagued by allegations of fraud on both sides.
By FRANCE 24 (text)

Jean-François Copé has been declared the new leader of the opposition Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) by the party’s internal electoral body after a contested weekend vote that was plagued by allegations of fraud on both sides.

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s centre-right opposition UMP voted for its next leader in a Sunday poll that pitted former prime minister François Fillon against the UMP’s Secretary General Copé in a campaign that split the party and sparked widespread derision.

Both camps claimed “irregularities” in some voting offices -- where there were more votes were counted than registered voters -- and said they would contest the result.

Fillon, who was widely predicted to win, was furious on Monday morning. His supporters claimed he had won by 244 votes after some 150,000 UMP members had cast their ballot. Copé, in turn, claimed he had won by more than 1,000 votes, all before any official announcement.

Copé, meanwhile, was always confident of victory: “The UMP’s membership has accorded me a majority of their votes and therefore has elected me as the president of the party.”

The vote comes six months after former UMP leader and president Nicolas Sarkozy was defeated by Socialist François Hollande.

Copé now faces the difficult task of re-uniting a party deeply divided in an election battle that has drawn widespread derision and delighted the party’s opponents, especially the far-right National Front (FN), which is determined to overtake the UMP as the main voice of France's conservative opposition.

“It is obvious that whoever is elected president of the UMP will have no legitimacy whatsoever, given that he will be in charge of a party broken in two,” FN deputy-leader Florian Philipott has said.

Both Fillon, 58, and Copé, 10 years his junior, were seen as advocates of free market policies and economic reform. But they differ on social issues -- Copé shares Sarkozy's approach on tighter immigration policies and a strong-armed, populist agenda on Muslim integration. Last month he published “A Manifesto for an Uninhibited Right”, in which he lambasted a culture of “anti-white racism” within immigrant communities in impoverished urban areas.
Source: France24
Sunday, 18 November 2012
Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik sent alleged neo-Nazi terrorist Beate Zschäpe a letter urging her to use her upcoming trial to promote far-right ideas, it emerged on Sunday.

Zschäpe is thought to have played a crucial part in 10 murders, mostly of men with an immigrant background, carried out by the National Socialist Underground (NSU) gang between 2000 and 2007.

Breivik wrote the three-page letter to Zschäpe in May this year when she was being held in the Cologne-Ossendorf prison, Der Spiegel magazine revealed.

If it became clear that she was a militant nationalist, Breivik wrote Zschäpe would become “a courageous heroine of nationalist resistance, that does anything and martyr themselves to stop multiculturalism and Islamisation of Germany.”

Breivik was in August was found guilty of murdering 77 people in Norway in July 2011. He held a rambling speech at the end of the trial justifying what he had done, and saying that the forces which had created him were the same as those behind the NSU.

In the letter he lauded the NSU's string of murders as being part of the same movement.

Eight men of Turkish origin and one of Greek origin were shot dead, while the final killing was of a German policewoman. The gang is also being held responsible for a nail-bomb attack in a Turkish-populated area of Cologne in 2004.

Brivik told Zschäpe he felt attacking the elite was more effective than targeting minorities, but said that both served to “damage the multicultural experiment.”

The letter began with “dear sister Beate” and ended with “we are among the first raindrops from the dangerous, cleansing storm incurring over Europe.” [I've put a better translation of this line in the title.] It reached Germany just before he was found sane and sentenced.

He referred to both himself and Zschäpe as “martyrs of a conservative revolution,” before adding that “we should be extremely proud of our sacrifice and of our efforts.”

Germany's Federal Prosecutor Harald Range told Der Spiegel that because of the severity of the crimes Zschäpe had been charged with, if convicted, she could face preventative detention – meaning that after serving a life sentence of 15 years, she could be kept behind bars indeterminately.
Source: The Local

These graffiti slogans, along with some swastikas and other symbols, were found on a wall in Caluire, an area of Lyon especially associated with the French resistance to the Nazis.
Vive Merah
Vive Ben Laden
All Jews to the ovens
Hollande dirty Jew your mother
Sources: Le Figaro

A Muslim, studying for the curiously-named "master monde musulman" [Muslim world master], at the University of Aix-Marseille attacked one of his teachers who, he felt, had failed to sufficiently respect Islam.
Ali, who lives in Aix, apparently launched himself into an intellectual war against any person who - as he perceived it, which raises questions in the eyes of the psychiatrists who examined him and who speak of a "psychologically rigid" young man - would abuse his Muslim brothers or his religion with words.

This was the case, in his view, with his teacher of Arabic grammar, "and this for a long time" he claims, in the dock. "During his lessons Monsieur Imbert allowed himself to insult Muslims," declares the defendant, "he engages in anti-Islam propaganda. It's unacceptable and besides I already made a report about it in September 2011".

Ali, after having remonstrated with his teacher several times, "avenged" himself physically on 14 March this year, kicking him on the chin, even though Frédéric Imbert was seated in the staff room.

The young man denies this violence completely, as well as the emails with an antisemitic aftertaste he is accused of sending. Judge Borresi read them."In response to an email from the masters director, Philippe Cassuto, banning you from setting foot in the classes, you wrote: 'I don't like unjustified instructions, especially not when they come from a pig [un porc]'. Then, several days later, also in response, you threatened: 'That's enough, or I'll do a Shoah" read the presiding judge.
Source: La Provence
Saturday, 17 November 2012

When I came to Cordoba, I expected to encounter the convivencia myth in full force. I also feared, given its history, that the Muslims would make the city a prime target for re-islamisation and demographic conquest. In fact there have been few signs of that. As I walk round the streets, it's rare to see a non-European face. The convivencia myth is indeed given a vivid expression here, however.

One of the city's monuments is the Torre de la Calahorra (Tower of Calahorra), first built by Muslims to defend the city against attack (didn't work). In the 1970s, the city gifted the building to Roger Garaudy for the purpose of setting up a Museum of Three Cultures, showcasing the era of mythical convivencia in which Cordoba was the centre of the Islamic world. UNESCO provided financing for the project and the over the years the local government has invested millions in the tower's renovation and upkeep.

Roger Garaudy was a French communist intellectual who later converted to Islam and became active as a Muslim propagandist, agitating on behalf of the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians for example. In 1996, he published a book called "The Founding Myths of Modern Israel" in which he described the Holocaust as a myth, claiming that only 3.5 million Jews died, not 6 million. For this he was charged and convicted in the French courts.

Garaudy died last year, but his museum lives on. In fact, the Roger Garaudy foundation continues to actively disseminate Muslim propaganda in Cordoba, including through at least one other building I have noticed, the Biblioteca Viva Al-Andalus (Living Al Andalus Library).

I visited the Calahorra tower last week and examined the museum. It consists of a series of rooms, most of which are filled with models and replicas. Even among the artefacts on display, there is little or nothing that is authentic. Visitors don headphones and stroll through the rooms listening to the stream of propaganda (available in several languages).

Although it purports to be a museum showcasing three cultures, in fact it showcases only one culture. Guess which. You guessed right. Christians and Jews aren't mentioned much at all. When they are, it's invariably to point out how greatly they flourished under Muslim rule or, when the balance of power was reversed as the Reconquista progressed, how the good Christians were the ones who were nice to the Muslims and appreciated their "great" achievement.

The major propaganda motifs of the museum are as follows:

Islamic culture was more rational and open to challenge and scrutiny than "the theocracies of Europe".

The European Renaissance started in Al-Andalus.

Various Muslims discovered things long before the Europeans who are usually credited with their discovery (Copernicus, etc.).

The Iberian voyages of discovery were only possible thanks to Muslim knowledge and navigation instruments.

Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same God. This is a recurrent theme. It sounds nice and benignly multicultural. Who could object to it? In fact, this, too, is pure Muslim propaganda. It is part of Islamic theology that the Jewish, Christian and Muslim God is the same. The so-called prophet Mohammed was, after all, supposed to be the last in a long series of Jewish and Christian prophets, bringing final perfection to their "common" religion. Of course, neither Jews nor Christians accept this. The museum is pushing Islamic theology, courtesy of the Spanish taxpayer and UNESCO.

I've stated the propaganda motifs quite starkly here. The actual presentation in the museum is more sly and insinuating than that, laced inside a syrupy, pseudo-poetic voice-over, which may well have been done by Garaudy himself.

Most of the visitors to the Muslim will naturally be clueless about any of this. They will simply assume that a museum housed in what is obviously a major city monument must have the imprimatur of the government and therefore be a trusted source of information. In fact, the museum is a conduit for Muslim propaganda conceived by an ex-Communist and convicted Holocaust denier.

As I've noted before, one form in which the special malignancy of Islam expresses itself is in the apparent need Muslims feel to show their scorn for other religions. For example, each year, we see them step up their jihad attacks at Christmas and Easter. Here is another expression of the same sense of scorn. This is a partial translation of the lyrics of the "song" from the "French" rapper Mokless: (Little Father Christmas has Become a Muslim).

Dear parents, if I write to you it's to let you know of a change,
I don't want to do it the wrong way, I want to warn you in advance,
That I won't be able to come this winter, during the holidays.
Put away the balls, the garlands and the pine.
Take the chestnuts out of the fire and don't roast the turkey.
Sorry for your little ones, this year there won't be any toys.
Even if they're good, I won't be able to fulfil their desires.
Forget the chimney, don't expect me to come down it.
I won't come any more on the night of the 24th-25th December.
'Jingle Bells' is finished. I've had enough of all that.
Don't expect me to leave presents in your socks.
Because now I say my prayers and observe Ramadan.
Little Father Christmas has become a Muslim.
In the beginning I observed from afar. I was checking it out.
But in embracing Islam I had a response to my questions.

The French lyrics are here.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Milestone moment! The impulse to establish the blog last year originally came from the experience of censorship on the Daily Telegraph website. I wanted at least one place where I could express and exchange (most of) my thoughts about what was happening to Europe thanks to Muslim colonisation. I wasn't sure anyone would read it, but it seems at least a few people have.

Thanks to all those who have left comments and posted links.
Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Here is a scene from Lyon airport on a plane scheduled to land in Tunisia. A Tunisian illegal is being expelled from the country and forced on to the plane. He resists violently. Because of this, the flight has already been delayed for two hours. Some of the passengers (Tunisian Muslims) see what is happening and start screaming at the police, shouting "human rights" and supporting the illegal.

One of the Muslims filmed it and posted it on YouTube. You can see he has an Arab name. At one point, he also speaks to the illegal in Arabic.

It looks as though the illegal was not actually expelled. According to France24, after this incident he was arrested, taken to court, and sentenced to 10 months in prison and a ban from French territory for 3 years.

I believe we need a political education offensive in democracy training. We need continuous support of all democratic initiatives and activities that work against the far right achieving dominance in our small and medium-sized towns. The current federal government has made many mistakes in this regard, but always only offering financing for projects and only for a limited time. When I then think of the mistrust apparent in the extremism clause, then you know, that actually we need a continuous offensive in political education, democracy education, support of all democratic activities. And they should not cast suspicion on the far-left only because they defend against right-wing extremism in a combative, even a certain quite "militant" way.
Source: Via: PI

This is a quote from the East German Socialist politician Wolfgang Thierse.

It's a good example of the extraordinary self-deception of which the left is capable. Here is someone calling for support for all democratic initiatives in the same paragraph that he demands the government indoctrinate its citizens into correct thinking and condone violence against those guilty of incorrect thinking. Later in the interview he calls for a ban on the old-school far-right NPD party, saying he supports this so the "democratic state doesn't have to go on financing its enemies". The interviewer didn't in any way challenge his support for violence or demands for the suppression of a political party.

Of course, it is moral totalitarianism like this that poses the true threat to democracy. This is the same kind of moral totalitarianism that jihadis deploy routinely. When I see this kind of iron self-deception, I fear there is no way this can end except with fighting. Such invincible smugness cannot be penetrated by rational argument, not least because the mere articulation of rational argument now invites prosecution, deprivation of livelihood and a visit from the state-sanctioned, UAF-style bootboy brigades Thierse invokes above. In a sense we are already in a civil war. The Left declared war on part of its own tribe decades ago when it banned them from speaking. Censorship is violence. Laws that criminalise free expression marshal the violent resources of the state against free thinkers.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012
Kiel. A nice currywurst or a few crispy Wiener sausages at mid-day – this is something more and more children at state nurseries have to do without. The reason: in many day nurseries there are children from Muslim families, and as, according to Islamic belief, pork is seen as impure, consuming it is not “halal” (allowed) and thus forbidden.

Particularly in nurseries on the east bank, where the proportion of Muslim children is especially high, bratwurst and meatballs are offered exclusively in chicken and beef versions. “Generally we don’t have pork, as we have lots of children from an immigrant background. There were attempts to incorporate pork into the menu but it provoked irritation among the parents,” confirms Regina Baumann, director of the Marienwerder Straße nursery in Kiel-Wellingdorf.

There were also objections to ribs and schnitzel on the west bank in the Goethestraße nursery. "The parents didn’t want it. Otherwise we would have had to cook extra for Muslim children,” explains director Oliver Kaiser. He estimates the proportion with an immigrant background at just ten per cent.

The Sternschnuppe nursery in Gaarden opposite the HDW shipyards is also a pork-free zone, as is the Evangelical nursery Michaelis in Hassee. Before, when the proportion of Muslim children was not as high, there were “two meals”, recalls Ulrike Krauel from the Office for Schools, Nurseries and Youth Institutions. “But because the chicken and pork sausages were of different sizes, we had problems explaining that to the children”. Then pork was axed, especially in districts like Gaarden and Mettenhof.

But the pork ban doesn’t apply just in nurseries. Now it seems the currywurst clause also plays a role when searching for rental accommodation, as ever more homes on the west bank are being taken over by Muslims. According to this newspaper’s information, an Afghan landlord close to the Sultan market in Elisabethstraße is offering homes with the condition of no pork meat.

In view of the scarcity of accommodation on the west bank, this prohibition represents a culinary challenge especially for students looking for accommodation. The problem: while not a few Kiel politicians in the Muslim dominated district of Gaarden would have nothing against a certain gentrification, the new property owners themselves, through clauses such as this, are acting to prevent a mixing of the population structure.

Until now the so-called Islam clause has provoked controversy mainly in the rental of commercial property across Germany; now Muslim landlords are seeking to assert it even in homes in Gaarden. But in contrast to commercial rentals, this rule is not legitimate, as Jochen Kiersch from the Kieler Tenant’s Association confirms: "That is not permitted and renders a rental contract invalid."
Source: Via: PI

Monday, 12 November 2012

Interesting results from an IFOP poll first published in Le Journal de Dimanche and reported again by L'Express.

8 in 10 French people think there is too much welfare.
3 in 4 French people think Islam is spreading too much in France.
66% think there are too many immigrants in France.
57% are against foreigners having the right to vote in local elections.
56% say "you don't feel safe anywhere".

So why did they vote for a Socialist who will only make all of these problems worse?

Source: L'Express
Sunday, 11 November 2012

Thanks to the clever mosque occupation stunt a few weeks ago, Génération Identitaire has been given extensive coverage in the French media recently. Prominent in the coverage has been the intelligent and articulate Damien Rieu, one of the group's spokesmen.

Until a few days ago, he was working as a trainee at a publishing house in Lyon, responsible for communications. He has now been dismissed from this position as a result of his political activism.


A few days ago a documentary about Sharia4Belgium aired on Belgian television. In it the movement's spokesman Fouad Belkacem declared that they didn't feel an "ounce of respect" for non-Muslim Belgians. "We have our religion: superior to yours. We have our system: superior to your system. We have our values: superior to yours."

In response to this, Stéphanie Gilson, a student at the IPES college in Verviers, wrote on her Facebook page: "Superior to us? Excuse me? LOL and a big LOL". She also wrote that in her class at college there were two girls who said the same type of things and it scared her.

The following day the two girls mentioned, who had obviously read her Facebook page, attacked her in the college, throwing a bench and chairs at her face. All three girls were suspended from the college for one day, the management telling her that she had no right to express opinions about Muslims on her Facebook page. Refusing to accept this, Stéphanie quit the college and filed a complaint with the police. "I am the victim, and all I did was give my opinion."


Last week Jörg Uckermann, deputy leader of the anti-Islam party Pro-Köln, was arrested in Cologne. He is suspected of claiming payment for political party meetings that did not, in fact, take place. This follows the raids on the party premises that took place two weeks ago. (See here).

His family has issued a statement complaining about massively biased reporting in the locally-dominant Dumont press. They claim that the Dumont press is working with the police and political establishment to smear Uckermann, while they themselves have been denied information about what is happening to him. They have not been allowed to visit him and he is not being allowed access to the medications on which he is dependent. The family has set up a Facebook page to campaign for his release.

Uckermann was responsible for organising the anti-Islam cartoon contest earlier in the year, which so panicked the German government and resulted in a horde of Muslims attacking the German embassy in Sudan.

Sources: PI, PI

Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Bavarian town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen boasts the highest peak in Germany, the Zugspitze, topped by a landmark Christian cross which has become a symbol of the town. Despite its iconic status, however, the cross was removed from tourist leaflets published this year - but only those in Arabic. As you can see below, prospective Spanish tourists still see the cross; Arabs don't.

This wasn't a Photoshop job. They just used a very selective view of the peak that kept the cross out of sight.
The Muslim tourist business is booming in Bavaria. In the last ten years their number has increased fourfold. Particularly since the burka was banned in other European countries, Munich and its environs have been a popular travel destination for rich sheikhs.

But the Garmischer feel somewhat passed over by the travellers, who according to the tourist association spend up to 1000 euros per person each day. Only 3000 Muslim overnight guests in Garmisch, 150,000 in the Austrian neighbours Zell am See - a strikingly disproportionate, complained the tourist manager.

Special provision for Muslims has already been made: prayer rooms at the station on the mountain, toilets designed to meet "Arab requirements", whatever that means. But that apparently wasn't enough.

After pressure from the Catholic church, however, the tourism board has agreed to reinstate a view of the cross in next year's Arabic pamphlets.

Sources: Via: Novopress

The Daily Mail recently published a story highlighting a map of racist tweets that had been made following Hussein's re-election.

For some reason, though, the Daily Mail has not seen it to cover the "Fuck White People" trend on Twitter that developed at the same time.

As I've observed before, people are inevitably drawn to differentially empathise with others based on their genetic similarity to one another. This is a core human instinct and there is no evidence that it has ever been overcome on a significant scale, or ever can be; nor that anyone has even attempted it, other than Europeans, enthralled by their own warped moral ideals. Airy visions of post-racial utopias inevitably dissolve into battlezones where warring ethnic factions compete for spoils and dominance.

Friday, 9 November 2012
Instead of congratulations and gifts there were bruises to the face and arms: A Neukölln school pupil was so badly beaten by his schoolmates on his birthday that he required outpatient treatment in a hospital. The case, which emerged around two weeks ago, throws a spotlight on the phenomenon of “birthday beatings”, which, although it has spread across the whole country, rarely reaches public notice.

...The director of the Criminological Institute of Lower Saxony, Christian Pfeiffer, has many years of experience with “birthday beatings”. When he was still Justice Minister in Hannover in 2002, young assailants at a school in Stadthagen had systematically and repeatedly tyrannised their schoolmate on his birthday. Pfeiffer’s institute has now examined the ritual and determined that it is motivated by envy. “From envy and irritation develop a wish to put the other down,” explains the criminologist. Mostly it goes no further than mobbing, more rarely a beating. Occasionally, birthday beatings were considered “part of the school culture”, as was the case that time in Stadthagen.

According to Pfeiffer, part of the explanation may be that in Muslim families, it is not the tradition for birthdays to be celebrated so lavishly and with many gifts as is typically the case in Germany. When individual school pupils then get new smartphones or computers on their birthday, the Muslim children, who didn’t receive anything, may feel provoked. A pupils’ representative from a Berlin school confirmed this explanation from his own experience, but did not want to be named in connection with the matter.
Source: Tagesspiegel Via: PI

A week ago, I wrote about an attack on the French identitarian leader, Philippe Vardon, outside a mosque in Nice. This occurred while a television crew was filming an interview with him, intended to be included in a documentary they were making about the identitarian movement. In the statement he made about the attack, Vardon expressed the hope that the footage would shown in full when the documentary aired. Now, the journalists have confirmed that they will not air film of the attack because doing so might boost support for the identitarian movement, a political cause of which they obviously don't approve.

"We're not there to do publicity for Vardon," affirms the journalist, admitting that he fears political instrumentalisation. "Also, he was attacked by one 35-year-old man, that's all!" According to him, the other people present were simple spectators...

A version disputed by Philippe Vardon who wants to journalist to broadcast these images based on the right to information. To force him to do this, he has announced that he has filed a complaint against X for "threats, attempted assault and antisemitic insults".
Source: Le Petit Nicois via
Thursday, 8 November 2012
to think that Serbia once put up a heroic resistance to Islam... Probably not unconnected to its EU membership application.
A Serbian man has been detained after pictures posted on Facebook appeared to show him setting the Muslim holy book on fire using a lighter.

Prosecutor for cybercrime Branko Stamenkovic said Wednesday that the man is suspected of inciting "religious hatred and intolerance." He faces up to eight years in prison.

Stamenkovic identified the suspect as Predrag Cosovic from the capital of Belgrade. He says police detained Cosovic on Tuesday, a day after he allegedly posted the photos of the Quran burning.

Serbia's state television says Cosovic has declared himself a fan of the Red Star Belgrade soccer club.

Soccer hooligans in Serbia are notorious for far-right violence. In the most recent incident, England's U-21 players complained of racial abuse during a match in Serbia in mid-October.
Source: Haaretz

There are proposals to build a "Centre for Islam in Europe" in Munich. The project is being financed by Qatar and the imams involved in it have ties to the Milli Gorus movement, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and Bosnian terror groups. Virtually all local politicians are in favour of it, but the anti-Islam party Die Freiheit is a lone voice campaigning against it. Here, some of its activists collect signatures as part of the campaign.

As you see in the video, they are regularly confronted with aggressive political opponents, whether Muslims or leftists. In this case, the Muslims attempt to steal one of their signs and even their camera. They make threatening gestures and aggressive movements. Only the police keep them back. They also shower the campaigners with insults, calling them "Zionists", "Jews" and "Sons of whores". When one of the campaigners responds to the antisemitic slurs by telling the Muslims that they are the new Nazis, he is incredulous. No, the anti-Islam campaigners are the Nazis, he says. It shows the bizarre mindset of Muslims that they can deploy both antisemitic and Nazi slurs in the same breath.

Source: PI
Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Candidates in the Miss Belgium competition traditionally spend a week abroad. This year, the chosen destination was Morocco. Here they are posing in front of the King Hasan II mosque, supposedly the second largest in the world after the one in Mecca.

"This behaviour could provoke discord and instability. It is an attack on places of worship", said the conservative newspaper Attajdid. In the columns of this daily newspaper connected to the Islamist party in power in Morocco, a lawyer also waxed indignant: "Who authorised these young girls to pose in this manner in front of the mosque?" An inquest must be opened by the the Moroccan Interior Ministry.
In an interview according to the online journal TSA, the French ambassador in Algeria Mr André Parrant underlines the intent of both parties to build a shared future.

...Touching on the subject which always give rise to debate, that of visas and the free circulation of persons, Mr Parrant judges that there is a strong demand for visas in Algeria, which shows the interest Algerians have in France. The number of visas delivered is increasing. According to the ambassador, this number should reach 200,000 by the end of the year, and he emphasises that this number is a significant increase compared to the two previous years (2010-2011). The consulates general of France in Algeria supplied between 138,000 et 165,000 visas between 2010 and 2011, explains the French ambassador, declaring that more than 80% of requests are granted. "We will continue to work in this direction," he says on this subject. He made it clear that movement between France and Algeria had to be facilitated in both directions.
Tuesday, 6 November 2012
The initial investigations identified an organised group consisting of three persons of Moroccan nationality who looked for Moroccan women in an irregular [immigration] situation in Spain. They told them they could arrange for their administrative situation to be regularised by pretending to be victims of gender-based violence, as well as gain access to economic assistance, which Spain grants to victims of these crimes.

For this purpose, they contacted various Moroccan males, in a regular administrative situation in Spain [in other words legal immigrants, El País is a left-wing newspaper], who were offered between 2,000 and 4,000 euros to pretend to be the partner and attacker of the woman, with the promise that when she gained legal residence in Spain she would withdraw the complaint and the court case would be closed, and they would remain without a criminal record for the crimes.

Once the complaint had been filed with a preliminary judgement, the women went to the Foreigners Office in Almería, where they presented a residency and work application based on exceptional circumstances, consistent with their status as victims of gender-based violence. In the cases investigated so far, this assistance was granted within one month.
Source: El País

H/T: Maria José
Monday, 5 November 2012

The French Maison des Ecrivains et de la littérature [House of writers and literature] website was hacked last Friday by a bunch of Moroccans calling themselves the Moroccan Hunters. This was to protest against insults to Mohammed and teach us "the real message of Islam".

If Morocco authorises non-Muslim families to adopt Moroccan orphans, 30,000 children risk being evangelised in the next 20 years, according to the Justice Minister Mustapha Ramid.

The Kafala, the adoption regime in force in Morocco, allows non-Muslim families to adopt Moroccan children.

However, in practice, foreigners are not authorised to adopt Moroccan children, or at least do not have priority. Numerous adoption requests from foreigners are rejected by the Moroccan authorities.

The main reason for these rejections is religion because, according to the minister, the majority of the children adopted would be pressured towards Christianity.

Questioned recently on these remarks by Spaniards whose adoption requests had been rejected, Mustapha Ramid declared that he was not able to intervene, as Justice Minister, in judgements made in matters of adoption.

In Morocco, almost 5000 children are abandoned each year, but there are only 2,500 adoption requests from Moroccan and foreign families.
Sunday, 4 November 2012
Alexandre Marcel, vice-president of the Comité Idaho, an NGO that organises the international day against homophobia and transphobia, confirmed that he had filed a complaint against X on Saturday, following an attack on Friday night while he was in "Cud", a gay club in the Marais district of Paris.

"At 2:30 in the morning I came out of a bar to smoke a cigarette with my companion when five guys arrived and started hitting the bouncers. They said: "On the Koran, we're going to kill you, bunch of peds!", he recalls. "I wanted to go back into the club. One of the bouncers, who was bleeding badly, told me to call the police," he goes on. "One of the attackers saw me calling, and sprayed me with tear-gas on the face," he added.

In total, three bouncers received blows, and himself, his companion and some clients of the bar were sprayed with tear gas, explains Alexander Marcel. "My eyes and skin don't burn as much, but I am coughing and spitting a lot more," he recalls, 16 houts after the facts. "The worst thing is that the bouncers told me that they weren't going to file a complaint because they wouldn't be found anyway," he says with regret.
Saturday, 3 November 2012
Peter is a quiet, unremarkable school pupil. The sixth year pupil enjoys going to school, but for some time a classmate has been making his life in a Winterthur primary school difficult. This is not a matter of the usual teasing, but is, above, a question of religion. Ali (name changed) wants to convince Peter of his religious ideas and convert him to Islam. The teacher’s attempts to intervene remain without success, resulting in the sensitive Peter showing psychosomatic reactions.

In the 1st class Peter and Ali get on very well. It was not important that 14 of the 19 school pupils had a Muslim background. But later Ali, whose father is a Muslim priest, to give Peter religious instruction. If he was a Muslim, they could be friends, said Ali, whose zeal became ever more marked as time went on.

Ali made fun of Christianity. How is it possible that Jesus is the son of God, asked Ali maliciously. As the class visited a mosque during religious instruction, Ali demanded that Peter now pray to Allah. One day Ali gave his classmates a religious pamphlet of the German convert and hate preacher Pierre Vogel, who is banned from travelling to Switzerland.

Now Peter had the courage to tell the whole class that he wasn’t going to let himself be converted to Islam. Ali’s answer: “You are possessed by the devil”. Afterwards other Muslim classmates also turned away from Peter. The conflict climaxed in two classmates holding Peter while Ali threw ping pong balls at him, continually shouting: “Die!”

Peter suffered ever more often from headaches and stomach pains and developed anxiety disorders. For that reason his mother took him out of the school and taught him herself. As a teacher, she was able to do this.

For several months now, Peter has been receiving therapeutic treatment. His psychiatrist confirms that the psychosomatic symptoms were caused by “fear of classmates”. “Because of the adaptation disorder with anxiety and depressive reactions, Peter is currently seriously impaired in his personal and educational development,” writes the doctor in an expert opinion. “In the last three years similar reactions to school attendance were seen based on conflicts that were mostly caused by the sociocultural differences in Peter’s class.”

…It is undisputed however that, because of immigration and the mixing of cultures, religious topics are being discussed ever more often and can lead to tensions, as various teachers confirmed in interview.

TA is aware of another case in which a Muslim school pupil, whose female classmates wore short skirts and close-fitting T-shirts, delivered an ultimatum to them to dress more modestly.
Source: Via: PI

Two vigils protesting against the incarceration of EDL leader Tommy Robinson have been held in Berlin, and more are planned for the future. They are being organised by the German Defence League and the website PI. It's interesting that what is, after all, an English nationalist movement provokes such demonstrations of sympathy in Berlin. The events are held in view of the Brandbenburg Gate, Berlin's iconic monument, which is close to the British embassy.

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