Thursday, 20 September 2012
Mohammed with feathers on body and tail of fish

Mohammed caricatures aren't new. This one dates from 1141-1143. Depicting Mohammed with feathers on his body and the tail of a fish, it appeared in the first Latin edition of the Koran, the translation having been supervised by Peter the Venerable, abbot of Cluny.

The book exists in the collection of the National Library of France. This image was featured in an exhibition in 2005. No one seemed to be offended. Maybe Muslims aren't much for museum-going.

Source: Via: Fdesouche


Moriah said...

Don't worry. They'll burn it down when they get the chance.

Maria José said...

El mismo magrebí que quiso abusar sexualmente de una yegua en Almería mata ahora a un caballo introduciéndole un palo de 70 centímetros por el ano

Anonymous said...

Russia Taking Steps to Ban the Koran & Deport Sharia Supporters

I wonder


Anonymous said...

Bravo France and Hebdo.

Now lets see if the rest of the cheese eating surrender monkeys have the guts to publish the same.


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