Saturday, 8 September 2012

Last week the French actress Véronique Genest provoked a Twitterstorm with some unusually well-informed tweets about Islam. In one tweet, she pointed out that Muslims were allies of the Nazis. In another, she declared:
Islam is dangerous for democracy and demonstrates it every day
When challenged with "I've never seen you criticise any religion other than Islam with so much virulence. You shouldn't generalise", she replied:
Because other religions aren't constantly trying to impose their values on me
Freedom of religion doesn't mean imposing on others. Freedom stops where the freedom of others begins

When asked where she had seen Islam imposed on others, she replied:
By Sharia. It is imposed officially on the citizens of the countries concerned

The director and actor Mathieu Kassovitz then jumped into the fray with snide little remarks and insinuations about Genest over Twitter. As a French Jew, you would think Kassovitz would have at least some inkling of the unsavoury aspects of Islam. He also appeared in the film Munich, about the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics. (He was the toy/bomb maker.) You would think that, too, might have given him some insight into the true nature of Islam. But it seems not.

Anyway, in response to this Twitter controversy, the Huffingon Post (France) published an article by human rights activist Sihem Souid, in the course of which she comes up with a brilliant new definition of Islamophobia: antisemitism.
But what is the exact term to use to describe the gangrene that is Islamophobia? Antisemitism, quite simply. In ethnology, the Semites constitute the peoples of Arabia, the Fertile Crescent, North Africa and the east. We are, therefore. The fear, not to say the hatred, of the Muslim is purely and simply antisemitism.

Since the end of the Second World War, antisemitism has been a definition of hatred of Jews almost exclusively. But originally this word covered all people speaking a Semitic language (Arabia, eastern part of North Africa...). Consequently, hatred of Muslims is indeed antisemitism. In its written language (Arabic thus a Semitic language), used by the peoples who spread this religion, Islam is indisputably a Semitic religion. Therefore the rejection or hatred of Islam is nothing other than antisemitism.
Source: Huffington Post


Maria José said...

Muslim Honor Killings in Sweden

Maria José said...


Veil-wearer faces penalty for biting policeman

Suisse refused to remove the veil, stating that she did not respect the laws of the Republic, nor their authority

Anonymous said...

Kassovitz has previous - in addition to being a dhimmi he is a troofer - although of course they go together like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

Ed Lancey

Teddy Bear said...

I think it's the Religion of Peace website that defines Islamophobia well;
'Anybody who knows more than they want you to about Islam'

Anonymous said...

An interesting article as there are many similarities between islam and the jew religion, both seek to rule planet earth, both employ any and all means to achieve this goal. Search for TALMUD UNCENSORED and note how the jewish book is even filthier than the miranda lol

Anonymous said...

Talmud filthier than the koran'
Charles Martel

Anonymous said...

The term anti-Semitism was created by Wilhelm Marr in a pamphlet, "The Victory of Jewdom over Germandom" in 1873. It dealt with Jews specifically and the claim that it referred to all Semitic peoples and that it was not directed solely at Jews and Judaism is historically incorrect and disingenuous.


Semitic is a group of languages,nothing more,it is more than irrational to "hate" a language,one simply does not speak it.

Anne said...

I have Islamonausea.

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