Thursday, 6 September 2012

A few days ago I posted about how Golden Dawn had risen to be the fourth party in Greece. Its ascent continues. According to a new poll, it has now overtaken PASOK, the Socialists who not long ago were running the country (into the ground). All other parties are losing support, it seems.
Greece's ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn party has increased its support among austerity-hit Greeks since entering parliament this year, and would emerge as the third largest party if elections were held now, a new poll showed on Thursday.

The extreme-right party, which wants to rid Greece of all foreigners including what it calls the "stench" of immigrants, has overtaken the once-mighty Socialists, the Pulse poll for the To Pontiki newspaper said.

Backing for Golden Dawn, which has been linked to a rise in attacks against migrants in recent months, stood at 10.5 percent, up nearly 4 percentage points since the June elections that gave the party a foothold in parliament.

The party's rabidly anti-immigrant message has struck a chord with a significant minority of Greeks as the country worries about a rise in crime and struggles through its worst post-war economic crisis, which has left nearly one in four jobless.

The poll showed support for the conservative New Democracy, which heads the country's pro-bailout coalition, had dipped to 25 percent from 29.7 percent in June, while backing for the radical leftist Syriza party also fell, by nearly 3 percentage points, to 24 percent.

The PASOK Socialists, a junior partner in the ruling coalition, dropped to fourth place with 8 percent of the vote, while the other government ally, Democratic Left, saw support shrink nearly 2 percentage points to 4.5 percent.

Greece's government is trying to push through a new round of deeply unpopular spending cuts worth nearly 12 billion euros for the next two years to appease its foreign lenders and secure the next tranche of aid to keep the country afloat.
Source: Reuters

I've started learning Greek. I might go there next year or the year after. It's a strange alphabet, though. Maybe it will take me longer to learn.


Anonymous said...

The polls always underestimate the real percentage of Golden dawn. So, if the polls give 10.5, the real percentage may be close to 15%. Before the elections all the polls gave 3% to golden dawn but in both elections it get 7%. These polls are usually made by companies which are controlled by rich media businessmen who have close links with the parties of new democracy and The socialists. Many polls are unreliable and usually show higher than normally support for the big parties.

Anne said...

Good to see more people are waking up...

Anonymous said...

A new more recent poll gives 12% to Golden Dawn and is the third most popular party. Things are very bad in Greece. The economic collapse is comparable to the soviet union collapse of the early 90's. Another problem is the huge number of Muslim illegal immigrants in Athens and other areas. Crime is endemic now, and parts of central Athens look like Mogadishu or Islamabad. Muslim invaders have set up a colony in Greece and a parallel society. I feel very sad about what happened to my country. I also feel nostalgic about Greece of 90's when I was a child. It was very safe and there was optimism about a better future. I couldn't have imagined as a child that 20 years in the future my country will be total bankrupt and full of pakis and islamists

Anonymous said...

My objection with Golden dawn is their militaristic ideology and attitude. Their anti-immigrant stance is correct and supported by many greeks but many are scared by their militaristic attitude. It would be better if Greece had a nationalist conservative party similar to Pvv of geert Wilders or OFP in Austria. The activism of golden dawn is great but the party has an image problem. If they had a charismatic leader like Wilders combined with anti immigration activism it would be very easy for them to become more popular and form a government. But things are very extreme in greece and an extreme party seems like a solution. The illegal immigrant population is huge and more illiterate Muslims are coming as Turkey has a strategy to flood Greece with islamists. The other political parties are very weak towards turkey and ineffective to combat illegal immigration. So if golden dawn guarantee that it will respect individual freedoms and democracy it will increase its popularity

Anonymous said...

Before golden dawn, there was the liberal Nationalist party of LAOS led by populist George karatzaferis who first warned about illegal immigration in the early 00's to late 00's. It was quite popular with election results between 3% and 7% but diminished in influence because of its support for bailout. The media of the time described the party as fascist but LAOS was very moderate compared to Golden dawn. Times were different then and criticism to immigration was not tolerated by the media. Now LAOS has collapsed as two of its most popular members makis voridis and Adonis georgiadis have moved to New democracy.Laos was liberal economically with few party members. Golden dawn has many party members, a militaristic organizational structure, an anti capitalist economic platform.

Anonymous said...

Greek is a very logical language, almost, one might say, a binary language, in the sense that a single word conveys all of the ideas of its constituent morphemes.

As for the alphabet, that's the easiest part! However, spelling is another matter due to Greek having so many letters/dipthongs which make the same noise, ie ι, ει, η,, υ, οι, (these all make a long "e" noise) ο, ω (both are an "o" noise but omega is slightly longer).

I learned to read Cyrillic in about 8 days, I'm sure you with your apparent flair for language could learn to read Greek.

It's also a very expressing and beautiful language; probably explains its staying power, and how we've managed to cling to our hostile little peninsula (a Greek philosopher once said about a battle between Greeks and Persians "The Persians, "who having so much, came to rob the Greeks of their miserable living"")

Perhaps there's some key lying with the Greeks as to how Europe in general can preserve itself?

Unknown said...

Good news; after having their country made the laughing stock of Europe it is great to see the Greeks finding their pride against.

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