Thursday, 27 September 2012

Michel del Burgo is considered one of the world's great chefs, having been in charge of several restaurants boasting 3 Michelin stars.

On Tuesday evening, at around 6.30 pm, the great chef who is preparing to open a highly prestigious restaurant in Carcassonne was the victim of an attack which he cannot explain. And which is making him ill. He tells his story.

"I was leaving my business premises and going to the city centre in a car, passing through the district La Conte. I stopped at the same level as a tobacconist's, on the other side of the road, to respond to a telephone call. While I was having the conversation, I heard shouts: "Piss off from there, filty Frenchman. This isn't your home, piss off!", he recalls. "At the time," he adds, "I didn't realise these insults were aimed at me". And as he continued his conversation, "Suddenly, a stone smashed the side window of the work vehicle, a small refrigerated van. And then a second shattered the windscreen," recalls Michel Del Burgo, who had no other choice but to start up and leave. qui n'a eu d'autre choix que de démarrer et partir.

..."I left Carcassonne 14 years ago, and I worked in several countries where I was never subjected to the slightest racist action. And now, I come back here, to a city which I left beautiful and peaceful, to experience that?"


Anonymous said...

that's muslims for you

Anonymous said...

The Continent seems to be in a far worse state than we are: I lived and worked in Leicester for many years until quite recently, and because I have a bad back I would go for a 30 minute walk every lunchtime. More than half of my walks took me through Highfields, which is overwhelmingly Muslim, but I never got so much as a dirty look.



Islam should be outlawed in US, Europe, Australia, any Western, peace-loving countries. They are a plague and a pestilence everywhere they go.

Anonymous said...

Mother confessor

Your sentiment is one that I've held for decades. Islam wont be outlawed though, as that would go against our values of "Tolerance". However, there are many ways to skin a cat, without actually banning cats.


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