Saturday, 15 September 2012

 Muslims protesting in Borgerhout today - hear the frenzy
"Jeunes" demonstrated in the streets of Borgerhout, close to Antwerp, on Saturday afternoon, to protest against the film denigrating Islam, "The Innocence of Muslims". The demonstration ended with scuffles and several trouble-makers were subject to administrative arrest.

An SMS sent out on Friday had called on people to assemble this Saturday in Borgerhout at 3 pm. "We are ready to fight with all our soul and all our heart and until death if it is necessary for our beloved prophet. Whoever loves the prophet should be there," said the message.

"Jeunes" shouted slogans. The police intervened when the atmosphere degenerated and some trouble-makers looked for confrontation with the forces of order. It is not known how people were arrested, but it would have been more than 120. The people arrested were identified one by one then released progressively during the evening.


Maria José said...

Oriana Fallaci on Islam (Sermon for the west)

daithikent said...

shut the fuck up, slap the aggressor like a Greek politician. But with a clenched fist not an open palm!

Maria José said...

Police Dhimmitude in Oslo

A police officer in full regalia apologizes to a Muslim congregation in Oslo during Friday prayer for the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ trailer that has caused so much resentment in Muslimistan.

In the clip this clown of a police officer actually apologizes on behalf of the Norwegian people because someone in America has decided to use their inalienable and God-given right to express themselves freely without fearing government persecution and Islamic justice.

How dare they!

Anonymous said...

I recommend mass sterilization of each and every one within the national borders. When this is complete, invite them in as tourists and perform the procedures at ports of entry. A qualified and well assisted veteranarian should be able to handle eighty of more procedures per day.

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