Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The obsession that dominates Western societies about the possibility of a return to power of Nazism or fascism is like a collective pathology that reminds me of how phobias develop.

In individuals, phobias generally originate from a traumatic experience. Let's say that a man, upon crossing the road, gets hit by a car coming from the right.

He may then develop a phobia, or irrational fear, of vehicles coming from the right, so when he crosses the road he does not look left and right any more but only to the right, in this way leaving himself vulnerable to be run over by a car coming from the opposite direction. This is an example of why phobias are irrational and can be dangerous.

The West has been traumatized by the events of the 20th century, it has experienced Nazism and fascism but not, interestingly, communism directly.

So, like the man in the metaphor, it is constantly on the lookout for denial of freedom, totalitarianism, oppression and violence from the right, in such an obsessive, phobic, irrational manner that does not allow it to watch out for the same dangers coming from the left and, outside the metaphor, the left's Islamic allies.

By Enza Ferreri


Maria José said...

Youths in Germany turning to jihad

From Wuppertal to Waziristan: Ever more young men living in Germany are traveling to conflict zones to become jihadi fighters,,16068446,00.html

Anonymous said...

It is possible that this obsession is based on reverse unconscious racism. In this type of racism, also called humanitarian racism or the racism of low expectations, europeans should be judged by higher standards and thus their crimes should be worse than other people's crimes. In this worldview, europeans should be the model people and Europe the model for the world.
The unconscious racist thinks that the Europe (or the West) is the center of the World. If something is happening, it is because Europe caused it. If something is not happening, it is because Europe refused to let it happen. He thinks that only europeans can be fully responsible for their actions while noneuropeans (the noble savage) cannot (or can but only to a limited extent). Even if noneuropeans did something bad, it must be the europeans that caused them to do it.

The message of the unconscious racist is that the problem is completely due to “us.” The other peoples doesn’t actually exist. They are "poor little things" that are too small to enter the picture. They have no history, no worldview, no ideology, and no goals. The “other side” is merely a blank screen or mirror, reflecting back what europeans do. Unfortunately, this is a racist vision. It denies the others any independent history or mentality of their own. If the non-european is only a victim always, then he has no volition, no higher intelligence, and no ability to affect history at all.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Interesting. I was just thinking wondering recently whether the obsession with Hitler could be a collective case of post-traumatic stress disorder. One of the symptoms of PTSD is recurring flashbacks of the traumatic events. That could be compared to the Nazi obsession we see everywhere, e.g. on the History (Hitler) channel.

Enza Ferreri said...

Yes, I also had in mind TV channels like Yesterday, most programs of which are about the Nazis, Hitler, the Holocaust and the Second World War.

Van Grungy said...

The obsession with Fascism is a projection by anti-American marxists trying to paint Individual Freedom loving Constitutional Nationalists as evil evil TEA baggers.

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