Wednesday, 25 July 2012
Da Vinci's Last Supper, complete with figures performing the Islamic Shahada, according to Webislam

We're so used to Muslims making preposterous claims about history that they are hardly worth noting any more, except for an occasional laugh. But when the claims are being made in Europe at the expense of European taxpayers, the matter deserves to be taken a bit more seriously.

In Spain there is a website called Webislam that is published by the "Junta Islámica" [Muslim Council]. This is one of these non-profit Muslim propaganda outfits that takes taxpayer cash and claims to be promoting a wholesome, decaffeinated version of Islam that is compatible with human rights and equality of the sexes.

But the website publishes an unending stream of outlandish propaganda. One recent article claims Leonardo Da Vinci was a Muslim. Based primarily on a book written by the Iranian "scholar" Morteza Khalaj Amirhosseini, it claims Da Vinci's mother was an Arab slave and that a fingerprint found on one of his paintings has a 60% probability of being from an Arab. It also claims that in several of Da Vinci's paintings, including the Last Supper, there are figures making the sign of the Islamic Shahada.

Elsewhere, the website has claimed that Muslim North Africans discovered America in the 12th century and that no Muslim invasion of Spain ever took place. Not long ago it claimed that the footballer Messi had converted to Islam. A few days ago it posted an article claiming that Muslims in Burma were being subjected to genocide. The article was illustrated with a photograph of burnt cadavers in Africa. These were the bodies of Christians who had been murdered by Muslims but the website represented them as the bodies of Muslims being subjected to genocide in Burma!
According to Webislam, these are Muslim massacre victims in Burma. In reality they are the bodies of Christians murdered by Muslims in Nigeria. Shameful propaganda at Spanish taxpayer expense.

And the hard-pressed Spanish taxpayer [and probably, let's face it, the German taxpayer] is paying for all this!

[UPDATE: An anonymous commenter says the photo of the bodies in Africa actually shows the aftermath of an accident rather than a jihad attack.]

Sources: Minuto Digital, Minuto Digital


Minicapt said...

Peak stupidity is unlikely to be achieved at any point in the foreseen future.


Anonymous said...

Islam must be wiped from this Earth like a festering cancer. It is nothing but evil with no benefit to humankind whatsoever!

Anonymous said...

I believe that photograph is actually from an incident where Africans siphoning gasoline from a gas tanker were burned to death when they lit a match or a candle to get a better look at what they were doing. It has been around for a while and is often mistakenly attributed to a jihadist attack on a Christian church in Nigeria.

There have been numerous church burnings by jihafis in Nigeria with fatalities, but this incident is not related to that.

Grannie said...

How many Nigerians does it actually take to siphon gasoline from a tanker? I believe THAT was an obfuscatory article to cover something far more sinister.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

@Anonymous Thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

These Africans are ready to eat, they eat blacks in Thailand - theyre regarded as a delicacy. They probably eat them in China too

Anonymous said...

Though probably the petrol tanker was more of a flash fire - burnt out quickly in which case these guys wouldnt be cooked right through even though they appear fully cooked

Anonymous said...

You guys might not have noticed this - it seems africans are in fact a different species

Anonymous said...

islam is stupid evil.

Evil retards from the desert.

Saddam said...

I doubt it that islam is evil. If you say the religion comes from the desert and so is bad then you would have to convince me that the oil from the desert too is evil.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Islam must be wiped from this Earth like a festering cancer. It is nothing but evil with no benefit to humankind whatsoever!

I dont know who the fuck you are and which relegion you follow ,but listen you swine not Islam (the great relegion In world)to be wiped off from Earth but damn sure shiiiiiiiiiittt like you will be wiped off from the Earth one day

Anonymous said...

Say ashadu Allah ilaha ilalllahu wa ashadu Anna muhammadar wa rasullulah!

Allahu akbar!

Islam is peace

to Allah subhanah wa tala we will return and we will be held accountable for our sins

Anonymous said...

we are muslims , but your hand never can have all the fingers the same , so don't compare betwen us , muslims love christians more and more and more , i live for islam and i belive in christianity ,i love jesus more than i love my father , and any muslim who don't love jesus or don't belive in christianity like a religion from god he is not a muslim ,
please , we need to live and share this planet earth no more fight , not more disrespect , no more stupidity , muslims christians , jwesh , budis , whatever
malik morocco

Anonymous said...

You are muslims. We are kuffar. We are waking up. Sleep soundly in your bed because soon you won't. The "infidels" are waking up and soon you'll find out what wrath means.

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