Monday, 30 July 2012

It seems we haven't been sufficiently respectful of Muslim human rights to earn a pat on the head from Washington.
The United States on Monday accused Egypt, China and European nations of harming religious freedom, citing a rising tide of anti-Semitism, laws banning Muslim veils and attacks on Coptic Christians.

...The report also warned that European nations undergoing major demographic shifts have seen "growing xenophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim sentiment, and intolerance toward people considered 'the other.'"

It complains of a "rising number of European countries, including Belgium and France, whose laws restricting dress adversely affected Muslims and others."

Ambassador at large for religious freedom, Suzan Johnson Cook, accused some governments of limiting "the right to wear or not to wear religious attire."

"This decision should be a personal choice," she insisted to journalists, presenting the report at the State Department.

And it criticizes a law passed by the Hungarian parliament to regulate registration of religious organisations.

"The law went into effect on January 1, 2012, reducing the number of recognized religious groups from over 300 to fewer than 32," it noted.
Source: AFP


Anonymous said...

Long before we even knew the existance of niqab, burka uzw, European countries had a law against hiding your face in public.

Your face shall be recognizable, and nobody ever questioned this principle. Now, after we know the practice of niqab, burka and so on, we also know that it is a perfect costume for hiding with malign intentions. Example: Male terrorist acting and hiding, escaping as a female muslim.

How can the US government, of all, be so backward as to promote these costumes which have nothing to do in the modern civilized world in the first place?

Anonymous said...

This from an administration that has allowed itself to be thoroughly infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, that has cheerfully handed the Middle East over to radical Islamists, and whose top dog is a Muslim-by-birth who bowed his neck to accept the medal "Hero of Islamic Solidarity" from the King of Saudi Arabia.

Future historians will look back on this period in American history with horror and sadness.

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..


Olympic Opening Ceremony Hijacked by Far-Left : Paul Weston

Labour Party MPs are already boasting that the opening ceremony was a socialist event and the “best advert for the party in years”. Conservative MPs are privately muttering about the very obvious left-wing bias – as well they might.

Danny Boyle worked with one scriptwriter and four selected assistant directors to stage the opening and closing ceremonies. The five are:

Frank Cottrell Boyce: Scriptwriter for the opening ceremony and a personal friend of Danny Boyle. Cottrell Boyce started his career writing for the far-left magazine Living Marxism which had initially been launched in 1988 as The Journal of the British Revolutionary Communist Party.

Stephen Daldry: Theatre and film director, producer, and three-time Academy Award nominated director; his films include Billy Elliott. Daldry was also a member of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) at Sheffield University in the 1980s, something he has said gave him a “political education”. The SWP describes itself as Anti-Capitalist and Revolutionary.

Catherine Ugwu: Creative Director and theatrical producer. Author of Lets Get It on: The Politics of Black Performance and Enigmas of race, Difference and Desire. Her work is quoted on reading lists centred on Marxism and Black Liberation Theology.

daithikent said...

That Living Marxism I believe was considered euro democratic communist or the likes. Bit weak & wishy washy, a wanna be lifestyle magazine. I find the 'message' of the games rammed down our throats like this repugnant. We are being told by elitist Britons to accept their values and stinking politics

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

How can the US government, of all, be so backward as to promote these costumes which have nothing to do in the modern civilized world in the first place?

Easy? They elected a man whose name was Barak Hussain Obama, just 7 years after 9/11. If a people can do that that, they can do anything.

America has for decades been trying to make Europe in its likeness. They believe they are the "melting pot" that is amazingly successful.

America is like a house built on sand - it will fall. In fact, America is the one Western nation that is now no longer part of the West, but is actively assisting Islamists across the world, including Europe.

Anonymous said...

It should be band I might walk in to a bank with a balaclava on to get my money lets see what happens. I bet there would be armed police there escort me out. One rule for one lets all start werein balaclavas and see what happens

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