Friday, 13 July 2012

The spectacular fight on Wednesday evening which causes the district of Saint-Laurent to hold its breath, where the Lausanne police took over for three hours, is setting tongues wagging. Many traders and customers complain of a climate of fear which has established itself in the heart of the Olympic city.

“For several months, it has been Arabs who make the law here,” declares a South-American waitress. Her boss agrees. “The North Africans are sowing terror. They are violent and arrogant. They do deals in the toilets of the bistros, smoke weed on the terraces, bother everyone and no one dares to say anything.” She says she was very afraid two weeks ago when she told two clients that she didn’t want any dealers in her premises.

“One of them took a knife out and said to me: “We make the law here.” To make peace, I came to them serving them as their “dear”, being nice to them even though they disgust me. It’s really horrible,” she says, choking up. The owner of a bar in Saint-Laurent notes that there is an “undesirable clientèle consisting of Arab and black drug dealers who drive off the real customers”.

Leaning on his elbows on the counter of a bar, a Congolese who has been in Switzerland for around 20 years says with contempt: “Lausanne is no longer Lausanne”.

Jean-Philippe Pittet, spokesman for the municipal police in Lausanne, firmly rejects the existence of a no-go area. “Anyone who feels threatened should call the police immediately,” he declares. The malaise and the feeling of insecurity are also felt in other districts of Lausanne. Traders from la Riponne, Tunnel and Chauderon confirmed it to 20 minutes online.

According to a Tunisian, since the Arab Spring, “North Africans who have done prisone time have ended up in Lausanne. Even the black drug dealers are scared of them.” “They’re also involved in most of the fights outside discotheques in Lausanne,” claims a clubber from Renens.

Are the people arrested in the fight on Wednesday evening North Africans, as several witnesses claim? Jean-Philippe Pittet did not want to respond to this question. Did the police find the rifle and bladed weapons used by the people involved in the disturbance? The spokesman for the Lausanne police did not want to make any comment on that either. However, he notes that in the last few months there has been an increase in burglaries in the Vaud capital. “Around two-thirds of the individuals arrested are North African,” he observes.
Source: 20 Minutes


Anonymous said...

Arabs are scum

MS/Maritha said...

Those people are the one who want to demand us in the westworld,They hate the western way to live and try to take over everything from us including democracy and free speach for the west but for them it is ok and then of s sudden they are talking about their human rights and their democ. religion rights. They are the worst hypocrites ever and <I want them to return too their own countries and not abusing our way to live.

Findalis said...

You bring a viper into your house, feed the animal, treat it lovingly, then are upset when it bites you. The best thing to do is to get rid of the animal.

MS/Maritha said...

Yes I know that but since all our government goes around with shut eyes bringing in everything without looking at what they drag in, we have to cope with it as long as we can =( They are like those "collectors" that fill the house with garbage and blame us if we dare to tell them.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I don't know what to say about these creatures that hatched from Islam. It makes any sensible person to wonder.

Anonymous said...

This is how they operate. Move in to a country, take advantage of all it offers, grow in numbers, start making demands that the host country adapt to their ways..

Anonymous said...

I believe in ethnic cleansing. Muslims

Dazibao-Ñ- said...

Well,They are the new "europeans".

Anonymous said...

It is about time peace loving people of the world realised it and take a stand!!!
Throw out all the Mudslimes out NO EXCEPTIONS,they're all animals have no place in civilized world of ours.
STOP Political Correctness with these vile people!!!
Before to late and the world turning into chaos and wars

Jim said...

Every man of military age in Switzerland has a fully-automatic rifle. Every male past military service age has his rifle modified to semi-auto and it's given to him. TIME TO USE THEM.

Anonymous said...


A few million Muslims, Europe ultraizquierdas and political traitors can not convert to 500 million Europeans enslaved by a mob.

Rome can not fall back a second time.
You have to start thinking about organizing a Muslim holocaust in Europe, no taboos, no trauma or complex as they may never pass.
To save the soul of Europe have to stain your hands with blood, you have to dig back into our worst beasts.
We are sheep fattening as getting ready for our extermination and West.

We have to react en masse.
Genocide and ethnic cleansing against Islam and against those who support them throughout Europe.


Anonymous said...

Pack 'em up, send 'em back fm whence they came.

They can return to the West when they learn some Western manners.

Anonymous said...

It is good to hear that Europeans think the same as many Americans. Islam is evil and evil must not be tolerated. Deportation may not be enough. Personally, I think 3 nuslims should be removed for each person they molest, injur, or murder. That would make all the others think twice before they act.

MS/Maritha said...

Yes and we are many that think the same in Europe but all our governments are so politicly correct, so they do not want to say anything negative about the problems they cause. Even the media is holding in "who did what" when crimes are being done but I can see some patterns that is not a "swedish crime" and of course we have bad guys here to but some crimes is so different to our own ways to do. Nobody want to say anything bad about islam couse they don´t want to be called rasists but islam is not a race and I can+t say I think it is a religion either, it is crap in my opinion. U have a wonderful woman in USA who has a blog that is so good and don´t hide anything that is done in both Ur country and everywhere. Her blogg is called, "barenakedislam" and there U can find a lot of real good information. Here is a link that she wrote of Australia muslims;
Have a nice day Maritha.

S. Mullins said...

Hi all, America here. I noticed someone posted about Bare Naked Islam - great blog. I thought you might like to check out these others as well. Most of you probably know about them already, but some might not. It's always best to keep informed, especially now!

MS/Maritha said...

U too =) and take casre/ Maritha

MS/Maritha said...

Ops, Take care I meant =)

Anti Money Laundering said...

There is a law that man should love his neighbor as himself. In a few hundred years it should be as natural to mankind as breathing or the upright gait; but if he does not learn it he must perish.

MS/Maritha said...

Arab idiots, they know where they can put their laws upon.

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