Sunday, 29 July 2012
Muslim occupiers in Toulouse

Muslim occupiers in Le Havre

Do you remember not long ago the French government gave an assurance that there would be no more Muslim street prayers in France? Well, that was before the election. Now, it seems, things are back to normal. Muslim street occupations are again occurring regularly. Always with the excuse that "we don't have a big/nice enough mosque and we don't have any money to build one because we're a bunch of useless welfare parasites so we need you dhimmis to hand over the cash!". Plus: "Oh, by the way did you know it's Ramadan so you need to appease us even more than usual!" It's clear that the Muslims are using these street occupations as a form of extortion to get us to give them the next round of jizya. And we do.

UPDATE: Just came across this story in Le Figaro which provides an interesting counterpoint to the above. Apparently a Catholic association which since 1990 has held a memorial mass once per year in the Mercantour national park in Nice is now facing legal action. Both the president of the association and the priest who conducted the ceremony have been charged with offences for holding the mass without authorisation and ordered to pay a 1500 euro fine. This is like Saudi Arabia now. Muslims block streets with unauthorised weekly prayer meetings and are rewarded with free land grants and wads of taxpayer cash. Christians hold annual masses on the edge of a park where they bother no one and face criminal charges and fines.

Source: Le Figaro     Via: Christine Tasin blog


Anonymous said...

They need to send in Navy SEALS to hand out good hard kicks to these uplifted, oh-so-deserving asses.

Anonymous said...

With all those shoes lying there, there is a missed opportunity to apply pork fat.

(Who me? Naughty??)

daithikent said...

Release the hounds as Mr Burns might say

Anonymous said...

I remember thinking that when Captain Hook used to hold his "gatherings" outside the Finsbury Park mosque "if this had happened 30 years ago any No of football "hooligan firms" would have steamed into them and given them a good kicking. The police would have watched and laughed, or joined in"
What a pathetic, cowardly people we have become.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

On, or Off Topic, CK

On Spanish news they are showing European tourists close to a beach, who are asked to put on a T-shirt. Did you happen to know about this?

Could it be a general restriction from the brotherhood, or a restriction just for the ramadan?

Anonymous said...

European looking-tourists

"On Spanish news they are showing European-looking tourists close to a beach, who are asked to put on a T-shirt."

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Haven't seen it. I doubt it's a Ramadan thing. It's not as bad as Brussels or Marseilles here yet.

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